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Random: Team Xbox Has A Bit Of A Soft Spot For Paper Mario On GameCube

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

The GameCube era might not have been anywhere near as successful as certain other Nintendo generations, but it was home to a lot of fantastic exclusives.

It’s got such a legacy, in fact, that the official Xbox social media account on Twitter recently went to the extent of suggesting why it’s “more than a worthy pick” as the “best console” – when it’s got great games like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Eternal Darkness and the fan favourite Paper Mario entry, Thousand-Year Door.

As you can see above, this whole conversation actually stems from an Xbox tweet responding to the “PS5 is better” comments. Xbox thinks the best console is the one you choose to play, and well, that’s how the conversation turned to the GameCube…

In a separate tweet, the same account showed its love for the Thousand-Year Door character Vivian:

While you might not be able to play The Thousand-Year Door on the Nintendo Switch, you can always settle with last year’s release, Paper Mario: The Origami King. We gave the latest entry eight out of ten stars and said it was one of the funniest games in the series.

What would you consider the best console of all time? Do you agree with what team Xbox has to say about this ongoing debate? Leave your own thoughts down below.

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Random: Someone Turned A Nintendo GameCube Into A Flower Pot

We’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful GameCube conversions over the years, and the latest design that’s got the attention of social media is one that’s been transformed into a flower pot.

Yes, YouTuber NitroRad – a guy who has been putting out some excellent videos about retro and indie games for many years now, recently showed off the GameCube flower pot he helped his girlfriend make.

Before anyone gets angry, it’s worth noting that this is the shell of an old “busted” GameCube. You can also see some of the damage on the side of the unit in the photos above.

What do you think of this creation? Has it inspired you to make your own Nintendo-themed flower pot, or would you prefer to restore a system like this? Leave a comment down below.

This article originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News