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Monty Don tries to reassure Gardeners’ World fans amid backlash as show is taken off air

Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don, 66, took to Twitter this evening to tell fans that there is light at the end of the tunnel after viewers were left angry over news that the BBC programme won’t be airing as usual this week. It comes after Gardeners’ World was replaced in the TV schedule.

The BBC will be airing The Open 2021 instead, after golf’s oldest major was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the issue, Monty attempted to reassure fans that the upcoming episode of Gardeners’ World will be worth the wait.

He wrote in view of his 235,000 followers: “There may be no Gardeners World this work – courtesy of golf – but just completed filming next week’s show and it will be well worth the wait.”

Monty went on to tell viewers that they will still be able to get their gardening fix, as his other show, Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens, is set to air once again this week.

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The horticulturalist added: “And there is another chance to see Japanese Gardens tomorrow and Friday evening at 7pm.”

Unfortunately, despite Monty’s best efforts, many fans took to the comments section of his tweet to share their frustrations about Gardeners’ World being taken off air.

One person commented: “can’t help thinking… surely there’s more folk interested in gardens…. than golf.”

Another added: “Golf? ‘A good walk ruined’ I’m not happy! Japanese gardens it is then.”


A third fan replied: “I hoped I heard wrong last week when you said see you in 2wks it’s time @BBC realize we Need Gardeners World & stop messing with the schedule.”

A fourth complained: “There’s BBC1 BBC2 BBC4 onlineBBC3 BBCiplayer various red button channels and the golf has to be on instead of Gardeners World ?”

A fifth penned: “What is it about GW that the BBC feel it ok to kick it into touch , move the time or put onto another channel at 10pm with no notice therefore missed by many? The bigwigs at the BBC clearly are not gardeners,  very unfair to those of us who very much look forward to it .”

A sixth fumed: “Golf? Seriously?! How many channels could the BBC use to show one of the most boring activities known to humankind?”

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A seventh agreed: “I can forgive the BBC many things, but *golf* – the indignity of it.”

Another fan added: “Sleep inducing golf instead of Gardeners World. BBC needs to realise not everyone wants sport inflicted on them. Time they stopped interfering with scheduling.”

Speaking on Gardeners’ World, Monty broke the news to viewers and said: “I’m afraid that this is it this week and we’re off air next week.

“But I’ll be back here in a fortnight’s time at 8pm. So, I’ll see you then.”

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‘That’s it!’ Monty Don bids farewell as he announces break away from Gardeners’ World

He also revealed that his co-star Adam Frost would be replacing him and fronting the show from his garden.

Monty continued: “But Gardeners’ World, of course, will still be with you and in Adam’s garden.

“And I’ll be back here at Longmeadow in a few weeks time.

“So until then, bye-bye,” Monty smiled.

Monty didn’t explain why he would be taking time away from the show.


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Monty Don: Gardeners’ World host details ‘stand-off’ taking place at home ‘Tricky moment’

Elsewhere, the star recently said he still gets letters from fans regarding the death of his dog Nigel.

The late golden retriever, who was often seen on his show, died in May 2020.

“Everything there was to share was out there, so you knew Nigel as well as I did, and that was really the point,” he said.

“He was everybody’s dog, because everybody got all of him.”

“I still get letters now,” Monty added to The Times.

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Gardeners’ World: Adam Frost shares how to repair a damaged lawn

“If you’re anything like me, you’re coming out and reengaging with the garden and noticing that the lawn, maybe, is carrying a little bit of damage from last year,” said Adam.

Adam said last year him and his family were out in the garden and decided to light the fire pit up on the lawn.

The fire pit got a bit hot and ended up killing a patch of grass roots.

On today’s show Adam showed viewers how to repair a small patch of lawn.

He continued: “First of all, I’m going back into the decent turf, just cutting a nice near edge.

“It’s really easy then to take it out. Using the fire, take the old turf off, making sure that I’m leaving as much top soil as possible.

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Gardening tips: FIVE laws of gardening gardeners must keep in mind

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Overhanging branches

In the same vein, overhanging branches also belong to neighbours.

Offending trees can be trimmed back, but only to the outer boundary of the property line.

Gardeners will have to steer clear of leaning over the fence, as this may constitute trespass, and they can’t touch anything protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

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Alan Titchmarsh gives fellow gardeners advice on growing plants from seeds

“Then you must try and keep it growing evenly.”

Alan recommended finding a part of your garden where the soil is “good”.

If you don’t have good soil in your garden, then you need to work on making it better with some homegrown or shop-bought compost.

“Work it into the soil, make sure it’s got decent light,” Alan added.