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Glenn Close: 'Da Butt' dance at Oscars was 'completely spontaneous'

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Glenn Close: 'Da Butt' dance at Oscars was 'completely spontaneous'

The 8-time Oscar nominee explained which parts of her viral ‘Da Butt’ moment at the Academy Awards was scripted and what part just happened on the spot.

WASHINGTON — It’s safe to say one of the most memorable moments from Sunday’s 93rd Academy Awards was when Glenn Close danced “Da Butt” and seemed to know all about the song during a mid-show trivia game. 

The moment seemed too surreal to be completely spontaneous. Glenn Close confirmed Monday night that the trivia segment was partly scripted, but her dance moves weren’t planned out. 

The premise of the game was Questlove played a song and a chosen celebrity had to guess if the tune was ever nominated for or won an Oscar. The trivia game was run by “Judas and the Black Messiah” actor Lil Rel Howery. 

First he quizzed Andra Day, Daniel Kaluuya and then finally Glenn Close. 

“I knew that Lil Rel was going to quiz me about Da Butt and all three guys helped me run through what I was to say,” the eight-time Oscar nominee explained in an Instagram post with her seatmates at the ceremony, including Best Actor winner Daniel Kaluuya and actor Darrell Britt-Gibson. “Darrell insisted that I mention the Backyard Band, on top of E.U., Suga Bear and the whole DMV.”

Close added that she had googled “Da Butt,” which was written for Spike Lee’s 1988 film “School Daze,” and watched the music video ahead of time. 

“So when Lil Rel asked if I could do the dance…you can actually see me think of the video. That part was completely spontaneous. Daniel, Darrell and Chris egged me on!!! It was ALL their fault,” Close described. 

While the eight-time Academy Award nominee lost in the category of Best Supporting Actress on Sunday, she certainly won for best mid-show dance. 

“School Daze” filmmaker Spike Lee gave a shout-out on the morning after the Oscars to his “sister Glenn Close.”   

“She was doing ‘Da Butt!’ Glenn Close was doing ‘Da Butt!’ I saw it on video! You were getting down,” Lee commended. 

Glenn Close fans rage over Oscar snubs ahead of 2021 ceremony: 'Enough is enough!'

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Glenn Close fans rage over Oscar snubs ahead of 2021 ceremony: 'Enough is enough!'

Others however weren’t so sure, with one admitting: “Yes, Glenn Close deserves an Oscar but not THIS one.”

“I don’t think it’s in the stars tonight for poor Glenn Close…..” a second winced.

If the actress fails to win again, she will be tied with the late Peter O’Toole as the Academy’s most “reliable runner-up”.

Ahead of the ceremony, Close shared a few snaps of her pre-red carpet glam to Instagram, showing off her CBD-infused pedicure and a cheeky photo of her enjoying a drink in her robe while waiting to get dressed.

Despite her losses, she said about her history at the Academy Awards: “It was 38 years ago I went on the red carpet for the first time and it’s been an incredible journey and I’m just so happy to be here.”