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Spain, Portugal, Greece & Italy FCDO updates as Government warns against amber list travel


Greece is currently on the “amber” list and therefore those returning to the UK will need to “self-isolate” for 10 days on arrival. They will also need to take the relevant pre-and post-departure tests as set out by the Government.

The FCDO is currently advising “against all but essential travel to Greece, except for the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos, Corfu and Crete, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.”

Despite this, Greece is allowing UK arrivals to enter for “non-essential” purposes.

“Anyone travelling to Greece must comply with the Greek authorities’ requirements, including completion of a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before you travel (both into and out of Greece),” explains the FCDO.

“Travellers must fill in a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) no later than 11.59pm of the day before arriving in Greece.”

It continues: “Arrivals from the UK must provide either; proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, undertaken within the 72 hour period before arrival into Greece, or proof of two COVID-19 vaccinations completed at least 14 days before travel. Travellers with proof of either are exempted from the need to self-isolate on arrival to Greece.

“Failure to provide proof of either may result in your carrier not allowing you to travel and will likely result in the Greek authorities refusing you permission to enter Greece.”

In addition, arrivals into Greece may be required to undergo a rapid COVID-19 test on arrival.

“If you test positive on arrival in Greece, you (and those you are travelling with) will have to self-isolate in quarantine hotels provided by the Greek state for at least 10 days,” adds the FCDO.

“The expenses of the accommodation in quarantine hotels are covered by the Greek state.”

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DWP update: 13,000 Britons back in work through Government scheme – could you apply?

Elliot Dock, 33, from Eastbourne, stated he benefitted as a result of the JETS scheme after struggling to find work during the pandemic, despite his experience of working on a farm.

Now working for an agricultural firm based in West Sussex, he expressed his delight with the scheme.

Elliot said: “My experience of JETS has been outstanding. 

“I’m so grateful for all the help in finding work, and not only any old job, but something I’m actually interested in, at a place where I can build a career.”

Alongside the JETS scheme, the DWP has recruited 13,500 Work Coaches to help get people back into work.

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Why should Americans go back to work when they can get free government money? – Max Keiser

The continuing printing of money by the US Federal Reserve and government handouts of free cash are now causing a severe worker shortage in the United States, says Max Keiser of RT’s Keiser Report.

According to him, the US government transfer payments are now equivalent to more than $ 16 an hour, double the minimum wage.

Max asks David Morgan of TheMorganReport.com why anyone should go back to work if they continue to get this free money.

Morgan says there’s a direct correlation between the debasement of the currency and the debasement of the moral structure of society.

“Who would want to work for eight dollars an hour when you’re getting paid sixteen dollars [an hour] not to work?”, he asks.

“It has to do with the morality of the money supply itself – Is the money legit or isn’t it? And I’m going to suck off of whomever is printing this stuff until it fails.”

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Amber travel list: Can you travel to amber list countries? Government issues warning

Anyone, regardless of whether they’ve had a vaccination or not, “should not” travel to amber list countries, according to advice posted on Gov.uk.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the rules primarily applied to leisure activity, with travel for other reasons permitted.

They said: “Our advice is that no one should be travelling to amber list countries, in the interests of public health.

“There may be unavoidable, essential reasons for people to travel to amber list countries.”

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Covid: Experts urge Government to stop May 17 re-opening before things get 'really bad'

“There are still many people, especially the young, those in disadvantaged areas, and those from ethnic minorities that are still unvaccinated.

“I am less concerned about meetings out of doors, as the risks there are low.

“But I will personally continue to avoid indoor meetings, such as restaurants, even though I am fully vaccinated.”

With more than 35 million people having had their first dose of the Covid vaccine, there’s hope that the re-opening of the lockdown will be very different from the back-and-forth restrictions set out last year.

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US chipmakers begging for government bailout after manufacturing moved to Asia – Max Keiser

RT’s Keiser Report hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at how the export of the American manufacturing base by technology companies such as Intel has created a semiconductor chip shortage in the United States.

Stacy quotes an article on Wolfstreet.com that points out that “US semiconductor manufacturing has declined to where it is only 12% of the world’s total.”

In the same article, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger calls the current supply a problem, “Because relying on one region, especially one as unpredictable as Asia,” where 75% of the chips are now made, “is highly risky.”

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Stacy points out that, after spending billions of dollars on share buybacks instead of investing in chip manufacturing, Intel is asking the US government for a $ 50 billion bailout and blaming Asia for creating the problem.

According to Max, in order to get their hands on more taxpayer money, companies such as Intel are resorting to xenophobic attacks on China and other Asian nations.

“There’s no end to it. The lies, the deception, the racism, the xenophobia, the class war will never end as long as there’s free money available,” said Keiser.

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U.S. government, top fuel supplier work to secure pipelines as closure enters fourth day

U.S. government, top fuel supplier work to secure pipelines as closure enters fourth day© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Holding tanks are seen at Colonial Pipeline’s Linden Junction Tank Farm in Woodbridge, New Jersey, U.S. in an undated photograph. Colonial Pipeline/Handout via REUTERS./File Photo

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government and the top U.S. fuel pipeline operator on Monday worked to secure the network that transports nearly half of the East Coast’s supplies as a shutdown to halt a ransomware cyberattack entered a fourth day.

The attack on Colonial Pipeline last week, one of the most disruptive digital ransom schemes ever reported, has sent shockwaves across the industry. The resulting shutdown has disrupted fuel supply across the eastern United States, triggered isolated sales restrictions at retail pumps and pushed benchmark gasoline prices to a three-year high.

U.S. lawmakers urged stronger protections for critical U.S. energy infrastructure, and the White House has made restarting the fuel network a top priority and organized a federal task force to assess the impact and avoid more severe disruptions.

The southeastern United States would likely be the first to see price increases at retail pumps, and demand has already picked up as drivers fill their tanks. The southeast is the most dependent on the line and has fewer alternatives than states further north, and has seen prices spike during previous shutdowns.

“My biggest concern, as far as the consumer goes, is that you end up with a run on the gasoline supplies at the gas station, further exacerbating what is happening at the terminals,” said Andrew Lipow, president of consultants Lipow Oil Associates LLC.

While the U.S. government investigation into the attack is in its early stages, a former U.S. official and three industry sources said the hackers are suspected to be a cybercriminal group called DarkSide.

Cybersecurity experts said the group appears to be composed of veteran cybercriminals focused on squeezing as much money as they can from their targets.

Colonial said on Sunday it restarted some smaller lines between fuel terminals and customer delivery points but its main lines remained shut. It did not provide a timeline for a full restart of the 5,500 mile (8,850 km) system.

The pipeline system is the primary fuel artery from Gulf Coast refineries to Mid-Atlantic and southeast states. It moves over 2.5 million barrels per day (bpd) of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, supplying motorists and major airports.

The Department of Transportation announced emergency measures on Sunday to facilitate deliveries, lifting driver restrictions on fuel haulers in 17 states affected by the shutdown. It could take additional measures if the outage continues.

Traders provisionally booked at least six tankers to ship gasoline from Europe to U.S. destinations following the attack. Two European gasoline traders, however, said the market was taking a cautious approach to see how long the shutdown would last.

The line supplies jet fuel to major airports including the nation’s busiest, Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta. The airport expects the outage to be resolved before any impact on flights, a spokesman said.

An alternative, smaller conduit that serves the same region has already filled. Kinder Morgan Inc (NYSE:)’s 720,000-bpd fuel pipeline had been working with customers to take on additional volumes since Friday and reached full capacity for May on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the company told Reuters.

If the disruption stretches on, fuel suppliers would need to use trucks and rail to transport fuel to compensate.

“A Herculean effort would be needed from other sources to make up the shortfall (in the East Coast,) if the pipeline disruption is prolonged,” RBC Capital Markets wrote in a note.

Gulf Coast refiner Valero Energy (NYSE:) chartered a tanker to store fuel offshore that it is unable to pump through the pipeline, and other refiners were looking to do the same, market participants said.

By Devika Krishna Kumar

Author: Reuters
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'Green list' may hold 'up to 24 countries' after Government hints 'it could be much wider'

From May 17 Britons are going to be allowed to jet off on holiday abroad to a select list of countries. Those categorised as green will see returning travellers no longer facing quarantine, though they will be subject to pre-and post-departure tests.
Initially, experts predicted as few as eight countries could be included on the list.

However, this morning travel expert Paul Charles revealed a more promising outlook, with as many as “24 countries” potentially being included.

It comes following a change from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to its travel advice pages for Spain and Greece.

The FCDO has removed its travel advisories against some Spanish and Greek islands, sparking hopes of an “island approach”.

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Speaking on BBC News on Tuesday morning Mr Charles said: “In our analysis we’re predicting up to 24 countries, especially when you include the 14 British overseas territories – the likes of Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Monserrat, Falkland Islands.

“Small islands, small places, but the wider the list the better.

“I think you’re also going to see Malta, Israel, possibly Barbados, Grenada opening up.

“And indeed this morning the Foreign Office, perhaps accidentally, has updated its own website pages to also add Kos, Rhodes, Canary Islands, Zakinthos, Corfu, Crete among others to its list of places now acceptable to travel to.

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“That is very encouraging because it suggests the list could be much wider.”

However, he showed some concern regarding the rate at which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is willing to open up international travel.

“It is certainly good to see the Prime Minister sticking to his roadmap that he announced in February for travel to open up from May 17,” he said.

“That is positive. It is encouraging that he is looking to protect jobs across the travel and tourism sector by doing so.

“But we need to see quite a wide ‘green list’ opening up and I fear at the moment that talk from Government for 10 or so countries simply isn’t enough when we see the European Union (EU) setting the pace much faster in terms of opening up countries earlier.

“And with the infection rate being so low in the UK, and thankfully the death rate now, then they should be opening up international travel as widely as possible from May 17.”

The European Union is currently in talks over how it will resume foreign travel with the aid of a vaccine-passport style application.

The UK has also confirmed it will have its own vaccine passport app, which will store information regarding a passenger’s inoculation history in an existing NHS app.

However, the Prime Minister has said the nation must proceed with “caution” when it comes to foreign travel.

During a campaign visit to Hartlepool, he told reporters: “We do want to do some opening up on May 17 but I don’t think that the people of this country want to see an influx of disease from anywhere else.

“I certainly don’t and we have got to be very, very tough, and we have got to be as cautious as we can while we continue to open up.”

He added: “We will be saying more as soon as we can.

“I think that there will be some openings up on the 17th, but we have got to be cautious and we have got to be sensible and we have got to make sure that we don’t see the virus coming back in.”

More information on how international travel will resume, as well as which nations are given “green list” status is anticipated in the coming days.

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Putin orders Russian government to bring domestic prices under control

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the government until July 1 to stabilize domestic prices for goods.

“The Russian government should ensure the use of a long-term market tool that could guarantee the predictability of prices for goods, as well as domestic market saturation with quality products,” he recommended.
Also on rt.com Putin outlines national priorities to restart economy & raise living standards as Russia emerges from Covid crisis
The president also urged the stimulation of investment activity among companies by reducing the risks of doing business in the country.

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'What utter b****ks' Martin Lewis rages at Government over reaction to online scams 

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“My Department is considering how online advertising is regulated through its Online Advertising Programme. 

“This work will look at ensuring that standards about the placement and content of advertising are effectively applied and enforced online to reduce consumers’ exposure to harmful or misleading advertising. 

“This work will look at the role advertising can play in enabling online fraud and help inform our future efforts to tackle it. We will be consulting on this issue later this year,” she added.

Martin, who runs his own website MoneySavingExpert.com, has been campaigning against online scamming throughout the pandemic, when many vulnerable people have been targeted.

Ms Dineage has been approached by Express.co.uk for comment.