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Max Verstappen sends Red Bull warning after Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix

“Already at the end with the softs he was faster, and then when we were put on the mediums he clearly had a lot more pace, he could just stay within one second.

“There was not much we could have done.

“They went for another stop and then I knew it was over because I was already struggling with the tyres and you could see every lap he was getting closer and closer. I was just a sitting duck.

“We were just clearly lacking pace. I tried everything I could.

“We are not where we want to be. We have to push hard and catch up because at the moment we are a little bit slower.”

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GTA 6 release date NEWS: One step forward, two steps back for Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 rumours are coming thick and fast this week, although they’re not all positive.

In our latest GTA 6 release date rumour round-up, we look at two contradictory reports about when the next Grand Theft Auto game will be announced, followed by when it could actually launch.

One slightly more positive report suggests GTA 6 is closer to launching than perhaps we first thought.

According to The National, Rockstar is currently in the process of hiring game testers to work in Edinburgh, India and Lincoln.

Successful candidates will need to be competent gamers, and have “knowledge of current generation games consoles and PCs”.

Needless to say, this has led to speculation that a new game in the Grand Theft Auto saga is currently in the testing phase, and could launch sooner than expected.

Unfortunately, however, it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back, because other leaks suggest fans will be waiting a lot longer for the GTA 6 release date.

One prominent GTA leaker claims that Rockstar has the sequel earmarked for a late 2023 release date.

Furthermore, the same source believes that GTA 6 won’t be revealed until after the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.

This would result in GTA 6 being revealed late in 2022, before launching a year later in the tail-end of 2023.

“Questions I’ve been getting, they’re not going to announce GTA VI before GTA V’s next-gen upgrade is released,” reads a ViewAnon tweet.

“RED DEAD REDEMPTION II was announced one year before its original release date. Expect GTA VI to be announced late next year if COVID hasn’t set it back.”

Previous rumours have suggested GTA 6 will be set in the 1970s or 1980s, and feature a single playable protagonist.

Likewise, the next Grand Theft Auto game will allegedly take place in Vice City and Rio de Janeiro.

But despite rumours that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, Express Online readers would prefer if the action shifted to London.

In a poll with more than 3,200 votes, nearly 1,500 fans said that GTA 6 should be set in London.

That’s compared to just 720 votes for Vice City, 372 votes for Tokyo, and 336 votes for somewhere else entirely.

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Lewis Hamilton has message for Max Verstappen after 98th F1 win at Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton won his 98th Formula One race to add to his 100th pole position at the Spanish Grand Prix and then warned Max Verstappen: “I feel like I could go again!” Mercedes‘ tactical brilliance saw them edge out their rivals at the Circuit de Catalunya to increase their lead in both of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships.
The Briton clawed back his Red Bull rival after losing first place at the first corner on the opening lap and eventually regained the lead on lap 60.

Hamilton was 22 seconds behind Verstappen at one point after Mercedes opted for a second pit stop to put him on fresh medium tyres for an attack in the final few laps.

His newer compounds compared to Verstappen’s ageing rubbers left Red Bull powerless as Hamilton ate away at Verstappen’s lead and then got past him for victory.

It is the seven-time world champion’s fifth straight success in Barcelona and his third win from four races in the 2021 season.

The 36-year-old leads Verstappen in the drivers’ standings by 14 points after the Dutchman pinched the point for fastest lap late on.

Speaking to former McLaren team-mate Jenson Button who hailed his countryman’s “fantastic” win, Hamilton said post-race: “Thank you so much. First I just want to acknowledge the fans that are here.

“It’s the first race this year we’ve had people come which is great to see. I saw a British flag out there which is something we haven’t seen for a long, long time.

“I know from experience here that a one-stop is very, very hard to pull off. As soon as we had the pace that we had I knew as soon as I could get past, if I could…

“I was about to have a shot at getting past him before I pitted right at the end and I was really conflicted. ‘Do I come in or I do ignore the call and stay out?’

“Obviously I did what the team asked and naturally that’s because there’s a great trust between us.

“Just a remarkable job by everyone in this team through and through. Yeah, what a day.”

Elsewhere, Valtteri Bottas finished third behind Verstappen after battling back to overtake Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who had stolen third from him early on.

In the Constructors’ Mercedes lead Red Bull by 141 points to 112 after four races, with Monaco next up on May 23.

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Joseph D. Mount Was Charged For Organizing a Hike of More Than 150 people to the Grand Canyon.

The organizer of a Grand Canyon adventure described it as a chance to trek along the South Rim, “one of the greatest hikes in the planet.”

By September, at least 100 people from 12 different states had signed up on Facebook for the one-day hike. The organizer, Joseph Don Mount, said on Facebook he hoped more people would sign up for the hike.

“If you want to keep inviting friends, I am determined to make this work for as many who want to go,” Mr. Mount said, according to federal court documents.

A tipster sent the Facebook post to officials at the Grand Canyon National Park, where hikes had been limited to no more than 11 people per group in response to the pandemic.

When a park official contacted Mr. Mount, he denied that he was planning a large-scale trip.

Yet, he continued to advertise the hike and to organize cabin stays and shuttle rides for dozens of people, according to court documents. By Oct. 24, the day of the hike, more than 150 people had paid $ 95 to register for the trip, the documents show.

That morning, at least 150 people showed up the North Kaibab Trail, astounding rangers and overwhelming other visitors who struggled to steer clear of the hikers, many of whom were not wearing masks or social distancing, according to the documents.

On Tuesday, Mr. Mount was charged in the U.S. District Court in Arizona with five separate counts, including giving a false report, interfering with a government employee or agent acting in an official duty, soliciting business in a federal park without a permit, and violating restrictions for group sizes for park visits and restrictions related to Covid-19.

Mr. Mount did not immediately return messages seeking comment. It was unclear from federal court records whether he had a lawyer.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Mr. Mount said he had arranged the trip because “with Covid and everything, people were just itching to get out.”

“I didn’t do it for profit,” he said.

Timothy Hopp, a U.S. park ranger, said in an affidavit that Mr. Mount collected $ 15,185 from participants for the hiking event.

Mr. Mount planned to use the money to pay for two buses, three passenger vans, hotel lodging and about $ 2,900 for the drivers’ tips, meals, fuel, car pool drivers and other expenses, according to the affidavit.

Mr. Mount “knowingly profited from leading this commercially organized” event, Mr. Hopp said. “J. Mount admitted he would be receiving a net profit of $ 65.11 and it would be enough to buy a new pair of hiking poles.”

Mr. Hopp said he contacted Mr. Mount in October after receiving the tip, and Mr. Mount told him at the time that he was taking a “small group of close rugby associates and family friends.”

Mr. Hopp said he repeatedly told Mr. Mount that the limit for group tours of the rim were 11 people and that groups could not be split up to circumvent the size limit because of the pandemic.

Mr. Mount’s planned hike exceeded the limit set even during normal times, when up to 30 people are allowed in a group, Mr. Hopp said.

After the conversation, Mr. Mount told hikers that he was backing down as trip leader but said the transportation plans remained in place and cabins and hotels were still booked.

“Remember — there is nothing stopping you from hiking the Grand Canyon on this day,” he wrote, according to court documents. “However, there is now a target on my back and this is the best way I know to still hike” and “not be tied to any of you.”

He told the hikers he would be in his own group and advised them to travel in groups of no more than 11 people.

“Ranger Hopp — this is my plausible deniability,” Mr. Mount wrote on Facebook. “I am no longer leading a group through Grand Canyon on 10/24.”

At 5 a.m. that day, a caravan of cars arrived at the trailhead. A ranger on the trail saw at least 150 people walk through the area between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

The ranger, Cody Allinson, said that in seven months of work he had never seen “so many individuals traveling in the same direction in such a condensed period of time and space,” according to the affidavit.

When park rangers approached them, many hikers were evasive.

“It was obvious they had been coached not to identify with their fellow participants,” one ranger said, according to court documents.

Hikers who were not with the group later complained to the park service about the sheer number of people they encountered on the trail.

“There was no social distancing, nobody was wearing masks,” one of the visitors complained, according to court documents. “The group size was way out of control,”

The day after the hike, some of the participants praised Mr. Mount on Facebook and suggested everyone send him a “bonus for all the extra hard work he did planning a weekend of memories.”

It was not clear from the affidavit whether Mr. Mount received the bonus.

Author: Maria Cramer
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The Grand Designs which ended in tragedy and heartbreak

It’s the must-see home renovation programme which has gripped millions of us – but there are tragic tales and outcomes to many of the Grand Designs featured in the Channel Four programme.

One of the biggest disaster has to be Edward Short, 52, the unlucky star of the ‘saddest episode ever’ who revealed he is still building his luxury lighthouse-inspired house 10 years later – but will never even get to live in it.

He is planning to sell Chesil Cliff House in Devon as it has plunged him into millions of pounds of debt, with the disastrous project’s costs spiralling to £6million.

The dad-of-two, who has split from wife Hazel since the episode aired in 2019, admitted: “It was my overconfidence and arrogance that got me here in the first place so I’m doing what I need to do.”

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Edward Short's marriage broke up from the strain of his 'vanity project' featured on Grand Designs
Edward Short’s marriage broke up from the strain of his ‘vanity project’ featured on Grand Designs

The luxury home, once complete, was planned to feature a huge circular tower based on a lighthouse design along with a spectacular ‘glass edge’ infinity swimming pool, a home cinema and a sauna and steam room.

Edward is now urging locals fed up with the unfinished eyesore to “stick with it”, although he admits it proved the final straw for his wife.

“The whole project has been a horrendous strain for Hazel, I have sunk our family purse into this and I really feel for her.

“I never meant to put her through any of this,” he told Devon Live.

Originally pegged to cost £3million, he says the figure has now doubled – but remains optimistic of putting the home on the market by the end of the year to recoup his losses.

Unfortunately, Edward is far from the only hopeful to see his grand plans go awry.

From tragic blazes that tore through the ‘UK’s cheapest home’ to vandals’ house parties and stress-induced heart attacks – these desperate projects will make you think twice about calling in the builders, reports The Mirror.

Edward Short never got to live in his Grand Design, and he and his wife split over the stress of the huge renovation project
Edward Short never got to live in his Grand Design, and he and his wife split over the stress of the huge renovation project


Chris Miller and his wife Sze Liu Lai were shown in 2007 renovating a ramshackle houseboat in Essex using recycled materials.

The couple planned to move out of London and enjoy life afloat with their two children.

But the £80,000 scheme, called the Medway Eco-barge, ran into problems and their 100ft boat was left moored unfinished in the Thames estuary near Southend.

It became a target for vandals and squatters and broke free from its moorings in 2011 before being found washed up on a beach.

Chris Miller's house boat project ran into problems and it was left vandalised and abandoned
Chris Miller’s house boat project ran into problems and it was left vandalised and abandoned

Steve Morgan, 29, from the nearby Barge Cafe, said: “I did not know what it was at first. Then I saw the roof and realised it was the boat from Grand Designs – it looked very strange just sat there opposite our cafe.

“The boat had been up the coast for a couple of years now – it’s a bit tatty to be honest with you.”

Cheapest Home in Britain

The Dale family were the proud owners of ‘Britain’s cheapest home’, which was built for just £27,000.

However, their plans went up in smoke on New Year’s Day in 2018 when an electrical fire ripped through the property and burned it to the ground.

The property was tragically destroyed by a fire on New Year’s Day in 2018.

The Dale family home was nicknamed the cheapest home in the UK - but it sadly went up in flames in 2018
The Dale family home was nicknamed the cheapest home in the UK – but it sadly went up in flames in 2018

Fire crews battled the blaze for six hours, while friends and family launched a JustGiving page to help Simon and Jasmine Dale rebuild their ‘hobbit house’, which appeared on the show in 2017.

The page read: “Simon, Jasmine and their two children have been residents at Lammas eco village, Pembrokeshire, since the start of the project. They have been working on their family home for the last six years.

“This beautiful building was featured on Grand Designs last year. Sadly a fire started on New Year’s Day and their beloved home was burned to the ground.

“Luckily no one was hurt but as you can imagine, the family are devastated.”

Speaking after the house was completed in 2014, Simon said: “I don’t think I could quantify it, but I can feel it in my heart when I walk around at the end of the day and see the bats flying round and hear the birds sing.

“It’s been hard and I wasn’t asking for an easy life. I like challenge. To put in a hard day’s graft and be tired at the end of the day. That exhaustion is a nice feeling.”

The campaign has since raised more than £35,000 for the family.

Eco Mansion

Robert Gaukroger’s beautiful eco-mansion was one of the show’s most impressive designs – but the building was feared abandoned in 2016, with its varnish finish looking worn down and the gardens left in a dire condition.

The Dome House eco mansion in Cumbria was left to rot in 2016 after the owner moved back down South
The Dome House eco mansion in Cumbria was left to rot in 2016 after the owner moved back down South

The gardens of the ultra-modern, seven-bedroom ‘Dome house’ looked scruffy and overgrown and there was no sign of the visionary proprietor, architect and owner Robert Gaukroger.

He spent two years building the unique property in the hillside above Bowness-in-Windermere, Cumbria, at a cost of £1million in 2011.

Robert and wife Milla told Grand Designs the whole project cost in excess of £1million, but he reportedly got locked into an eight-year dispute with a neighbour and decided to move back down south to study at university.

He tried to sell the luxury home for £2.3million in 2015, before dropping the price to £1.45million months later.

It eventually sold to Yvonne Malley – an anonymous donor who’d stumped up the cash to save the build five years earlier when the credit crunch left Robert with a half-finished house.

Robert said: “She said it was clear this was my dream and she wanted to help.”

Yvonne and her family renovated the dilapidated property and now run it as a luxury guest house which has top reviews on Tripadvisor.

Church House

Dean Marks suffered two heart attacks and his marriage collapsed while building his Grand Design
Dean Marks suffered two heart attacks and his marriage collapsed while building his Grand Design

Dean Marks saw his faith pushed to the limit when he decided to convert an 18th century church in Sanwell, West Midlands, in 2005.

He suffered two heart attacks converting an 18th century church in the West Midlands, and after battling his local council for planning permission for nearly five years, the builder’s marriage collapsed as tensions mounted.

As a final kick in the teeth, Kevin McCloud didn’t appear too enamoured with the final product either.

Speaking after the home – which features a swimming pool – was finished at last, he said: “It broke my heart to see so much of the character, the integrity of this place disappear, to be replaced by some pretty hideous features and a rather clunky layout.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, health problems appear to be a regular concern for Grand Designs stars.

Curved Home

Barry Surtees’ impressive curved home in Brighton was a true labour of love, as he battled a series of banking issues that pushed his body to the limit.

Barry Surtees suffered a serious heart attack while renovating this property, which was feature din Channel Four's Grand Designs
Barry Surtees suffered a serious heart attack while renovating this property, which was feature din Channel Four’s Grand Designs

During the project, Barry suffered a serious heart attack which led him to undergo five bypasses, while the home he stayed in next door also caught fire.

He later said: “It made me question everything, including whether I should be bothering with material things, including the house.”

After completing the home in 2007, it went on sale last year for £3.4million.

Author: [email protected] (Alex Bellotti, Frances Kingdon, Lisa Baxter)
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Lewis Hamilton grateful for 'perfect' Max Verstappen mistake at Portuguese Grand Prix

Meanwhile Verstappen, who has been struggling for pace all weekend, was looking to take the lead of the championship for the first time ever in his career.

However, the 23-year-old concluded today was just not their day.

“It was pretty decent, I had a good restart [after the Safety Car] and then of course I tried to put the pressure on Valtteri, but at the end I think we just lacked a little bit of pace overall so Lewis got by again, and then after the pit stop, the warm up is super hard on these tyres,” Verstappen said.

“But I think once we resettled in second, you could clearly see around here we were lacking a bit of pace compared to them [Mercedes].

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James May admitted Grand Tour stars 'mock Britain most' because they 'despair of it'

James May’s 2007 Top Gear Mercedes car is discovered by fan

The motoring journalist, 58, has presented alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Hammond for 18 years. The TV trio have travelled the world together and, during their adventures, seemingly playful scenes have unfolded on our screens. However, all may not be as it seemed after May lifted the lid on his co-stars’ opinions.
The presenters left Top Gear seven years ago after Clarkson had an altercation with a BBC producer. 

May admitted he considered staying with the corporation but there were “noises all around” that deterred him.

Amid the uncertainty of whether “they wanted us to stay”, he concluded that the stars had a responsibility to the fans.

The petrolhead said: “I quickly realised the best outcome for us was to stay together because that’s what our fans want.”


James May lifted the lid on his relationship with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (Image: GETTY / BBC)


James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson have been presenting together for 18 years (Image: GETTY)

May described faithful viewers as their “first loyalty and our first love”.

Reflecting on the trio’s departure from the BBC, May admitted it “wasn’t a glorious moment” and it left him “a bit p***ed off”.

He claimed the “main problem” was that it “made my life more complicated”.

One of the difficulties was that May had just ordered a Ferrari 458 Speciale, a limited-edition sports car worth more than £200,000. 

JUST IN: James May branded Top Gear star’s feuds ‘camped-up pantomime’


Jeremy Clarkson’s falling out and altercation with a Top Gear producer led the trio to leave in 2015 (Image: GETTY)

Despite his initial uncertainty, he stuck with the gang and moved to Amazon Prime to launch The Grand Tour in 2016. 

But since their move, May has been considerably less tightlipped about the dynamics of the group.

He claimed it was “the sitcom element” to the trio relationship that made Top Gear, and later The Grand Tour, such a hit. 

At its peak, the BBC show was watched by more than 8.4 million people when Formula One star Lewis Hamilton appeared on the programme.

Piers Morgan blasted ‘pathetic weakness’ of Jeremy Clarkson [INTERVIEW]
James May branded Top Gear star’s feuds ‘camped-up pantomime’ [ANALYSIS]
Jeremy Clarkson branded ‘not better than Tarrant’ by Richard Hammond [INSIGHT]


James May claimed he was ‘not mates’ with Jeremy Clarkson nor Richard Hammond (Image: GETTY)

Since Top Gear relaunched, it struggled to replicate that same success despite having a roster of celebrity talent.

They included Friends’ actor Matt LeBlanc, radio DJ Chris Evans and motoring star Eddie Jordan.

The current line-up, which has seen a return in viewing figures, features Andrew Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris.

Lord Tony Hall, the former Director General of the BBC, admitted it had been a hard decision to let the Top Gear team leave. 


James May took swipes at Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson in a series of rants (Image: GETTY)

During an interview on The Media Show last year, he maintained the show was “very good” and predicted higher viewing figures in the future. 

Meanwhile, Clarkson, Hammond and May have continued to be much-loved fixtures on Amazon Prime.

Despite their success, which has left May worth a staggering £29million, he admitted that he didn’t like his TV colleagues.

He felt frustrated over how his career changed from being a serious and respected “car journalist” to a star of the small screen. 

Grand Tour: James May discusses ‘A Massive Hunt’ on GMB

May claimed it “all spun out of all control” as they pandered for higher viewing figures, in a 2016 Guardian article.

The star felt bitter about them being “turned into figures of ridicule” through the TV shows that made them famous. 

He claimed the change from serious journalists to TV funsters was solely “to keep the viewers happy”, which he felt was a “fair deal, I suppose”.

May revealed the trio “hated each other” and that was “the magic formula” behind their success.


James May is estimated to be worth around £29million following his TV career and other outlets (Image: GETTY)

He added: “We get on each other’s t**s massively!”

When asked if they “socialised off-screen”, May replied: “We try not to. That’s a no.”

The star compared their animosity in front of the camera to a “camped-up pantomime” but insisted their “differences” were “real”.

He added: “We’re not really meant to be together but that’s why it works.”

In a 2016 Telegraph interview, he went further to state they were “not mates” and branded Hammond “just as much as a t*** as he always was”.


James May has fronted a number of other shows for the BBC (Image: BBC)

May also took aim at Clarkson, when he said: “I have never really changed my view of Jeremy, which is that he is a knob.”

In another admission, he described how the trio played “ridiculous caricatures” of themselves for TV.

May claimed they appeared “quite Brexit-y, quite UKIP-y” because they would “laugh at foreigners” during their shows.

However, he claimed the biggest joke was against the British public. 

May said: “If you watch carefully the country we mock most is Britain because we despair of it slightly.”

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Emilia Romagna Grand Prix makes schedule changes in mark of respect to Prince Philip

The late Duke will have a ceremonial funeral, rather than a state funeral.

Many in the world of Formula One paid tribute to Prince Philip.


Our entire Team is saddened to hear of the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Flags will fly at half mast at our Milton Keynes Campus in remembrance of his devotion to Great Britain.


We are saddened to learn of the passing of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.His life was dedicated to the service of his country, which he did with an unwavering devotion. Our deepest sympathies go to The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.

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Bryony Frost rushed to hospital after Grand National fall

Bryony Frost was rushed to hospital after she fell at the Grand National but her horse Yala Enki is thought to have not suffered any serious injuries. The jockey needed immediate medical attention before she was sent off for further assessments.
Express Sport will bring you more information on the injuries as soon as we have them.

Unfortunately, Frost was not the only one to suffer injuries during this year’s National.

The Long Mile was sadly put down after pulling up during the race.

Meanwhile, Rachael Blackmore created history by becoming the first woman to win the Grand National while riding Minella Times.

The 31-year-old shot to stardom during her very successful Cheltenham Festival outing last month.

And she continued her rich vein of form by winning the biggest prize if them all.

“I just cannot believe it He was an absolutely sensational,” Blackmore said.

“By god, what Henry de Bromhead does with these horses. I just can’t believe it.

“This is unbelievable. He was just incredible. I was trying to wait as long as I could. When we jumped the last and I asked for a bit, he was there.

“I don’t feel male or female right now. I don’t even feel human.”

Jockey Club stats

Races on the Grand National Course (three across the three-day Randox Grand National Festival) remain unique but fair challenges for horse and rider, but the evidence suggests, increasingly safer ones. Since 2012 there have only been two equine fatalities in the Randox Grand National from 318 runners.

We require horses and jockeys to meet stringent standards of fitness, capability and experience. Every horse in every race and the Randox Grand National Festival will have pre-race checks from a veterinarian on limbs and joints and heart rate, plus a trot up to ensure they are fit and healthy.

Each jockey is required to be passed fit and have ridden 15 winners, 10 in steeplechases, and there are mandatory jockey course walks with an experienced professional coach for those who have had two or less rides in Grand National races.

Safety and welfare measures are kept under constant review. Every aspect is continually assessed and improvements are made based on evidence and in conjunction with our regulator, the British Horseracing Authority.

In the last decade we have spent more than £2 million on horse welfare measures.

Examples include:

  • Fences: every fence on the Grand National Course was modified after the 2012 race – the inner frames have been changed from timber frames to more forgiving flexible plastic (all standard fences) or natural birch (open ditches).
  • Run-offs: Each fence has a run-off area for safety.
  • Landing areas: Levelling work has been conducted, where necessary, to provide a more level landing, including at Becher’s Brook.
  • Ground: Investment in the racing surface with £400,000 spent on enhancing the watering system to ensure the safest possible racing ground.
  • Start: The start moved 90 yards forward to create a calmer and more controlled environment (when spectators would normally attend) from 2013 onwards.
  • Post-race: A state of the art, fully equipped cooling and washdown area is provided for the horses post-race.
  • NB it should be noted that fence heights remain the same in the modern era so as not to encourage a faster race which can increase risk and the course is more than wide enough for a safety factor of 40 horses, however this maximum has been retained.

Grand National horse dies: The Long Mile put down in sixth death in last 10 years

A third said: “Sad for JP he wins the race but sadly the long mile is not coming home.”

A fourth wrote: “So sorry for The Long Mile and all connections at the stable.”

The Jockey Club has made several changes over the years to safety and welfare measures for riders and horses.

In the last decade, more than £2million has been spent on horse welfare measures on fences, landing areas and the ground at Aintree.

Both horses and jockeys are also required to meet stringent standards of fitness.

Every horse before the Grand National Festival also undergoes pre-race checks from a veterinarian to determine whether they are fit to race.

Races on the Grand National Course (three across the three-day Randox Grand National Festival) remain unique but fair challenges for horse and rider, but the evidence suggests, increasingly safer ones. Since 2012 there have only been two equine fatalities in the Randox Grand National from 318 runners.