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Granted Parole or Awaiting Trial, Inmates Died of Covid-19 Behind Bars

The drug rehabilitation course, which was all that kept Mr. Channel from being released sooner, is not required for all inmates imprisoned for drug offenses, Mr. McDonnell said, adding that such decisions are made on an individual basis by the parole board. Mr. McDonnell said the programs are available only inside Texas prisons, so Mr. Channel would not have been able to finish the course while at home.

“The Board of Pardons and Paroles values the treatment programs that are available within the institution and believe that they have been instrumental in helping to reduce the state’s recidivism rate,” Mr. McDonnell wrote in an email.

Brittany Channel said her uncle’s death was unnecessary.

“When he went to prison, it wasn’t for a violent crime,” she said. “No one was victimized in any kind of way. And it’s just so hard for me to accept the way that the prison system treated that situation. It’s mind-boggling to say the least.”

In Florida, drugs were also at the center of Mr. Carter’s legal problems.

In November 2019, police officers found Mr. Carter sleeping inside a vehicle in Sanford, Fla., that appeared to have been involved in a collision, according to a police report. Officers found small amounts of heroin and cocaine in a black purse and arrested him, according to the report.

Mr. Carter told family and friends that he was confident he would be acquitted and out of jail within a month or two because he believed the police search had been improper.

For Mr. Carter, the stakes in the case were high. When he was arrested, he was on parole after having served seven years of a 15-year drug trafficking sentence. If he was found to have violated his parole by possessing drugs, he would be sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.

But, Jaya Balani, his attorney, said, if Mr. Carter could prove that the police search had been illegal, she could get the drug charges dropped and a parole violation would no longer be an issue.

Author: Rebecca Griesbach and Libby Seline
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Josh Duggar Granted Release as He Awaits Child Porn Trial

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday allowed former reality TV star Josh Duggar to be released as he awaits trial on charges that he downloaded and possessed child pornography.

U.S. District Judge Christy Comstock ordered Duggar, 33, confined to the home of family friends who have agreed to be his custodian during his release and prohibited Duggar from any Internet-accessible devices pending his July 6 trial on the child pornography charges.

Duggar was indicted on the federal child pornography charges on Friday, a day after U.S. Marshals arrested him. He has pleaded not guilty.

Duggar starred on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” until it was pulled from the network in 2015 following revelations that Duggar had molested four of his sisters and a babysitter. Duggar’s parents said he had confessed to the fondling and apologized.

Duggar previously apologized for a pornography addiction and cheating on his wife.

Comstock said that, during his release, Duggar could have contact with his children only with his wife present. But the judge said Duggar could not be around any other minors, including other family members.

During a four-hour hearing, a federal Homeland Security agent said pornographic images depicting the sexual abuse of children, including toddlers, had been downloaded in 2019 by a computer at a car dealership Duggar owned.

A monitoring program that sent reports to Duggar’s wife about his activity had been installed on the computer, but the images and videos were downloaded after software had been installed that allowed him to download them without being monitored.

Author: AP News
This post originally appeared on Snopes.com

Deshaun Watson's lawyer granted hearing over accuser's identity

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — In the wake of two accusers going public, Deshaun Watson’s attorney has filed on Thursday an emergency motion, seeking to identify one woman among the 22 civil lawsuits against the Houston Texans quarterback.In a statement, Houston lawyer Rusty Hardin said the anonymity of those accusing Watson is being used “as a sword” against Watson, who on Wednesday began seeing a flurry of his endorsement deals fall, including those with Nike, Beats by Dre, and Reliant[1].

“We have said this before and we want to say it again: Deshaun did not force, coerce or intimidate anyone to do anything against their will,” Hardin’s statement read. “When we asked (Houston lawyer Tony) Buzbee to identify his clients weeks ago, he refused and told us to file a motion. Today we filed that motion.”A hearing is now scheduled in Harris County 113th Civil District Court on Friday at 11 a.m.

The motion filed Thursday pertains to lawsuit 2021-15937, which was filed March 18. Because these lawsuits were filed individually, Hardin would need to file a motion for each of the lawsuits filed.

Hardin continued, “As discussed in our filing, Mr. Buzbee’s use of anonymous lawsuits violates Texas law and the basic concept of fairness. It is clear that, for Mr. Buzbee, this case has never been about seeking justice in a courtroom, but destroying Deshaun’s reputation to enhance his own public profile and enrich himself. While I understand that anonymity often is used as a shield for victims, Mr. Buzbee is using it as a sword.”

Hardin then accuses Buzbee of using the allegations to “destroy” the 25-year-old.

Earlier this week, two of Watson’s accusers – Ashley Solis and Lori Baxley – went public to retell what they called a traumatic experience with the football player.

SEE MORE: Alleged victim of Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson speaks publicly for 1st time[2]

The two women, along with 20 others, have retained Buzbee to file those civil claims on their behalf. Eyewitness News is reaching out to Buzbee’s firm for response to Thursday’s filling.Since the first lawsuits were filed in mid-March, Watson has denied ever committing wrongdoing[3] against anyone, which was something Hardin repeated on Thursday.

Hardin has also collected testimonials from 18 different massage therapists who said their experiences with the Texans player aren’t consistent with what’s being alleged.

Last week, the Houston Police Department confirmed at least one report involving Watson has been filed, but it didn’t elaborate on details. Buzbee has promised evidence is making its way to police.

Click through this immersive experience to read about each of the 22 lawsuits. For a better experience on the app, click here to see the experience on its own page[4].

In terms of his standing with the Texans and the NFL, the league has launched an investigation into whether Watson violated its Personal Conduct Policy. Texans general manager Nick Caserio[5] said the team is “certainly cognizant and aware” of Watson’s situation, adding the allegations are “certainly troubling” and something the team takes “very seriously.”
Watson, who requested a trade from the Texans back in January[6], has reportedly earned a little over $ 40 million in salary and bonuses during his four seasons in the NFL. He’s due to make $ 10.5 million this coming season, and then, $ 35 million in 2021, the first year of a four-year, $ 177 million contract extension[7].SEE ALSO: Could allegations be ‘career killer’ for Deshaun Watson?[8]

ESPN contributed to this story.

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