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Brian May: Why he never uses a guitar pick and how he built his Red Special guitar

Brian added: “So in the end, I picked up a coin, and it was just perfect. That’s all I needed. And I changed the way that I held the pick, sort of bending one of the fingers around, and I never went back from that point.

“The sixpence has another great advantage – it’s hard enough to, you know, give you all that contact, it’s also soft enough not to break your steel strings because it’s made of nickel silver, or whatever.

“And it has this lovely serrated edge, and if you turn it at an angle to the strings, you get a lovely kind of splutter.

“So to me, the guitar is like a voice, and that splutter is one of the consonants that helps to make the guitar talk.”

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Led Zeppelin crowned Greatest Guitar Riff of All Time beating AC/DC, Ozzy and Deep Purple

Led Zeppelin exploded onto the scene in 1969 with their eponymous debut album. It was swiftly followed the same year by Led Zeppelin II. No need for fancy album titles (or, indeed, single releases) the London foursome let their music do the talking. From the start, the band had negociated remarkable freedom with their record label, allowing Page to take full control over the production side, as well as writing most of the music on the earlier albums, with Robert Plant on lyrics. But the guitarist is also regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time and his artistry is being celebrated again this week.

A new poll from the readers of Guitar World and Total Guitar has selected the 50 greatest rock guitar riffs of all time.

Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love is in fifth, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water in fourth, AC/DC’s Back in Black is third with Randy Roads’ legendary riff from Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train in second place.

But it’s not the first and it won’t be the last time that Led Zeppelin’s iconic Whole Lotta Love takes the crown.

Fifty years later and the 1969 track remains as fresh and fiercely influencial as ever. Just look at the faces of Jack White and U2’s Edge as Page takes them through that iconic solo in the video below.

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Page said: “I came up with the guitar riff for Whole Lotta Love in the summer of ’68, on my houseboat along the Thames in Pangbourne, England. I suppose my early love for big intros by rockabilly guitarists was an inspiration, but as soon as I developed the riff, I knew it was strong enough to drive the entire song, not just open it.

“When I played the riff for the band in my living room several weeks later during rehearsals for our first album, the excitement was immediate and collective. We felt the riff was addictive, like a forbidden thing.”

The guitarist also revealed how added his playing inspired frontman Robert Plant to greater heights.

Page said: “Robert’s vocal was just as extreme. He kept gaining confidence during the session and gave it everything he had. His vocals, like my solos, were about performance. He was pushing to see what he could get out of his voice. We were performing for each other, almost competitively.”

And Page has acknowledged how important the band’s creative freedom was in their evolution: “None of that might’ve happened if I had an outside producer. They might’ve questioned, or not understood, what I was doing, or thought I was just making a bunch of noise. I was able to make sure our ideas were carried out without interference.”


This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

Carey Mulligan’s Husband Marcus Mumford Hilariously Crashes Her ‘SNL’ Monologue With His Guitar

Marcus Mumford showed up during wife Carey Mulligan’s ‘SNL’ debut and couldn’t resist trying to sing a song or two!

Carey Mulligan[1], 35, made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live[2]! The Pride & Prejudice actress stunned in a pink silk suit with a cropped blazer as she addressed the audience at Studio 8H that just happened to include her husband Marcus Mumford[3] of the band Mumford & Sons. After she finished explaining that he was at home with their kids Evelyn[4], 5, and Wilfred, 3, he hilariously popped up to interrupt monologue. “It’s me Marcus Mumford, from the Mumford & Sons,” he declared to a confused Carey.

“What a surprise, lovely to see you — where are the kids[8]?” she questioned, clearly confused. “I left them with the sons! I couldn’t miss this! You’re going to smash it! SNL!” he exclaimed back, before getting right down to business: “Do you know if they booked a musical guest for tonight?” (Kid Cudi[9], 37, was booked for the episode). “Yes. Quite sure,” Carey responded point blank, as Marcus pulled out his guitar. “I think we’ve got it covered…thank you, darling,” Carey added as he began playing anyway.

Marcus reasoned that he thought Carey was “giving” him a “signal” — “our secret couple signal for please play the guitar?” he pondered. “We are not that couple!…Do you remember the bit at the end of the monologue where we say we the show is going to be great — do you want to play the guitar for that bit?” she offered as he rushed down to the stage.

In a promo ahead of the episode, Carey ended up with a new nickname! Kenan Thompson[13] dubbed himself as “Adult Kenan,” before calling his host for the week “Little Baby Angel Carey.” She didn’t seem to mind, noting she wants “everyone has to call me that from now on!” Kid Cudi, 37, also made his debut on the NBC sketch series a year after the release Man on the Moon III: The Chosen[14]. He also just dropped a remix of “Memories” with David Guetta in January.

In the next take from the promo, Carey took aim at both Kid Cudi and Kenan. “Carey, your movies are pretty serious. Are you ready to loosen up with us?” Kenan questioned. “Kenan, I’m ever so glad you asked,” the two time Golden Globe winner responded, as dramatic music began playing. “We’ve all been through so much this year, but I must tell you with God as my witness…I’m ready –…” she trailed off, before cutting the dramatics. “Yeah, I’m kidding. I’m not like that,” she noted as Kid Cudi wiped a tear from his eye.”That was riveting though,” the rapper hilariously responded.


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Queen’s Brian May performs epic solo on his new guitar model The Arielle – WATCH

Queen guitarist Brian May continues to keep his fans entertained through the third UK lockdown with a series of micro concerts. And the latest sees the 73-year-old showing off the latest model in his Brian May Guitars range. The Arielle is named after the musician of the same name, who the rock legend has collaborated with in the past.
Next to his new Instagram video, May wrote: “Introducing …. The ARIELLE guitar !!! She’s a beaut !! @officialarielle @brianmayguitars Bri.”

While in the actual footage the 73-year-old embarked on an epic guitar solo on his very own Arielle.

He said: “So! Who expected this little beauty? This is the Arielle, finally I have one in my hands.

“And finally I have a moment to play it. This is the new guitar from Brian May Guitars.”

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May continued: “Based on the original design by my dear friend Arielle, who will be demonstrating it.

“And I will also be demonstrating it in the weeks to come, so you’ll be seeing quite a lot more.

“But ain’t she a beauty? We’ll be launching properly pretty soon now. If you want details right now please go to my slink in the bio.”

The Queen legend added that the relevant link would take you to Brian May Guitars where fans can see some pictures and find out a little bit more information on The Arielle.

To mark Mother’s Day last Sunday, May posted a childhood photo with his mum Ruth from 61 years ago. Sporting a good old-fashioned short back and sides was a young Brian aged 13.

He wrote: “This is my own dear Mum and me ‘After a dip at Sidmouth, 1960’. Photo by my dear ol’ Dad, Harold May. Yes – I miss them both terribly.”

“Treasure your Mums and Dads, folks. Tell them you love them. Get them to talk about your childhood (and theirs) on video. Right now.

“Ask them all the questions you never asked. Because one day the door will close … and there will be no one to ask. Bri.”

This year is Queen’s 50th anniversary, marking when John Deacon joined as bassist in 1971 and thus completing the final line-up.

Sadly Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK and European tour has been postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, Queen The Greatest has been announced for the band’s official YouTube channel.

Over the next 50 weeks, a weekly mini-documentary on Queen’s highlights will be released on Fridays. Covering the band’s history chronologically, the first one covers Keep Yourself Alive.

Check out The Arielle guitar here

Brian May crowns the greatest guitar solo ever and it's not his: 'I'll never get over it'

Unprompted, he then offered up his personal favourite guitar solo of all time.

Brian told Guitar World: “It’s Clapton, Key To Love, from the John Mayall’s Blues Breakers album.

“It’s the hottest burning high-passion piece I’ve ever heard in my life – still to this day. I just love it.

“It totally rips, and I’ll never get over that. That’s one of my great inspirations.”

Asked to describe what it was about the sound Clapton managed to create on the track, Brian waxed poetic.

He said: “Incendiary is a good word, yes. He burned in that solo! The whole track revolves around that solo.” 

Brian May shares the Queen guitar solo he is 'proudest of' and it's NOT Bohemian Rhapsody

May told Total Guitar magazine: “Killer Queen has always been a favourite of mine. And again, that was always in my head.

“It was something a bit more complex, an adventure in putting guitar harmonies into the solo.

“It was quite a step into the unknown, that solo, and it has a melody that I put in there which doesn’t appear anywhere else in the song, so in a sense they’re quite comparable, that and Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The Queen icon also shared the incredible way that the Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo came about and why, even though it remains the centerpiece of the live shows, he never plays it exactly the same way twice.