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Call of Duty Warzone: Mo Gulag Mo Problems rules after COD update

 Mo Gulag Mo Problems
The latest Call of Duty Warzone playlist update made some big changes to the game, namely removing the base Battle Royale modes.

Popping up on April 1, the returning mode was released in part to celebrate the short-lived April Fools’ holiday.

First released last year as part of a range of modes, Mo Gulag has never been the most popular addition.

The good news is that it doesn’t add any game-breaking features that lets cheaters hang out in the gas.

The downside is that it replicates what makes Resurgence Mode unique on a much bigger map.

The rules to Mo Gulag Mo Problems are simple, and they also mean that gamers can keep coming back from an extended period.
It favours those who are good in the Gulag and frustrates those who want to avoid it as much as possible.


For anyone who didn’t play it last year, Warzone Mo Gulag Mo Problems makes it possible to drop back into the game several times.

After dying, you will be dropped into the Gulag and given a chance at winning your match and being sent back to Verandsk.

The difference in rules here is that when you die again, you will likely be sent back to the Gulag to fight.

If you keep dying during the early circles of the game, you will continue to get a chance at winning your Gulag match.

It’s a cycle that Battle Royale gamers hate, as it removes Warzone’s already Lite version of the mode. The one good thing here is that there is a cut-off point around the fifth circle, meaning that the final circle won’t be dominated by a turkey shoot.The one thing to note here is that all the normal Battle Royale Modes have been replaced by Mo Gulag Mo Problems, meaning that it’s the only one available in Solo Mode.

Mo Gulag Mo Problems is also available to play in Duos, Trios and Quads, alongside a number of other playlists. The other active playlists this week include the following:


  • Verdansk – King Slayer
  • Plunder – Trios


  • Plunder – Blood Money Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Quads
Resurgence Duos has also stayed in place since the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update and is expected to be removed next week.The other big changes made this week to Warzone is the arrival of the Zombie plague around the TV Station.

This is where the mini-event can be found this week, and it also includes the additional twist of a new Zombie type.

According to Activision: “Operators have reported the presence of a new variant that causes threats to exhibit unusually strong resistance to ballistics across their anterior, which went against our known intel for the previous breach at the Acropolis National Bank.

“Armistice researchers suggest that in the weeks prior, natural selection – or unnatural handling of these threats by Operators – caused a radical shift in DNA within these threats to help them survive.

“Although the threats are potentially more deadly to those untrained enough to spot their defenseless points, researchers concluded that this variant should not rise to be the dominant strain.”