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Ricardo González Gutiérrez, the famous Mexican clown Cepillín, dies at 75

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Ricardo González Gutiérrez, the singer and actor who was best known for his television performances as the beloved Mexican clown named Cepillín, has died at age 75, ABC News reports.
Gutiérrez, who starred in multiple TV shows in Mexico, passed away Monday morning at a hospital in Naucalpan, his son confirmed to Spanish-speaking news outlets.
According to the Houston Chronicle, Gutiérrez had been hospitalized in late February after injuring his back and had been dealing with several health complications including spinal surgery, cancer, heart trouble and pneumonia.
He was a dentist by trade and would paint himself in clown makeup so kids wouldn’t fear him – a routine that ultimately launched his performance career, according to MSN Entertainment.
As ABC News notes, several of Gutiérrez’s children’s songs became famous in Mexico, including “La Feria de Cepillín” and “Tomás.” The Chronicle says he recorded more than two dozen children’s albums.
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