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State pension triple lock ‘will be broken’

GB News presenter and Economic Editor Liam Halligan argued that he believes the state pension triple lock will be broken. He argued that Rishi Sunak was being unclear at a time where the public demanded certainty. He argued that if the triple lock was not broken it would spark fierce questions on inter-generational unfairness.

He noted that due to the Covid pandemic, the Government could be forced to give pension a 6-8 percent rise while the young people of the country suffer.”

Mr Halligan said: “I think the electorate would respect Rishi Sunak more if he treated them like grown-ups on these big issues.

“Michael is right, I think the triple lock is going to be broken.

“On my show with Gloria De Piero, earlier today on GB News, we had Guy Opperman on, the Junior Pension Minister and he used almost the same form of words when Gloria and I put to him are you going to maintain the triple lock.

“Look, you are going to end up giving pensioners a 6,7, 8 percent rise at a time, as you said to Rishi Sunak Andrew, there is a very big and legitimate set of questions about intergenerational fairness.

“It is the young who have endured this huge burden of this lockdown, not just in terms of mental health but in so many other ways.”

Mr Halligan some advice on how best to prepare the public for the Government to break the triple lock.

He said: “I think he needs to start preparing the electorate for lest they feel as if they were fools.

When asked if the triple lock was still Government Policy Mr Sunak answered: “I think formally, I have to be very careful, as I can’t comment on fiscal policy outside of events, which I’m sure you’ll understand.

“With regards to pensions uprating, there is a statutory review which is carried out later on in the year, which is then brought to Parliament.

“What you’re referring to are forecasts, but as we’ve seen over the past 12 months, we’re in a period of extraordinary economic uncertainty, and lots of the forecasts we’ve seen have moved around and changed.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed