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Rescue efforts at collapsed Florida condo halted due to safety concerns; death toll at 18 | LIVE

SURFSIDE, Florida — Work at the collapsed condominium in Florida was halted due to concerns of stability of a section still standing, Miami-Dade County’s mayor said.

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As the search for survivors of a Florida condo collapse enters its second week, rescue crews and relatives of those still missing are scheduled to meet with President Joe Biden on Thursday, in a visit many are hoping will provide some measure of comfort to a devastated community.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden, who left Washington early Thursday, planned to thank first responders and search and rescue teams. They also planned to meet with the families of victims, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

The president’s visit comes a week after Champlain Towers South, a 12-story beachfront condominium building in Surfside, suddenly came crashing down, leaving a pancaked rubble.

Search crews going through the ruins found the remains of six people Wednesday, bringing the number of confirmed dead to 18. The number of residents unaccounted for stands at 145.

WATCH: Tourist records water pouring from Florida condo, rubble moments before collapse

Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez said he hopes Biden’s visit will be a morale booster for the entire community.

“We’ve had several challenges from weather, sorrow, pain. And I think that the president coming will bring some unity here for our community, support, like our governor, our mayor, all of us together,” he said.

Concerns remained that the still standing portion of the complex could also collapse and work at the site appeared to have paused early Thursday. During a meeting with families Wednesday, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Raide Jadallah said officials are concerned about the stability of that portion of the building.

“What we know is that the columns on the east side of the building are kind of, of concern, not compromised, but just right now of concern,” Jadallah said. “Hypothetically, worst-case scenario: If these columns are truly really bad, we are worried they could collapse right back into the parking garage.”

Families were asking if they could add tensions rods but he said structural engineers say that is not possible.

State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis said, “The work never stops,” when asked whether efforts had been temporarily halted.

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Psaki said the president and first lady also want to make sure that state and local officials have the resources and support they need under an emergency declaration approved by Biden for Miami-Dade. She emphasized Wednesday that the White House is being careful to coordinate with officials on the ground to ensure that Biden’s visit doesn’t do anything to “pull away” from the ongoing search and rescue effort.

Patronis said he hopes to emphasize to Biden that there is a need for mental health resources to treat rescue workers for post-traumatic stress disorder.

“These guys are so blindly focused on the mission of saving lives, and unfortunately they see things they can’t unsee,” Patronis said.

“We want to make sure that when they ultimately do go home, that we’re giving them the strength … to be able to get back to work without fear of nightmares and challenges.”

Since the tragedy, Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, and Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, a Democrat, have projected a united and cooperative front as they respond to the crisis.

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Previously, they had sometimes sparred over how best to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, with clashes over wearing masks and other measures to control the pandemic. But no signs of partisanship have been evident in Surfside.

DeSantis has spoken appreciatively of the aid coming from Washington, even commending the Biden administration for “stepping up to the plate.”

“We really appreciate having the support of the president,” DeSantis said at a Friday news conference in Surfside — although hours before, he had blasted President Joe Biden’s border policies during an earlier press conference in the state’s Panhandle.

DeSantis, who is up for reelection next year, is said to be exploring a run for the presidency in 2024.
WATCH: Little fingers, screams lead dog walker to find boy trapped in Florida condo collapse rubble

Among the remains found Wednesday were those of a mother and her two daughters, ages 4 and 10, a loss that Cava called “too great to bear.”

Miami-Dade police identified the children as 10-year-old Lucia Guara and 4-year-old Emma Guara, and their mother as 42-year-old Anaely Rodriguez. The remains of their father, Marcus Guara, 52, were pulled from the rubble Saturday and identified Monday.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation. A 2018 engineering report found that the building’s ground-floor pool deck was resting on a concrete slab that had “major structural damage” and needed extensive repairs. The report also found “abundant cracking” of concrete columns, beams and walls in the parking garage.

Just two months before the building came down, the president of its board wrote a letter to residents saying that structural problems identified in the 2018 inspection had “gotten significantly worse” and that major repairs would cost at least $ 15.5 million. With bids for the work still pending, the building suddenly collapsed last Thursday.


Associated Press writer Adriana Gomez Licon in Miami and Bobby Caina Calvan in Tallahassee contributed to this report.

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At least 60,000 cases of diabetes went undiagnosed as GPs halted face-to-face appointments

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed

Researchers estimated around 60,000 diagnoses of type 2 diabetes were missed or delayed between March and December 2020. They warned the true figure could be even higher, as lockdown weight-gain and lifestyle changes may have put more people at risk. Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to control blood sugar ­levels. Usually, around 255,000 people are diagnosed annually. Around 90 percent of sufferers have type 2, which is often linked to obesity or lifestyle factors.

Researchers used data from more than 14 million people to compare trends during the pandemic with the past 10 years.

Study leader Dr Matthew Carr, of the University of Manchester, said: “We estimate that, across the UK, the number of people with a missed or delayed diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was 60,000 during 2020.

“We found significant ­reductions in patients with pre-existing diabetes getting the necessary care and medication to manage their condition.”

During April 2020, at the height of the first wave, the rate of new Type 2 diagnoses in England dropped by 70 per ­compared with expected rates.

Although figures improved in later months, they remained below average levels for most of the year.

Older people, men, and those from deprived areas were worst affected. Between March and December, prescriptions for ­metformin and insulin – drugs used to treat the condition – were down 20 percent and five percent, respectively, at GPs in England.

Experts said the shift to more digital appointments to reduce risk of spreading coronavirus had played a role.

Dr Carr said: “Many aspects of diabetes care require direct contact and, as GPs were advised to minimise face-to-face consultations, the fall in diagnosing, monitoring, and prescribing are not surprising.

“However, the magnitude of the reductions is concerning.”

Dr Carr said the NHS should be ­prepared for a backlog of patients – some of whom will have seen their condition deteriorate.

He said: “Effective communications should ensure that patients remain engaged with diabetes services. There also needs to be a greater emphasis on educating patients and providing equipment for home monitoring and remote consultations.” 

The findings were presented at the virtual Diabetes UK Professional Conference.

Nikki Joule, policy manager at charity Diabetes UK, said: “It’s incredibly concerning that rates of type 2 diabetes diagnoses were much lower than previous years.

“Early diagnosis is vital in reducing the risk of serious complications with the heart, kidneys and eyes.”

Tam Fry, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said the pandemic had disrupted care and monitoring for people ­struggling with their weight. He added: “The primary schools National Child Measurement Programme, which annually spotted increase in obesity figures, was shut down in June.

“Anecdotally, adults have also failed to attend surgeries for their weight because of lockdowns. 

“With obesity being a major risk factor in triggering diabetes and other serious diseases, it is vital that measures to tackle obesity are stepped up. It is generally accepted that there will be further viral epidemics in the future..”

Another study presented at the conference suggested people with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes were waiting on average more than two years to learn they have it.

Researchers at the University of Exeter analysed biobank data from 200,000 people without a diagnosis and found one per cent had average blood sugar levels above the threshold for the condition. Looking at GP records, they found participants typically waited 2.3 years following the blood test to receive a diagnosis. Almost a ­­quarter had not been diagnosed five years later.

Women and people with a lower BMI were more likely to have their diagnosis delayed. An NHS spokesperson said: “We have continued to run our diabetes prevention programme over the pandemic.

“And we have put in extra measures for people with diabetes, including digital consultations and online support for people to ­manage their conditions.”

Meanwhile, another study could help doctors identify people with type 2 ­diabetes who are at higher risk of developing dementia. It found they had higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels up to 20 years before dementia ­diagnosis.

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Scandal in Spain: Both sets of players walk off the pitch as LaLiga football match is halted after alleged racist remark (VIDEO)

Top-flight Spanish side Valencia and ex-Manchester United Champions League winner Rio Ferdinand have been among those to back Mouctar Diakhaby after the enraged star was at the center of an extraordinary incident during a match.

Both sets of players left the pitch with little more than half an hour gone after visiting defender Diakhaby appeared to furiously accuse Cala, who had opened the scoring for hosts Cadiz, of making a racist remark.

The French defender had to be restrained by players from both sides before speaking to the referee and heading back down the tunnel, to be joined shortly afterwards by the rest of his teammates and opponents.

After a brief deliberation, Valencia posted an anti-racism message on their social media channels and announced that they would be returning to the pitch “in order to fight for the honour of the club”, emphasizing that they “denounce racism of any kind”.

With the score at 1-1 by then, Diakhaby was substituted for Hugo Guillamon, while Cala stayed on the pitch.

Six-time English Premier League winner Ferdinand later predicted that the walk-off would embolden teams to take similar action after alleged racist clashes, while Valencia later reiterated their backing for Diakhaby.

“The player, who had received a racial insult, requested that his teammates return to the pitch,” they declared. “We support you, Mouctar. No to racism.”

Cala was substituted at the start of the second half before Cadiz went on to win 2-1 courtesy of an 88th-minute winner at the Estadio Ramon de Carranza.
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Jeremy Clarkson faces setback as bid to widen 'local produce' at his farm shop halted

At the time, he told Express.co.uk and other media: “That was the luckiest break.

“I’m always very lucky, but to do a show in my own backyard in the year of a pandemic is incredibly good fortune.

“We did manage to keep filming, albeit with a massively reduced crew of one sound man, one cameraman and me, that was it.

He continued: “But we managed to keep filming all the way through, which is tremendous.

“My heart obviously goes out to everyone suffering appalling hardships and deaths and what have you, which is a nightmare. But as far as I was concerned, I was fortunate as hell.”

The eight-part series is set to be aired on Amazon Prime but no official release date has been given.