Here’s What Happened When I Tried Dating in the Metaverse | Well+Good

Admittedly steeped in an air of mystery to many about what it really is and what you use it for, the metaverse is essentially a cyberspace that can facilitate any number of modes of social connection. While folks can interact with it in any number of ways, including playing a video game, meditating, and working […]


Let’s Unpack All Of The Movie News That Happened This Week

New horror movies! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! Chris Hemsworth’s butt! View Entire Post › Source link


What happened in the Russia-Ukraine war this week? Catch up with the must-read news and analysis

Every week we wrap up the must-reads from our coverage of the Ukraine war, from news and features to analysis, visual guides and opinion. Friday marks four months since Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, sent troops across the border in what he calls a “special military operation”. ‘Ukraine’s future is in the EU’ On Thursday, European […]

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Charles and Boris ‘like toddlers told to play nicely’ – What happened at Rwanda meeting?

Prince Charles’ opinion of Boris Johnson has faced significant scrutiny in recent weeks after reports suggested the heir to the throne had privately labelled the Government’s policy of sending migrants to Rwanda “appalling”. But today (June 24) the Prime Minister and future King were all smiles in front of the assembled press and cameras as […]


Still running up those record sales! The Strangest Thing has happened to Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill is at No 4 in the US charts (Image: GetttyImages) The song in question, Running Up That Hill, which she originally released 37 years ago, is at No 4 in the US charts, her highest ever position in America. Last week alone it was streamed 57 million times. As […]


You Don’t Know Me verdict: What happened to Kyra?

Frustratingly, the two outcomes of guilty and not guilty are played out in the final episode. It is never actually confirmed whether Hero was found innocent or whether he was sentenced to prison time. Hero says: “No matter what those 12 people decide, there’s no end to what happened. I carry that now.” “In the […]


What happened to Venus Williams? Tennis great’s Wimbledon and Grand Slam record

Venus Williams’ place in tennis history is already secure with the American a seven-time Grand Slam winner. Indeed, the 42-year-old is one of the most successful female players of the Open era and has enjoyed particular success at Wimbledon where only three women have won the women’s singles title more often. However, the last few […]


A Large-Scale Experiment Used Human Pee to Fertilize Crops. Here’s What Happened

These days, peeing on your food plants may be considered a gross and wacky gardening hack, despite the practice having been proven beneficial for thousands of years. But our modern squeamishness has meant gardeners and farmers alike must resort to expensive fertilizers to provide their crops with the much-needed nutrients found free in our pee. […]


Morrissey ‘died’ for 9 minutes after a deadly dinner in Peru – what happened to the star?

In another interview with Larry King, Morrissey shared details about his cancer and his reaction to it. He said: “Barrett’s cancer, it’s in the oesophagus. They scrape it occasionally and I have medication, but I’m OK. Lots of people have it and they fade away, lots of people have it and they don’t fade away.” […]


The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending explained: What happened to Sloane?

Sloane has been branded a fan-favourite for season three and it is hoped she will return if the series is renewed. Elsewhere in the final episode, the new Reginald was discovered to be equally as manipulative. He almost killed everyone by using his machine to drain their existence. Thankfully, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) came to her […]