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Roboquest is Coming Soon to Wreak Havoc with Xbox Game Pass

Summary Roboquest is coming soon as a console exclusive via the Xbox Game Preview program later this year. The game is a high octane, fast paced...

Deja vu for Windows 10 users as latest update causes havoc once again

Affected users could either manually reinstall Edge from the official Microsoft website and then try to install the cumulative update again. Or, alternatively, users can...

DarkSide hackers claim they wanted cash – not economic havoc caused by cyberattack on US pipeline

The cyberattack on a critical US oil hub that forced the shutdown of Colonial Pipeline wasn’t aimed at causing a gas shortage chaos. The...

New threat wreaks havoc on Android, but iPhone owners can breathe a sigh of relief

So why is this attack hurting Android users, while iPhone fans remain unscathed? Well, that's all to do with the open nature of Android. The...

Jeremy Clarkson inundated with support as fox wreaks havoc on farm: ‘Killed 34 of my hens'

“I can still hear the shrill, keening noise he made, though, so there’s no way I was going to try to unjam my barn...

BT desperately tries to prevent strikes from wreaking ‘massive’ havoc to your broadband

BT is looking down the barrel of its first strike action in over 33 years. The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which is still actively...

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