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Spain holidays: Tenerife heading for ‘highest alert’ amid calls for harsher restrictions

Tenerife has been refused permission to reimpose a night-time curfew to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. The Supreme Court of the Canary Islands says it cannot condone a limit on mobility between 12.30am and 6.00am in a bid to avoid illegal parties and fiestas.

A judge said the measure was “not duly justified” and that there was insufficient evidence to suggest “risky behaviour” was more dangerous if carried out at night rather than in the day.

The court ruled that the Canary Islands government had other means at its disposal to clamp down on parties or any other situations which presented a risk to public health.

Health officials are concerned about rising cases of coronavirus, particularly in Tenerife, which has been placed on level three alert with various restrictions in place, including time and capacity restrictions in pubs, restaurants, shops and other public places.

Sales of alcoholic drinks after 10.00pm is banned and beaches, parks and squares have to close between 8.00 pm and 6.00am.

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In its ruling announced today, the Supreme court said: “We do not doubt the suitability of the curfew measure to reduce contagion without affecting economic and labour activity but the end does not justify any means and the adopted agreement is excessive and at the cost of serious damage for the vast majority of the population, including young people, who comply with the regulations in order to avoid these breaches.”

The court said individuals must take responsibility and exercise self-control in order to safeguard their communities.

Currently, the Canary Islands are on the UK’s amber list, meaning Britons returning from the nation face 10 days of quarantine.

However, the islands are welcoming back Britons as long as they can provide evidence they have been fully vaccinated or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of travel.

In some parts of the Canaries, a negative PCR test is required regardless of whether or not a holidaymaker has been jabbed.

For those who are visiting the region, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office(FCDO) advised Britons to “refer to your travel operator and the local authorities in your final destination for guidance on domestic entry requirements.”

Travel to the Canary Islands could be set to open up further to double-jabbed Britons from July 19.

As of July 19, UK holidaymakers who have received both doses of their Covid vaccine will be able to side-step quarantine on their return from an amber list country.

However, they will be subject to restrictions in place in their destination at the time of travel.

“Regional governments retain legal powers to ease or tighten restrictions within their region if deemed necessary to control the spread of the virus,” warns the FCDO.

This includes “partial lockdowns; limiting the capacity and opening hours of retail, hospitality establishments and public events.”

The FCDO adds: “Local and regional restrictions may be introduced at short notice.

“You should consult regional incidence levels, refer to the advice of local authorities in your destination and ensure you are aware of the specific measures in place prior to travel.”

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot.

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Fresh evidence is emerging of the GOP’s strategy of mayhem heading into next year’s midterm elections under the defining influence of Trump

Fresh evidence is emerging of the GOP’s strategy of mayhem heading into next year’s midterm elections under the defining influence of Donald Trump.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, whose demagoguery is tolerated by GOP leaders, is at the center of a new storm over her allusions to Nazism. A leaked video shows Texas’ Rep. Chip Roy prescribing Washington chaos as the GOP seeks to destroy Joe Biden’s presidency and win back the chamber. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is meanwhile working out how to derail the Democratic-led committee that will look into the January 6 insurrection — putting the party’s idol, Trump, above American democracy. And the California Republican is amplifying claims by Fox host Tucker Carlson that he’s being spied on by government eavesdroppers.
All this came on a day when the former President launched a dubious lawsuit claiming infringement of his First Amendment rights by social media companies that banned him for inciting violence and spewing democracy-tarnishing misinformation.
The latest churn in the GOP circus is confirming the party, in the House at least, as almost exclusively a force of grievance and spectacle in Trump’s image, rather than a serious legislating force or even conventional opposition. The impression was already fostered by House Republicans’ efforts to shield the ex-President and rewrite history over the mob assault on Congress by his supporters.
This deepening reality is likely to ensure a brutal period in Washington ahead of next year’s midterms and confirm the truism that in the country’s current estrangement, there is almost no window for serious governing between elections. The partisanship at all costs could be especially perilous in a coming fight later this year over raising the government’s borrowing limit that could put the national credit rating at risk.

A challenge and an opening for Biden

The tumult in the House — which is only exacerbating the boiling rage stirred among Trump voters by his election fraud lies — poses both challenges and openings for Biden’s administration. It also could influence the climate in which moderate Republican senators are trying to work with the White House to pass a bipartisan infrastructure deal.
Against the raging inferno in the conservative half of the country, Biden is conducting a remarkably conventional presidency, trying to restore traditional expectations of the office crushed by Trump.
He forged an infrastructure deal. He’s made several recent visits to swing districts in swing states to push his agenda and the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. And he’s targeting the political center ground in the suburbs that got him elected — even to the frustration of his liberal allies.
So far it’s working for the President. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll put his approval rating at 50%, a decent return given the nation’s polarization. And 60% of Americans approved of his pandemic management.
Worsening signs of extremism by House Republicans could play into the President’s self-styling as a moderate voice for national unity and common ground — underscored again by his appeals for Americans to buckle down together to eradicate Covid-19 during the Independence Day weekend. They could also scare off moderate voters who, along with African Americans, were critical to him winning last November.
But the GOPs radicalism might also embolden progressives who think him naive to try to work with Republicans. And with the GOP favored to win the House next year, given history’s frequent curse of first-term presidents in midterm elections, Biden will face fresh pressure to convince moderate Democrats to abolish the Senate filibuster in order to enable an expansive liberal agenda.

Chaos and obstruction may reign

The Republican Party’s policy of obstruction in the House came into closer focus on Wednesday in a video that depicts Roy relishing the controversy over a multitrillion-dollar spending bill that Democrats want to pass alongside the infrastructure measure in order to coax progressives to vote for the compromise.
“I actually say, thank the Lord. Eighteen more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done. That’s what we want,” Roy is heard saying on the video distributed by a Democratic activist.
The comments dismayed traditionalists — and likely those Americans who believe members of Congress are sent to Washington to do the people’s business. Yet they are hardly surprising, since they mirror other rhetoric by senior Republicans — including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — about their desire to thwart Biden’s presidency.
Sure, the disclosure is coming at a time of national crisis with 600,000 Americans dead in a pandemic that has yet to be defeated and that might be mitigated with unity. But it can’t come as a surprise to anyone who watched the civic splintering in Washington and the GOP’s full-on embrace of Trump’s politics of grievance and destruction.
Roy’s response to the controversy was instructive. He doubled down in a combative statement, saying he would “fight with every ounce of my being to stop the radical left — and weak Republicans” to help achieve a GOP victory in the midterms. His welcoming of the fight reflected that it may help Roy, who while a staunch conservative has not always pleased Trump and could face a primary challenge from an opponent loyal to the former President.
In itself, the Texas congressman is not doing anything out of bounds. It’s perfectly legitimate for an elected member of Congress to try to block the successes of an opposition majority and president. Fighting liberal legislation on taxes, social policy and in other areas is likely exactly what Roy’s constituents had in mind when they sent him to Washington.
Still, the sole aspiration of thwarting governance does offer a damning commentary of the country’s fractured politics.

McCarthy’s midterm strategy

McCarthy, since walking back his initial criticism of Trump over the Capitol insurrection, has anchored his midterm election strategy on the former President. Viewed in isolation, it’s a probably a smart bet. Blanket opposition by House Republicans puts extreme pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to maintain her very thin majority for significant legislation in a party that is itself split between more moderate Democrats and activist progressives on the left. Still, it’s possible that some Republicans could peel off, even in the House, and back the infrastructure stand-alone package.
Republicans already have an advantage in November 2022 because of redistricting that is likely to give them a handful of safe seats. And the key to winning will be stoking fury among Trump’s base to ensure a strong GOP turnout.
So McCarthy’s tactics might be politically shrewd, though they will dismay old-school conservatives wedded to the party’s previous values. After all, the GOP once claimed to have made the world safe for democracy by winning a Cold War against communism.
McCarthy’s tolerance for Greene, however, is beyond transactional and is a sinister tale of the GOP’s modern character.
The Trump-supporting first-term lawmaker and conspiracy theorist caused new outrage with a tweet that compared the Biden administration’s teams offering vaccinations to Nazi-era “brown shirts” militia who helped pave Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The fresh outburst of offensive, anti-Semitic rhetoric from Greene underscored the impunity with which the GOP regards political extremism after allowing itself to become a channel for White nationalist sentiment during Trump’s presidency. And it came only weeks after a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington prompted Greene to apologize for comparing mask wearing to the Nazi pogrom against Jews.
CNN reported on Wednesday that McCarthy is working out how to staff Republican spots on the House Select Committee on the insurrection. While he is contemplating placing Trump allies on the panel — who would be able to politicize and disrupt its hearings — some allies believe he should also choose a more pragmatic voice, perhaps including a lawmaker who voted to certify the 2020 presidential election, CNN’s Melanie Zanona reported.
But there is no doubting the House minority leader’s wish to play to a radical crowd. On Wednesday afternoon he issued a statement offering the credibility of his office to Carlson’s claims that he was being spied upon the National Security Agency on the orders of the Biden administration, for which the bombastic TV host has not produced any evidence.
“Our liberties are preserved by the Constitution, the document creating the freest country in the world,” McCarthy said in a statement lent irony by his unwillingness to censure Trump’s continuing assault on US founding values.
It was yet another moment when it was hard to identify the dividing line between the Republican Party and conservative propaganda media.

Author: Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN
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Roger Federer opens up 'nerves' after Halle Open win heading into Wimbledon 2021

“The back is good, I feel fine from that standpoint,” he added.

“It’s just really the legs and the match fitness that I’m looking forward to and getting through breakers.”

Federer will play either Felix Auger Aliassime or Hubert Hurkacz in the second round of the Halle Open on Wednesday.

But he does admit to being sad that there won’t be a big crowd in attendance this week.

“I love playing here. Very little crowd is a bit of a disappointment for all of us but at the same time I’m excited to be back on the green grass and getting a win is always very nice,” Federer said.

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Taito Milestones Is A Collection Of Arcade Archives Titles Heading To Switch


The Arcade Archives series has been a huge part of the retro scene on Nintendo Switch, with an impressive range of titles. Taito has had its share of releases, and is now planning to launch Taito Milestones as a collection of some 1980s classics.

Due in February 2022 in Japan, it was initially revealed in Famitsu (thanks, Gematsu), so we certainly hope to see a localised version announced in the future. Made in collaboration with Arcade Archive port masters HAMSTER, it includes the following eight games – only Chack’n Pop is yet to have an eShop release.

  • The Ninja Warriors
  • Halley’s Comet
  • The Fairyland Story
  • Chack’n Pop
  • Elevator Action
  • Alpine Ski
  • Wild Western
  • Front Line

The design of the official website and the Famitsu article highlight the tease that more titles may come in the future; it’s unclear at this stage but it seems possible that it could follow a similar approach to Capcom Arcade Stadium.

Let us know if you’re keen to see this get a release outside of Japan!

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PlayStation games could be heading to Android and iOS smartphones soon

“We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned. Through investments in IP, Group collaboration within Sony, investment in Social and Mobile, we are excited for the opportunity to continue to expand our community and welcome millions of new gamers to the PlayStation family.”

The comments open the door to some of the most iconic PlayStation IPs getting their own smartphone and tablet games in the future.

One of the other big video game players, Nintendo, has long dabbled in smartphone gaming – ever since the release of Super Mario Run in 2016. According to the Google Play Store, Super Mario Run on Android has received over 100million downloads.

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Tottenham star Harry Kane heading for Daniel Levy collision course after requesting exit

Tottenham star Harry Kane is heading for a collision course with Daniel Levy after telling the Spurs supremo he wants out, reports say. The England international is the Premier League’s top scorer with 22 goals to his name. And he wants to win team trophies now, with Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all in the mix to secure his signature.
On Monday, reports emerged suggesting Kane was ready to leave Tottenham behind.

It’s claimed he’s informed the Spurs hierarchy of his determination to seek a new challenge elsewhere, after seeing the club toil under both Ryan Mason and Jose Mourinho this term.

Kane has been a shining light amid a problematic season for Tottenham, managing 35 goal involvements from 33 top flight matches so far.

A summer scrap now seems likely, with several clubs in for him.

Manchester United recently handed Edinson Cavani a new contract but, despite that, could pounce for the 27-year-old.

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Manchester City are on the lookout for an heir to Sergio Aguero, whose move away from the Etihad Stadium has already been announced.

And with Chelsea primed to cut the likes of Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud loose this summer, Kane is seen as the perfect upgrade.

The Guardian state, however, that Kane may find securing a move away from Tottenham difficult.

It’s claimed he felt there was an ‘accepptance’ from Levy 12 months ago that, if he provided the north London giants with another year of dedicated service, he’d be allowed to leave.

But it’s claimed Levy may now dispute this.


Alex Telles ‘to be used in Man Utd swap deal’

Chelsea may have signed perfect Haaland partner

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona anger explained

Kane has three years left to run on his six-year contract that he penned in 2018, meaning Tottenham are under no obligation to cut their talisman loose.

It also gives Levy a platform to demand a huge fee for the his star striker, who hasn’t won a single trophy during his professional career so far.

And Levy’s stance has long been that Kane isn’t for sale.

With a collision course now possible, the England international may have to kick up a fuss in order to get a move away.

Tottenham have previously only cashed in on their best players when they’ve forced their hand, such as Gareth Bale and Luka Modric.

And what ultimately happens with Kane remains to be seen.

Speaking last month, the Three Lions star admitted he wanted to win trophies of the highest order – and that they meant more to him than individual awards.

“I’ve done so many things in the game but there’s still so many things in my head that I want to achieve,” he said.

“I spoke openly about [winning silverware].

“That’s the reason why I play the game, that’s why I became a footballer – to win and have those experiences with my team-mates, lifting trophies and winning the biggest games.

“It hasn’t happened so far but I feel I’ve got plenty of time in my locker.

“I’m just looking forward and I’m sure they will come.”

Before that, he said: “When I look back at the end of my career, these are all the things I’ll go over and take in a little bit more, but the goal right now as a player is to win team trophies.

“As much as this is great, I want to be winning the biggest team prizes.

“We’re not quite doing that. It’s bittersweet, but it is what it is.

“I’m proud to win [Premier League Player of the Year], it’s been a good season on the pitch.”

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Warzone Rambo release date revealed: 80s action icon heading to Call of Duty

We don’t see the character with the crossbow in full, but we do get a close up shot – and this mysterious character bears a striking resemblance to Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo.

The trailer then ends with the tagline ‘Become War’, which is written in a font that looks just like the one used on Rambo posters.

So, it looks virtually all but certain that Rambo will be arriving as a new operator in Call of Duty Warzone on Thursday May 20.

It remains to be seen when John McClane will be getting released in Warzone, with a release date for the Die Hard hero yet to be confirmed.

But the character Bruce Willis made famous is surely going to arrive before the end of Warzone season 3, which is expected to finish around mid-June.

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Huge Xbox news tipped for this week – Resident Evil series heading to Game Pass?

The rumour, which was outlined in a post on Reddit, claims all of the main Resident Evil games up till now will be heading to XGP.

So, no spin-offs like Umbrella Chronicles will be heading to Game Pass and neither will the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

But ten Resident Evil games are expected to be joining Resident Evil 7 on Game Pass, with an announcement rumour for this Tuesday.

Here are the Resident Evil games rumoured to be heading to Xbox Game Pass…

  • Resident Evil 0

  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica

  • Resident Evil Gamecube remake

  • Resident Evil 2

– Resident Evil 3

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Long lost franchise heading to PS5 as an exclusive? Xbox Series X fans would be jealous

The ninth-console generation is unlike any other, with all platform holders truly offering something different. While Nintendo has long gone on its own ever since the GameCube era, trying something different with the Wii onwards Sony and Xbox have largely been in a battle of horsepower and who has the best AAA exclusives. This time around it’s different though, with Sony going down a traditional console route with the PS5 and Microsoft pushing the value of its Game Pass service with the Xbox Series X and S.
At the start of this gen Sony has already bolstered its incredible first-party exclusive line-up with third-party exclusives, such as upcoming games Forsaken and Final Fantasy 16 from Square Enix and Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo from Bethesda.

And Sony may have another third-party exclusive up its sleeves that Xbox gamers may be jealous about.

Twitter user and YouTuber @foxygames_uk is hinting at an unannounced PS5 timed exclusive.

And while the gaming tipster did not specifically name what IP Sony might have struck a deal for a heavy hint was dropped.

Foxy Games UK tweeted: “Hong Kong seems like a really good setting for a unannounced #PS5 *Timed Exclusive.”

Looking back, there aren’t too many Hong Kong-based games that could be getting revived for the PS5.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 got the John Woo shooter Stranglehold, but given how niche that title was a follow-up seems unlikely.

The more obvious candidate, however, would be another long lost franchise from the PS3 and Xbox 360 era.

Sleeping Dogs is a Hong Kong-based open-world crime game in the vein of GTA.

It was originally envisioned as part of the True Crime series, before that series was canned.

Sleeping Dogs received positive reviews on its release in 2012, getting an 83 PS3 Metacritic rating and an 80 Xbox 360 Metacritic score.

While the open-world crime game also debuted in at number one on UK games sales charts, going on to sell 1.5million copies within its first month and a half on sale.

But despite the new IP winning over plenty of fans, a sequel to the title ended up getting scrapped and news on the franchise has gone quiet.

An enhanced version was released for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, with a macOS edition also dropping in 2016.

But apart from that news on whether the franchise will continue has gone quiet.

The tweet from Foxy Games UK, however, has sparked speculation that the franchise could be about to make a return.

Replying to the tweet one gamer posted: “Sleeping Dogs would be amazing”.

While another wrote: “Sleeping Dogs?”

And one added: “Stop tempting us”.

With a Sleeping Dogs movie in the works starring Ip Man martial arts legend Donnie Yen now could be the perfect time to revive the series.

Square Enix will be taking part in E3 this year, so if a Sleeping Dogs revival is in the works we may find out then.

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Tips so you don’t strike out when heading to Padres games this season

No paper tickets will be issued this year. Fans will need to download the MLB Ballpark App.

SAN DIEGO — Fans will be allowed in Petco Park this season, but if you plan on attending Opening Day, or any game throughout the season, there are a few changes you need to know about.

Bag Policy

No bags will be permitted inside Petco Park except for medical and diaper bags that do not exceed 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, such as small purses, clutches and fanny packs.

Outside Food/Drink

Outside Food and beverage is not permitted except for medical or infant needs. Guests are allowed to bring in one factory-sealed plastic bottled water that is clear and unflavored and does not exceed 32 ounces.


No paper tickets will be issued this year. Fans will need to download the MLB Ballpark App. Tickets will be sent to the app and the barcode will be scanned as you enter. Under the red and orange tiers, the Padres say it is doubtful the team will be selling any single game tickets to the general public. Tickets will only go to season ticket holders. That should change in the yellow tier.

Concession Stands

Fans will no longer line-up at stands. Instead, ordering and paying for your food will be done through the MLB Ballpark App. You will receive a text when your order is ready for pickup. Currently, only beer can be delivered to your seat. This can be done through the app’s “beer me” tab.


Under the red tier, capacity inside the stadium is limited to 20%. Every other row has been blocked off and rows with seating have been sectioned off into pods of 2 to 6 seats.

Park at the Park

This area will be open, but socially distanced pods have been painted on the grass. Groups up to 6 people will be allowed in each pod.