Vancouver Island doctor says 2 resignations mean he’ll be working

A doctor working in a northern Vancouver Island emergency room says two of his colleagues will be resigning at the end of June, leaving him as the only emergency physician in Port Hardy, B.C.,  unless the province answers his call for support. On Jan. 20, Dr. Alex Nataros posted on social media that two other physicians […]


Driver suffers McDonald’s ‘parking hell’ after he receives two

McDonald’s on Newmarket Road in Cambridge is a popular destination for drivers. However, there have been reports recently from shocked customers who’ve dined and parked their cars at the restaurant only to discover later that they’d been given fixed penalty notices. Shapour Meftah was one unlucky customer who had a particularly expensive dining experience. When […]


Pensioner furious as he’ll lose hundreds of pounds due to rule

A pensioner is angry to miss out on hundreds of pounds during the cost of living crisis due to Government changes around the Warm Home Discount scheme. Ken Saunders, 69, will no longer benefit from the one-off £150 deduction on energy bills through the programme because many living in smaller homes no longer qualify. The great-grandfather has suffered a […]


Alan Rickman turned down legendary movie in a rage – ‘Hell is

Later this week, on January 14, 2023, it will be the seventh anniversary of Alan Rickman’s death. The British actor died of pancreatic cancer in 2016 aged 69. He was perhaps best known for playing Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, but his first film role was opposite Bruce Willis in Die Hard […]


PET SEGMENT: Nino can’t warm the waters, but he’ll warm your

PET SEGMENT: Nino can’t warm the waters, but he’ll warm your heart WSBT-TV Source link


Brits suffer ‘food poisoning hell’ on four-star TUI holiday

A group of friends claim their TUI holiday soon became a nightmare when they came down with suspected food poisoning. Kazimierz Kurowski and Nicola Kurowska, along with friends John and Joann Williams, had paid £3,000 for an all-inclusive trip to Lanzarote to celebrate the New Year. However, days after arriving at the Hotel Rio Playa […]


What he hell Taika was thinking?

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Viking Orion cruise passengers facing holiday hell as ship

A cruise ship has been stuck at sea off South Australia after a fungus outbreak growing on the ship’s hull. The Viking Orion has been refused entry at multiple ports, leaving the passengers on board stuck at sea for five days.  As reported by 10 News First in Australia, the ship’s route was supposed to […]


Ukraine wakes up to Christmas hell as Putin deploys jets from

Explosions have been heard in Kyiv, after air sirens went off early in the morning on Christmas Day. The Kyiv city administration urged people to go to shelters after the air alert was announced. Air raid warnings were also heard across other regions of the country, as Russia appeared to be continuing its brutal bombardment […]


Elon Musk says he’ll step down as Twitter CEO, but won’t sell the

Elon Musk has said that he will step down as CEO of Twitter once a suitable replacement can be found. On Sunday he ran a poll asking if he should step down, and the Twitter using public overwhelmingly told him to go. He didn’t immediately respond to the results of the poll, but by Tuesday […]