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Thornbury Castle: See inside King Henry VIII’s honeymoon getaway where you can now stay

Thornbury Castle was originally built by Edward Stafford, the only man to rival King Henry’s wealth and status at that time.

It was a display of wealth and ambition that Henry did not take kindly to, and after Stafford was found guilty of treason, His Majesty took control of the castle.

Visiting guests can also enjoy a variety of traditional and modern medieval activities to make them feel they have travelled back in time.

Choose from bespoke historical tours, axe throwing, sword skills, archery, falconry, croquet on the lawn and even the opportunity to ‘Become a Tudor Queen’ for the day.

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'Blimey': Lenny Henry causes shock on This Morning – 'lost a load of weight'

“I’ve lost between two and a half and three stone. I was big,” he explained.

Speaking about his diet, he said: “It’s lots of greens, lots of juice and lots of walking. Swimming is good.

“You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol… all the stuff you like.

“You can’t Hobnob your way through the day,” he joked.

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Henry 'Nacho' Laun dead: Wahlburgers reality TV star dies weeks after 'medical emergency'

Henry “Nacho” Laun, best known for starring in the reality show Wahlburgers, has died just weeks after suffering a “medical emergency” which saw him rushed to hospital. He was 54 years old.

As well as starring in the popular show based on Mark Wahlberg’s family and their restaurant, the extreme eating star was also one of the Hollywood actor’s entourage members.

US news outlet TMZ broke the news after sources close to Laun told them he passed away early on Tuesday at a hospital in Massachusetts.

The insider also revealed it is unclear what caused his medical emergency, but his condition failed to improve in the weeks that followed.

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One penned on Twitter: “This is so so sad, he seemed like such a sweet guy. RIP.”

Another added: “R.I.P to a long time Friend and co-worker in the Entertainment Industry. Henry Nacho Extreme Laun. You’ll be missed.”

“My heart goes out to @markwahlberg and all friends and family of Henry ‘Nacho’ Laun who has passed away today he was a man who had a heart of gold and loved his family friends and his fans,” a third sent their love to Mark and his family.

A fourth noted: “What a tragedy this guy was taken too soon.”

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Not for sale: Arsenal owner Kroenke issues statement


Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has released a statement to say that he is not interested in selling the club following the fallout of last week’s ill-fated Super League proposal as rumors of a takeover bid swell.

Spotify chief Daniel Ek had reportedly made initial moves as part of a consortium also featuring Gunners icons Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira to propose a takeover bid rumored to be in the region of £1.8 billion (£2.5 billion / €2 billion) for the North London club.

News of the potential offer gained steam this week amid massive fan protests at the club’s involvement as one of the founding members and initial signatories of the Super League, a proposal which lies in ruins today.

Regardless of the fan rancor, the Kroenke’s are refusing to budge.

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A press release issued on Tuesday by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment essentially told Ek to keep his checkbook in his pocket, and that Arsenal are not for sale at any price.

In recent days we have noted media speculation regarding a potential takeover bid for Arsenal Football Club. We remain 100 percent committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the Club. We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer,” the statement, which was attributed to both Stan and Josh Kroenke, read.

Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game and our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this.”

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This news will come as a blow to a large section of Arsenal supporters who have been openly agitating for a change in ownership. The potential bid from Ek, along with the trio of Arsenal legends, was thought to have garnered significant fan backing – particularly after scenes of fan protest outside the club’s Emirates Stadium in the wake of the Super League breakaway plans.

I wasn’t surprised Arsenal were involved, given they have an American owner – an absent owner – who rarely says anything regarding the football club,” said former Arsenal striker Alan Smith to Sky Sports recently.

“There is very little bond between Stan Kroenke and the club. He rarely comes over. His son has a more hands-on connection with the club, but Josh is new to the game, he’s not been brought up around football.

“Kroenke obviously has seen that model work in the States with the NFL, NBA, and, along with the Liverpool and Manchester United owners, they have seen how profitable it could be.”

Ek, meanwhile, is understood to be a lifelong Arsenal fan and likely represents the blueprint of the type of owner that Gunners fans would be enthusiastic about – but Kroenke’s refusal to budge looks set to raise the temperature even further among a fanbase wholly unsupportive of their ownership.

Also on rt.com ‘We want our Arsenal back’: Gunners fans protest & demand US owner Kroenke leaves club after Super League debacle (VIDEO)

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Arsenal takeover: ‘Thierry Henry and two other Invincibles team up to oust Stan Kroenke’

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Spotify owner Daniel Ek has joined forces with Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp in preparing an Arsenal takeover bid to oust Stan Kroenke, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Spotify’s billionaire owner Ek has joined forces with the three Arsenal legends and will test Kroenke with an offer.

If the takeover is successful Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira could all return to the Emirates.

All three were part of the infamous 2003-2004 Invincible team who didn’t lose for an entire season in winning the Premier League title, wrestling it back from Manchester United in the process.

Ek is worth a staggering £3.4billion according to Forbes and he is set to make a formal offer to Kroenke to buy the Gunners.

Arsenal director Josh Kroenke, the son of Stan, insisted last week the club is not for sale following the European Super League fiasco.

Ek confirmed his interest in the Gunners last week as Kroenke was the subject of protests outside the Emirates from disgruntled fans.

On Twitter, Ek said: “As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring.”

On selling the club Josh Kroenke exclaimed: “When are we going to sell? I am not willing to answer that question because we have no intention of selling.”

Henry made clear at the weekend he was unhappy with the way Arsenal is being run.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “This club belongs to the fans, I love the club and I will support the club until I die, but I do not recognise my club and what happened just now, with them trying to join a league that would have been closed, makes no sense to me.

“They have been running the club like a company, not a football club, and they showed their hand. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the core football values and maybe the money was too big of a temptation. But whatever it was, they got it wrong. Badly wrong.”

Henry also gave his verdict on whether the current owners should sell.

He explained: “Fans always decide, as you saw with the ESL. You have to listen to the fans and I can understand why they protested.

“The ESL didn’t happen because of the fans, not because anyone else was talking, Not only me, you and the fans said it was wrong, they (the owners) also said it was wrong. They showed their hand and that was disappointing.

“I remember when I arrived, not the Tottenham fans or our rivals, but a lot of the time I used to hear ‘my second team, if I had to pick one, is Arsenal’, because of the history, the culture, the class, the family.

“But I don’t hear that or see that anymore and it pains me. We need to get that image back. We need our identity back.”

John W Henry told to sell Liverpool despite Super League apology

Author [email protected] (David Maddock)
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Liverpool owner John Henry and his FSG parent company are facing calls to go from fans, despite his humbled apology over the European Super League fiasco.

The American principal owner issued a video apology on the club’s website early on Wednesday morning, after the club had confirmed late the previous evening they had withdrawn their involvement.

Henry said sorry directly to supporters – who had launched protests at Anfield when the news of the plan was first released – as it quickly became apparent they would never accept the idea of a closed league, without any sporting integrity.

“I want to apologise to all the supporters of Liverpool football club…it should be said the project was never going to stand a chance without the support of fans,” he said.

“Over the past 48 hours you were very clear it would not stand – we heard you. I heard you. I’m sorry. I alone am responsible for the unnecessary negativity brought forward over the past couple of days.

“It’s something I won’t forget. And shows the power the fans have today and will rightly continue to have.”

John W Henry apologises to Liverpool supporters
John W Henry apologises to Liverpool supporters

The fan response though, indicates that apology isn’t enough, with already strained relations between the owners and fans now at breaking point.

The message has been clear – they will not forgive or forget.

And that relationship was summed up succinctly by Reds legend Jamie Carragher, who insisted there is no way back now for Henry.

“There’s nothing left for Liverpool’s owners. I don’t see how they can continue,” he said.

“I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool on the back of this. I think they’re making it worse for themselves the longer they hang in.”

Fans hold up a protest banner against Liverpool FC and the European Super League
Fans hold up a protest banner against Liverpool FC and the European Super League

Liverpool MP Ian Byrne and co-founder of the influential Fans Supporting Foodbanks, believes Henry and his co-owners have betrayed manager Jurgen Klopp and his players.

“Jurgen Klopp said he only found out the day before, how dare they treat someone who has done so much for the football club like that?” he said.

“To imperil his position, which is a worry for all Liverpool fans, it is just beyond the pale.

“So I don’t know where FSG go from here, I really don’t.”

Many fans have reacted passionately on social media rejecting Henry’s apology, and demanding FSG now sell up.

Henry was asked directly whether he would now go, at a Boston Red Sox game on Tuesday evening, but gave only a mumbled response.

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Jeff Hordley's wife Zoe Henry bids farewell to Emmerdale colleague with 'good luck' post

While a third person added: “We got a second poly tunnel a few weeks back, seeds already starting to come through!”

Zoe has previously spoken about the family’s love of fresh, healthy produce.

She told Fabulous last year: “We have an allotment and it’s so therapeutic to have your hands in the earth.

“We’re mindful of what we eat, but watching our diet isn’t about being on TV, it’s more about general well-being, as Jeff has Crohn’s disease.”

Thierry Henry quits social media as Arsenal legend calls for action on racist abuse

Henry showed solidarity following the death of George Floyd, who died earlier that year after a Minnesota police officer pressed his knee on his neck for the same amount of time as Henry knelt.

Henry also played in the USA at the end of his professional career.

And he also explained the abuse he received after moving to the New York Red Bulls in an interview last year.

“At one point, I said people didn’t see my colour any more because I played football, because I was, in brackets, famous,” Henry said.

Lenny Henry wows with weight loss on Comic Relief: 'The best I’ve ever seen you look!''

They took to the social media site in droves to praise him. One wrote: “You look younger now than what you looked in 1981!” Another said: “Lenny Henry looking slim.”
He told The Mirror at the time: “I’m a bit diabetic, so I was put on a very strict diet.

“I’ve lost between two and a half and three stone. I was big.”

He went on: “It’s lots of greens, lots of juice and lots of walking. Swimming is good,” he added.

“You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol… all the stuff you like. You can’t Hobnob your way through the day.”

In 2014, Dawn needed to drop the pounds ahead of a hysterectomy.

On her 30 Million Minutes tour, Dawn said: “When I was due to have my hysterectomy the doctor told me that if I could lose some weight before the op, they would be able to do it via keyhole, and I would recover in three weeks or so.

“Otherwise it would be big open surgery, and three months to recover.”

She went on: “I set about dropping a few stone. No magic wand, just tiny, joyless low-cal eating and lots more walking for weeks and weeks.

“It was grim. I lost seven-and-a-half stone. I could have the keyhole surgery. Great. That’s all it was, practical.”

Henry Cavill ‘eager to return’ for new Superman reboot but ‘studio want Michael B Jordan’

Henry Cavill last played Superman in 2017’s Justice League, which is getting its Zack Snyder director’s cut next month. But over the last few years, fans have been wondering if the 37-year-old’s Man of Steel will be coming back for more DCEU movies. Well after months of rumours, a Superman reboot movie is now in the works at Warner Bros with JJ Abrams producing.

UPDATE: Giant Freaking Robot’s trusted source, who has correctly predicted other superhero movie news, claims that Cavill is done as Superman and Michael B Jordan, who has had talks with Warner Bros about playing the first big-screen black Man of Steel in the past, is still being actively persuaded by the studio. The insider says if they can’t lock in the Creed star, they’re still committed to a Superman of colour. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that with 2022’s The Flash movie including both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batmans via the DC multiverse, it’s possible that Cavill’s Man of Steel could share the screen with the new black Superman and maybe even past incarnations like Brandon Routh’s.

Deadline reports: “No plot yet and no attachments despite the fact that we’ve heard how Henry Cavill is eager to get back into the cape.”

Well, that’s good to hear as no doubt fans will have been wondering if Superman would be recast. But, of course, the latter still may happen if that’s what Warner Bros wants.

Author and national correspondent for The Atlantic Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the script, while a director is yet to be announced.

Coates penned Black Panther and Captain America series for Marvel Comics and is also credited on MCU movies Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame and Black Panther, so he certainly has some experience in superhero stories.

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Abrams’ Bad Robot has been developing a Justice League Dark Universe for film and TV, so perhaps this Superman reboot will tie into that.

Additionally, there have been rumours of future crossover movies for Cavill’s Superman with Batman and Wonder Woman.

Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight is already starring in 2022’s Flash movie while Gal Gadot is confirmed for Wonder Woman 3.

But according to Geekosity, not only is a World’s Finest Batman and Superman movie starring Affleck and Cavill in discussion, but also a Trinity movie with Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader from the Tim Burton movies is returning for The Flash too in DC’s own multiverse of madness.

Considering that Robert Pattison’s The Batman is set in another universe, perhaps all three will be crossing over.

Just imagine the Twilight star’s younger Dark Knight teaming up with Cavill’s Superman in future projects. And maybe even with another actor as the Man of Steel like Michael B Jordan if the original star doesn’t return for Abrams’ reboot. Two Supermans sharing the screen would be quite something.

But that’s not all. Back in September, insiders claimed that Cavill had signed a new deal to return for three DC movies as the Man of Steel.

According to TCN, the Superman star made a pitch himself, one that was “widely praised”.

Right now it’s not clear what the three movies and possible cameos could be. But one of these could certainly be another Superman solo outing following Man of Steel like this Abrams reboot.

Perhaps World’s Finest and Trinity were also discussed and maybe even that rumoured team-up with Pattinson’s The Batman?

Hopefully, Warner Bros will reveal more of their plans for the future of the DCEU following the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut next month.



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