Five cars with the highest MOT pass rate for new drivers

1 – Peugeot 108 Total MOT Tests: 54,700 | Total MOT Tests Passed: 46,986 MOT Pass Rate: 85.9 percent Coming in first place is the Peugeot 108, frequently mentioned as a good first car for new drivers. There haven’t been any obvious recurring problems with this car and it uses a lot of the already […]


Live news: Argentina inflation hits highest level since 1980s

Live news: Argentina inflation hits highest level since 1980s Source link


Australia’s highest ranking Catholic cleric Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell has died in Rome at the age of 81 after complications from a hip replacement surgery, the Vatican has confirmed. The Cardinal is said to have successfully undergone the operation and was chatting with the anaesthetist when he went into sudden cardiac arrest. A news report by MailOnline reported that the medics […]


Deaths in week before Xmas highest in two years amid

Excess deaths in the week before Christmas hit their highest level the highest in two years and exceeded the average of the last five years amid a major crisis in the NHS as a combination of Covid, flu and Strep A have piled on additional pressure. 14,530 people died in the week ending December 23 […]


Highest Rated War Movies on IMDb

Since their respective conceptions in the 1990s, there has always been a debate around IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes and their reputability. Which website is the most reliable when it comes to delivering accurate ratings on movies? While Rotten Tomatoes is renowned for relying on critical input from respected voices from the world of the film […]


Chicago is the city with the highest number of rats

Paris was close behind London in the ratty rankings with specialists estimating the city has a rat population of around six million. Perhaps inspired by Ratatouille’s culinary success, Paris’s rats are thought to mostly survive off leftovers in restaurant bins. Deshnoke was named the fifth rattiest city in the world, but many of the Indian […]


Perfect Paramount: The Studio’s 10 Highest Grossing Movies of the

Paramount Pictures are undoubtedly the biggest studio success story of 2022. The studio has managed to raise well over 2 billion dollars at the global box office across just ten releases, mostly without relying on long-running franchises too. What makes Paramount’s success so refreshing is the varied genre and styles of films they’ve released this […]


Google Search saw its highest traffic ever during the World Cup

Google Search recorded the highest traffic in its 25-year history during the FIFA World Cup yesterday, CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted. Google effectively became an information hub for the final, a strong contender for the best in FIFA men’s history. With records already smashed for group stage and Round of 16 matches, it’s also likely to […]


Fed raises interest rates half a point to highest level in 15

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised its benchmark interest rate to the highest level in 15 years, indicating the fight against inflation is not over despite some promising signs lately. Keeping with expectations, the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee voted to boost the overnight borrowing rate half a percentage point, taking it to a targeted […]


Highest number of humpback whales recorded in Salish Sea | CBC

Researchers say nearly 400 humpback whales were spotted in the Salish Sea this year, the highest total ever recorded.  There have been 396 individual humpback whales documented in the Salish Sea, including 34 mothers with their first-year calves, according to the Canadian Pacific Humpback Collaboration, a collection of groups that collate sightings from researchers, ecotourism […]