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Becky Hill: ‘I will always write for other artists – but I want to release eight albums’

It’s going to be a big couple of months for British singer Becky Hill. Just last month she released her latest single Remember alongside legendary French DJ David Guetta – a track that reached 13 in the singles charts, her 12th top 40 hit in nine years. Next week, on July 21, the star will be performing live at the opening game of The Hundred, a new 100-ball cricket competition that kicks off with the women’s match over the men’s (the first time this has ever happened in the UK).

Due to the pandemic, this will be one of the first times she has performed live in two years – is she nervous?

She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I’m s******g myself!”

She added: “I had vocal surgery, so I have a set of shiny new vocal cords to test run. They are all healed and ready to go – I am very excited to sing again, [but] I am absolutely terrified!”

Despite this, Becky went on: “What’s amazing about [The Hundred] is I didn’t know until recently that it’s an all-female game, and I’m so excited about it!”

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Becky Hill

Becky Hill releases her debut album in August (Image: GETTY)

Becky Hill

Becky Hill spoke candidly about her work (Image: GETTY)

Becky said: “In so many different sports the men’s sports are first, this is the UK’s first female cricket game that’s going ahead before any of the men’s.

“I’m so glad to be a part of it. Hopefully, it’ll go well!”

The opening ceremony for the games will see Becky performing Remember live for the first time with her DJ and backing singers, along with some of the other supremely successful hits she has released in the past year.

Just over a month later, the 27-year-old will be releasing her first-ever original album.

The as of yet unnamed debut record is due to hit store shelves on August 20 and will lay bare all the songs the young star hasn’t dared part with over the last nine years.

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Becky Hill

Becky Hill is releasing her first album – but will always write for others (Image: GETTY)

Most of Becky’s career has consisted of writing, performing and featuring on other people’s songs.

But it was easy to hear the elation in Becky’s voice when she began talking about her own album.

She confessed: “I’ve been working crazy hard and I feel like now is a huge moment in time for me.

“My debut album is like a collection of work over the past nine or ten years that I’ve been writing since I was 18-years-old, and when you’ve had that long writing music you get to select the music that has worked really well.

“There’s all sorts of music that I’ve been writing from when I was 18 up to 26. I’m so proud of it.”

She laughed: “I hate to blow my own trumpet, but it’s a really solid album!”

Going forward, Becky plans on releasing albums a lot more frequently, harkening back to a plan she made when she was a teenager.

She said: “From when I was 18 I had an eight-album plan and I think I would love to make eight albums. It’s taken me nearly ten years [to make one] … hopefully the only way is up.”

The Bewdley, Worcestershire local has no doubt made quite the name for herself with a collection of featured spots on songs – including the likes of Wish You Well, Better Off Without You, False Alarm, Piece of Me, Lose Control and plenty more.

But does the arrival of her first album mean she’s done writing and performing for other people?

Becky replied: “They call me the music industry octopus! The thing is, I love writing music. It is my absolute passion.

“And, especially after having this surgery, I’ve had time away from doing anything, and since I’ve come back to it it’s been a real turning point of how much I actually love every ounce of writing songs and performing songs – so I will always do that.

“I will always write for other people. I will always write for myself. I will always want to make money. I will always want to be prominent and prevalent in the charts… so yeah, world domination.”

Becky Hill’s debut album is due for release on August 20, 2021.

Becky Hill will be performing at the opening game of The Hundred featuring The Oval Invincibles Vs Manchester Originals at the Oval on Wednesday, July 21. Buy your tickets here.

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Glamping at The Fir Hill: A bohemian take on camping nestled in the Cornish countryside

The estate has been part of Charlie’s family since the 16th century, though he only purchased the land and began to develop it into the magical glamping haven it is today in 2012.

Though Charlie has transformed much of the 60 acres, he has worked around many of Fir Hill Estate’s original features.

The site of the estate’s old cow shed, for example, has been transformed with modern barns housing amenities and both indoor and outdoor social spaces.

The Mongolian-inspired yurts spread across the surrounding grassland are, of course, the main attraction.

Of the 12 yurts on-site, guests can choose either a Family Yurt which sleeps up to nine or a couples yurt that can sleep up to three. All bedding and bedlinen comes included within the accommodation, though visitors will need to bring their own towels for shower time.

During our stay, we were lucky enough to stay in one of the couples yurts which Charlie dubbed “The Honeymoon” yurt.

When Fir Hill isn’t offering luxury breaks, it also doubles up as a perfect place for lovers to tie the knot.

Charle explained this is what Fir Hill calls a “Wed Fest” – keeping in line with the summer festival vibe.

As such, our yurt was kitted and featured a dainty posy of wildflowers sat on the bedside table.

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Next PS5 event rumours: Abandoned Silent Hill reveal, Bloodborne Remaster, PSVR 2 release

While PlayStation skipped E3, rumour has it Sony has another big PS5 event in the pipelines. According to the rumour mill, Sony may be hosting a PS5 event in just a few weeks time – on July 8. And in the run-up to the next PS5 event there are plenty of rumours swirling around about what Sony could announce.

Arguably the hottest rumour which has caught the attention of PS5 fans surrounds in-the-works title Abandoned.

When Abandoned was first announced in April PS5 fans were left wondering if the mysterious survival horror was actually a new Hideo Kojima game in disguise.

The Metal Gear Solid creator has form in doing this, with MGSV initially revealed as The Phantom Pain, a title allegedly made by Moby Dick Studio with the project fronted by ‘Joakim Mogren’.

This all turned out to an elaborate ruse, with ‘Joakim’ an anagram of Kojima.

While Abandoned developers Blue Box Game Studios were quick to deny any links to Kojima after the game’s initial reveal, the Silent Hill rumours have come back with a vengeance recently.

Ahead of an inbound reveal, the official Blue Box Game Studios Twitter put out a tweet that caught gamers attention.

The tweet said: “Guess the name: Abandoned = (First letter S, Last letter L). Reveal closing in… #PS5 #Exclusive”.

There is something that begins with S and ends in L, and that’s Silent Hill.

PS5 fans were quick to see this connection, which once again set the rumour mill abuzz.

After plenty of fan excitement Blue Box again had to issue a statement denying any links with Kojima or Silent Hill.

The devs tweeted: “We wanted to set things straight. We have no relations with Konami. Silent Hill is owned by Konami. We do not have any relations with Hideo Kojima. It was never our intention to tease the name as Silent Hill. We sincerely apologize for this.”

But this still hasn’t stopped the rumours from going away.

PS5 fans are still convinced Abandoned is Silent Hill in disguise, and have been spotting plenty of potential clues to back this theory up.

This includes fans taking a closer look at Hasan Kahraman, the game director of Blue Box Game Studios.

PS5 gamers have spotted the word Kahraman is the translation of Hideo from Japanese into Turkish.

While they’ve also spotted some interesting things on Hasan’s PSN profile, including a never before released game called Demon Blood.

And the artwork for the game features a monster that bears a striking resemblance to Pyramid Head.

There are plenty of tantalising clues that have been dropped.

And thankfully PS5 fans may not have too much longer to find out for certain.

The Blue Box Twitter has said an Abandoned gameplay reveal is “closing in”, with the trailer dropping on the PS5 trailers app.

But we could find out more information in an upcoming PlayStation event too.

Elsewhere rumours are circulating that Bloodborne could be getting a remaster which will get revealed at a PS5 event.

The latest Bloodborne Remastered rumours have been sparked by Tim Rogers.

The video game journalist dropped the hint when replying to a Twitter user who posted: “Where’s Bloodborne Remastered”.

To which Rogers replied: “Has there been a sony event yet”.

And finally ahead of the next Sony PS5 event rumours have emerged about the PSVR 2 headset.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, PSVR 2 could have a release date in 2022.

It’s been claimed PSVR 2 could be launching in holiday 2022 and the new headset will use OLED panels from Samsung.

Separately, it’s also been reported that PSVR 2 will have a total resolution of 4000 x 2040 and will use eye-tracking tech.

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YOUR PHOTOS: Mammatus clouds spotted over Hill Country

Author: Jaclyn Ramkissoon
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Video courtesy of Deb McClintock, taken north of Johnson City

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Strong to severe storms are expected in the Central Texas area Wednesday night into the overnight. Tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds are all possible with these storms.

As the KXAN First Warning Weather team tracks these storms, here are some photos and videos sent in by KXAN viewers.

Mammatus clouds were spotted over Gillespie County during the 6 o’clock hour Wednesday. Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans said these pockets of sinking air from the upper-level cloud are indicative of a powerful thunderstorm.

  • Mammatus clouds over northern Gillespie County in Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Leo Tynan)
  • Mammatus clouds over Blanco, Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Leah Wood)
  • Mammatus clouds spotted over Johnson City, Texas on April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Paul Roten)
  • Mammatus clouds spotted over Johnson City, Texas on April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Paul Roten)
  • Mammatus clouds in the Fredericksburg area of Gillespie County April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Brent Mueller)
  • Mammatus clouds spotted over Fredericksburg April 28, 2021 (Courtesy George Weinreich)
  • Mammatus clouds spotted overhead in the Luckenbach area of Gillespie County April 28, 2021 (Courtesy: Brady Staedtler)
  • Mammatus clouds spotted overhead in the Luckenbach area of Gillespie County April 28, 2021 (Courtesy: Brady Staedtler)
  • Mammatus clouds over Wimberley, Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Cyndi Hazelwood)
  • Mammatus clouds over Wimberley, Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Cyndi Hazelwood)
  • Mammatus clouds over Wimberley, Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Cyndi Hazelwood)
  • Mammatus clouds over Wimberley, Texas April 28, 2021 (Courtesy Cyndi Hazelwood)

Paul Mackey sent in the below video of a time lapse of the clouds forming over Dripping Springs.

This story will be updated as Wednesday night’s storms move through the area.

Katy Hill: Blue Peter presenter left with facial scar after hitting her head on toilet

Katy Hill was scarred for life when she tripped and fell while playing with her daughter at home. The former Blue Peter presenter, who took on a number of dangerous tasks during her early career such as jumping out of planes, said the irony of being injured in this way was not lost on her.
Katy has been left with a scar that runs down the centre of her forehead.

The 49-year-old mum-of-two was running up the stairs to amuse her children when she tripped and “smashed” her head on the toilet lid.

She later admitted that she thought it was the end, while sharing pictures of her injury on Instagram.

The cut required a number of stitches both internally and externally and has left her with a facial scar.

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Talking about the incident, Katy said that she was extremely lucky that she hit her head square on when she “face planted”.

“It was a bad one and I was very grateful that the impact went down the centre of my forehead.

“As I found out from the doctors, if it had been slightly to either side, I might not be here now because the skull is thin in those parts.

“The irony isn’t lost on me that I used to jump out of planes and all sorts, and yet I injure myself in this way,” she told The Sun.

“One year ago I smashed my head and genuinely thought it was the end,” she wrote on the picture-sharing site in view of her 27,000 followers.

“The irony that I spent my early career throwing myself out of planes, flying fast jets and generally doing all I could to put myself in danger wasn’t lost on me.

“The head injury? Bringing the morning lols with my daughter Kaya, racing her to the loo to bring the mummy fun then tripping and face planting the toilet lid. FULL FORCE.

“It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, largely because it was in the safety of my own home, bringing the fun, at 7.30 in the morning and, as I waited for the ambulance to check me I truly thought it was the end.”

Max Verstappen still lots to learn after Lewis Hamilton 'sold him a dummy' – Hill

“And then Max had the pressure on him, as he knew he had to give it back, and maybe he gave it back a little too soon. He will be going home now and actually thinking to himself ‘damn, damn – I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that.’

“Lewis meanwhile will be thinking ‘gotcha’ – he’s still got a few more things to learn.”

As the fight went down to the very last lap of the race, Hamilton won the nail-biting season opener by just 0.7s.

It was the first time since Sebastian Vettel in 2013 that a non-Mercedes started at the front, paving the way for a potential new rivalry within the championship.

Tornado Watch issued for Hill Country and Austin metro counties until 4 a.m.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Tornado Watch is in effect for much of the Hill Country and the Austin Metro Counties until 4 a.m. The conditions are right for potential tornado formation, and residents should have a plan in place to take cover in case a tornado warning is issued.

If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area:

  • Go to the lowest floor of your home
  • Find the interior-most room, away from outside walls and windows
  • Protect yourself with thick blankets, bike helmet, etc.
  • Do not stay in your car or mobile home — seek sturdier structure immediately

The Storm Prediction Center has parts of Central Texas an an enhanced risk (3 out of 5) for severe storms with primary threats including large hail and damaging winds. Isolated tornadoes are also possible. Rain totals should average 1/2″-1″ for those who do see rain.

With the risk of severe storms overnight, be sure to download the KXAN Weather App as a way to stay up-to-date with issued warning. (Apple[2] | Android[3])

Here is the potential timeline of severe weather overnight from our latest high-resolution radar forecast.

Forecast radar at 5 a.m.


2021 Severe Weather Season


Follow the KXAN First Warning Weather team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. ^ LIVE BLOG: Storm damage reports and weather conditions from across Central Texas (www.kxan.com)
  2. ^ Apple (apps.apple.com)
  3. ^ Android (play.google.com)

Kristen Currie

George Russell 'will be phoning' Toto Wolff but must consider Mercedes alternatives – Hill

“He’ll be on people’s watch list, definitely, but time ticks by incredibly quickly in this sport, and he did so well close to the end of last season, but that was almost 100 years ago now. Things pick up, new guys come on the scene and new stories evolve.

“He knows that and he has to keep the pressure up, otherwise he may get overlooked by some other new star.”

Russell has an important season in front of him, with new owners at Williams to work alongside and an underperforming car to contend with.

Speaking ahead of the first race in Bahrain, the Brit admitted he was under no illusion the future was secure.

“Toto has always given me his word, and he has always given me the opportunity when they believe I deserve it,” Russell said.