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Gemma Atkinson shares untold detail of beau Gorka’s proposal ‘I was holding a bag of poo!’

Revealing that the coronavirus pandemic has complicated plans, Gemma added that her and her fiancé have agreed to tie the knot abroad.

She said: “We’re not going to do it, obviously, this year cause of everything that has gone on, the only thing we have agreed on so far is that we’re gonna do it abroad.

“Gorka wants his family to be able to order drinks at the bar and understand the waiters.

Gemma continued: “They [Gorka’s family] don’t speak English and my lot don’t speak Spanish, so we’ve said we’ll meet halfway.

“So that’s all we’ve agreed on, it’s gonna be abroad. And hopefully not this year, but the year after – if I can tolerate him that long obviously,” she added.

Author: Sabina Rouse
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Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo holding back one crucial detail

The moment Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 fans had been waiting years for finally came this week. At the end of the jam-packed Nintendo Direct on Tuesday the House of Mario revealed a brand new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. This was the first time Zelda fans got a glimpse of BoTW 2 since it was revealed at E3 2019.

And the latest trailer didn’t disappoint, once again hinting at a much darker theme than the original Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo also announced a release date window for BoTW 2, with the highly anticipated sequel scheduled to launch in 2022.

The latest Breath of the Wild 2 trailer has sparked plenty of fan theories, with fans trying to piece together any clues to the story and how the game fits within the Zelda lore.

And it looks like there’s one crucial detail, which could help to give fans some answers, that Nintendo is keeping close to its chest.

In an interview with IGN, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff discussed some of the big E3 2021 announcements.

And during the conversation the Treehouse duo dropped an interesting tidbit of information about Breath of the Wild 2.

They said BoTW 2 does have a subtitle that has been confirmed in-house, but this hasn’t been announced as it could hint what’s going to happen in the sequel.

Trinen said: “As for why we’re holding back on the name, you’ll just have to stay tuned because, obviously, Zelda names are kind of important.

“Those subtitles… they start to give little bits of hints about maybe what’s going to happen.”

So, for the time being we’ll simply having to refer to the new Zelda games as Breath of the Wild 2 or – as Nintendo likes to call it – the sequel to Breath of the Wild.

The reveal of the latest Breath of the Wild 2 trailer has sparked plenty of speculation about the story of the BoTW sequel.


From what we’ve seen so far, Breath of the Wild 2 will have a darker theme than the critically acclaimed original – which has led to plenty of people comparing the differences between BoTW 2 and BoTW with Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time.

And there’s one fan theory that could be in keeping with this potential darker theme.

One popular fan theory is that in BoTW 2 we won’t be taking control of Link.

Instead, we could actually be stepping into the shoes of Ganon.

If that ends up being the case it could be an earth-shattering twist, and make BoTW 2 unlike any other Zelda game seen before.

We’ll have to wait and see if that ends up being the case, but in the meantime the fan theories and speculation will continue to rumble along.

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Rafael Benitez 'on the brink' of being confirmed as new Everton boss after holding talks

“How about immediately?

“Of the names instantly linked with Everton as the Ancelotti news broke, who is more qualified than my former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez?

“Rafa is available, settled in the area and I am sure he is ready if Moshiri is prepared to consider one of the more shocking managerial appointments in Merseyside football history.

“At the very least, Benitez should be under consideration as Moshiri begins yet another managerial quest. And not for the first time, before the owner decides the right candidate, he has to be clear of the football direction he wants to take.”

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NS&I confirms saver won £25,000 prize with a holding of just £7 in May 2021 draw

The tweet, posted on the verified NS&I Twitter account, read: “We have paid out over 3.5 million tax-free prizes in May’s draw and a winner in Cardiff scooped a £25,000 prize with a holding of just £7!

“You can check to see if you have won a prize this month via the prize checker app or the online prize checker here,” it added, beside a link to the Premium Bonds prize checker on the NS&I website.

The chances of winning a prize in the Premium Bonds prize draw are now 34,500 to one, per £1 Bond number.

As such, it’s often remarked upon that the more Premium Bonds holding a person has, the more chance they will have to win.

“With Premium Bonds, rather than receiving interest or investment returns on your money, you’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw,” explained Paul Campion, financial planner at Succession Wealth.

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Naomi Osaka conflicted over holding the Tokyo Olympics

The second-ranked tennis player was asked about the games at the Italian Open. She says she wants the Olympics to happen, but has doubts.

Naomi Osaka is conflicted over whether the Tokyo Olympics should be held amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The second-ranked tennis player, who represents Japan, was asked about the games at the Italian Open on Sunday.
“Of course I would say I want the Olympics to happen, because I’m an athlete and that’s sort of what I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” she said.
“But I think that there’s so much important stuff going on, and especially the past year,” Osaka added. “I think a lot of unexpected things have happened and if it’s putting people at risk, and if it’s making people very uncomfortable, then it definitely should be a discussion, which I think it is as of right now.”
The Tokyo Olympics were already postponed from 2020 and opposition seems to rising in Japan about holding the games this year. The virus and its spreading variants are taxing Japan’s health-care system with only 2% of the population vaccinated.
But local organizers and the International Olympic Committee insist the games will open as planned on July 23.
“At the end of the day I’m just an athlete and there’s a whole pandemic going on,” Osaka said.
The IOC recently announced that vaccine developers Pfizer and BioNTech would donate doses to inoculate athletes and officials preparing for Tokyo. The IOC has repeatedly said the Olympics were being organized as if the vaccines were not available, but has pushed hard to get athletes vaccinated.
“I feel like whatever makes everyone more comfortable and more safe. There’s going to be a lot of people entering the country, so they definitely have to make the right decisions on that,” Osaka said. “I’ve gotten vaccinated. At the end of the day you can’t force anyone to be vaccinated.
But then Osaka added: “If you’re going into the Olympics and whatever, make the host country happy.”
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‘Manifestation of desire for world peace’: Local celebrity streaker named as he goes viral for holding up Granada vs Man Utd clash

The hairy streaker who slipped into the behind-closed-doors match between Granada and Manchester United and charged onto the pitch stark naked has been named as peace-loving local exhibitionist Olmo Garcia.

Players and fans watching around the world got an eyeful when Garcia streaked across the turf at the Estadio Municipal Nuevo Los Carmenes in Spain on Thursday night, evading security staff before rolling around theatrically on the pitch.

Play was held up in the UEFA Europa League quarter-final first leg before Garcia was eventually escorted off the pitch.

The match was billed as the biggest in history for Spanish minnows Granada, who were playing in the nation’s fourth tier as recently as 2006.

The occasion was clearly too big to miss for Garcia, who according to the local press has a well-known penchant for going out in public in his birthday suit.

According to Marca, Garcia is a local businessman who can often catch the public unawares with his au naturel displays.

That includes a stunt at a local cemetery several years ago as well as trips to the shopping center.

He’s reportedly been charged several times down the years for ‘obscene exhibition’ and has earned the nickname ‘The Nude Man of Granada’.

Garcia has apparently explained his penchant for naturism as “a manifestation of his desire for world peace.”

“For me it is a way of claiming purity, peace, of showing that when one takes off one’s clothes he is more sincere with all that surrounds him,” Garcia was quoted as saying in one interview.

It will perhaps be a source of concern for security officials that he managed to give them the slip and enter a match that was played without fans due to ongoing Coronavirus restrictions.

Fans and pundits, though, had a field day with Garcia’s antics.

A naked man just ran across the pitch and rolled around. I didn’t realise it was so cold. And he’s not using Manscaped,” jested United reporter Andy Mitten. 

Others thought Garcia was stark naked apart from a mask, although he appeared to merely be sporting a bushy beard on his face and down below.

When play resumed, Utd took command of the tie with a 2-0 win thanks to a first-half goal from Marcus Rashford and a late penalty from Portuguese spot-kick specialist Bruno Fernandes.

The second leg takes place at Old Trafford next Thursday.   
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Unaccompanied children to be transported from border to Houston holding facility today

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Governor Greg Abbott will announce the expansion of Operation Lone Star to include efforts to crack down on human trafficking related to illegal border crossings Thursday.New numbers show the border patrol is on track to encounter more than 2 million people before September, which is a new record.

Bus loads of migrant children are expected to come to Houston Thursday.

The facility will have 500 beds. The White House has not said if the facility will be temporary or long-term. There are two categories.

There are 10 migrant housing facilities in total; nine are in Texas and one is in San Diego.

The largest holding center is at Fort Bliss near El Paso, with 5,000 beds. The one in Houston will be on the smaller side with 500 beds.

Here are the details for all nine Texas centers:

  • Carrizo Springs – 500 beds
  • Carrizo Springs – 952 beds
  • Fort Bliss – 5,000 beds
  • Dallas – 2,300 beds
  • Houston- 500 beds
  • Midland – 700 beds
  • Pecos – 2,000 beds
  • San Antonio – 2,400 beds
  • San Antonio – 350 beds

The location of the Houston facility has not been announced.All 10 centers combined will have about 13,000 beds.

Video inside some holding centers shows overcrowding, not enough beds, toiletries or access to medical services.

RELATED: More than 4,000 migrants, many kids, crowded into Texas facility[4]

Desiree Salinas with Houston Catholic Charities is helping dozens of migrant children, families, and asylum seeking immigrants here in Houston.

She expects the number of migrants needing help to continue to rise, so they’re ramping up resources.”All hands on deck kind of redistributing some resources, refocusing some different staff,” she said.

The White House says it will be following all Centers for Disease Control guidelines when it comes to the pandemic and will be testing all children for COVID-19.

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Some medical experts unconvinced about holding Tokyo Games

Surveys in Japan show up to 80% of the population is opposed to holding the Olympics under present conditions.

TOKYO, Japan — The Tokyo Olympics open in under four months, and the torch relay has begun to crisscross Japan with 10,000 runners. Organizers say they are mitigating the risks, but some medical experts aren’t convinced.

“It is best to not hold the Olympics given the considerable risks,” Dr. Norio Sugaya, an infectious diseases expert at Keiyu Hospital in Yokohama, told The Associated Press. “The risks are high in Japan. Japan is dangerous, not a safe place at all.”
Sugaya believes vaccinating 50-70% of the general public should be “a prerequisite” to safely hold the Olympics, a highly unlikely scenario given the slow vaccine rollout in Japan.
Fewer than 1% of the population has been vaccinated so far, and all are medical professionals. Most of the general public is not expected to be vaccinated by the time the Olympics open July 23.
“Tens of thousands of foreigners are going to be entering the country, including mass media, in a short period of time,” Sugaya said, “the challenges are going to be enormous.”
The Japanese government and local Olympic organizers have said vaccination is not a prerequisite for the Olympics, although the International Olympic Committee is encouraging the 15,400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes to be vaccinated when they enter Japan.
The number of COVID-19-related deaths in Japan is about 9,000 — far fewer than many countries — but Sugaya stressed the number is among the highest in Asia.
Hospital systems are stretched, especially in hardest hit areas such as Tokyo.
Japan never pushed PCR testing, meaning few mechanisms are in place to prevent infection clusters. There hasn’t been a national lockdown, but the government has periodically issued a “state of emergency,” urging people to work from home and restaurants to close early.
Dr. Toshio Nakagawa, who heads the Japan Medical Association, expressed serious concern about what he called “a rebound” of coronavirus cases. He called for preventive measures.
“To prevent a fourth wave, we have to act forcefully and extremely quickly,” he told reporters earlier this month.
Taisuke Nakata and Daisuke Fujii, professors of economics at the University of Tokyo, have been carrying out projections for the spread of the coronavirus, adapting a standard epidemiological model but taking into account economic activity as measured by GDP and mobility data.
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According to their projections, daily infection cases in Tokyo will total more than 1,000 people by May, peaking in July, right about the time the Olympics are on. Daily cases have hovered at about 300 people for Tokyo lately.
They say that’s an “optimistic” scenario that assumes vaccines will be gradually rolling out by then.
The other possible scenario has the government declaring a state of emergency as daily cases climb. That could mean the Olympics will be held in the middle of an “emergency.”
The professors declined to comment directly on the wisdom of holding the Olympics.
Despite the warnings, the Japanese government and Tokyo Olympics organizers remain determined to go ahead with the Games. Tokyo is officially spending $ 15.4 billion to prepare the Olympics, but several government audits say it might be twice that much. All but $ 6.7 billion is public money.
The chief driver of the Olympics is the IOC, which derives almost 75% of its income from broadcast rights and needs to get the games on television.
Organizers say they will hold a “safe and secure” Olympics by keeping athletes and officials in a “bubble,” administering periodic tests, and then getting everyone to leave Japan as soon as possible.
Last week the IOC said it would cut back on the number of accredited participants entering Japan, providing credentials only to those who “have essential and operational responsibilities.”
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Japanese news agency Kyodo has reported, citing unidentified sources, that 90,000 people are expected to enter Japan from abroad. About 30,000 of those are Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches, staff and officials.
That leaves 60,000, and Kyodo said the plan is to cut that to about 30,000, many of whom would be news media.
In addition, organizers said all ticket holders from abroad would be banned from entering.
Public opinion surveys show most Japanese want the Tokyo Games canceled or postponed again.
Taro Yamamoto, a former lawmaker, said Japan is not prepared to deal with an influx of travelers from abroad.
“If Japan has not been able to protect its own people, it cannot claim to be able to protect people from all over the world,” during the Olympics, he said. “To keep insisting the Games will go on is just madness.”

Sofia Richie Poses For Selfie With Mystery Man After Being Spotted Holding Hands With Him On A Date

Fans are wondering if Sofia Richie officially has a new boyfriend, after the 22-year-old model posted a photo with a handsome mystery man on her MAIN Instagram page.

A mystery man has made his debut on Sofia Richie[1]‘s Instagram page. On March 26, the 22-year-old model shared a photo of herself getting cozy with the handsome stranger — well, a stranger to most fans — in the elevator. He leaned in behind Sofia, who was looking chic in a gold satin pajama suit as she snapped the mirror selfie. Of course, this set off speculation that Sofia has a new boyfriend!

Sofia simply captioned the photo with a sunflower emoji, and didn’t tag her mysterious companion. However, fans tried to do that job for her by dropping the Instagram handle for Elliot Grainge, the founder of 10k Projects (the music label that represents artists like Trippie Redd[2] and Iann Door[3]).

While we can’t confirm the identify of the person in the photo above, Elliot was the person whom Sofia was spotted holding hands[4] with outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood on March 24. Sofia was also seen kissing a mystery man[5] on a Miami beach in early February, although his identity wasn’t confirmed at the time.

Sofia has a special connection to Elliot. He’s not just a record executive, but is also the son of Universal Music Group’s Chairman and CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge. Sofia’s father, famous singer-songwriter Lionel Richie[6], is friends with Lucian and has also released a few albums through Universal Music.

Sofia Richie, Elliot Grainge
Sofia Richie holds hands with record executive Elliot Grainge outside a restaurant in West Hollywood on March 24, 2021. [BACKGRID]

Elliot’s age isn’t public information (his Instagram account is also set to private), but he was 26 years old when he offered a two-album contract extension to former client Tekashi 6ix9ine[7]  the controversial rapper’s sentencing in Dec. 2019, Variety[8] reported in Dec. 2019. Before Elliot, Sofia was romantically linked to Cha Cha Matcha founder Matthew Morton, but their fling “fizzled out” after not going “on an actual date since [Nov. 2020],” a source close to Sofia EXCLUSIVELY told[9] HollywoodLife in Dec. 2020.
Sofia’s apparent new romance comes in the wake of a headline-making claim that her ex before Matthew, Scott Disick[10], made on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. During the show’s final season premiere on March 18, Scott claimed that Sofia gave him “an ultimatum[11]” before their breakup: she allegedly wanted him to “choose” between her or his ex and the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian[12].

However, we learned that Sofia saw the situation a bit differently. “She’s really moved on from their breakup and is focused on doing her own thing and being happy. Even if Scott truly feels like Sofia gave him an ultimatum, then that’s his perspective but she never felt that she did,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told[13] HollywoodLife after the premiere aired.


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If you’re holding off buying a Samsung phone because of the Note 21, we’ve got bad news

Samsung usually launches two new flagship smartphone each year – a new entry in the Galaxy S series within the first few months of the year, followed by an upgraded Galaxy Note in August. The South Korean company has followed this pattern for years now, so avid Samsung fans can plan their purchases to make sure they always get the latest and greatest handset available. However, this year will be different. 
Samsung has confirmed plans to discontinue its Galaxy Note series …for this year. During the 52nd annual shareholders meeting, DJ Koh, co-CEO of Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications division, confirmed that severe shortages of chipsets and clashes with existing Samsung products would make launching a new entry in the Galaxy Note range a little difficult this year. As a result, Samsung has no plans to debut a follow-up to last year’s Galaxy Note 20 anytime soon.

DJ Koh was keen to stress that this doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note series is being put out to pasture permanently. Koh reassured shareholders the Galaxy Note would return next year… although, he caveated that by stressing that its release date might not follow the pattern established in previous years.

Speaking during the shareholders meeting, DJ Koh stated: “Galaxy Note is an important product category to us that has been continuously loved by consumers for the past 10 years in the global market. The S Pen user experience is an area that Samsung’s mobile business has worked harder on than anybody else. Their launch timing may be different, but we will make sure that we don’t let Galaxy Note consumers down.”

Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode DOES track your online habits

When it launched in late 2011, the Galaxy Note stood-out from the rest of Samsung’s smartphones because of its palm-stretching screen size and S Pen stylus. As time has passed, the screen sizes on all smartphones have gradually increased – and now it’s less common to see a screen size that fits in pockets (or half the population’s hands) than one with the same measurements that caused widespread mockery when the Galaxy Note was revealed on-stage a decade ago.

Elsewhere, Samsung has also brought S Pen support to its Galaxy S series with the launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra earlier this year. Rumours suggest the stylus will also be a key selling point of Samsung’s next folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung seems pretty adamant that none of this means we’ll see the Galaxy Note series quietly shuttered anytime soon, however, it does seem possible that Samsung will merge its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series into a single, non-foldable flagship line of devices, while its pliable phones will take the autumn release date previously held by the Note series.

For the time being, anyone who was holding off for the arrival of the Galaxy Note 21 in August to upgrade their old smartphone will need to wait another 12 months… or should bite the bullet and pick up a Galaxy Fold or Galaxy S series handset instead.