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Free Play Days – For Honor Standard Edition, The Survivalists, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

Three great games are available to play this weekend. For Honor Standard Edition, The Survivalists, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD are all available for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play from Thursday, July 15 at 12:01 a.m. PDT until Sunday, July 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

How to Start Playing

Find and install the games here on Xbox.com. Clicking through will send you to the Microsoft Store, where you must be signed in to see the option to install with your Xbox Live Gold membership. To download on console, click on the Subscriptions tab in the Xbox Store and enter the Gold member area to locate the Free Play Days collection on your Xbox One.

Keep the Fun Going

Purchase the game and other editions at a limited time discount and continue playing while keeping your Gamerscore and earned achievements during the event! Please note that discount percentage may vary by region.

Game Details

  • For Honor Standard Edition
  • The Survivalists
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

For Honor Standard Edition
Enter the chaos of war. Mix speed, strategy, and team-play across several multiplayer modes as you control your favorite warriors, be they bold Knights, brutal Vikings, deadly Samurai or the vengeful Wu Lin. Master the innovative Art of Battle combat system and guide your armies to ultimate victory. And don’t miss out on exciting savings of up to 70% off and more on multiple editions and expansions in the Xbox Store.

The Survivalists
A living world full of surprises, secrets, and danger await in The Survivalists, an adventure-filled survival sandbox set in The Escapists universe. Celebrate the release of the massive free Expeditions Update that sees huge changes to your island experience. Bolster your character with trinkets that suit your playstyle, from burning damage and death bombs, through to shields and damage reduction. The free Expeditions Update also includes many more features and changes for you to discover.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
Roll into the fantastical world of Super Monkey Ball and take back your bananas from the diabolical space pirate, Captain Crabuchin! Race through over 100 colorful stages and challenge your friends and family to 10 fan-favorite Party Games! Feeling like the fastest monkey on the block? Try out Time Attack mode or the challenging Decathlon endurance run!

Don’t miss out on this exciting Free Play Days for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members! Learn more about Free Play Days here and stay tuned to Xbox Wire to find out about future Free Play Days and all the latest Xbox gaming news.

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Bay Area firefighters prepare for bike ride to New York City to honor 9/11 victims

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) — A group of Bay Area firefighters plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks with a cross country bike ride ending in New York city.

Because some days in American history are so significant, people can remember exactly where they were, even decades later.

September 11, 2001 is one of those days for retired Santa Clara firefighter Darrell Sales.

“That morning I happen to come into work and we had a group of 17 brand new firefighters that were in the last week of their fire academy,” Sales said. “For the first two or three hours of our training, all of us watched as the events unfolded.”

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They watched nearly 3,000 Americans killed on that day, including 343 firefighters.

To honor the lost lives 20 years later, Sales and a team of retired and current firefighters are preparing to ride across the country on bikes.

40 days, 3,800 miles.

An honor ride from the Bay to Brooklyn.

“Trying to come up with a way to honor the 343 firefighters that gave their life on that day, we thought that this would be a good way to do that,” Sales said. “We’re looking at averaging 100 miles a day, going across the heart of the United States, connecting with fire departments each way and then coming into New York in time for the 9/11 events.”

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The group consists of ten firefighters and military vets ranging in age from 38 to 72.

Sales was part of the team that participated in the first event of its kind in 2011.

The team makes stops at other fire stations throughout the journey and passes by landmarks commemorating events from 9/11.

Sales says he never could’ve anticipated the feelings that came with finishing the journey ten years ago and he can’t wait to do it again.

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“People will ask you, ‘why do you do this? How do you get the energy to do something like this?’,” Sales said. “It really goes along with your thought process for the fire service. You just make that sacrifice, because that’s what you do because you want to give back to your community.”

The ride will begin on August 1 in Santa Clara.

The team is also raising money for the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Santa Clara Firefighters Foundation.

To donate to the cause, visit the Bay to Brooklyn Ride website here.

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Soapbox: The Founder Of Newgrounds Will Receive An Honor At The GDC Awards. Here’s Why That Matters


There are things that I could say right now to accurately determine the age of most of our readers. “But I am le tired.” “Badger badger badger.” “Wiggle jiggle, yellow middle.” But, more than anything else, I can ask: which website did you visit the most in the early 2000s? If the answer is anything other than Neopets, EBaum’s World, Homestar Runner, YTMND, Something Awful, MySpace, Albino Black Sheep, A Softer World, or Newgrounds — well, you’re still welcome on this article! We’ll have no ageism here.

But pretty much anyone under the age of 25 who had the internet and a love for games in the early 2000s was on Newgrounds. Browsing goofy Flash videos like The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and playing Flash games like The Crimson Room was my lunchtime dose of fun, before YouTube was a thing. Now, Flash is dead — dead like my dreams of being a tall marine biologist one day, which was my goal at the time. Now I am merely a short games journalist. Ah well.

The Crimson Room was an early example of an escape-the-room game
The Crimson Room was an early example of an escape-the-room game

But Flash’s legacy lives on, and so does Newgrounds, which is still going, and is still run by creator Tom Fulp. In fact, the Game Developers’ Conference just announced that Fulp, alongside industry veteran Laralyn McWilliams, would be receiving a special honour this year at the Game Developers’ Choice Awards.

So, as promised: here’s why that matters.

If you’ve been around for Flash games since the beginning, you’ve probably seen many of them graduate from browser games to full-fledged console games, many of which are on the Nintendo Switch: Super Meat Boy, N++, and even Hollow Knight, which was originally a game jam game made in Flash. You may even know that Among Us developers Innersloth began their career with the mega-popular Henry Stickmin games!

Among Us' new Airship map is actually a reference to the Henry Stickmin games
Among Us’ new Airship map is actually a reference to the Henry Stickmin games

But more than that: Newgrounds was the breeding ground for the indie game scene we have today. Everything weird, quirky, experimental and unusual wasn’t to be found on consoles — it was on the internet, and just as Neopets was the place to be for anyone that loved small animals and free omelettes, Newgrounds was the place to be for playing games.

The sheer number of janky-looking games with stickmen as their main characters speaks volumes about the people who were making these games: small teams, or even just one person, with little artistic skill (sorry!) but easy access to Flash, a development tool which made game-making more possible than ever.

Meat Boy is the Flash-based precursor to Super Meat Boy
Meat Boy is the Flash-based precursor to Super Meat Boy

These days, development tools are even more accessible. Flash wasn’t actually free — though we could speculate that many indie developers found ways around that — but modern tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender are all free, with plenty of online tutorials to help you learn the ropes. Accessibility is a huge reason for the indie explosion that Switch has benefitted from, and without accessible tools, we might not have the diversity and creativity visible on the eShop today.

Would any of that exist without the groundwork that Flash laid? I don’t know! I’m not a historian! I just really like Flash games! But my guess is that the landscape of indie games on the Switch (and in general) would be entirely different if Newgrounds, Flash games, and even Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) hadn’t proved that there was a huge, hungry market for them.

So: congratulations to Tom Fulp on the Pioneer Award (and Laralyn McWilliams on the Lifetime Achievement Award!), and thank you for your contribution to video games. Without your work, I may have actually become a marine biologist.

Rest in peace, Flash. Ya did good.
Rest in peace, Flash. Ya did good.

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AMC hosts first ever 'Black Picture Showcase' in honor of Juneteenth

Beginning Friday, June 18 through June 24, guests can enjoy some of their favorite classic, contemporary and culturally relevant black-led films for $ 5.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — On the heels of the recent historical and unanimous U.S. Senate vote to establish June 19th as “Juneteenth National Independence Day” a federal holiday, AMC will host the first-ever “Black Picture Showcase Celebrating Juneteenth” at select AMC theatres.

Beginning Friday, June 18, through Thursday, June, 24, guests everywhere can enjoy some of their favorite classic, contemporary and culturally relevant black-led films for $ 5.  

Organizers of the event said the event was created by AMC African American associates to celebrate Black Excellence in film and amplify Black voices at AMC. 

“This is a proud and historic moment for AMC, that could not have happened without the influence of our African American associates who used their voices to underscore the importance of honoring Juneteenth as a bedrock of American history,” said Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Theatres, “This opportunity is a celebration of the impact and accomplishments of African Americans in cinema. It is nothing less than a privilege for AMC to showcase their extraordinary talent.”

The “AMC Black Picture Showcase Celebrating Juneteenth” lineup features seven films, celebrated in three categories: 

Black Changemakers

  • DO THE RIGHT THING – June 18
  • HARRIET – June 18, 23

Black Cinema 

  • THE WATER MAN – June 19
  • FENCES – June 19, 21
  • MOONLIGHT – June 19, 24

Black Joy

  • LOVE & BASKETBALL – June 20, 22

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. President Joe Biden is scheduled to sign the bill into law Thursday afternoon

For full showtime information, moviegoers can check the “AMC Black Picture Showcase Celebrating Juneteenth,” click here.

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For Honor Launches Year 5 Season 2: Mirage with Visions of the Kyoshin Event

For Honor’s Heathmoor has been stricken with drought in Year 5 Season 2 Mirage, which begins today on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with the in-game Visions of the Kyoshin event. As the landscape dries out, the water and vegetation that hid the Myre’s Kyoshin Temple have withered away, leaving it unprotected. During the limited-time event, the temple will become a battleground for warriors from Chimera and Horkos, who’ve gathered to fight for resources – only to find themselves fending off mirages of Samurai with unknown capabilities.

From now through July 1, Visions of the Kyoshin puts a new spin on Dominion mode: mysterious warriors possessed by powerful entities battle for control of two points on the map. Defeating them grants a temporary buff, and reveals a glimpse of another world to the player who deals the final blow.  

A free Event Pass will be available during Visions of the Kyoshin, granting progression rewards including a new ornament, battle outfit, and mood effect. New weapons can also be looted during the event. In addition to the event, Mirage launches with dried-out versions of four maps – Temple Garden, Belvedere, Highfort, and Forest – as well as a premium Battle Pass that grants gear designed to evoke Japanese mythology and the look of cracked, dry earth.

A new hero will also join For Honor‘s Samurai faction later this season, following the TU2 update.

Whether they’re mirages or otherworldly beings, the temple’s guardians are waiting – do you have what it takes to put them to rest? Jump into For Honor’s Visions of the Kyoshin event and find out.

Xbox Live

FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition


$ 29.99 $ 7.49
Xbox One X Enhanced
Xbox Game Pass
This game is optimized for next-gen (4K Resolution for Xbox Series X / 1080p for Xbox Series S). Cross-save is available: your profile, progression, including all purchases and inventory, is automatically shared. Discover For Honor®, a groundbreaking melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios. UNIQUE WARRIORS Choose your warrior from the Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurai. MEMORABLE STORY CAMPAIGN Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles, and confront bosses in intense duels. PLAY ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS Choose from offline single-player campaign or online multiplayer. INNOVATIVE ART OF BATTLE CONTROL SYSTEM Wield the weight of your weapon, and feel the power of every strike.

Author: Mikel Reparaz, Editor, Ubisoft
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Wednesday's CMT Awards will honor more than just country stars

Stars like Gladys Knight, Pink, John Legend, Halsey, H.E.R. and Noah Cyrus will join Wednesday’s show.

NEW YORK — The CMT Music Awards will honor acts in country music but will also share its stage with pop and R&B stars, including Gladys Knight, Pink, John Legend, Halsey, H.E.R. and Noah Cyrus.

Knight and Mickey Guyton will perform together and Chris Stapleton and fellow guitar slayer H.E.R. are joining forces onstage at Wednesday’s show celebrating the year’s best country music videos. The event will air at 8 p.m. Eastern from Nashville, Tennessee.

Legend is nominated for video of the year for his appearance on Carrie Underwood’s “Hallelujah,” while Keith Urban and Pink’s “One Too Many” will also compete for the top prize. Both videos are also nominated for collaborative video of the year. Others outside of country music participating in the show include rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, who will perform with Underwood, and pop singer-songwriter JP Saxe, who is set to sing with Ingrid Andress.

And acts like Halsey, Cyrus, rock-pop singer Elle King and brooding singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff are nominated for awards based on collaborations with country acts.

Fourteen videos were originally in contention for video of the year, but CMT narrowed it down to four videos Wednesday. Kane Brown’s “Worldwide Beautiful” and Ballerini’s “hole in the bottle” round out the nominees, and the two stars will host the fan-voted show and perform.

Brown will sing with Chris Young and Kelsea Ballerini will perform alongside Paul Klein from LANY, and the awards show will feature more collaborative performances, including Lady A and Carly Pearce and Lindsay Ell, Brothers Osborne and Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, and Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi.

Guyton — who is nominated for two awards — will not only sing with Knight, she’ll also perform with BRELAND and present the CMT Equal Play Award to Linda Martell, one of the pioneering Black acts in country music and the first Black woman to perform solo at the Grand Ole Opry. The 86-year-old released the album “Color Me Country” in 1970, and the title track — a country cover of The Winstons’ R&B hit — became her biggest hit-to-date on the Billboard country music charts, reaching No. 22.

Other performers include Luke Bryan, Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett, while Anthony Mackie, Busy Philipps, Little Big Town, Michael Strahan and Trace Adkins will present awards.

Both Maren Morris and Gabby Barrett were originally set to perform at the CMT Awards but backed out. The awards show will air on CMT, MTV, MTV2, Logo, Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT Australia.

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Drones showcase iconic characters, imagery from Disney Bundle in honor of National Streaming Day

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Disney characters lit up the sky in California this week, showcasing many of the favorites that you can now watch with the Disney Bundle.RELATED: Disney+: What to know about price, shows and more

Drones formed iconic characters and imagery from beloved movies, series and sports across Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in honor of National Streaming Day.

Fans can subscribe to the ultimate streaming bundle to access Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.For more information on how you can subscribe, visit DisneyBundle.com

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC

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Britain mourns Prince Philip; leaders honor service to Queen

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Philip “earned the affection of generations here in Britain, across the Commonwealth and around the world.”

LONDON, UK — World leaders and people on the street honored Prince Philip’s life of service to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, and the British nation Friday after hearing of the death of a man who had been by the monarch’s side longer than most of them have been alive.
At Buckingham Palace, the queen’s London residence, members of the public laid daffodils at the gates, and the flag was lowered to half-staff. The BBC interrupted programming to broadcast the national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Philip, 99, “earned the affection of generations here in Britain, across the Commonwealth and around the world.”
“We are a kingdom united both in grief and in gratitude,” Johnson said. “Grief at Prince Philip’s passing, and gratitude for his decades of selfless service to the country.”
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Philip, who served in the Royal Navy during World War II, married the future queen in 1947 and kept up a full schedule of public appearances until he retired in 2017. On March 16, he was released from the hospital looking tired and gaunt after receiving treatment for an undisclosed infection and a heart problem.
Known for his sharp wit, he fulfilled more than 20,000 royal engagements to boost British interests at home and abroad. He also led hundreds of charities, started programs that helped British schoolchildren, and helped raise his four children, including his eldest son, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.
Soon after the announcement of his death, people lined up outside Buckingham Palace to see the official notice that had been attached to the gate. It was removed soon afterward because of concerns that it would attract crowds, violating social distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The government later issued a statement asking people not to gather or leave flowers outside royal residences around the country to protect public health.
“I’m quite emotional actually even just talking about it,” Louisa Crook, a 41-year-old London resident, said outside Buckingham Palace. “The news broke as we were walking through Parliament Square, and my daughter and I just said we just felt like we had to come down here and just be near the palace — safely, obviously, masks and everything else — and just be close to the Royal Family today.”
Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, the most senior cleric in the Anglican Church, gave thanks to God for Philip’s life of dedicated service.
“As we recover and rebuild after the terrible trial of the coronavirus pandemic, we will need fortitude and a deep sense of commitment to serving others,″ Welby wrote. “Throughout his life Prince Philip displayed those qualities in abundance, and I pray that we can take inspiration from his example.”
Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, was among the first to offer his condolences, noting Philip’s long record of public service.
“He will be remembered most of all for his extraordinary commitment and devotion to The Queen,” Starmer said in a statement.
“For more than seven decades, he has been at her side. Their marriage has been a symbol of strength, stability and hope, even as the world around them changed — most recently during the pandemic. It was a partnership that inspired millions in Britain and beyond.”
World leaders also expressed their sadness, including Australia’s Scott Morrison, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, India’s Narendra Modi and Canada’s Justin Trudeau.
Former U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, offered condolences to the monarch and the entire royal family.
“He represented the United Kingdom with dignity and brought boundless strength and support to the sovereign,″ Bush said in a statement. “Laura and I are fortunate to have enjoyed the charm and wit of his company, and we know how much he will be missed.”
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France’s Europe minister, Clement Beaune tweeted, “Prince Philip was a grand figure of the century for the United Kingdom,” following his death at age 99.
“Thoughts and friendship toward the British people,” Beaune added.
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his condolences on the death of Prince Philip, praising his role as royal consort as well as his charitable works.
Blair described Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, as a man who was way ahead of his time in fighting for the protection of the environment, reconciliation among religious faiths and in the creation of programs to help young people.
“Our whole nation will be united in sadness at the passing of Prince Philip,’’ Blair said in a statement. “He will naturally be most recognized as a remarkable and steadfast support to the Queen over so many years. However, he should also be remembered and celebrated in his own right as a man of foresight, determination and courage.”
Below is an interactive timeline of Prince Philip’s life:

Grammy Awards honor the many lost to the COVID-19 pandemic

Brittany Howard, backed up by Chris Martin on piano, ended the tribute with a stirring version of the Broadway standard ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’

LOS ANGELES — Bruno Mars celebrated Little Richard, Lionel Richie honored Kenny Rogers and Brandi Carlile paid tribute to John Prine during an in memoriam segment on the Grammy Awards that featured an especially long list of names after a year of the coronavirus pandemic.
Mars, joined by Anderson .Paak blazed through Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Molly.” Richie sang “Lady,” the ballad he wrote and Rogers made a hit adding, “I miss you Kenny” as he ended.
And Carlile sang “I Remember Everything” for Prine, one of the artists lost in 2020 to the coronavirus, along with Charley Pride, K.T. Oslin, Adam Schlesiner, Trini Lopez and many others.
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The performances were interspersed between montages of the names and faces of the dead.
Host Trevor Noah introduced the segment by telling viewers they can see the names of nearly 1,000 people in the music industry who died last year at Grammys.com.
Brittany Howard, backed up by Chris Martin on piano, ended the tribute with a stirring version of the Broadway standard “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
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