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How Prince Charles honoured beloved late great-uncle Lord Mountbatten on his wedding day

It is well known that Prince Charles shared a close relationship with his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Mountbatten, who was a maternal uncle of Charles’s father Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and second cousin once removed of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, served as a mentor and a close confidante for the heir apparent.

Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA in 1979, two years before the Prince of Wales wed Lady Diana Spencer. To honour his late great-uncle at his wedding, Charles requested his bride to include the Mountbatten rose in her bridal bouquet. Florist David Longman, a member of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners who created the floral arrangements for the 1981 wedding, shared the anecdote in a new Royal documentary “The Wedding of the Century” that premieres on BritBox on Thursday.

“The Prince made one request and that was a Mountbatten rose in memory of his uncle, who he was very attached to. He particularly wanted it. There was only one grower. It’s not really a florists’ rose – it’s a garden rose. And it was only one colour because it’s a golden rose there in the centre of the bouquet,” he revealed.

The florist also recalled the intricate process of preparing the bouquet for the iconic wedding, which was set to introduce the country to its new Princess of Wales and the future Queen consort.

“My conversations with Lady Diana were very similar to so many discussions I had with brides and what they wanted. I showed her the designs – we had many more designs and more intricate designs than I would show to a normal bride. We talked to the dressmaker beforehand. I had been to see the dressmaker,” Longman said.

Longman revealed that the wedding gown designers, Elizabeth Emanuel and David Emanuel were “very discreet” as they had to keep the design secret, and didn’t tell him very much about it. However, they gave him a patch of material so he could feel what it was going to be like. “And they showed me an outline sketch so I knew it was going to be a very voluminous dress,” he said.

Recalling the late Princess Diana, Longman said, “she was like any other bride, excited, intrigued, wanting guidance as to what she was to have, very normal, a very, very normal young bride. She chose this one, which was a long drop bouquet, lily of the valley, stephanotis, orchids.”

Longman, whose father had created the floral bouquets for both Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret’s weddings, revealed that Diana was “always charming, very easy to deal with,” and wasn’t “particularly demanding,” but had only one special request. The Princess had noticed in a picture from the wedding of her mother-in-law, the Queen, that the bride was the only one without a bouquet while posing with all the bridesmaids. This was because the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, had asked for her bouquet to be put on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

Longman recalled, “Lady Diana had heard this story so she said: ‘Please can we have two bouquets?’ So, we had one that went straight onto the tomb and the other that was delivered to Buckingham Palace ready for the photographs.”

Princess Diana
29 July 1981: Lady Diana stands with Prince Charles of Wales at their wedding at St Paul Cathedral in London
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Sajid Javid ‘honoured’ to be named Health Secretary following resignation of Matt Hancock

The 51-year-old served as Home Secretary from 2018 to 2019, and as Chancellor of the Exchequer until February 2020, before being replaced by Rishi Sunak. Mr Hancock left his post after breaching social distancing guidelines by kissing colleague Gina Coladangelo.

In a video posted on Twitter, Mr Hancock said: “I understand the enormous sacrifices that everybody in this country has made, that you have made, and those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them and that’s why I have got to resign.”

About his appointment, Mr Javid said: “Honoured to have been asked to serve as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care at this critical time. I look forward to contributing to our fight against the pandemic, and serving my country from the Cabinet once again.”

A statement from 10 Downing Street, released on Saturday, said: “The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.”

Mr Javid’s departure from his previous post 16 months ago – during a cabinet reshuffle – came as a surprise.

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In his resignation letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Hancock said: “I am writing to resign as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

“We have worked so hard as a country to fight the pandemic.

“The last thing I would want is for my private life to distract attention from the single-minded focus that is leading us out of this crisis.

“I want to reiterate my apology for breaking the guidance, and apologise to my family and loved ones for putting them through this. I also need (to) be with my children at this time.”

In response to Mr Hancock’s resignation letter, Mr Johnson wrote: “You should leave office very proud of what you have achieved – not just in tackling the pandemic, but even before Covid-19 struck us.”

He added: “Above all, it has been your task to deal with a challenge greater than that faced by any of your predecessors, and in fighting Covid you have risen to that challenge – with the abundant energy, intelligence, and determination that are your hallmark.”

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Grant Kirkhope “Honoured” To Return As Composer For Mario + Rabbids Sequel

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope© Nintendo / Ubisoft

After a slip-up on Nintendo’s end, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope was officially unveiled during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation.

Being a sequel, a number of key figures have returned, and this includes the former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope. He was previously responsible for the first game’s soundtrack, and this time around he was even given the opportunity to score the trailers for the sequel.

Here’s what he had to say about the reveal of Sparks of Hope during a special Games Industry E3 podcast:

“I’m so pleased to get it out there, you know, it’s not a secret anymore. Yes, it’s great to get it out there… I got to score both the trailers, the gameplay and the cinematic trailers that a lot of the time you don’t get to do that…yeah, I feel I’m part of the launch which is nice.”

In a follow-up tweet, Grant revealed one of the more special moments working on the game, which was being able to do an arrangement of the Comet Observatory theme from the Super Mario Galaxy series:

Oh, and there’s apparently a neat reference to a Banjo-Tooie track in the Sparks of Hope trailer:

Creative director Davide Soliani also had a special message for Kirkhope during a developer discussion about the game:

“Honestly Grant is not only a composer to me, he’s a close friend. And I couldn’t imagine doing a game without him – even if he’s always complaining and whining about something, I want him on my side. That’s the best message I can send to him.”

Are you excited to hear more from Grant Kirkhope in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope? Will you be adding this game to your Switch library when it arrives next year? Leave a comment down below.

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'Precious baby' Azaylia Cain honoured at emotional funeral service

Ashley Cain and partner Safiyya Vorajee laid their daughter Azaylia Cain to rest on Friday morning.

The funeral took place in Neneaton, and hundreds filled the streets to remember the little girl who lost her fight with leukaemia.

Azaylia died on April 25 before family and close friends laid the brave baby to rest in private, The Mirror reports.

A white carriage, that held the Azaylia’s coffin, pulled by nine white horses decorated with orange feathers made its way through the town led by the devastated family.

Grieving parents Ashley and Safiyya could be seen breaking down as they stood behind the carriage with personalised umbrellas before they got into a car that drove ahead of the horses.

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People lined the streets to pay their respects to Azaylia Cain

Bunches of orange balloons were released into the air, as well as bubbles, as the procession began.

The vehicle could be seen filled with floral arrangements – which included flowers reading out Azaylia – as well as packed with plush cuddly toys.

Alongside the beautiful tributes were collections of photos of Azaylia that were taken during her short life.

Crowds erupted into claps and cheers to honour the baby as the carriage made its way through the streets.

Yesterday, Ex on the Beach star Ashley asked people who wished to say goodbye to Azaylia to join them on the procession and said that they wanted the day to be called ‘Azaylia’s Day’.

The streets were lined with people paying their respects

The reality personality explained the route stops, via his Instagram Page, and told how the family coordinated with the police for the procession and also encouraged people who were joining to follow Covid-19 rules.

He also added that he wanted the day to be an “uplifting” celebration of the little one and encouraged people to “show their love by clapping and making joyous noise.”

“We have been in correspondence with Warwickshire Police, to understand how we can give people who would like to pay their respects, the chance to do so. Due to current restrictions, the family will be attending a private service of celebration of Azaylia’s life, but prior to the Azaylia’s service we will be giving Azaylia her last journey through Nuneaton town.

“We would be touched and honoured to see as many of those that wish, pay their respects to Azaylia by lining the streets somewhere.

Baby Azaylia’s coffin was placed in a carriage and pulled by horses

“We respectfully ask all attending Azaylia’s final journey to adhere to the current Covid legislation.

“As truly difficult as the day will be, we are going to give it our all to keep Azaylia’s day an uplifting day of remembrance for her life and encourage anyone attending to show their love by clapping and making joyous noise of celebration.”

When she passed, devastated dad Ashley confirmed that she had sadly passed away in an Instagram post, which read: “Rest In Paradise Princess

“I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven”

In her own tribute, Azaylia’s mother, Safiyya, wrote: “You are my Angel my heartbeat my soul, RIP my precious baby, you will always be with me like a handprint on my heart”

The parents had raised £1.5 million in donations from the public to fly his daughter to Singapore for specialist treatment but before they could go, a CT scan showed that there were further complications.

Days before Azaylia died, Ashley and Safiyya had taken their daughter home from the hospital but after two nights at home, the decision was taken to take the baby off pain medication.

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