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1 shot and killed in officer-involved shooting in SE Houston, HPD says

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Houston police are investigating after a suspect is dead following an officer-involved shooting in southeast Houston.

The incident happened in the 7500 block of Park Place Blvd near Hobby Airport, according to police.

While no other information was released, police said they have set up a large perimeter as they search for a person on foot.

This is an ongoing investigation. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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Houston Texans linebacker Jacob Martin teams with Boots for Troops

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) — We love to see it! Texans linebacker Jacob Martin traded in the pads for golf clubs Monday as he helped raise money for local non-profit, Boots for Troops.

“For those who make the conscious decision to serve our country, I think that takes a lot of strength. I think that tells you a lot about a person. I think it’s important that we honor them not only during the holidays, but every day in every way,” explained Martin.

Martin got involved with Boots for Troops earlier this year. It all came about on social media.

“Funny story, I was sitting at a bar having a drink and I tweeted (Martin) to come out to an event we were having a couple of months ago. I didn’t expect him to answer, but about 30 minutes after I tweeted him, he sent me an inbox message saying he would love to come out. So I was kind of shocked and we fostered our relationship since that first event,” explained Boots for Troops founder Jimmy Rogers.

The local non-profit sends personalized care packages to military members who are deployed. Rogers founded the organization in 2015, when he was serving in the Navy, so he knows firsthand the impact they make.

“Getting a care package or something from home, it can absolutely make a huge impact on their morale, their mental health. It can turn their day around. It kind of gives you that boost to keep going,” said Rogers.

It’s a thoughtful gesture Martin knows will go a long way too. He’s from a military family. His dad served in the Marines and his sister is currently in the Navy.

“It’s more than just a FaceTime. It’s more than just a postcard. Someone was very thoughtful about everything that was placed in the box and I think that is truly amazing,” said Martin.

Boots for Troops has delivered more than 2,500 care packages and raised close to $ 1 million for the cause each year. Now, their team is even stronger with Rogers and Martin working together.

“It’s huge for the organization, but being a sports fan it’s just like a dream come true, to be honest,” said Rogers.

“Did I know football was going to be part of my life? No, but did I know I was going to be able to impact people’s lives? For sure,” said Martin.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Boots for Troops, visit its website.

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7-year-old grazed by bullet while asleep in bed in north Houston home

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A 7-year-old boy is recovering after being grazed on the head by a bullet while he was asleep in his bed Thursday in north Houston.

Houston police said a stray bullet pierced a home in the 8200 block of Millicent Road at about 5:30 a.m.

The boy’s great-uncle, Richard Vargas, said the child’s mother originally thought his eardrum had ruptured. When he was taken to the hospital, staff told her it was a bullet wound.

“I don’t want to bury either one of my nieces or nephews, or have to be visiting them in the hospital,” Vargas said. “It’s scary for them. They don’t know what’s going on.”

The boy’s injury is not severe, and Vargas anticipated the child would be released from the hospital Friday.

Vargas said he is still trying to process what happened and wants to know who is responsible. He also said his family stays to themselves and cannot imagine anyone who would target their home.

“It makes me mad. It bothers me,” Vargas said. “People have kids, and I don’t know if whoever did it has any kids or what they would do if it was their kid that it happened to.”

HPD said they do not have a description of the suspect at this time.

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Hammerhead flatworms are latest species to invade Houston

HOUSTON, Texas — Like red ants and killer bees aren’t bad enough, there is another invasive species in Texas that has slithered into Dallas-Fort Worth: an extra-long worm – it can be nearly a foot long – disgusting on its own, but also predatory, in that it eats earthworms, which are essential to maintain healthy soil.

It’s called a hammerhead flatworm, and the Texas Invasive Species Institute confirms that they’re starting to be spotted in the Houston area. The species is quite established in Southeast Texas.

Ashley Morgan-Olvera, the institute’s director of research and outreach, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that they’ve received hundreds of reports of hammerhead flatworms in the past few weeks in Dallas, Tarrant, and Smith counties, and even as far north as Missouri.

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16-year-old arrested in deadly shooting of a grandmother outside gym in SE Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A 16-year-old suspect was arrested Friday afternoon for the deadly shooting of Elsa Mikeska, a 62-year-old grandmother, outside of a southeast Houston gym last week, Houston police said.

HPD homicide detectives will not be releasing the suspect’s name or photo due to his age.

“I want to commend our detectives for their diligent efforts in this case,” said HPD Chief Troy Finner in a tweet. “As with any tragic loss of life, we share in the Mikeska family’s grief, and want them, and all families who have lost loved ones to violence to know we will work tirelessly to bring these criminals to justice.”

Last Thursday, Mikeska was arriving for a 5 a.m. exercise class when she was ambushed in the parking lot in an attempted robbery.

Now, a makeshift memorial sits next to the spot where Mikeska died outside Life Fit Personal Fitness Studio, located in the 10500 block of Fuqua Street near Beamer Road.

Her funeral took place Thursday.

Late Thursday, Houston police released surveillance video of the suspects’ vehicle.

The suspects’ white Chevrolet SUV parked near the victim just before 5 a.m. Thursday, and two people got out. Officers say the suspects confronted the woman and she took off running toward the gym before they opened fire, killing her.

ORIGINAL STORY: Woman shot and killed while trying to flee carjackers outside SE Houston gym, police say

Mikeska was a member of the gym and fellow gym members described her as a regular.

The gym shooting wasn’t the only incident police believe the suspects are connected to.

An hour before, officers say the suspects attempted to carjack a vehicle from a woman at 10100 Freehill Street, about two miles from the gym. The car was broken down, so they weren’t able to steal it. The victim ran, and no shots were fired.

Officers said they aren’t sure why the suspects opened fire when the victim ran toward the gym.

Police said the investigation remains active despite the arrest. They added that they’re looking for information regarding other individuals believed to be in the SUV, which HPD identified as a Suburban.

The suspects are described only as possibly Hispanic males in their early 20s, police said.

If anyone has any information to share, please call HPD Homicide 713-308-3600 or remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Suspects still on the run 1 day after grandmother shot and killed outside SE Houston gym

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Houston Galleria crime: Woman accused of renting luxury cars used in violent robberies, murder

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Houston police have charged a Baytown woman in connection to several violent crimes that targeted people shopping and eating in the Galleria area.

Sarah Seay, 30, is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. She is accused of conspiring to commit aggravated robbery. During one robbery, one man was killed.

“These are egregious allegations in this warrant,” a hearing officer told Seay, who is 7-months pregnant, in court Friday night.

Her bond was set at $ 50,000.

According to court documents, Seay used the Turo app to rent cars that two brothers – one of whom is the father of her children – used to rob people of hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry, cash and other items.

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Seay rented Cadillacs, an Audi and a Mercedes so that they would blend in when following victims home, according to investigators.

Court records tie those rentals to at least four armed robberies dating back to May 7 and one fatal shooting along Lester Street on May 27. Josh Sandoval, 28, was the victim.

“You’re speaking to a family that is in shock,” said Ashley Prince, Sandoval’s cousin.

His family gathered by video conference Friday night to talk about the loss and also what police call “jugging crimes” that have disrupted so many people’s lives.

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“He wasn’t a stranger to no one. That was the type of person he was. He just enjoyed life,” said his mother, Glinda Martin.

His family gathered by video conference Friday night to talk about the loss and also what police call “jugging crimes” that have disrupted so many people’s lives. Houston police have been chipping away at the violent robbery crews with undercover operations and surveillance.

In Seay’s case, the detective reviewed rental agreements and vehicle tracking to learn that the cars that were used were at both her apartment and the victims’ locations, court records stated.

“This just a bigger part of what’s going on in Houston,” said Omar Sandoval, Josh’s brother. “So many deaths in Houston. It is ridiculous. My brother is a statistic.”

Investigators tell ABC13 they are focused on catching these violent robbers.

Seay is part of the puzzle and more people are expected to be charged.

“If these girls are helping these guys, they need to go to jail, just like they do,” said Queena Simmons, a family friend.

Josh’s family await a murder charge.

“I held his hand in the hospital and I told him we’re going to find justice,” his sister, Aimee Castillo said.

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4 catalytic converter thieves shoot at 2 men chasing after them in W. Houston, HPD says

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Two witnesses chased down catalytic converter theft suspects on Dairy Ashford near the Katy Freeway before a shooting Friday morning.

According to Houston police, the chase-turned-shooting started at about 9:30 a.m. when two men at a commercial business on Dairy Ashford noticed four suspects breaking into one of the men’s trucks, stealing the catalytic converter.

An ABC13 photojournalist in the area captured video of multiple catalytic converters on the ground in a parking lot near the scene.

The owner of the gray Toyota pickup truck and a contractor in a white van engaged with the suspects, prompting them to take off.

The two witnesses chased the suspects down on Dairy Ashford, according to HPD.

At one point during the chase, the suspects turned around and started driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Dairy Ashford.

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That’s when they crashed into a mother driving in a SUV with her child.

“This was a very dangerous situation, but we’re proud to say that nobody was seriously injured here,” HPD Executive Assistant Chief Larry Satterwhite said.

The suspects pulled into a parking lot after the crash, prompting the witnesses in the truck and van to follow.

Unaware of the situation, the mother in the SUV also pulled into the parking lot after the crash.

Once in the parking lot, HPD said the two men used their vehicles to block the suspects in.

Realizing they were blocked in, the four suspects took off on foot toward a nearby hotel parking garage, Satterwhite said.

While fleeing, two of the suspects fired shots at the gray truck, with the mother and her child nearby, police said.

Video from the scene showed bullet holes in a gray pickup truck in the parking lot.

According to HPD, a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constable at the gas station across the street saw the shooting and called for backup.

In total, Precinct 1, Precinct 5, Houston police, Department of Public Safety and SWAT officials all collaborated in controlling the scene.

Houston police secured a perimeter around the parking garage, where the four suspects eventually surrendered and were arrested.

Although officials initially believed there were six suspects, further investigation led them to believe there were only four, and all four were detained.

“The community should not feel alarmed that there’s another suspect going around the property right now,” Satterwhite said.

When asked about the theft victims that chased after the suspects, Satterwhite reminded Houstonians that it is always best to call police and avoid engagement with armed individuals.

“Property is not a reason to risk your life. We want people to be careful,” Satterwhite said. “We don’t want people to engage with armed suspects. We want them to call us… They are victims, it’s the criminals that did this.”

Satterwhite said the four suspects were all men in their 20s.

WATCH: ABC13’s Courtney Fischer tells personal story of catalytic converter theft

He emphasized that HPD is taking catalytic converter thefts very seriously, noting that they believe a lot of the thefts stem from organized crime.

“The catalytic converter thefts we have going on in this city, and frankly the country, a lot of it is organized,” Satterwhite said. “It’s a huge problem and we are looking at every part of it.”

He said investigators are not only looking at theft suspects, but also individuals who are buying stolen parts.

“As a nation, we are facing some real problems right now, especially when it comes to violent crime. The police departments across the country, we are doing everything we can. We’re collaborating. We’re coordinating,” he said. “We’re just as concerned and alarmed as you are.”

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