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George Osborne's humiliating Brexit property crash prediction as UK market 'on fire'

The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, Andy Haldane, said the UK housing market is currently “on fire” ahead of his final monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting on Thursday. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), property prices rose by 8.9 percent in the year to April, which was down from 9.9 percent boom in March – the biggest rise since 2007. It appears to be an embarrassing blow for Mr Osborne after his downbeat assessment for Britain after Brexit.

Speaking at the G7 summit in 2016, Mr Osborne said: “If we leave the European Union, there will be an immediate economic shock that will hit financial markets. People will not know what the future looks like.

“In the long term, the country and the people in the country are going to be poorer.

“That affects the value of people’s homes and the Treasury analysis shows that there would be a hit to the value of people’s homes by at least 10 percent and up to 18 percent.”

The forecast was shared on Twitter yesterday by the Financial Time’s Chief Political Correspondent, Jim Pickard, who noted: “Not sure this prediction has aged brilliantly.”

The Treasury’s forecast was said to be for the first two years after the vote and came following a series of warnings from Downing Street forecasting dire consequences.

Mr Osborne also said households would be £4,300 a year worse off and millions of jobs would be at risk, while former Prime Minister David Cameron argued that Brexit could jeopardise peace in Europe.

At the time they were accused of scaremongering and negativity by Vote Leave – Former Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom said it was “an extraordinary claim and I’m amazed that Treasury civil servants would be prepared to make it”.

She added: “The truth is that the greatest threat to the economy is the perilous state of the euro, staying in the EU means locking ourselves to a currency zone, which Mervyn King, the ex-governor of the Bank of England, has rightly warned ‘could explode’.

“The safer option in this referendum is to take back control of the vast sums we send to Brussels every day and vote Leave on June 23.”

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Jamie Durham, an economist at PWC, said: “These figures appear to confirm the market remains hot, notwithstanding that the housing market was effectively closed in April last year, which makes comparisons difficult to read too much into.

“We expect that these forces will continue to support price growth over the coming months.”

And the ONS said: “UK average house prices fell on the month in April, ending 11 consecutive months of growth.

“House prices continued to increase when compared with last year, with London once again showing the lowest annual growth most apparent within inner London boroughs.”

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EU face humiliating backlash after wasting millions of euros on 'ineffective' German jab

The European Union had “bet pretty big” on the Curevac vaccine, developed in Germany, and had even ordered more than 400million doses. It remains unclear what price the EU paid for these doses, but the German government admitted that it had invested more than £250million in developing the vaccine. Both Germany and the EU are facing questions over a waste of taxpayers money, amid concerns that the jab may not even secure approval from the European Medicines Agency.

German broadcaster DW’s host Ben Fajzullin said: “CureVac isn’t up to scratch. That’s the result of an interim analysis with 40,000 volunteers.”

Earlier in the year, Curevac chief executive Franz-Werner Haas had even told EU health chiefs that he expected a high efficacy return from the trials.

DW’s financial correspondent Chelsey Dulaney said: “At the beginning of the vaccine race, this was one of the most hyped-up companies out there.

“The Trump administration even tried to buy it off with a $ 1bn deal. There was a lot of interest in this vaccine.”

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She added: “But this is a spectacularly lower efficacy rate and it’s not even clear if they would get approval from medicines regulators like they say they are going to try.

“Europe had bet pretty big on this.”

CureVac’s chief financial officer Pierre Kemula insists the company had not given up on its coronavirus vaccine despite disappointing results from trials.

Chief executive Franz-Werner Haas added: “The results are sobering.

There has also been an ongoing dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca over vaccine supply.

French President Emmanuel Macron stirred up tensions after remarking that the AstraZeneca vaccine was only “quasi-effective”.

On Friday, the EU lost a legal battle in Brussels to force Anglo-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca to supply 120m doses of Covid-19 vaccine by the end of June.

The bloc also suffered from an initially slow vaccine rollout while the UK has raced ahead.

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Emmanuel Macron makes humiliating U-turn – protesters win as President scraps major policy

The French President has abandoned his key election pledge to reform pensions. The biggest post-war changes would have increased the retirement age and merged private and public sector savings into one universal points-based system.

The 43-year-old put the overhaul of the pensions system in his winning 2017 election manifesto and pressed ahead with the sweeping changes in 2019.

Widespread “Gilets Jaunes” or yellow vest protests were triggered in 2018 following plans to hike fuel taxes, but descended into a wider movement against government policy – including pension reforms.

President Macron suspended his pension plans last spring due to the coronavirus pandemic and has now said his proposals cannot go ahead as planned.

He said: “I do not think that the reform as it was originally envisaged can go ahead as such.

“It was very ambitious and extremely complex and that is why it generated anxiety, we must admit that.

“Doing it right now would mean ignoring that there are already a lot of worries.”

The plan would increase the retirement age from 62-years-old to 64.

Early retirement privileges enjoyed by some workers would have also come to an end.

He added he was determined to “carry things out until the end”.

Despite his coyness, the French President is expected to announce his intention to stand for re-election in April 2022.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, is set to be his closest rival in the race for the Élysée Palace.

Last week, a poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion for Le Figaro, suggested Mr Macron would win by 54 points to 46 points against Ms Le Pen in the second round of voting.

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Nicola Sturgeon forced into humiliating apology after error with Covid-19 vaccine letters

In a statement, the Government said the problem with the system held up letters for “a number” of patients but was unable to provide a figure. The apology comes after Nicola Sturgeon said a “particularly high” number of people failed to turn up for coronavirus vaccines over the weekend – while insisting she was “not pointing the finger” at individuals.

However, it has since emerged if the finger needed to be pointed at anyone, it was her own administration.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “We have identified an issue with our appointment system which has delayed appointment notifications being distributed to a number of patients across Scotland.

“Appointment letters will be issued this week and we believe that patients should still receive four days’ notice of their scheduled appointment.

“We appreciate that this may not be enough notice for everyone affected.

“The appointment letter contains details on how to view or amend your appointment online.

“Our Covid-19 vaccination helpline is also available on 0800 030 8013 to assist with rescheduling if required.

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It is also understood to be working with health boards on the level of missed appointments to discover whether the issue is localised or more widespread.

Speaking during the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing after the mass no-show, Mrs Sturgeon said: “At some sites over the weekend, we saw quite a high level of non-attendance for appointments which had been scheduled, although it is important to stress the overall uptake rates remain incredibly high.

“It’s also important to say that when people don’t attend, there will be a variety of reasons for this and some of them will not be down to the individual.

“So nobody is pointing any fingers here.”

She added: “On the contrary, we all have to work together to make sure we get uptake rates and keep uptake rates as high as we need them to be.

“For all of us that means recognising that getting vaccinated is about protecting ourselves, but it’s also part of our civic duty to each other and to our wider communities.”

Ms Sturgeon suggested that wrong addresses, work commitments and younger people who do not feel as high risk as older age groups could be some of the reasons for missed appointments – although she made no mention of the possibility of administrative errors by her own Government.

She added: “We need to try to accommodate as much flexibility within the system as possible.”

“Anyone who thinks they should have had an appointment but hasn’t – and in some cases this may be because you’ve moved house recently, for example – please go on to the NHS Inform website to arrange an appointment.

“The vaccination section of the site has a section on missing appointment details which provides a form you can submit.”

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Oh dear, Angela! Merkel misery as poll shows CDU TRAILING Greens – humiliating blow

Vaccine row: Angela Merkel looks ‘knackered’ says expert

Forsa’s poll, published today, puts the environmental party, led by Annalena Baerbock, narrowly ahead of the centre-right CDU, which is now led by Armin Laschet. Mrs Merkel is stepping down after September’s election – but Mr Laschet’s hopes of replacing her look to be hanging in the balance, with the Greens on 25 percent, the CDU on 24, the centre-left SPD on 14 and the liberal, pro-business FDP on 13.

The far-right Alternative For Germany (AfD) is on 10 percent, and socialists The Left are on six percent.

If the results of the poll were replicated in the election, the Greens would be the strongest party in the Bundestag, Germany’s legislature, winning 192 of the 711 seats up for grabs.

The CDU would take 188 seats, with the SPD on 108, the FDP on 100, the AfD on 77 and The Left on 46.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor (Image: GETTY)

Annalena Baerbock

Annalena Baerbock, the Greens’ candidate for Chancellor (Image: GETTY)

In terms of who would actually Government, the future remains unclear, although a coalition of some kind looks to be inevitable.

Together the Greens and the CDU could command a narrow majority with a combined total of 380 seats.

If the Greens joined forces with the SPD and the FDP, they would together have 400 seats.

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Armin Laschet

Armin Laschet’s chances of replacing Mrs Merkel appear precarious (Image: GETTY)

However, the current ruling CDU/SPD coalition, which would have just 296 seats, would be unable to take office, and neither would an alliance consisting of the Greens, the SPD and The Left, which would together have 346 seats.

Significantly, if Germans could vote for their leader directly, 28 percent would plump for former trampoline gymnast Ms Baerbock, 40, compared with just 18 percent for Mr Laschet, 60, who was elected CHU leader in January.

Mr Laschet is gearing up for a huge test on June 6, when the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt holds an election.

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Markus Soeder

Markus Soeder is not keen on a coalition with the Greens (Image: GETTY)

Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz, the SPD’s leader and Vice-Chancellor (Image: GETTY)

Failure to win there would be a massive blow to CDU hopes of winning September’s federal election, party officials say.

Speaking this week, Markus Soeder, leader of long-term partners the CSU, who stood aside last month to allow Mr Laschet to be installed as the alliance’s Chancellor candidate, appeared to rule out the prospect of a coalition with the Greens – as well as casting doubt over Mr Laschet’s prospects.

Referring to the ‘Black’ label by which the conservatives are known, he said: “I think Green-Black is wrong.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel factfile (Image: GETTY)

“If the Union no longer provides the chancellor, then it is de facto voted out.

“And a party that has been voted out must embark on another path of renewal – in opposition.”

After she was officially nominated as the Greens’ candidate last month, Ms Baerbock said: “A new chapter begins today for our party and, if we do it well, for our country as well.

“With my candidacy, I would like to make an offer here today to the entire society, an invitation to lead our diverse, strong, rich country into a good future.

Armin Laschet

Armin Laschet beat Friedrich Merz to the CDU leadership in January (Image: GETTY)

“I stand for renewal. Others stand for the status quo.”

Prior to that, in December, she told German newspaper Bild: “Nobody was born a Chancellor. Everyone would have to learn in office.

“So far, for example, I haven’t had a government office myself. Just like other candidates would have to learn what I bring with me, such as international experience and European connections.”

In contrast to Mr Laschet, Ms Baerbock is also a fierce critic of Germany’s controversial Nord Stream 2 project piping gas straight from Russia.

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

Ex-Brazil football star Robinho’s 9-year prison term confirmed after ‘brutally humiliating’ gang rape victim & ‘defrauding cops’

Ex-Brazil hotshot Robinho’s nine-year prison sentence for his part in a gang rape while he was at AC Milan in 2015 has been upheld in court, where judges have said that the striker showed contempt for the victim and investigators.

The 37-year-old striker was found to have “brutally humiliated” and “belittled” an Albanian woman as part of an incident that began at a nightclub in Milan on her 23rd birthday in 2013.

Confirming the sentence, the Milan Court of Appeal rejected Robinho’s attempt to overturn the ruling while revealing that he had also tried to “defraud the investigations by offering the investigators false and previously agreed facts.”

In his evidence, Robinho had claimed that his sexual activities with the woman were “consensual”, although intercepted calls between the former Real Madrid forward and his friends seemed to show him saying that the victim was “completely drunk” in an exchange that he said had been mistranslated.
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In a more far-flung existence than his time in the Premier League and as a winner of the Italian Serie A and Spanish Liga, Robinho ended his career with spells in China, Turkey and his homeland after leaving Milan in 2015.

The veteran reportedly signed for Santos for around $ 70 a week last year, failing to make a single official appearance while his lawyers continued to protest his innocence over the charges in Italy.

“A girl approached me, we started to have contact with her consent and mine too… then I went home,” he told UOL, admitting that he regretted cheating on his wife, Vivian, with whom he has two children.
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“When she approached me, she wasn’t drunk because she remembers my name, she remembers who I am. The person who drinks doesn’t remember anything. She remembers.”

An international warrant could be sent to Brazil, which does not extradite citizens, for Robinho’s arrest, according to AS.

He is said to have 45 days in which to make a third and final appeal to the highest court of Italian justice.
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