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Lithuanian Parliament Votes to Declare Hostile States ‘Hybrid Aggression’ and to Detain Illegal Immigrants

Lithuanian Parliament on Tuesday adopted a resolution, declaring that the recent influx of illegal immigrants is a “hybrid aggression” by hostile states, and that the illegal immigrants should be treated as potential active participants of the aggression.

It comes after Lithuania declared a state of emergency due to the sudden influx of illegal immigrants via neighboring Belarus, which Lithuania accused of flying in migrants from Iraq and sending them across the border into Lithuania, which is an EU member state.

The resolution said that “countries hostile towards Lithuania are carrying out hybrid aggression against the Republic of Lithuania,” and that the coordinated move is aimed at destabilizing the country, according to Lithuania’s public broadcaster LRT.

The resolution also said that “this hybrid aggression can be further developed and exploited and can even be used as a basis for threats of new nature in the context of the large-scale military exercise Zapad,” referring to Russia and Belarus’s quadrennial military exercise due in September this year.

Tensions between Belarus and Lithuania intensified after Belarus intercepted a passenger flight en route to the Lithuanian city of Vilnius and arrested an opposition journalist Raman Pratasevich and his girlfriend from the plane in May.

Lithuania has said that Belarus was using illegal immigrants as a weapon after the EU slapped sanctions on Belarus over the plane diversion incident.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent has called on Belarusian authorities to stop the “pressure tactic,” which he said is comparable to migrant flows from Russia to Finland and Norway in 2015.

The Lithuanian resolution on Tuesday urged the government to ramp up protection of the Belarus–Lithuania border, including building a physical barrier and mobilizing the military.

It calls for sanctions against those responsible for organizing the movements of illegal immigrants, treating illegal immigrants with no ID as possible active participants of the coordinated aggression, and placing them in detention or other arrangements.

Women with children, pregnant women, disabled people, and the under-16s will be excluded.

The resolution also set out plans to return the illegal immigrants to their countries of origin, and consulting with NATO member states if the situation deteriorates.

Red Cross and other non-government organizations have protested against the resolution, saying it violates Lithuania’s international obligations and migrants’ rights.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Turn Tech to Your Advantage in the New Hybrid Workplace

When working with colleagues from a remote setting, a text or an email is probably fine for quick conversations, like setting up a meeting. But for more serious discussions, a phone or video call is probably better.

Video calls can get tedious, so they should be used sparingly and mainly when there is a clear purpose for video, Dr. Simon-Thomas said. That could be a meeting with visual aids in a presentation. Or a first-time introduction to a colleague, when it’s nice to see a face.

Whether in the office or at home, if you’re going to write to your colleagues, be thoughtful, Dr. Simon-Thomas added. Avoid terse notes, and add nuance and context to your message. Whenever possible, show curiosity when discussing solutions to problems to avoid coming off as a harsh critic.

“We don’t have the intonation, the facial expression and the postural cues that we normally rely on,” she said. “The most mundane response can mean a universe of things to a person that receives it.”

Regardless of our rank in an organization, our time is precious. When our work is interrupted by a digital distraction like a message, it takes 23 minutes on average to return to the original task, according to one study. So in a hybrid work situation, respecting boundaries will be crucial, said Tiffany Shlain, a documentary maker who wrote “24/6,” a book about the importance of unplugging from tech.

There are powerful tools, like scheduling emails and setting a status message, that you can use to let others know you’re busy and to set boundaries.

Let’s say that you work a 9-to-5 job and that at 7 p.m. you have an idea to share with a colleague, so you jot it down in an email. If you shoot off the email, two things happen. One, you have removed your own boundary by letting others know that you work during supper time. Two, you have potentially interrupted a colleague during his or her downtime.

Author: Brian X. Chen
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H. pylori: High Eradication, Fewer Side Events With Hybrid Therapy

A 14-day course of hybrid therapy was as effective as 10-day bismuth quadruple therapy, but with fewer side effects, according to results of a randomized trial conducted in Taiwan.

“However, the former had fewer adverse events than the latter,” investigator Ping-I Hsu, MD, of An Nan Hospital, China Medical University, Taiwan said in a virtual presentation at the annual Digestive Disease Week® (DDW). Some patients in the trial received 14-day high-dose dual therapy, which also had a lower rate of adverse events but a lower eradication rate, compared with quadruple therapy, Hsu added.

This study confirms previous data showing that hybrid therapy has high eradication rates and a lower frequency of adverse events compared with bismuth quadruple therapy, noted Joseph Adrian L. Buensalido, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at the University of the Philippines–Philippine General Hospital in Manila. “Clinicians and specialty/guideline groups may need to start looking at moving to first-line hybrid therapy as opposed to the traditional approach,” Buensalido said in an interview.

Current Guidelines and Data to Date

An American College of Gastroenterology clinical guideline published in 2017 strongly recommends bismuth quadruple therapy, with a duration of 10-14 days, as a first-line treatment option. Hybrid therapy is conditionally recommended as a first-line option in the ACG guideline, while high-dose dual therapy is conditionally recommended as a salvage regimen.

In a prospective, randomized comparative study published in 2017, the eradication rates (93.9%) in patients receiving 14-day bismuth quadruple therapy (pantoprazole, bismuth subcitrate, tetracycline, and metronidazole) were comparable with eradication rates (92.8%) with 14-day hybrid therapy (dual therapy with pantoprazole plus amoxicillin for 7 days, followed by quadruple therapy with pantoprazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin, and metronidazole for 7 days).

Quadruple therapy had a higher frequency of adverse events, at 55%, compared with 15.7% for hybrid therapy (P < .001). “Whether shortening the treatment duration of bismuth quadruple therapy from 14 days to 10 days can reduce the frequency of adverse effects remains unclear,” Hsu said in introductory comments to his study.

Comparing Three Approaches

In the multicenter, randomized, open-label superiority trial presented at DDW, Hsu and colleagues randomly assigned 600 Helicobacter pylori–infected participants in equal numbers to receive 14-day hybrid therapy, 14-day high-dose dual therapy, or 10-day bismuth quadruple therapy.

The hybrid therapy regimen consisted of rabeprazole 20 mg twice a day plus amoxicillin 1 g twice a day for 14 days, with clarithromycin 500 mg and metronidazole 500 mg twice a day in the final 7 days. The high-dose dual therapy regimen consisted of rabeprazole 20 mg and amoxicillin 750 mg four times a day for 14 days. The bismuth quadruple therapy regimen consisted of rabeprazole 20 mg twice a day, tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate 300 mg four times a day, tetracycline 500 mg twice a day, and metronidazole 250 mg four times a day for 10 days.

Investigators assessed H. pylori status 6 weeks following the end of therapy. In an intention-to-treat analysis, the hybrid therapy regimen yielded an eradication rate of 96.5%, which was comparable with the 93.5% eradication rate seen with bismuth quadruple therapy and was significantly higher than the 86.0% eradication rate seen with high-dose dual therapy (P < .001), according to Hsu. Similar efficacy outcomes were seen in per-protocol analysis.

The frequency of adverse events was lowest with high-dose dual therapy, at 13.0%, according to Hsu. That was significantly lower than the 25.5% frequency of adverse events with hybrid therapy. Bismuth quadruple therapy had a rate of 34.0%.

Antibiotic Resistance Results

Antibiotic resistance was most common for metronidazole, seen in approximately 28% of the quadruple-therapy group, 34% of the hybrid group, and 37% of the high-dose therapy groups. Clarithromycin resistance occurred in about 23% of quadruple therapy recipients, 16% of hybrid recipients, and 16% of high-dose therapy recipients. Amoxicillin and tetracycline resistance was rare, occurring in approximately 0%-3% of groups.

In the quadruple therapy arm, metronidazole resistance was associated with H. pylori eradication failure, according to Hsu. The eradication rate was about 96% for those subjects with no metronidazole resistance, and 88% for those with resistance (P = .05). Amoxicillin resistance, although rare in the study, independently predicted eradication failure of high-dose dual therapy, Hsu said. The eradication rate with high-dose dual therapy was 87.6% for individuals without amoxicillin resistance, and 40.0% in individuals with resistance, according to presented data.

The authors reported no financial disclosures related to their research. Buensalido has been a speaker for Unilab, BSV Bioscience, and Philcare Pharma, and has received sponsorship from Pfizer.

This article originally appeared on MDedge.com, part of the Medscape Professional Network.

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Rumour: Get That Salt Ready, Apple Is Reportedly Working On A Nintendo Switch-Style Hybrid Console

No, this isn't the rumoured Apple hybrid console, but a Razer Kishi controller bolted to an iPhone
No, this isn’t the rumoured Apple hybrid console, but a Razer Kishi controller bolted to an iPhone (Image: Razer)

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Apple is a pretty massive company right now. The firm’s revenue for 2020 was a staggering $ 274.5 billion, and it is believed that there are currently 1.65 billion Apple products in active use across the world.

It’s surprising, then, that beyond the ill-fated Apple Pippin console – a collaboration with Japanese company Bandai from the early ’90s which crashed and burned spectacularly – the Cupertino-based firm hasn’t made any serious inroads into the world of video game hardware. Sure, it has interest on the software side of things – Apple Arcade being the latest attempt to tempt gamers over to its products – but Apple seems curiously reluctant to fully enter the video game hardware arena.

However, if a new rumour coming out of Korea is to be believe, that’s about to change. Korean forum Clien is the source of this one, with a post stating that Apple is working on a ‘hybrid console’ like the Switch which will be powered by a new ‘system-on-a-chip’ that is not part of Apple’s A or M-Series. The chip will apparently showcase “enhanced GPU performance and ray tracing support” and Ubisoft is one of the firms being consulted on its development.

The problem here is that the post doesn’t cite any source for this information. However, that didn’t stop the rumour from circulating and gaining credence:

However, sites like TechRadar – who are far more knowledgeable on this kind of thing than us – have poured cold water on this particular rumour. As we’ve already established, Apple has historically not been all that interested in gaming hardware and instead prefers to use gaming software to entice customers to purchase other Apple products – such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac.

While the notion of a company as huge as Apple entering the gaming market might be exciting and call to mind the hardware wars of the ’90s, there’s little reason to believe that the firm would take the massive financial risk involved. If a company like Sony can’t beat Nintendo in the portable sector and a firm like Microsoft doesn’t even bother trying, why would Apple even attempt such a venture?

Apple has tried entering the games hardware realm before with the Pippin, but it was a commercial flop
Apple has tried entering the games hardware realm before with the Pippin, but it was a commercial flop (Image: Jason Scott)

Sure, it’s possible that Apple is working on a new SoC which offers a huge gaming boost, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to go into production; the firm’s M1X or M2 chipsets (intended for a future MacBook Pro model) could end up supplying a similar jump when it comes to gaming visuals, so any new SoC might not be required anyway.

We’re happy to file this one under “highly unlikely”, but stranger things have happened in the games industry. Let us know what you think of this rumour by posting a comment below.

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Gamescom Returns This August In New Hybrid Format – Expect Announcements, News And “Surprises”


As the year begins to get underway, we’re slowly hearing more and more announcements. Earlier today, we found out Evo online would be taking place this August, and now, Gamescom has provided new information about its own plans for 2021.

When it returns on August 24, it will be delivered in a new hybrid show format – featuring physical and digital elements. The physical part of the show will include an on-site section where a reduced amount of visitors can test out new games live, while the rest can tune in online.

“We will hereby be placing a focus on the superfans and the on-site testing of the latest games this year. At the same time, gamescom 2021 will once again reach millions of people worldwide as a result of the further developed digital offers.”

The one and only Geoff Keighley will also be returning to host the event and promises “surprises” and much more. Will you be watching this year’s Gamescom live show to see what announcements there’ll be? Tell us down in the comments.