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Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth Swann was inspired by iconic Indiana Jones character

When Pirates of the Caribbean hit cinemas in 2003 it was a smash hit. Johnny Depp’s portrayal of swashbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow became one of the most popular characters on the big screen – but he wasn’t alone. Sparrow spent most of his time on screen bouncing off of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). The latter in particular was hugely inspired by a character from the first Indiana Jones character, Marion (Karen Allen).

In particular, after Elizabeth was captured by Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and his crew on the Black Pearl, she was forced to wear a dress.

This wedding-like dress was directly inspired by Marion’s own white dress in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Marion was captured during the film by Major Arnold Toht (Ronald Lacey) and had to keep herself alive by doing what she was told – including wearing an overly demure white garment.

This isn’t where the similarities stop, however.

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During Elizabeth’s captivity, she attempted to break free of Barbossa’s grip.

In doing so, she grabbed a butter knife and attacked the undead pirate while fleeing.

This, again, is a direct reference to Marion’s use of a butter knife to threaten her captor during the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The fundamentals of Marion as a character were also more or less lifted for Elizabeth.

What do you think? Do Elizabeth Swann and Marion Ravenwood seem similar? Join the debate in the comments section here

Elizabeth had a main part in the Pirates series throughout its trilogy.

Marion, on the other hand, only appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Marion star Karen has recently teased her return to the big screen, however.

The as-of-yet unnamed Indiana Jones 5 film is due out next year, but Marion is not yet confirmed to be returning.

Karen was recently interviewed about her role in the next film, but she would not give a definitive answer.

When asked, the actor responded: “Ooo you might… I don’t know… you have to… time will tell!”

The Indiana Jones films are available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Pirates of the Caribbean films are available on Disney Plus.

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Mean Girls iconic maths question was wrong reveals expert

A maths expert has revealed that the Mean Girls equation that led to Lindsay Lohan’s iconic “the limit does not exist” answer was in fact wrong and would have changed the ending.

The meme-worthy moment saw Lohan’s Cady Heron taking part in the High School Mathletes Championship finals with one last question to decide which team wins.

In a tense moment, Cady is chosen to compete against character Caroline Krafft who is  representing another school.

In a sudden death round, the two are asked to find the limit of the below equation:

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Tom Cruise secretly stuffed his shoes to achieve iconic Mission Impossible scene

Today, Saturday July 3, 2021, legendary actor Tom Cruise turns 59-years-old. The American icon has appeared in countless films and has become one of the most recognisable Hollywood stars of all time. Perhaps his biggest cinematic franchise is the Mission: Impossible series. Before he was climbing up the world’s tallest building or jumping out of moving planes, however, he carried out a heist at the CIA’s headquarters.


This thrilling and tense scene involved Cruise being dangled from the safe room’s ceiling to hack into its computer terminal.

Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt had to avoid a number of motion sensors in the room, as well as a number of other safety measures, including temperature and sound detectors.

This all came to a nail-biting end when his colleague, Franz Krieger (Jean Reno), dropped Hunt before narrowly catching him just before he hit the floor.

What followed was one of the most iconic moments in the M:I franchise: Hunt hanging just centimetres from the floor.

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Cruise was interviewed by director and screenwriter of the series Christopher McQuarrie for the anniversary edition Blu-ray of the 1996 movie.

During the chat, Cruise revealed he almost didn’t make the dangling shot. He said: “We were running out of time, and I kept hitting my face and the take didn’t work.”

Eventually, in the final take the director was willing to do, Cruise had a stroke of genius to counteract his face from falling forward and hitting the floor.

Cruise filled his shoes with British pound coins to act as a counterbalance, levelling out his body and succeeding in the take.


Cruise’s dedication to the franchise has continued into the latest in the franchise, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

One of the film’s scenes involved Cruise running across London rooftops to chase August Walker (Henry Cavill).

However, one slip-up on a jump left the actor with a broken ankle.

Telling the story on The Graham Norton Show, Cruise said: “I was chasing Henry and was meant to hit the side of the wall and pull myself over but the mistake was my foot hitting the wall.”

Cruise continued: “I knew instantly my ankle was broken and I really didn’t want to do it again so just got up and carried on with the take.

“I said: ‘It’s broken. That’s a wrap. Take me to hospital’ and then everyone got on the phone and made their vacation arrangement.”

The Mission: Impossible films are available to watch on NOW.


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Indiana Jones 5 set photos: First look at Harrison Ford, 78, back in his iconic costume

After years of delays, the still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 has finally begun its shoot in the north of England. The Lucasfilm production has been filming in North Yorkshire and at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. And now the first look at Harrison Ford back in his iconic costume, for the first time in 14 years, has arrived in the first lot of set photos.

IJ Adventures Outpost have shared photos of Harrison Ford wearing that all too familiar hat and coat.

The 78-year-old was pictured masked up next to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

She’s worked as a producer on all four previous Indiana Jones movies alongside her husband Frank Marshall.

Aside from the castle, Indiana Jones 5 has been shooting what appears to be a World War II-era scene.

A stuntman was captured in set photos riding a motorbike and wearing a mask of what appeared to be Ford’s younger face.

While World War II-era Nazi military vehicles like tanks, cars and a train have been spotted too.

At the start of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, set in 1957, Indy’s impressive war record was mentioned.

Since the original trilogy took place in the 1930s, fans never got to see him in action during the Second World War.

Since 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was set in 1957, it would indeed make sense for the fifth film to take place in the late 1960s around the Moon Landing.

Plus, the fourth film introduced aliens to the franchise so it wouldn’t surprising if they’ll be back, especially if the new movie takes Indy into Space.

Speaking with Collider last month, Mads teased: “I’m very, very excited about it…”

The Danish star said how he recently rewatched 1981’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Mads continued: “It is so well-done and so charming, and it’s such great storytelling. So yes. it’s a great honour to be part of that franchise that I grew up with…

“I’m in a lucky position where they let me read the script before. And yes, it was everything I wished it to be, so that was just great.”

The fifth Indy film co-stars Phoebe-Waller Bridge and is directed by Logan’s James Mangold, while Steven Spielberg will be a hands-on producer.

Indiana Jones 5 is set for release in cinemas on July 28, 2022.

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Drones showcase iconic characters, imagery from Disney Bundle in honor of National Streaming Day

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Disney characters lit up the sky in California this week, showcasing many of the favorites that you can now watch with the Disney Bundle.RELATED: Disney+: What to know about price, shows and more

Drones formed iconic characters and imagery from beloved movies, series and sports across Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in honor of National Streaming Day.

Fans can subscribe to the ultimate streaming bundle to access Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.For more information on how you can subscribe, visit DisneyBundle.com

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC

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F1 2021 Deluxe Edition: Iconic Drivers and More Revealed


  • Deluxe Edition content revealed for F1 2021.
  • F1 2021 Deluxe Edition includes three days of early access – start playing from July 13.
  • Iconic drivers will be available in My Team, plus more exclusive items for F1 2021 Deluxe Edition.

The illustrious history of F1 is full of icons from every decade and era, right through to today’s superstars, like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc. In F1 2021, the official video game of the Formula One World Championship from Codemasters and EA Sports, seven of those F1 icons will be yours to race alongside, with F1 2021 Deluxe Edition, along with plenty more exclusive content revealed today!

F1 2021 Deluxe Edition

Iconic Drivers in F1 2021

Players of the Deluxe Edition, available to pre-order digitally right now, will receive the My Team Icons Pack, which includes seven iconic drivers across almost 40 years of F1 history. More on My Team in a moment – for now, let’s say hello to our seven famous faces…

F1 2021 Drivercard

Alain Prost, often known as “The Professor” for his calculated, intelligent approach to motor racing, was a mainstay of F1 podiums for over a decade, taking a quartet of World Drivers Championships over the 1980s and early 1990s.

F1 2021 Drivercard

Prost’s fiercest rival, Ayrton Senna, is one of sport’s most legendary figures – his passion for racing and raw talent guiding him to three drivers’ titles, all with McLaren.

F1 2021 Drivercard

Scotsman David Coulthard was Senna’s replacement after his untimely passing in 1994, and ‘DC’ carved out a fantastic career of his own, with nearly 250 races and 13 race wins.

Felipa Massa often shared the grid with Coulthard – another Brazilian prodigy who notched up 11 wins, and came agonisingly close to defeating a certain Lewis Hamilton to the 2008 World Championship.

F1 2021 Drivercard

Another incredible driver from this century, Jenson Button’s F1 world title came behind the wheel of the unforgettable Brawn GP car of 2009, between race-winning stints at BAR and McLaren.

F1 2021 Drivercard

Nico Rosberg achieved what so many have tried and failed this century: defeating Lewis Hamilton in a straight World Championship fight, taking the title in 2016, shortly before retiring from the sport.

F1 2021 Drivercard

Last but not least, the legendary Michael Schumacher. 91 race wins. 68 pole positions. Seven World Drivers’ Championships. Schumacher is the measuring stick that so many of today’s F1 drivers aspire to reach – including his son, Mick.

Recruit F1 Icons in My Team

For F1 2021 Deluxe Edition players, these seven drivers will be added to My Team – our mode that allows you to live the dream of creating, running, and racing for your own official F1 team. On top of racing against the real-world F1 grid, My Team puts you in control of all manner of key team decisions – from choosing your colours and badge, to improving your facilities, to picking your teammate on the track from the driver market. Deluxe Edition owners will have these seven iconic drivers added to the driver market, meaning you can recruit and race alongside a selection of true F1 icons. Don’t get starstruck!

F1 2021

More Exclusive Content for F1 2021 Deluxe Edition

This is just the beginning of what F1 2021 Deluxe Edition has to offer, though. Pre-ordering this version will also give you three days’ early access to the full game, so you can hit the track from July 13.

The Braking Point Content Pack is also included in F1 2021 Deluxe Edition, containing exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional characters from our new ‘Braking Point’ story experience with Character avatars, liveries, helmets, and more. Want to further customise your look? 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency is included in the Deluxe Edition, to spend in-game on visual items.

F1 2021

F1 2021 Coming to Xbox Series X|S

Whether you’re brushing virtual shoulders with F1 icons, or mixing up your look on the track, there is plenty to get stuck into F1 2021 Deluxe Edition – and of course, you’ll be able to do it all three days earlier.

Don’t forget: F1 2021 is also the series’ debut on Xbox Series X|S, so expect even faster load times, even greater graphical fidelity, and the most detailed F1 experience to date. July can’t come quickly enough!

Xbox Live

Xbox Live

F1® 2021 Deluxe Edition

Electronic Arts

• Three days early access • The entire F1® 2021 game • My Team Icons Pack – Seven iconic drivers to enhance your ‘My Team’ game experience: Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Rosberg, Button, Massa and Coulthard. Exclusive in-game customisation items: Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio call. • Braking Point Content Pack – Celebrate the release of F1® 2021 with exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars of the new ‘Braking Point’ story experience. Equip them to race as Devon Butler, Aiden Jackson, and Casper Akkerman: Character avatar | Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio voices. • 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game. Every story has a beginning in F1® 2021, the official videogame of the 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Enjoy the stunning new features of F1® 2021, including the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point’, two-player Career, and get even closer to the grid with ‘Real-Season Start’. Take your team to the top in the acclaimed ten-year ‘My Team’ Career mode, or race head-to-head in split-screen and multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet and race with the authentic lineup of twenty heroic drivers and ten iconic teams from the 2021 season: – ‘Braking Point’ – the thrilling new story experience – New ways to play: two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start’ – Acclaimed ‘My Team’, split-screen and multiplayer * Online connection required to download the final F1® teams’ 2021 cars, full-season circuit selection, content (as applicable) and F2™ 2021 season update.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live

F1® 2021

Electronic Arts

• The entire F1® 2021 game • Braking Point Content Pack • Celebrate the release of F1® 2021 with exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars of the new ‘Braking Point’ story experience. Equip them to race as Devon Butler, Aiden Jackson, and Casper Akkerman: Character avatar | Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio voices • 5,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game Every story has a beginning in F1® 2021, the official videogame of the 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Enjoy the stunning new features of F1® 2021, including the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point’, two-player Career, and get even closer to the grid with ‘Real-Season Start’. Take your team to the top in the acclaimed ten-year ‘My Team’ Career mode, or race head-to-head in split-screen and multiplayer. Immerse yourself in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet and race with the authentic lineup of twenty heroic drivers and ten iconic teams from the 2021 season: – ‘Braking Point’ – the thrilling new story experience – New ways to play: two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start’ – Acclaimed ‘My Team’, split-screen and multiplayer * Online connection required to download the final F1® teams’ 2021 cars, full-season circuit selection, content (as applicable) and F2™ 2021 season update.

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Iconic 1980s music video star and actress Tawny Kitaen dead at 59

The Orange County, California coroner’s office confirmed Kitaen died in Newport Beach Friday morning.

Tawny Kitaen, a name synonymous with 1980s rock bands and MTV died Friday at her Newport Beach, California home the Orange County coroners office has confirmed. 
Kitaen is listed on the coroner’s office releases as “Tawny Kitaen Finley,” and she was 59-years-old. Kitaen died at 8 a.m. on May 7 the coroner’s office reported, but no official cause of death has been released. A staff member at the coroner’s office said Saturday that the official cause of death could be reveled as early as next week, after an autopsy is performed.
Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen was born in San Diego, California and first rose to fame after being featured on back-to-back album covers for the heavy metal band RATT in 1983. 
She later appeared in one of the band’s music videos, but became a household name when she appeared in the video for the band Whitesnake’s 1987 hit “Here I Go Again,” Variety reported. It was her ability to flip and dance over cars in the video which was a hit, in and of itself, for fans. 
She appeared in other Whitesnake videos as well including “Is This Love,” “The Deeper the Love” and “Still of the Night.” Kitaen was married to Whitesnake’s lead singer David Coverdale for a short time between 1987 and 1991.
Over the years Kitaen landed a list of acting roles and appearances including an episode of Seinfeld called “The One With The Nose Job” and roles like her character as Tom Hank’s girlfriend in the 1984 comedy “Bachelor Party.”
She also made her way into multiple reality shows as that genre was exploding onto the entertainment world in shows like “The Surreal Life,” and VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008, further cementing her name and face into U.S. pop culture archives. 

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Michael Jackson fashion: MJ's iconic songs remembered through his clothes

Michael Jackson’s fashion choices are famous, mainly for his bold choices and short-term obsessions with certain looks. These have included Army-influenced outfits, a glittery white glove and even a face mask in his later years. Express.co.uk breaks down some of the singer’s most iconic songs – and the outfits which he is remembered for.

The Rock With You sequin shellsuit

Michael Jackson’s final single of the 1970s was Rock With You, in which the singer danced with a sparkly microphone.

However, the sparkles were not just on the mic, as he was sporting a sequin-covered silver shellsuit, which shone as he danced the night away under the green lights.

The song went to Number One in the US Billboard Hot 100 and was the second single from his breakthrough solo album Off the Wall.

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The Bad jacket

In 2018, the jacket Michael wore for his Bad tour in the late 1980s sold for $ 298,000 (£213,000).

However, in the music video, the jacket was heavier, more chain-covered and generally, more famous.

The video is iconic, having been directed by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, and the jacket was meant to represent an edgier side to Michael.


The Black or White shirt

Michael wore a simple white shirt with a t-shirt underneath in the music video for Black or White, which saw him travel all around the world.

However, that outfit became iconic, mainly for the stage performances of the time where fans would see it float all around him like a cape.

The music video also showed Michael wearing a glove – though this was fingerless, which later superseded his iconic single glove.

The Superbowl army-inspired outfit

Though not related to a specific song, his Army-inspired outfit at the Superbowl astounded fans.

For much of Michael’s later fashion choices, he wore army-inspired garb, including jackets with militia buttons and shoulder pads.

This one also had a touch of Hollywood glam, as it was black and gold and covered in sequins.

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Russia icon Arshavin forget anniversary of iconic Arsenal at Anfield

Ex-Arsenal and Russia star Andrey Arshavin has revealed he would have forgotten about the date of his career-high club football achievement were it not for social media.

Football fans checking their Twitter timelines on Wednesday may have been treated to a reminder that it was 12 years to the day since Arshavin smashed four goals for Arsene Wenger’s men at Anfield.

The man himself, however, was none the wiser.

Russian wing wizard Arshavin struck an incredible four times as the Gunners played out a pulsating 4-4 draw with Liverpool in their Premier League meeting on April 21, 2009.

As the Reds finished four points behind bitter rivals and champions Manchester United in that season’s title race, the loss of the points proved costly for a strong outfit then led by the likes of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

It is a clash which was instantly etched into English footballing folklore and has been heralded as among the greatest ever played in the Premiership, with Arshavin’s rout likewise regarded one of the finest individual displays the world’s most-watched top flight has ever produced.

Despite numerous fan accounts picking up on the anniversary of the remarkable feat, Arshavin himself modestly admitted that it’s not a date he has marked down in his calendar.

“To be honest, if it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have remembered that it was 12 years ago,” Arshavin told RT Sport at Zenit St. Petersburg’s Gazprom Arena on Thursday, at an event to mark 50 days to go until Euro 2020 kicks off.

He added: “If I don’t think about it, it doesn’t really bring back any emotions.

“Maybe if I go back to Anfield and stand on the pitch sometime, then I could say something.

“But yesterday I was calm. As I said, I wouldn’t even have known about it if it wasn’t for social media.”

Those heroics were in the past for Arshavin, bit one event rapidly approaching is this summer’s European Championships – a tournament he also knows well, having starred in Russia’s remarkable run to the semi-finals in 2008.

That spectacular form helped catch Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s eye and cement a move to North London around six months later.

This time around, the 39-year-old is banging the drum for home city St. Petersburg, which will host at least four matches at Euro 2020 and possibly even more with the news that UEFA is set to reallocate games from Dublin.

“As I see it and understand, our city has been ready for the Euros for a long time. It was ready a year ago, and even more so is ready now,” Arshavin told RT Sport.

“I don’t think extra matches will bring any extra difficulties to organize.

“Plus one of our advantages is that there’s almost a 100% guarantee that we can have 50% capacity. That can change in 50 days, but only for the better.

“I think matches with fans in a beautiful city like this means St. Petersburg can use this advantage to host more matches.”

As for Russia’s chances, Arshavin said he was hopeful they would at least get out of a tricky group containing Denmark, Finland and world number one-ranked team Belgium.

Author RT
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Tom Jones talks being told to 'overplay it' in iconic music video: 'I can do that!'

Sir Tom Jones, 80, has had a hugely successful career with his incredible voice captivating fans across the globe. But it’s not just the Welsh superstar’s vocal cords that saw him rise to fame, but he’s also known as being a truly great performer, too.
Back in the day, Sir Tom would wow audiences of thousands as he took to the stage to put on a show.

And even now, he still gives his loyal fans what they want to see, including getting up and dancing on The Voice every now and again.

While he looked back at highlights from his career, the musician recalled being asked by the director to up the anti during filming for a music video, and he certainly obliged.

Taking to Twitter, Sir Tom shared a clip of him and 90s Swedish rock band The Cardigans, before he spilt the behind the scenes gossip.

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“This one was Burning Down the House with The Cardigans,” he said of the music video in question.

“We recorded it with them in Sweden with Tore Johansson [record producer] and then we did the video in London.”

He recalled very clearly the instructions given to them by the bosses, and Tom was quite happy to go along with what they wanted him to do.

“I remember the director said to Nina, ‘Play it cool’, and Tom, ‘Overplay it,'” he said.

Grinning, he added: “So I said, ‘I can do that! Like this!'”

The hit cover track was realised in 1999, on Tom’s album of collaborations titled Reload.

It reached No. 1 in Iceland, No. 2 in Sweden, took the Top 10 in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway and the UK, and became one of the major hits of the singer’s later career.

Away from his prestigious music profession, Tom recently spoke about how his late wife Linda would “definitely” approve of his swanky new London apartment, with the pair having lived in LA for 20-years.

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Linda sadly passed away in 2016 after a “short but fierce” battle with lung cancer and following her death, he moved back to the UK to grant her final wish for him to be close to family and friends.

Chatting with Jo Wiley on her Radio 2 show, the ITV judge revealed Linda would have loved his new apartment overlooking the river Thames, as a view had always been something they had grown up with in Wales.

“We were going to move back anyway, my wife and myself,” he told Jo.

“I was looking for places for us both to come back, then of course she found out that she had cancer and she couldn’t make it.’

He added: “But she said, ‘You’re going to do it.'”

With a smashing view of the city skyline, he was certain Linda would have approved of the place.

“She would love it,” he smiled fondly.

“It’s got a view for a start, as we both grow up in South Wales and both our houses we grew up in had views.”

Tom admitted he couldn’t live without one now, adding: “So, I got this apartment overlooking the Thames and it’s fantastic.

“I don’t think I’d want to live on the floor anymore!” he laughed.

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