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Elvis: Girlfriend Linda remembers ‘the greatest love imaginable’

Elvis Presley dated Linda for four and a half years. It was the longest, most significant relationship of his life apart from Priscilla. They split up less than year before his death but Linda was invited by the family to his funeral and has guarded and honoured his memory and legacy ever since. She also married Jenner and had two sons, Brody and Brandon Jenner, as well as forging a successful career as a songwriter and marrying second husband, legendary record producer David Foster.

While those closest to Elvis started to release revelatory tell-all books in the final year of his life and then endlessly ever since, Linda remained notably silent for forty years.

In 2016 she released her only book on the subject, A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between.

She said: “Everything that could have possibly been written about Elvis had been written and then some, or made-up stories. So I really thought this was a huge responsibility, to this day. I’ve always attempted to represent him in the light which he deserves.”

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Linda said of Elvis: “He was such a remarkable human being and I tried to write the book with kindness and tolerance and understanding.

“And also just a bit of knowledge that you can only garner through life experience. I had to live my life and carve out my own career. I didn’t want to be one of those people that just jumped on the bandwagon and wrote a book and made a profit at his expense and to capitalise on that relationship. I was very guarded about that. 

“I wanted to carve out my own position in life, write my own songs, carve out my own career, have my kids and my family and then write about my life and where he fit into it, which is, of course, the greatest love imaginable.”

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Linda dated Elvis from July 1972 to December 1976. As well as being his companion and sometimes nursemaid, Linda also became close to The King’s young daughter, who was only four when they started dating.

On the devastating night when Elvis died, nine-year-old Lisa Marie called Linda.

Last month, Linda described that terrible call: “She (Lisa Marie) said, ‘My daddy’s dead, my daddy’s dead.’ I can’t even tell you what I felt. I was stunned and paralysed. I said, ‘What? No, he’s not.’

She said, ‘Yes he is, yes he is. He’s dead.’ The only thing that brought it to reality was when she said, ‘He’ smothered in the carpet.’ And when she said that, I just threw the phone because I thought, ‘Ok, he’s gone. That’s it.’”

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Samsung Smart TVs: Just about the worst problem imaginable could be coming for Samsung

There is an ongoing global semiconductor shortage at the moment. The lack of these crucial chips, which are found in a dizzying number of products, is causing havoc to new and existing products. Have you struggled to bag a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X at checkout because of the low stock levels? The chip shortage is to blame. Disappointed that Samsung has delayed a new Galaxy Note phone until 2022 at the earliest? The chip shortage is to blame. Tried to buy a new graphics card for your PC and found that prices are three – or four – times higher than last year? Yup, you’ve guessed – the chip shortage is to blame.

The shortage has been exacerbated in recent months by factory fires at production plans, earthquakes, and the blockage in the Suez Canal in Egypt at the end of last month.

And now a Samsung executive has expressed concerns publicly that – with no sign of the shortage letting up anytime soon – the short supplies could soon have a dismal impact on Samsung’s television production. Head of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display business Han Jong-hee this week informed reporters in South Korea that if the severe chip shortage doesn’t improve soon, it “may not be possible to produce TVs.”

Given that Samsung is comfortably the biggest producer of Smart TVs on the planet, that’s really not ideal.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your ageing telly to a shiny new model in the coming months, you could soon find yourself faced with endless ‘Sold Out’ and ‘More Stock Expected Soon’ warnings. With the Olympics and the Euros on the horizon – both big incentives for people to treat themselves to a new TV, the supply problems could hit sooner than Samsung expects.

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As you’d expect, Samsung is doing everything it can to mitigate against the issue. According to reports, Samsung Electronics’ Han Jong-hee has been meeting with Taiwanese chipmakers, like MediaTek and NovaTek, to try to secure extra supply to keep TVs coming off the production line. Based on previous sales figures, Samsung sells around 430,000 Smart TVs worldwide each day. That’s a lot of chips.

“We are doing all we can to prevent problems,” Han Jong-hee told reporters in South Korea. He is confident that supply for this year should be unaffected, with any issues from the global shortage likely to hit next year.

Despite the concerns around semiconductor shortfall, Han Jong-hee confirmed that Samsung’s mass production line for its 146-inch Micro LED is now fully operational. This wall-sized TV will be joined by 110-, 70-, and 80-inch models later this year, Samsung has confirmed.

Thankfully, if you already have a Samsung Smart TV in your home, there is some good news. The company has recently secured 166 new channels to watch for free.

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