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Best supplements for over 30s: An all-round pill to improve mood, bones and brain health

Magnesium is a crucial supplement needed for all symptoms of low mood including anxiety, apathy, depression, headaches, insecurity, irritability, restlessness, talkativeness, and sulkiness, according to experts.

Dr Wacker and Dr Parisi reported back in 1968 that magnesium deficiency could cause depression, behavioural disturbances, headaches, muscle cramps, seizures, ataxia, psychosis, and irritability – saying they are all reversible with magnesium repletion.

It’s also been reported that having a magnesium deficiency can cause sleep problems like insomnia, constipation and muscle tension.

It can also cause symptoms of depression and other mood disorders because magnesium is important for the production of feel-good hormones in the brain.

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This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Health Feed
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How Sharna Burgess Has Helped BF Brian Austin Green ‘Improve’ His Relationship With Ex Megan Fox

Sharna Burgess ‘is the real deal’ to Brian Austin Green and has ‘enabled’ him to ‘move on’ from ex Megan Fox.

Sharna Burgess[1], 35, and Brian Austin Green[2], 47, have only been Instagram official as a couple since Jan., but she’s already influencing him for the better. In addition to being “the real deal” to the actor, she’s been helping to “improve his relationship” with ex Megan Fox[3], 34.

“Having Sharna has really enabled Brian to move on from Megan and improve his relationship with Megan even,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He really hasn’t been this happy in years. Life with Megan was a rollercoaster ride as they would secretly separate and get back together for years.”

Sharna Burgess
Sharna Burgess is ‘helping’ Brian Austin Green to ‘improve’ his relationship with ex Megan Fox. (Shutterstock)

Brian and Megan, who married in 2010, split up last year[4] and although Brian was spotted hanging out with other girls since then, our source tells us Sharna is different and not “a rebound.” “He’s the most easy going, relaxed and nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” the source said about Brian. “The other women he spent time with before Sharna were rebounds, but she is the real deal to him.”

A previous source hinted that things may be more serious with Sharna when they revealed she has already met the three kids he shares with Megan, Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4. “Sharna has also met Brian‘s kids,” the source EXCLUSIVELY[5] in Mar. “They’re official and she’s spending a lot of time at his place in Malibu.”

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green split up in 2020. (Shutterstock)

“They’ve been dating [for] a few months and things are definitely getting serious between them,” the source further explained, adding that this is “the happiest [Sharna’s] been in a long time with a man.”

Sharna herself also hinted that she met Brian’s kids in a Feb. interview[6] on Australia’s The Morning Show. “He’s a wonderful dad,” she gushed during the interview. “He and his wife — uh, ex-wife — have raised three beautiful children. And they are so wonderful and sweet and kind and considerate, and they’ve done such an amazing job.”


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Avocado oil benefits: Five ways cooking with avocado oil can improve your health

Reduce psoriasis symptoms

Psoriasis patients that use a vitamin B12-rich cream, containing avocado oil, show a significant reduction in symptoms, scientists have claimed.

Price wrote for medical website Dr Axe: “Avocado oil’s ability to play a vital role in a psoriasis diet is a substantial finding for sufferers of chronic plaque psoriasis since common treatments are often associated with a significant risk of undesirable side effects.

“Research involving both animals and humans also reveals that oil from avocados can promote wound healing when used topically and can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the skin.

“Why is avocado oil good for the skin exactly? Its rich supply of healthy fats makes it a natural moisturiser — plus it contains vitamins, such as vitamin E, that help soothe skin.”

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Over 260 groups call on Biden to improve whistleblower protections

More than 260 organizations urged President BidenJoe BidenThe Hill’s Morning Report – GOP pounces on Biden’s infrastructure plan Biden administration unveils network of community leaders to urge COVID-19 vaccinations Pompeo ‘regrets’ not making more progress with North Korea MORE[2][3][4][5][6][1] and Congress to support freedom of speech protections for whistleblowers by making improvements to protections. 

The Government Accountability Project, a nonprofit that works with whistleblowers and on whistleblowing legislation, led a letter on Thursday with other groups calling for Biden and congressional leaders to strengthen U.S. whistleblower laws to match or exceed those of other democratic nations.

“Truth shared by whistleblowers fuels oversight mechanisms by shining a light on existing weaknesses, inefficiencies, and injustices. We must protect those who courageously speak out about abuses of public trust that undermine our nation’s safety and security and threaten our democracy,” they wrote.


They called for America’s whistleblower rights to include giving whistleblowers the right to challenge retaliatory investigations, extending whistleblower rights beyond protection from workplace retaliation and giving whistleblowers a legal defense against civil or criminal liability, among other provisions.

“It does not matter whether the issue is economic recovery, vaccine or prescription drug safety, environmental protection, infrastructure spending, election safety, national health insurance, or foreign policy. We need conscientious public servants willing and able to call attention to waste, fraud, and abuse on behalf of the taxpayers,” they wrote.

Other groups on the letter include American Association for Justice, Center for Media and Democracy, CodePink, Democracy 21, Food & Water Watch, Greenpeace USA, Issue One, National Federation of Federal Employees, Public Citizen and the Washington Coalition for Open Government. 

The Government Accountability Project is also advocating for passage of anti-retaliation protections for police officers who disclose their colleagues’ abuses of authority and lawbreaking, and for Congress to pass the COVID-19 Whistleblower Protection Act.

The bill was first introduced by then-Sen. Kamala HarrisKamala HarrisLobbying world Migrant children in US custody hits new high since start of data releases: report 5 immediate migration management steps for Kamala Harris MORE[8][9][10][11][12][7] (D-Calif.), who is now vice president, in June and would prohibit retaliation against workers for disclosing waste, fraud or abuse of COVID-19 relief funds, among other provisions. 

Edward Snowden, a former government contractor, famously leaked classified information during the Obama administration and went to reporters with information instead of using the formal whistleblower procedures in the government. In another famous case, former President TrumpDonald TrumpThe Hill’s Morning Report – GOP pounces on Biden’s infrastructure plan Pompeo ‘regrets’ not making more progress with North Korea Biden sets off Capitol Hill scramble on spending, taxes MORE[14][15][16][17][18][13]’s phone call with the president of Ukraine that started his first impeachment trial was reported through a whistleblower complaint.

[email protected] (Alex Gangitano)

President Joe Bidens $2 trillion jobs and climate change plan

President Biden unveiled a $ 2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan[2] Wednesday to address some of the country’s most pressing problems, including damaged bridges, unequal broadband access, climate change and care for people with disabilities and older people.

Biden’s proposal, the American Jobs Plan[3], would be paid for, in part, by raising the corporate tax rate and global minimum tax. Many of these measures would reverse the Trump administration’s 2017 tax cuts[4].

The proposal comes just a few weeks after Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package[5] was signed into law, sending $ 1,400 stimulus checks to most Americans and extending unemployment benefits.

The American Jobs Plan is expected to be followed by a second economic package in April that includes a major expansion in health insurance coverage, child-care subsidies, free access to community colleges and other proposals.

Republicans and prominent business groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce[6],[7] have already come out against the plan, particularly the proposed tax increases, arguing they would damage U.S. investment and global competitiveness. The White House’s stance is that higher taxes would offset concerns about adding to the federal deficit.

Meanwhile, economists are still debating[8] whether Biden’s last major bill will overheat the economy and trigger cycles of inflation[9], compounding Republicans’ spending worries.

Here’s what’s in the proposal, according to White House summaries and breakdowns:

Infrastructure: $ 621 billion

  • The plan would invest $ 115 billion to revamp highways and roads, including 10 major and 10,000 smaller bridges in need of reconstruction. It also includes $ 20 billion to improve road safety, including for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The plan calls for $ 85 billion to modernize existing transit systems and help agencies expand to meet rider demand. The investment would double federal funding for public transit.
  • Biden is proposing $ 80 billion to fix Amtrak’s repair backlog.
  • It would establish $ 174 billion in grant and incentive programs for state and local governments and the private sector to build a national network of 500,000 electric-vehicle chargers by 2030.
  • The proposal seeks to replace 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrify at least 20% of the country’s yellow school bus fleet.
  • The plan would invest $ 25 billion in airports, including programs to renovate terminals and expand car-free access to air travel.
  • Biden is also pitching $ 17 billion for inland waterways, coastal ports, land ports of entry and ferries to invest in the nation’s freight system.

Infrastructure ‘at home’: $ 650 billion

  • Biden’s proposal would invest $ 213 billion to build and retrofit more than 2 million homes. The plan would build and rehabilitate more than 500,000 homes for low- and middle-income home buyers and invest $ 40 billion to improve public housing.
  • Biden’s proposal aims to deliver universal broadband, including to more than 35% of rural Americans who lack access to high-speed internet[10].
  • The plan would invest $ 111 billion for clean drinking water, $ 45 billion of which would be used to replace the country’s lead pipes and service lines. The effort would reduce lead exposure in 400,000 schools and child-care facilities and improve the safety of drinking water.
  • The proposal calls for $ 100 billion to upgrade and build new public schools. It also would invest $ 12 billion in community college infrastructure and $ 25 billion to upgrade child-care facilities.
  • Biden is proposing $ 18 billion to modernize Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics and $ 10 billion to revamp federal buildings.

Care economy: $ 400 billion

  • The plan expands access to home- or community-based care for seniors and people with disabilities. It would extend a Medicaid program, Money Follows the Person[11], to move older residents out of nursing homes and back into their own homes or into the care of loved ones.
  • Biden also calls for improving working conditions, including higher wages and more benefits, for caretakers, who are disproportionately women of color and who have largely stayed on the job during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research and development, manufacturing and training: $ 580 billion

  • Biden’s proposal would invest $ 180 billion in research and development. That includes a major clean-energy push to reduce emissions, build climate resilience and boost climate-focused research.
  • The plan would invest $ 50 billion in domestic semiconductor manufacturing.
  • It would provide incentives for companies to locate local manufacturing jobs in the “industrial heartland.”
  • The plan would double the number of registered apprenticeships to more than 1 million and invest in a more inclusive science and technology workforce.

Tax overhaul

  • The White House plan calls for about $ 2 trillion in new spending over eight years. The proposed tax increases would cover that cost over 15 years and become permanent.
  • The plan raises the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.
  • It also increases the global minimum tax paid from about 13%t to 21%.
  • The proposal ends federal tax breaks for fossil fuel companies.
  • It also ramps up tax enforcement against corporations and prevents U.S. corporations from claiming tax havens as their residence.

Responding to climate change

  • Much of Biden’s spending package focuses on green infrastructure and job creation. For example, the White House says automakers could hire workers to make batteries and parts for electric vehicles, shoring up their own supply chains. Consumers would also get tax incentives to buy American-made electric vehicles.
  • The White House says that 40% of the benefits of its climate and clean-infrastructure investments would go to disadvantaged communities.
  • The Biden administration argues that retrofitting homes and public infrastructure will reduce the billions of dollars in damage caused by climate disasters. The plan calls for $ 50 billion to improve resilience to climate change, including by protecting electric grids[12], food systems, urban infrastructure and hospitals in communities most vulnerable to flooding and other severe weather events.
  • The infrastructure overhaul would also cover protection from wildfires, sea-level rise, hurricanes and droughts and shore up dam safety.
  • The plan would put $ 35 billion toward clean-energy technology, new methods for reducing emissions and other broad-based climate research.
  • The plan would establish an Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard that would set specific targets to cut how much coal- and gas-fired electricity power companies use over time.

Worker rights

Jeff Stein contributed to this report.

Disclosure: US Chamber of Commerce has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune’s journalism. Find a complete list of them here[13].


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Rachel Siegel, The Washington Post

Prem clubs given 'action plan' by referees to improve VAR ahead of next season

Premier League clubs have been told by refereeing chiefs that they will produce a plan to “change and improve” the VAR system ahead of next season.

The system is being implemented for the second year in England’s top flight, but controversial incidents have been associated with its usage throughout.

Clubs were told at a Premier League[1] shareholders meeting today that changes would be passed on to officials so that they could work on them this summer.

The plan will revolve around two key issues – consistent decision making and marginal offsides, reports The Times.[2]

For almost two years now referees and those at Stockley Park have been accused of lacking consistency when it comes to red cards and penalty calls.

Marginal offside calls have been an issue
Marginal offside calls have been an issue

Similar incidents have been officiated differently which has caused frustration while several dismissals have been overturned upon appeal.

Offsides have perhaps been the main issue, with players pinned for being millimetres the wrong side despite the technology itself not being 100 per cent reliable.

Certain teams are in favour of using the system implemented in the Dutch league which allows for a greater margin of error.

Clubs were given the chance to air their issues with the highly controversial use of VAR recently.

Referees have used monitors more often, but consistency is a problem
Referees have used monitors more often, but consistency is a problem

Managers, captains and sporting directors offered their opinions in a survey this week while fan thoughts will also be factored in to any changes.

A presentation to the clubs stated: “The purpose is to identify improvements to the VAR system and form a common understanding of where a VAR interpretation is expected and how changes can be made to increase consistency in interpretation and decision-making.

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‘what’s next

Signing up is easy, just click this link[3] and select ‘Boxing’ from the list.

“The results will inform the coaching and training of match officials during the close season and changes will take effect in season 2021-2022.

“The PGMOL [will] present an action plan at the next shareholders’ meeting outlining changes and improvements for next season and beyond.”


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[email protected] (Samuel Meade)

A New Generation of Wi-Fi to Improve Your Home Network

Keerti Melkote, the founder of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company that offers Wi-Fi products for businesses, offered another theory. The majority of the devices in my home would need to have chips that made them compatible with Wi-Fi 6 before the benefits were more pronounced, he said. Only about a quarter of my internet-connected devices have those.

Those weren’t jaw-dropping results. But the good news was that using Wi-Fi 6, I noticed subtle changes throughout my home.

For one, my Amazon smart speakers are now more responsive. In my bedroom, I ask Alexa to control a pair of internet-connected light bulbs. With the older router, whenever I said, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” there was a delay of about two seconds before the lights turned on. Now it’s less than half a second.

I noticed something similar about MyQ, which lets me use a smartphone app to control my garage door. Previously, after pressing the button, I waited several seconds for the door to open. Now the wait is a split second.

My video calls also look clearer than they used to, and they take less time to connect.

This suggests that Wi-Fi 6 is a long-term investment. The more internet-connected devices that enter people’s homes in the coming years, the more the perks will become visible.

“It will take time, but the improvements will be real,” Mr. Melkote said.

Of the two Wi-Fi 6 routers I tested, I preferred the Eero Pro 6. It’s $ 150 cheaper than the Netgear Orbi, and both routers were equally fast in my tests. The Eero’s setup was also simpler.

But who should buy?

My experience indicated that people who bought a router in the last five years probably wouldn’t see major improvements immediately, so there is no rush to upgrade.

Brian X. Chen

Coconut oil benefits: 15 'amazing' ways coconut oil could improve your health

Coconut oil is one of the original ‘superfoods’, which have numerous reported health benefits. You can use coconut oil in a range of different ways, whether it be smearing it on your skin, using it to sauté vegetables, or even as a toothpaste.
Coconut oil is reportedly one of the healthiest foods available, due to its all-encompassing health benefits.

It’s made by pressing the dried or fresh coconut meat, which is the white fleshy part inside the coconut.

Left at room temperature, your coconut oil may appear waxy and flaky.

But once it’s warmed up, the oil will start to melt and transform into the more common oil we’re all familiar with.

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“Thousands of studies have been conducted to uncover the secrets of this amazing superfood,” he wrote on his website.

“Most of the fats we consume take longer to digest, but medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil provide the perfect source of energy because they only have to go through a three-step process to be turned into fuel.

“All things considered, it’s the medium-chain fatty acids present in coconut copra that makes it a true superfood, and it’s why coconut oil health benefits are so plentiful and amazing.

“When purchasing coconut oil, choose an extra virgin coconut oil, which will offer the greatest coconut oil benefits.”

Apple cider vinegar benefits: How to use ACV as a face wash to improve your skin

Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries as a natural health remedy for numerous medical conditions. One of the reported benefits of ACV is improving the quality of your skin. You can make a simple face wash at home to protect your skin from harmful bacteria.
The vinegar itself is made from fermented apple cider, which encourages the production of specific health-boosting enzymes and probiotics.

There are reportedly more than 30 different health benefits to regularly taking apple cider vinegar.

Some of the most common benefits include boosting weight loss diet plans, protecting against high cholesterol, and even regulating blood sugar levels.

But you could also use apple cider vinegar as a daily face wash to protect your skin.

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“If you’re familiar with the world of skincare, you may already be aware of the many ways people use apple cider vinegar,” she wrote for medical website Healthline

“Washing your face daily can help to remove oil, dirt, and other debris.

“The best way to get your skin as clean as a whistle is to use a face wash or cleanser.

“When used as a facial cleanser, apple cider vinegar is an effective way to cleanse the skin of bacteria and debris.”

But if you have particularly sensitive skin, you should avoid using apple cider vinegar for skincare, it warned.

Meanwhile, some people regularly drink apple cider vinegar for its health benefits.

Drinking one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day has been claimed to improve weight loss diet plans.

You might want to dilute the vinegar in a glass of water, however, so it’s more palatable.