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Laurence Fox slams police for intimidation as they confront him for 'breaking Covid rules'

Laurence Fox, 42, took to Twitter to tell fans he faced a “bit of mild intimidation” from “the boys in blue”, when two officers turned up to his home today. One of the officers said they had heard he had been “breaking Covid rules”.
The actor is accused of meeting big groups in London for his latest campaign.

But, the officer confirmed they had “no evidence at the moment”.

He went on to tell Laurence to be mindful about what had been reported and urged him to keep himself “up to date” with what is allowed and what isn’t.

In the video, the Reclaim Party leader calmly took their advice and thanked the officers.

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Laurence went on to query why people are still being told they can’t return to normal life until at least June 21, if the vaccines are helping towards decreased hospitalisations and deaths falling.

His Reclaim Party is being funded by ex-Tory donor Jeremy Hosking.

Following his visit from the police today, Laurence went on to post a defiant video about “not being interrupted” in his bid to get London open before June.

He uploaded a 35-minute video which included him speaking to staff at the Old Red Lion Pub & Theatre as he expressed his determination to get them back into business.