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Google Chromecast just introduced a new way to watch TV that’s missing on Amazon Fire TV

When it comes to streaming gadgets, the biggest brands on the market are Chromecast with Google TV and Amazon Fire TV. Both of these...

Four new driving laws set to be introduced in June with drivers facing heavy fines

End of lockdown - 21 June Under the current coronavirus roadmap, all legal social distancing rules will come to an end on 21 June. For drivers,...

France travel: Is France on the green list? What tougher measures could be introduced?

Mr Johnson said the government "will take a decision, no matter how tough, to interrupt that trade, to interrupt those flows, if we think...

Lidl has introduced an important safety update in all stores – here's what to know

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes to how we live. Lidl has updated safety measures to protect all those shopping in stores. The...

Drivers warned over three new driving laws set to be introduced from April 2021

The easing of lockdown restrictions will open up extra freedoms for motorists while updates to the tax system could see road users forced to...

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