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Why iOS 14.5 could spell good news for your iPhone battery life

Apple is hard at work on the next version of its iPhone operating system, iOS 14.5. The Californian company has rolled out a new beta version to developers to iron-out any issues before the update ships to millions of iPhone owners in the coming weeks. Interestingly, Apple has sprinkled a couple of exciting new features into this new beta, which weren’t previously available in iOS 14.5.
In fact, iOS 14.5 looks to be shaping up to be one of the biggest updates in a while. One of the new additions will be handy for any iPhone owners frustrated with their battery life. Yes, if your iPhone battery is draining faster than expected, Apple will “recalibrate” its battery life estimates to provide a more accurate estimate of how much juice is left in the tank.

Unfortunately, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max seem to be the only handsets eligible for this process in the current beta version of iOS 14.5.

With any luck, Apple will add support for more iPhone ranges in subsequent beta versions or updates to iOS. As the battery cell inside your smartphone ages, the battery life estimate can be thrown. As a result, you might find your smartphone dying when iOS tells you there is still 10% left in the tank.

Based on the latest beta, the recalibration process will be automatic and will take place in the background, so you won’t need to dig deep into the Settings menu to find a button to kickstart the process. Sadly, the entire process takes a little time.

Apple will now teach you top iPhone and iPad tips and tricks at home

According to Apple, you’ll need to charge and deplete your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro battery a few times for the operating system to recalibrate properly. Depending on how much you use your handset, that could take a few weeks to complete. If something goes wrong and the battery somehow fails to be recalibrated, a new battery service message will pop up and an Apple Authorised Service Provider will replace it for free, Apple has clarified in a support article about the as-yet unreleased feature (first spotted by those clever people at 9to5Mac)

Battery life is always one of the biggest issues with any smartphones. As so much of our lives have become dependent on these pocket-sized gadgets – from paying at the check-out, tracking our fitness, online shopping, social media, and keeping in touch with friends and family – making sure you have enough battery to get you through the end of the day is essential.

Having an accurate battery life estimate, so you can judge whether you need to quickly top-up your iPhone with a fast-charger before heading out, is a big part of that.

With any luck, iOS 14.5 will make the battery life estimates more accurate for millions of iPhone 11 owners. It’s unclear when the next iOS update will begin rolling out, but fingers crossed, there isn’t much longer to wait.

The news comes as Apple announced the date for its next developers conference, dubbed WWDC, when it’s likely to offer a sneak peek at the next-generation upgrades to its operating systems, including iOS 15. Here’s hoping Apple will use this next update to bring more functionality to the widgets introduced last year, as well as new camera and Siri features.

As you’d expect, Express.co.uk will have all the news from WWDC 2021 when it arrives in June 2021, so stay tuned.

After ditching its Echo, Microsoft is shutting down its Alexa rival on Android and iPhone

The decision removes a voice assistant option for Android and iPhone users. While there’s still Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, those who are deeply invested in Microsoft’s suite of software and hardware might’ve preferred an option with deeper ties to Windows 10 and Xbox, for example.

Cortana launched on Android and iOS with its own app a little under three years ago back in November 2018. With the removal from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, no new users will be able to download and install the software. For those who haven’t deleted the app from their device yet, it won’t be automatically stripped from your phone.

However, any content that you created within the Cortana app will no longer work within the software.

Lists and reminders will no longer be accessible or editable within the Cortana app. Instead, if you need to access either of these, you’ll need to download Microsoft’s To Do app on iOS and Android. If you’d rather use voice commands, you can still use Cortana to summon your lists – but only on Windows 10.

After stripping out Cortana completely from Windows 10, Microsoft is slowly bringing back the talkative voice assistant for a limited number of features. Moving forwards, Microsoft has promised to shift focus so that its Halo-inspired voice assistant will help users with Microsoft 365 services.

With Siri and Google Assistant core parts of iOS and Android, respectively, using an alternative voice assistant takes some work. Finding and launching a dedicated app to use a voice command is much harder than the hands-free access offered by the defaults from Apple and Google. The removal of the Cortana app from the App Store and Google Play Store seems like an admission that a device-independent voice assistant wasn’t as popular with smartphone owners as Microsoft had hoped.

Clearly, the costs associated with maintaining and updating these mobile apps were no longer worth it for Microsoft.

For the most dedicated Windows 10 users, that will be a real blow. But for most iPhone and Android users, they likely won’t even notice the disappearance.

GoCycle's all-new electric bikes pack MotoGP tyres and a USB to charge your iPhone

GoCycle has unleashed its next-generation of folding, electric bikes. The British brand, which was set-up by a former McLaren designer, has racked-up a number of awards since it arrived on the market back in April 2009. With the latest generation of bikes, GoCycle has created a new electric motor, carbon-fibre frame and fork, MotoGP-inspired tyres, and a USB port integrated into the frame so you can top-up your AirPods or smartphone from the bike’s battery when away from home.
The fourth-generation from GoCycle comes in three favours, the Gocycle G4, G4i, and flagship Gocycle G4i/+. The new range starts from £3,399 and max-out at £4,999.

The biggest difference between models comes down to battery life and weight. While the GoCycle G4 has a range of 40-miles between battery charges, the G4i and G4i+ can accompany you on a 50-mile ride without a plug in sight. Unlike previous models from GoCycle, fast-charging is now standard across every fourth-generation model. GoCycle G4i and G4i+ can now recharge completely within three and a half hours (its three hours for the G4) thanks to the 4A 36V Charger.

As before, you can charge the battery inside the frame or – if you don’t have a plug in your garage – you can eject the battery to recharge it in another room.

If your commute includes a lot of stairs and you’ll be folding and lugging your bike every day, you might want to plump for the G4i+. That’s because it weighs-in at 16.3kg (36lbs) compared to 16.6kg (37lbs) for the G4 and G4i. According to GoCycle, the G4 range is “one of the lightest premium folding electric bikes on the market”. To do this, the British brand comprehensively shaved weight from every component – even the disk rotors are lighter, despite being larger for improved braking compared with previous generation.

Electric bike prices will be cut with taxpayer discounts

What all three new models from GoCycle do share in common is the new custom-designed “G4drive” electric motor. According to the company, the new electric motor is designed to be quieter while still delivering more torque, more power and low-speed start capability. GoCycle says its proprietary G4drive and gearbox have been in development for a number of years and subject to many, many test miles at its research and development facility.

The G4i and G4i+ both have automatic gear-shifting, so you don’t even need to worry about dropping down as you get close to a junction or a particularly daunting hill.

For most of the time, the G4drive will judge how much power you’ll need from the motor based on the amount of effort detected in the pedals. If you’re struggling to turn the pedals, GoCycle will help you cruise up a hill, but if you’re already powering along – you won’t see as much battery drive. However, there is also a manual power boost for when you really want to fly from a standing-start at a junction (or want to race a friend on a manual bike). As with all electric bikes in the UK, the motor is limited to helping up to 15mph.

Another new addition in these new electric bikes is the redesigned tyres. According to GoCycle, the bespoke MotoGP-inspired treaded tyre are infused with silica compound for superior grip and sure-footed handling. Compared with previous e-bikes from the firm, the new tyres have a wider design and increased air volume promise a comfortable ride across urban surfaces.

Speaking about the fourth-generation, GoCycle designer and founder Richard Thorpe said: “G4 has been in development for many years and represents the most significant product update for GoCycle since our G1 to G2 engineering programme. Our generation four models have been developed through a combination of listening to our customers and our continued mission to develop the best urban electric bikes on the planet. G4 will not only set a new standard for GoCycle, but a new standard for performance for all of our competitors in the portable electric bike segment.”

“What I’m most excited about is our future road map and the potential for GoCycle to continue to innovate at a higher rate than our competitors. At GoCycle, we cook with different ingredients allowing us to redefine what an e-bike can be and do. G4 is very exciting for us and provides a platform that will support even more significant developments in our pipeline in years to come!”

Anyone who buys a fourth-generation model from GoCycle will be able to use the redesigned smartphone app, which lets you tweak the settings for the bike. It will also report back on interesting health statistics such as calories burned, maximum and average pedal power for every trip. Connection to the app has been improved with the inclusion of Low Energy Bluetooth.

The GoCycle G4, G4i and G4i+ are available to pre-order from today, with models shipping later this year.

Some iPhone and Android phones could be forced to censor ALL porn automatically

Your iPhone could soon censor any adult material by law. The state of Utah has passed legislation that forces all smartphones and tablets to filter pornography. The idea behind the bill, which was signed into law by Utah Governor Spencer Cox on March 24, is that all gadgets sold within the state, found in the Mountain West region of the United States, will block all x-rated content out-of-the-box. A code to disable the automatic filters will be sold by the manufacturer of the phone or tablet.
However, there will be an age-verification process to ensure that only those old enough to access adult content will be able to disable the automatic filter. According to the bill, if the company behind the device hasn’t automatically enabled the filter when it’s first activated, they could be held legally liable for any harmful content accessed by a minor.

The maximum fine currently stands at $ 10 (roughly £7.50) for each individual violation. The bill is a little vague about exactly what constitutes “harmful” content, which can include “any description or representation” of nudity or sexual conduct which doesn’t have any “artistic, political, or scientific value” for minors.

Apple, which is behind the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and Google, which designs Android – the most mobile operating system on the planet, have both built-in parental controls to their software. However, neither of these options are the default. Instead, users need to seek out these options within the settings and enable them.

Anti-pornography group National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, which has been a strong voice in support of the bill, argues these optional filters are too complicated to activate, “leaving most parents helpless to protect their kids online”. The law in Utah aims to flip the dynamic – making the restrictions the default, rather than an optional tool.

Instagram is the most invasive app on your phone, new study reveals

One interesting caveat about the law in Utah, a state where more than half the population are Mormons, is that it won’t take effect until five other states pass equivalent laws. Should none of its neighbours pass similar bills by 2031, the law will automatically be scrapped. So, Utah is relying on other US states to step-up plans to add filters before Apple, Google, Samsung, and dozens of other firms will need to ship their gadgets with restrictions.

In the UK, there is no such law for manufacturers. However, lawmakers have already introduced similar restrictions for internet service providers. So, if you buy a SIM from O2, EE, and others will not be able to visit any known adult websites until the user confirms they’re aged over 18.

Initially, the UK block kicked-in when there was no indication the owner of the phone (if it’s on contract) or SIM (if it’s a SIM-only card) was over the age of 18. This was later altered to apply when the user of the phone is aged under 18 – no matter the age of the bill-payer.

Downloading these popular Android and iPhone apps could leave you with a big bill to pay

Android smartphone users are no strangers to warnings about dangerous apps lurking in the depths of the Google Play Store, but the latest threat impacts iPhone owners as well as their Android counterparts. Users have been put on red-alert after security researchers at Avast published a report that singled-out hundreds of apps designed to trick users into spending huge sums of money once the software is downloaded and installed on their devices.
This type of threat is called “fleeceware” as users are often unaware of the fees they’ll end up paying for using an app – so the developers are fleecing them by keeping quiet about the costs incurred after installing the apps.

It’s clearly a big problem, Avast has said this latest batch of applications have already been downloaded over one billion times between iPhone and Android and generated a staggering $ 400 million (£300 million) in revenue for the developers behind these “fleeceware” apps.

To tempt users into downloading them, the developers offer a free trial, but once this is over, the automatic fees begin to start taking money from bank accounts associated with your Play Store or App Store account. Of course, this is the same way that legitimate apps, like Candy Crush, work – but what separates “fleeceware” is that you’re often charged without getting anything in return, or charged an exorbitant amount for what you’re getting in return (a few wallpapers, for example).

One of the apps spotted by Avast offers a short free trial but once that has ended, users then get charged a whopping $ 66 per week subscription, potentially costing the victim $ 3,432 (£2,500) per year unless cancelled.

READ MORE: WhatsApp warning: new messaging block confirmed for some iPhone users

Avast has now published advice on how to avoid these fleeceware apps with the security team saying, “With subscriptions becoming more prevalent in app stores, users are encouraged to be vigilant when downloading and using applications.”

To avoid fleeceware, Avast says:

• Be careful with free trials of less than a week. Applications that offer free trials for very short periods should be handled with caution. Make sure you understand how much you will be charged and that the app is worth the recurring fee.

• Be sceptical of viral advertisements for apps. The advertisements for fleeceware are likely to have enticing messaging and images to attract users’ attention. They likely do not reflect the actual functionality of the application.

• Read the small print. A closer look will likely reveal the true price of the app. Read the application’s details carefully, paying close attention to the ‘In-app purchases’ sections. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the conditions of what you’re subscribing to, even if it is a free trial, as there may be automatic charges thereafter.

• Secure your payments. Ensure that your payment methods are locked behind a password or biometric check. This can prevent accidental subscriptions by children as well.


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WhatsApp reveals eight simple things every Android and iPhone user must do TODAY

If you spend hours every day chatting on WhatsApp then you might be wise to check out the latest tips and tricks from the popular messaging service. The Facebook-owned firm has just released eight useful things that every user should know if they want to keep their chats running smoothly and free from clutter. This digital spring clean includes clearing out storage, leaving old group chats and making sure the app isn’t munching through your monthly data allowance. There are also some tips on how to keep your chat app updated and your messages safe from prying eyes.
“The more we live our lives online the more we have to protect, which is why your personal calls and messages on WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption. said Kathryn Harnett, Public Policy Manager at WhatsApp.

“This means no one else can read them, not even WhatsApp. But WhatsApp also offers a host of optional settings to help you control your account privacy and safety, such as two-factor authentication. We recommend a digital spring clean, not only to free up storage space, but also as an opportunity to make sure you’re in control of your privacy and security.”


1. Clear out your storage: Don’t let media clog your memory. Use WhatsApp’s “Manage Storage” function to review and delete items over 5MB, and check individual chats to see how much of your storage they’re using. You can also quickly archive, clear and delete all your chats in a few simple taps, just head to the Chats section in your Settings.

2. Protect your phone’s memory: Want to stop photos and videos automatically saving to your camera roll and filling up your phone’s memory? Head to the Chats section in your Settings and deactivate the “Save to Camera Roll” switch.

3. Safeguard your data plan: Help cut down the data you use on WhatsApp by customising your automatic download settings, putting you in control of when and if you download files and media. Head to “Storage and Data” in your Settings and then choose if photos, audio, video and documents can auto-download with Wi-Fi, data and Wi-Fi or never (meaning none will download until you select them).

4. Leave, mute or archive unwanted groups: Are you part of group chats you no longer value? You can quickly and easily leave groups, or choose to mute or archive those you don’t want to hear from right now. Open the group chat, tap the group subject and scroll down to see the option “Exit Group” or “Mute”. Alternatively, tap and hold the group in the Chats tab, then tap “Exit Group” or “Archive”.

5. Turn on Disappearing Messages: Turning on Disappearing Messages will make any new messages in a chat disappear after seven days, offering you peace of mind that conversations aren’t permanent. Just open the chat, tap the contact’s name, scroll down to see the option “Disappearing Messages” and then select on.

6. Update your Privacy settings: You are in control of who can see your Read Receipts, Last Seen, About and Profile Photo. Head to Account in Settings, then tap Privacy, and you can change any of these to be seen by everyone, just your contacts, or nobody at all – it’s totally up to you.

7. Block unwanted users: It’s quick and easy to block someone on WhatsApp. Head to your Privacy settings, tap block and then add contacts or the unknown number you wish to block.

8. Set up Two-step verification: Want to add an additional layer of security? Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your WhatsApp account. To enable it open Settings, tap Account and Two-Step Verification, then press ‘enable’ and set a pin. When you enable two-step verification, you also have the option to enter your email address, and this allows WhatsApp to email you a reset link in case you ever forget your PIN, and also helps safeguard your account.