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Jeremy Clarkson slams Union Jack critics saying flag should make us feel ‘warm and gooey'

Jeremy Clarkson, 60, has weighed in after it was announced government departments were told to fly the Union Jack every day. The Grand Tour presenter hit back at critics of the news, saying Britons should be proud of their flag.
Jeremy praised the new policy imposed by government departments as a “proud reminder of our history”.

He gave an impassioned defence of the flag and Winston Churchill amid claims we should not write off our history.

The presenter spoke of how the Union Jack “should be a symbol” which makes us “feel warm and gooey inside when we see one.”

The star was replying to those against the new government policy as well as those who dismiss Winston Churchill.

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He wrote in his column in The Sun: “We’re told that it’s a symbol of Britain’s dark-hearted past and that anyone who wells up and bursts into a spontaneous rendition of Rule Britannia when they see one is basically a closet Nazi with a cellar full of swastikas and a head full of jackboot fantasies.

“But hang on. Lots of countries have dodgy histories.”

Jeremy continued his impassioned defence, going on to point out Britain’s historic successes.

He continued: “I’m not saying British history is a fairytale full of nothing but pink unicorns and goodness. We had our moments, for sure.

“And for a long time, we alone stood up to Hitler and his fascist dreams.

“The Union Jack should be a symbol, then, that reminds us of all this and makes us feel warm and gooey inside when we see one.”

Jeremy’s defence comes after it was announced on Friday how government buildings in England, Wales and Scotland will fly the union flag every day.

The new policy was brought in by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport department.

Poldark star Jack Farthing to star as Prince Charles in Spencer opposite Kristen Stewart

The story is set in 1991 at the Sandringham Estate where the Royal Family usually spends the festive period. From Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, Diana begins to reconsider her life path, realising her marriage to Charles is falling apart. The film features Kristen Stewart as the Princess of Wales. It is directed by Pablo Larrain and has sparked excitement with fans eager to see the portrayal of Charles and Diana.
Production has now moved from Germany to the UK where the final scenes will be filmed.

Ms Stewart addressed the upcoming release during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where the Twilight star admitted she felt “protective” of the late Princess.

She said: “I didn’t grow up with her maybe in the same way, I was really young when she passed away.

“I feel sort of the same way about her. It happened really quickly.

“I was really young, [I] didn’t know what was going on.

“It’s hard not to feel protective of her. She was so young.

“I mean, everyone’s perspective is different and there’s no way to get anything right because what is fact in relation to personal experience.”

According to royal expert Robert Jobson, the production is set to ruffle royal feathers, especially if the script does not correlate to real life scenarios.

Mr Jobson told Us Weekly: “They won’t like it, but they would have expected it.”

British tennis prodigy Jack Draper forced out of Miami Open after COLLAPSING on court during ATP Tour debut (VIDEO)

Tennis ace Jack Draper was forced to retire from his opening match at the Miami Open on Thursday after the 19-year-old collapsed on court during the finals stages of his match against Mikhail Kukushkin.

Draper, who had been handed a wildcard entry to the event, retired on the final point of the first set when, apparently physically exhausted, he collapsed in the Florida heat, prompting medical personnel to rush to his aid. 

The Briton had been struggling for some time in the match. In the previous changeover he was examined by doctors and had his blood pressure checked and his temperature taken before being deemed fit to play on. 

Television cameras then captured Draper appearing unsteady on his feet in the very next game before his fall. Thankfully, the teenage player was able to walk fro the court unaided. 

Draper, who is ranked a lowly 316th in the world, had enjoyed several promising moments throughout against his opponent Kukushkin, who was at one point a top-40 ranked men’s player. 

But the inexperienced Draper wasn’t able to capitalize and soon began feeling the effects of the sweltering Miami sunshine.

As some fans pointed out online, Draper isn’t the first player to have struggled playing in extreme temperatures: two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray also experienced similar woes in the halcyon days of his career.

Much like Murray was, Draper is being tipped to have a promising career on the court. Former Great Britain number one Greg Rusedski says that the experience will only serve the youngster as his career continues to develop.

The hard part [is] he’s not used to playing at this sort of physical tempo, this sort of period of time,” Rusedski told Amazon Prime.

It was like an hour and 10 minutes, every point was brutal and it’s a step up in class. He has to learn from this situation, get the ice towel out from game one: ‘I’ve got to make sure I hydrate.’

I’m sure he will recover from that. That was the positive from the end of that match.”
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Jack Dorsey's first tweet sells as an NFT for $2.9 million

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first post on the social media platform was sold as a nonfungible token for $ 2,915,835.47 on Monday after a two-week open bid.

Dorsey said he would convert the winning bid into bitcoin and donate it to the charity GiveDirectly’s Africa Response.

 The tweet, “just setting up my twttr,” was sent March 21, 2006.


The winning bidder is Sina Estavi who, according to his Twitter, is the CEO of a blockchain company called Bridge Oracle.

A nonfungible token, more commonly known as an NFT, is a unique kind of digital asset that has skyrocketed in popularity this year.

An NFT is not actual ownership, copyrights or trademark of a digital item. Functionally, it’s more like proof of having an original in the form of a unique cryptocurrency token. Anyone can download a picture even after someone buys an NFT of it.


The lifespan of digital items are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, a public ledger, which will display who was the first to “own” it.

People have been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the new market, spending breathtaking sums on NFTs for anything from tweets to clips of basketball highlights to music video snippets.

NFTs have come under criticism for the potential environmental impacts of having to produce more cryptocurrency, something which takes an incredible amount of processing power.


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[email protected] (Chris Mills Rodrigo)

Manchester United board pick new Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish transfer alternative

But it seems Pep Guardiola wants Grealish instead, with the Aston Villa star scoring six goals and registering 10 assists from 22 top flight matches.

If United sign Neto, history suggests he’d be a big hit at the Theatre of Dreams.

The club have had great success with Portuguese players over the years, starting with Ronaldo’s arrival from Sporting Lisbon 18 years ago.

The Juventus star arrived as a replacement for David Beckham and, after taking a little while to adjust to life in England, ended up being a huge hit by propelling them to three straight Premier League titles.

Nani touched down from Sporting in 2007 and, like Ronaldo, enjoyed much success throughout his time at the club.

Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow 'made everyone nervous' says Pirates of the Caribbean director

To date, there have been five Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with the original trilogy being directed by Gore Verbinski. Now the 56-year-old has opened up on the intense filmmaking journey which began with big doubts surrounding first movie The Curse of the Black Pearl and Johnny Depp’s Oscar-nominated performance as Jack Sparrow. While the original’s success led to the director living in “survival mode”, as he raced to meet the back-to-back sequels’ release dates even before the scripts had been written.
Speaking with Collider, Gore said: “I would say that Pirates 1 had an energy to it, which was essentially, ‘You’re crazy’.

“I remember pitching it to [Hans] Zimmer and he said, ‘You’re mad! You’re making a pirate movie? Nobody’s going to see a pirate movie.’”

The reactions were unsurprising given that the last big pirates genre movie Cutthroat Island was the biggest box-office bomb of all time and saw Carolco Pictures close down.

The Pirates of the Caribbean director said of helming The Curse of the Black Pearl: “It was resoundingly, ‘That’s the worst idea ever.’ And there was something exciting about that.”

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Gore continued: “It was so doomed to fail. You’re setting out to go make a genre that literally doesn’t work, or there’s so much historical proof that it will not work.”

Depp’s audacious and eccentric take on Jack Sparrow wasn’t exactly helping calm such nerves either.

The director said: “So, you’re making everybody nervous. The studio’s nervous. Everybody’s nervous about Johnny Depp’s performance. Everybody’s nervous about the story.

“It’s convoluted — they’re returning the treasure, wait they’ve taken the treasure back, they’re cursed? Everything about that had a spirit of madness to it.”

The Pirates director shared: “I was 30 pounds overweight. Literally, there’s no sleep. Zero.

“It was pure survival mode by the time we got to the third one.”

In the end, the work paid off, with Dead Man’s Chest making over $ 1 billion at the box office in 2006 and At World’s End taking $ 961 million a year later.

Gore didn’t return to helm the fourth and fifth films which made over $ 1 billion and $ 794 million respectively.

Interestingly, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy director hasn’t seen On Stranger Tides or Dead Men Tell No Tales (aka Salazar’s Revenge in the UK).

Gore said: “I haven’t gotten around to it, to be honest with you. I have not felt any drive.

“I suppose if they were on TV and I saw one, I would watch it, but I’m very busy working on what’s in front of me… I’m sure I will at some point.”

A sixth Pirates film, a spin-off starring Margot Robbie, is currently in the works at Disney, although Depp is currently not expected to return as Captain Jack.


Tweet for $300K? Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is selling first-ever tweet and the bids are flying in

The first post on Twitter that appeared on its co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey’s account in 2006 is up for sale as an NFT, a nonfungible token. Some social media enthusiasts are ready to spend a fortune on it.

Dorsey’s almost 15-year-old message “just setting up my twttr” attracted whopping offers after he posted a link to a tweets marketplace called Valuables on Friday. The intense bidding war put the Twitter co-founder’s post at $ 363,000 as of Saturday morning (around 8am GMT).

While the sale was announced, at least on Twitter, on Friday, it seems that the tweet was listed on the website weeks ago, as some replies to Dorsey’s tweet linking to Valuables date back to December.

NFTs are a special type of token. Like cryptocurrencies, they operate on a blockchain, but they don’t hold money and serve to show ownership of some other unique assets like art. 

According to Valuables, the highest bidder for the famous post will actually buy “a digital certificate of the tweet.” The website compares such a purchase with owning an autograph on a baseball card, saying that “the NFT itself is the creator’s autograph on the content, making it scarce, unique, and valuable.”
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