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Elvis Presley: ‘Unusual’ aspect of Graceland’s dining room The King kept when he moved in

Elvis Presley famously lived at Graceland from 1957-1977 and made a number of additions and changes to the property including the Jungle Room. The...

Michael Jackson: Lisa Marie Presley kept marriage secret from mother Priscilla Presley

Shortly after Lisa Marie’s divorce from her first husband Danny Keough in 1994, she started a relationship with King of Pop Michael Jackson. The...

Liesbeth Stoeffler, 61, Runner Kept Going by Rare Lung Treatment, Dies

Liesbeth Stoeffler’s doctors had a bold decision to make in 2009. Ms. Stoeffler was on a ventilator and deeply sedated after cystic fibrosis had...

Elvis Presley: Treasured first piece of his music career kept in Gladys’ Graceland bedroom

Back in 1956, Elvis Presley skyrocketed to fame and a year later moved his extended family into the famous Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee....

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