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The Beatles: Pete Best was 'emotionally smashed' after being kicked out of Fab Four

After John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison formed The Beatles 1960 they began looking for some serious gigs to bolster their fame. The first task on their list was to find a drummer – and they didn’t have to look far. Just four days before The Beatles ventured off to Hamburg, Germany to begin their residency at the Kaiserkeller club, they auditioned and hired fellow Liverpool lad Pete Best into the band.

Pete joined the gang in Germany during their legendary residency slot, where The Beatles started their legacy as the greatest band of all time by playing the club nightly for up to eight hours a day.

Pete remained in the band until 1962, when he was kicked out and subsequently replaced by Ringo Starr.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Roag Best – Pete’s brother, and co-owner of the Liverpool Beatles Museum – explained the drummer’s reaction to being removed from the band.

He explained: “They all got to know each other [in Germany] which was what was such a shock for him when they basically said: ‘You’re done.'”

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Pete went on to start another band of his own – The Pete Best Four – before becoming a civil servant for 20 years. In 1988, Pete started The Pete Best Band.

Roag said of his brother: “Pete says himself, he would have loved to have done the whole journey, but it wasn’t what was planned for him.

“Who wouldn’t want to do that whole journey? As he said, he was there for two years and he had an absolute ball. He had a great time.”

Pete’s time in the band came to an end in 1962 just after Brian Epstein signed The Beatles to his label.

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Roag said: “Do you know what I see on social media all the time? ‘Ringo’s a better drummer, Pete is a better drummer.’

“Do you know what? The bottom line is they were both good players. They’ve got different styles.

“I’m sure Ringo could do what Pete was doing and I’m sure Pete could do what Ringo did.”

When pressed on if Pete’s dismissal was in some way political, Roag simply shrugged: “I don’t know.”

In 2020 Pete opened up to The Irish Times about his exit from the band in ’62.

He said: “We were rockers, we were little hardies, we could handle ourselves. But when I got back home and I told my mother what happened, behind the sanctuary of the front door, I cried like a baby.”

On if he had forgiven Sir Paul McCartney, Pete said: “I’ve nothing to forgive him about … they made a decision as young men which was safeguarding their future.

“Okay, it could have been handled better. I was the fall guy for it, I suffered, but I’m not holding them to task over it. If I’d have been in the same situation and I was another member of the band, maybe I’d have been one of the bad guys.”


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Novak Djokovic fans boo as they are kicked out of French Open clash with Matteo Berrettini

Novak Djokovic’s fans were ejected from the French Open and told to ‘respect the players’ with the Serb winning two sets to one against Matteo Berrettini at Roland Garros.

The 5,000 fans dispersed out of the Philippe-Chatrier venue early in the fourth set due to the curfew in Paris, which is 11pm local time.

One fan even had to be given a lengthy talking to by stewards after refusing to move.

Djokovic was two sets up against Berrettini after cruising through the opening stages of the match. Fans inside centre court were told that they would need to leave upon the end of the third set, but it was Berrettini who was victorious to take Djokovic to a fourth set.

A thrilling tiebreaker was won by the world no. 9 after he appeared to be heading towards a straight-sets defeat.

Fans were so entertained that they initially refused to leave. Some boos could be heard from those in attendance.

A few attendees had already dispersed ahead of the official outpouring.

A tannoy announcement at Roland Garros was made close to 11pm local time saying that fans should begin to leave.

It was met by whistles and jeers, with some refusing to depart.

Umpire James Keothavong urged fans: “Respect the players, thank you.”

The 19-year-old sensation Lorenzo Musetti went two sets up against Djokovic before injury took over.

 Musetti limped through the remaining three sets as the 34-year-old breezed past him.

Djokovic won the final three sets dropping just a single game before the Italian retired when 4-0 down in the final set.

But the veteran still had high praise for Musetti, who he has tipped to have a bright future.

“The experience is the best teacher. I wish Musetti all the best,” Djokovic said. 

“We know each other quite well, he’s a nice guy.

“If he keeps going on this way, he will become a top player some day, he has everything.”

Djokovic could face rival Rafael Nadal in the semi-final if he defeats Berrettini.

It would be a repeat of last year’s final, which Nadal won 6-0 6-2 7-5. 

The Spaniard is hoping to win a fifth consecutive French title and a 14th in total. 

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Schoolgirls form human chain to rescue man, 74, kicked into river by yobs

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Ellie Hughes and Khloe Woods, both 14, were walking down the riverbank on Sunday afternoon when they saw two boys running past them. They heard someone screaming for help a few minutes later and were shocked to see the 74-year-old man in the freezing cold water

So the heroic girls made a human chain to get the pensioner out of the River Mersey in Warrington, reports Liverpool Echo.

The man suffered a cut to his face and is traumatised, but the girls have been praised for “saving his life”.

Ellie’s dad Ste Hughes said: “I don’t think they realise how serious it was and what they’ve actually done.

“I said ‘you’ve saved a man’s life’ – I don’t think they realise at that age.

“I’m absolutely bursting with pride I really am.”

Ste said it wasn’t until two days later that Ellie told him what had happened after seeing reports of the incident shared on social media.

Ste added: “The gent was holding on to Khloe who had hold of his hand and our Ellie had hold of Khloe’s hand.

“Why anyone would do that to an elderly man is beyond belief.”

The teenagers wanted to call for an ambulance but the man declined the offer.

His daughter,  Jacinta Bradbury, said she is planning to take the two girls out for coffee and cake at the weekend to say thank you for potentially saving her dad’s life.

Jacinta, a teacher, said: “If they hadn’t stepped in and acted so bravely it could have ended up differently. He potentially owes them his life.  

“I’ve got them on Facebook and I’m going to take them out for coffee and cake this weekend to say thank you.

“What’s important for me is that the boys face the consequences of their actions and it puts the message out that this is absolutely not OK.”

Yesterday a 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of assault and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

While outraged Daily Express readers demanded National Service is brought back for the louts, they also praised the girls for their bravery. 

More than 200 Facebook comments applauded the actions.

Their parents must be very proud of them,” one post reads.

Another Facebook user wrote: “Well done girls, you should be so proud of yourselves, your quick thinking has not only saved an elderly man’s life, but also shown other people that not all teenagers are the same.”

A third reads: “I hope the parents of these girls are immensely proud, you have done an amazing job bringing them up.”

Another message says: “Well done to these girls, good to hear there’s actually still good people in this world.”

Disturbing photographs emerged on Wednesday of one teenage boy appearing to boot the man into the water.

Other sneering youths filmed the violence, a video Daily Express chose not to publish.

Cheshire Police is continuing to investigate and has encouraged further witnesses to come forward on 101 quoting IML  973152.

Most Russian exports have now kicked reliance on US dollar as payment currency

Author: RT
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The share of Russian exports settled in US dollars has dropped below 50%. The decline, recorded in the fourth quarter of 2020, reflects Moscow’s policy of cutting the Russian economy’s reliance on the greenback.

A significant portion of the unprecedented drop in the use of US currency was recorded in trade with China, according to the data revealed by Russia’s central bank on Monday. More than three-quarters of the trade turnover between the countries are now transacted in the euro. The euro’s share in Russia’s total exports jumped more than 10 percentage points to 36%, the data shows.

Also on rt.com US foreign policy undermining reliability of dollar, Russia warns, as Moscow contemplates new rival to Western payment systems

In recent years, Russia and China have decreased dollar transactions in trade in favor of settlements in national currencies. In January, the Russian Embassy in China reported that Moscow and Beijing had managed to ramp up the share of settlements in national currencies to 25% over the previous nine months, compared to a modest two percent recorded in 2014.

Russia has also significantly cut its holdings of US debt in recent years and invested in gold and the euro.

Also on rt.com Russia’s answer to US sanctions is to make its economy more self-sufficient – analysts

According to data published by the US Treasury in March, Russia owns just $ 6.145 billion worth of US government securities. At the same time, the share of Russia’s international reserves held in the US have plummeted to less than 10% from about 30% in 2014, after Washington began imposing sanctions on Moscow.

Multiple rounds of economic penalties that followed along with threats of more sanctions have forced Russia to seek ways to protect its economy by decreasing the role of the greenback in its economy.

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Ex-UFC star Bonnar rants about ‘sheep’, refers to the suffering of Jesus Christ after being kicked out of gym over mask issue

UFC legend Stephen Bonnar has gone on a rant about ‘sheep’ after apparently being kicked out of his gym on his birthday for refusing to wear a facemask properly.

The American, who famously lost to Forrest Griffin in The Ultimate Fighter 1 finale in 2005, claims to be well known to those on the premises in the clip uploaded to social media. 

“[I’ve] been coming to this gym 14 years,” he begins in a clip posted on his Instagram account.

“Getting kicked out on my birthday, ‘cos one of these sheep were complaining that my mask was dropping,” he continues, while showing fitness enthusiasts behind him seemingly minding their own business.

“Well guess what, Sheep?,” he says, revealing an inhaler. “I’ve got a medical exemption. I’ve got asthma.

“I’m doing you a favor by even playing pretend. Masks don’t do anything. Wake up you sheep,” he demanded, turning to the crowd.

Calling those present “tattle tales” and “cowards”, he then finally makes his exit. 

In a message accompanying the clip, Bonnar appeared to compare his suffering to that of Jesus Christ. 

“Easter is a good reminder how Christ, despite being a cool dude, was pretty maligned,” he wrote. 

“When I was 10, I was thrown out of the playhouse at Celebration station for my own bday party for being too tall.

“Here I am 34 years later getting thrown out of the gym for exercising my right to breathe clean air.
That’s consistency!”

Attacked for the outburst, Bonnar was asked by one observer: “Seriously, is stupidity a ‘medical exemption?'”.

“I have asthma and wear a mask eight hours a day, five days a week. I call BS on that excuse,” said another.

“The fact he calls them tattle tales means he knows he doing something wrong and is just mad he got caught. It also means he argues like a kindergartner,” came one critic of Bonnar’s maturity.

“I wish they’d all baaaaa’d at him as he left, just to p*ss him off. Poor baby,” mocked someone else.

Various users, while still critical, worried that Bonnar perhaps received “too many blows to the head” during his time in the UFC.

Someone at least fought his corner by questioning how he was meant to work out with a mask on. 
Also on rt.com ‘Wake up you fools!’: UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar laments death of free speech as Parler removed from App Store
This is the second time in recent months that Bonnar has been in the headlines for such behavior. 

In January, he told called his fellow citizens “fools” and told them to “wake up” while lamenting the death of free speech, as Parler was removed from the App Store. 


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Bare-faced cheek: MMA pin-up Pearl Gonzalez ‘kicked out of gym’ for revealing THONG during weights workout stunt

Invicta MMA temptress Pearl Gonzalez claimed a cheeky workout pose led to her getting “kicked out of the gym” after the former UFC fighter revealed her underwear during a weights routine with a difference.

Former UFC strawweight Gonzalez shared footage on Instagram of herself bending over while pumping the dumbbells at the gym, then pulling her sports leggings down to reveal a pale-blue thong as she wiggled her backside for the camera while laughing.

But the bare-faced stunt could have backfired as Gonzalez, nicknamed ‘The Chi-Town Princess’, wrote that she had “got kicked outta the gym” and asked if anyone needed a new workout partner.

The 34-year-old Invicta FC brawler later appeared to make peace with the gym authorities as she shared a clip on Instagram Stories of herself on the treadmill, excitedly saying “they let me back in guys.”

The saucy stunt seems to have been a plug for Gonzalez’s ‘Pearl’s Paradise’ website, where she shares content for fans.

“Are you aiming for porn star? MMA fighter star? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter as long as they tap out?” joked one fan commenting on the video.

The Illinois-born fighter – who boasts a 10-5 record inside the cage – has a reputation for stripping off for fans.

At the start of this year, Gonzalez said she was recovering from a grappling contest defeat by wrapping herself in fruit roll-ups.
Also on rt.com Good enough to eat: Ex-UFC stunner Pearl Gonzalez wraps naked body in fruit roll-ups as she recovers from grappling loss (PHOTOS)
Took an ‘L’ last night on #SUG and my homie told me I needed to do something crazy like wrap my naked body in fruit roll ups to take it off my mind. I told him that was the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard,” Gonzalez wrote alongside images of herself with her modesty barely covered.

Gonzalez, who trains at 10th Planet in San Diego, was last in MMA action in February of 2020, when suffered a unanimous decision defeat at Invicta FC 39 to rising prospect Miranda Maverick, who has since made the switch to the UFC.

Gonzalez herself was famously almost denied the opportunity to make her UFC debut back in 2017, after commission officials in New York felt her breast implants were too unsafe.

However, she was later cleared to compete, falling to defeat to Cynthia Calvillo.

Gonzalez was released by the UFC after losing her second octagon bout to Poliana Botelho at UFC 216, but has since won four out of her six contests with Invicta.


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‘He’s two years old’: Furious ex-UFC champ Garbrandt ‘kicked off US flight because of facemask issue with young son’

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has posted angry videos to social media claiming he and his two-year-old son were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because of a facemask issue involving the youngster.

Garbrandt shared two clips on Instagram on Thursday showing the incident, in the first of which the fighter accuses a flight attendant of hiding in the airplane bathroom as a row over the facemask unfolds. 

“Are you going to hide in there?” Garbrandt is heard saying, before repeating “two years old, two years old” as he is asked to turn his phone off.

“F*ck @southwestair got kicked off because my 2 year old son wouldn’t put his mask over his face. This coward flight attendant hid his b*tch ** in the bathroom,” the furious fighter wrote alongside the clip.

In a second short clip, which appeared to show Garbrandt being ushered off the plane, he filmed the cockpit where the two captains were seen without masks.

“Kicking a two-year-old off a plane ride but your captains aren’t wearing their masks, while we all are full capacity sharing the same air! What a joke,” the fighter wrote, tagging the airline.

Commenting through a spokesperson to US outlet MMA Junkie, the airline outlined its rules on travel during the pandemic, stating: “We regret this family experienced any inconvenience during their travel.

“However, federal law requires Southwest to ensure every person age 2 and over to wear a mask at all times throughout a flight, including during boarding and deplaning.

“In this situation, the customers opted not to fly on Southwest, and they were offered a full refund of their tickets.”

On his Instagram stories, Garbrandt later shared picture of his son asleep in the back of a car, with the caption: “Poor kid just wanted to go see his family.”  

‘No Love’ Garbrandt contracted Covid-19 in October of last year, and later detailed the lingering effects he had suffered from the virus. 

The 29-year-old had targeted a showdown with reigning flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo for later this year, although that prospect remains up in the air. 

The contest had originally been scheduled for UFC 255 on November 21 in Las Vegas before Garbrandt was forced to pull out.  

The Ohio native boasts a 12-3 pro record, and returned to winning ways against Raphael Assuncao in his last bout in June, which reversed a three-fight losing streak.  


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