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Oromoon Celebrates the Summer of Love with ‘Friendship Mode’ Launch at Soho House New York

Oromoon x Soho House New York launch an exclusive event with personalized astrology readings.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Oromoon, the astrology dating app with a mission to elevate confidence and spirituality in the age of uncertainty, expanded beyond dating and launched an astrology-inspired friendship mode today.

“We launched friendship mode because we witnessed a growing demand from Millennials and Gen Z interested in our app, specifically for platonic relationships.” Founder and CEO Stephanie Whaley Vinitwatanakhun explains, “It’s gotten increasingly difficult to find friends as adults, especially if you’re already in a committed relationship. We want to make Oromoon a safe and welcoming place to form all kinds of meaningful relationships, utilizing astrology as the foundation.”

Now more than ever, individuals are eager to make new connections and create deeper intimacy after a year of isolation and social distancing. Oromoon’s team is fostering a safe community where Users feel inspired and connected both on and off the platform. Their aim is to serve as a conduit to facilitate and nurture collective soul-care. With the stars as their guide, Oromoon incorporates spiritual elements and positive awareness into the process, which is where traditional dating apps fall short. During this exclusive astrology event, Soho House members will have an opportunity to experience Oromoon’s mindful mission with 1:1 personalized astrology readings by the Founder and CEO herself. Whaley will be analyzing individuals’ personal horoscopes, birth chart, compatibility, and much more.

The app is now available for iOS in the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Ukraine, and England. Friends or Lovers? The choice is yours. Join and explore Oromoon’s Galaxy by downloading the app here:


Launched in March 2021 by Stephanie Whaley Vinitwatanakhun, Oromoon is an astrology dating app rooted in the art of awareness, with a mission to elevate confidence and spirituality in an age of uncertainty. The platform features tools that address one’s emotional, psychological, and physical needs. Oromoon translates your unique birth chart and pairs you with the most compatible matches through conscious dating efforts and mindful introspection.

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‘Absolutely brilliant!’ Co-op to launch new ‘extensive’ scheme in 1,500 stores

Supermarkets across the country are doing their bit to help the environment by reducing plastic. Co-op has announced it will roll out a new plastic recycling scheme to thousands of its UK stores

The food retailer has estimated that up to 300 tonnes of plastic bags and food wrapping could be recycled once the bins are in place in all stores.

The new initiative comes after a trial of the recycling points in 50 stores last year.

With 86 percent of shoppers saying they were likely to use the service, the trial proved to be successful.

Co-op explained that, once recycled, the material on the bags and packaging will be turned into granules which are then made into other products.

“This will not only prevent unnecessary waste but also reduce plastic pollution.

“By offering a simple and convenient solution to an everyday issue, we believe we can help communities to make small changes, that together will add up to a big difference for our environment.”

Helen Bird, Strategic Technical Manager from WRAP, added: “There’s no doubt that unnecessary plastic needs to be reduced; including bags and wrapping which is a fifth of all consumer plastic packaging.

“However, where it is necessary it is urgent to design it for recycling and ensure recycling systems are in place.

“It’s great to see the roll out of collections across Co-op’s stores significantly contributing to the goal of The UK Plastics Pact for all plastic packaging to be recyclable by 2025.

“Not only is the Co-op ensuring that the service is widely promoted, it is processing the material within the UK, demonstrating how we can build back better for the economy and environment.”

Co-op customers have already shared their opinions of the scheme on social media, with many expressing their delight at the news.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely brilliant!”

Another shopper said: “That’s awesome guys.”

One person commented: “Fantastic, thank you so much.”

Another customer added: “You’re going to need a much bigger bin! But good news!”

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ScooTours: London’s first ever e-scooter guided tour announces launch date

Dott is the leading European micro-mobility operator that offers riders off-beaten track tourguides around eccentric and historic landmarks within popular city destinations.The Dutch-French e-scooter company has e-scooters available in around 20 European countries including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland.

Riding around London’s eco-friendly toue route will cost £35, including the £10 rental fee for the Dott e-scooter, helmet and high-vis jacket.

Participants must also be over 18 years old and have a valid driving licence to ride a Dott scooter.

A spokesperson for ScooTours said: “The Hidden London Tour provides an interesting, alternative look at London’s history.

“And it also creates the perfect setting to ride an e-scooter, potentially for the first time. After the tour, you can enjoy the opportunity to continue riding your e-scooter and keep exploring!”

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Author: Hannah Hastings
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North Carolina, more than 30 states launch suit against Google over app store

Dozens of states – including North Carolina – are taking aim at Google in an escalating legal offensive on Big Tech.

This time, attorneys general for 36 states and the District of Columbia have filed a lawsuit targeting Google’s Play store, where consumers download apps designed for the Android software that powers most of the world’s smartphones.

“No matter how big a company is, it has to play by the rules,” said Attorney General Josh Stein in a statement. “Google isn’t. It is using its monopoly power to cut off competition and increase its power and profits at the expense of North Carolina consumers by forcing Google Play Store customers to overpay for apps. I will continue to fight on behalf of millions of North Carolina consumers for a marketplace that encourages competition and innovation at a fair price.”

The 144-page complaint filed late Wednesday in a Northern California federal court represents the fourth major antitrust lawsuit filed against Google by government agencies across the U.S. since last October.

The lawsuit also comes against a backdrop of proposed laws in Congress tailored to either break up or undermine the power amassed by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. The four have built trillion-dollar empires fueled by the immense popularity of services that people have become increasingly dependent upon.

“Epic Games to amend complaint in lawsuit against Google”

Much of the latest lawsuit echoes similar allegations that mobile game maker Epic Games made against both Google and Apple, which runs a separate app store exclusively for iPhones, in cases brought last August.

Just as Epic did, the states’ lawsuit focuses primarily on the control Google exerts on its app store so it can collect commissions of up to 30% on digital transactions within apps installed on smartphones running on Android. Those devices represent more than 80% of the worldwide smartphone market.

Major points in suit

The lawsuit alleges that Google:

  • Broke its promise to app developers and device manufacturers that it would keep Android “open source,” allowing developers to create compatible apps and distribute them without unnecessary restrictions, but did not keep that promise. Google has not allowed Android to be “open source” for many years, effectively cutting off potential competition.
  • Imposes technical barriers that strongly discourage or effectively prevent third-party app developers from distributing apps outside the Google Play Store.
  • Forces Google’s proprietary apps to be “pre-loaded” on essentially all devices designed to run on the Android OS, which cuts off potential competition.
  • Forces app developers and app users alike to use Google’s payment processing service, Google Play Billing, to process payments for in-app purchases of content consumed within the app. By requiring this, Google is able to extract an exorbitant processing fee as high as 30 percent for each transaction, which is more than 10 times as high as the fee charged by Google’s competitors.

Source: NC AG office

A high-profile trial pitting Epic — the maker of the widely played Fortnite video game — against Apple concluded in late May. A decision from the federal judge who presided over the month-long proceedings is expected later this summer. Epic’s lawsuit against Google is still awaiting trial.

Although its app commissions are similar to Apple’s, Google has tried to distinguish itself by allowing consumers to download apps from other places than its Play store. Apple, in contrast, doesn’t allow iPhone users to install apps from any other outlet than its store.

But the lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges Google’s claims that its Android software is an open operating system that allows consumers more choices is a sham.

The complaint contends Google has deployed various tactics and set up anticompetitive barriers to ensure it distributes more than 90% of the apps on Android devices — a market share that the attorneys general argue represents an illegal monopoly. What’s more, the lawsuit alleges Google has been abusing that power to reap billions of dollars in profit at the expense of consumers who wind up paying higher prices to subsidize the commissions, and the makers of apps who have less money and incentive to innovate.

“Google’s monopoly is a menace to the marketplace,” said Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, who is leading the lawsuit along with his peers in New York, Tennessee and North Carolina. “Google Play is not fair play. Google must be held accountable for harming small businesses and consumers.”

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for a lawsuit, but it has adamantly defended the way it runs its Play store in its response to the Epic lawsuit and in other instances.

The Mountain View, California, company also is fighting the three other lawsuits that were filed against it last year, including a landmark case brought by the U.S. Justice Department. Those cases are focused on alleged abuses of Google’s dominant search engine and its digital ad network that generates more than $ 100 billion in annual revenue for its corporate parent, Alphabet Inc.

As the scrutiny on their app stores has intensified, both Apple and Google have been taking conciliatory steps. Most notably, both have lowered their commissions to 15% on the first $ 1 million in revenue collected by app makers — a reduction that covers most apps in their respective stores.

But those measures haven’t lessened the heat on any of the major tech companies, nor should they, said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, who chairs a subcommittee that oversees antitrust issues.

“This is exactly the type of aggressive antitrust enforcement that we need to rein in the power of big tech and address America’s monopoly problem,” she said in a statement.

But fighting Big Tech won’t be easy. Besides being able to spend heavily to lobby for their positions, the companies also contend they have the law on their side. Facebook, for instance, scored a major victory last week when a federal judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit against the social media company by the Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of states on the grounds that they hadn’t submitted enough evidence to back their monopoly allegations.

Other states participating in the suit are: New York, Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

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UK Republicans Launch Billboard Campaign Against Prince Charles’ Succession

UK Republicans Launch Billboard Campaign Against Prince Charles©

Republic commissioned a recent documentary arguing against Prince Charles’ succession to the British crown, citing his record as a landlord on his huge Duchy of Cornwall estate and his frequent forays into politics.

A British anti-monarchy group has launched a crowd-funding appeal for a new billboard campaign against the royal family.

Pressure group Republic has so far raised over £14,000 of its £30,000 target for a series of poster adverts around the country, scheduled to go up in a fortnight.

The campaign, launched on Tuesday, comes just three months after the death of Prince Philip, the husband of reigning Queen Elizabeth II, which prompted an international outpouring of sympathy for the royal family.

It continues a recent a series of attacks by Republic on heir apparent Prince Charles’ fitness to serve as a monarch.

“This decade will almost certainly see the succession of King Charles ​and the end of the Queen’s reign, and that succession can’t go unchallenged” Republic CEO Graham Smith said.

“With attitudes shifting, especially among younger people, this big change is going to spark a huge debate,” Smith added. “I want to make sure everyone knows there is a democratic alternative rather than sitting back and letting Chalres take the top job.”

​Mocked-up images of the proposed billboards read “No man should be king” beside images of the heir or the crown. Another shows Charles’ controversial brother Prince Andrew, reading “Wanted: a democratic alternative to the monarchy”. Andrew has refused requests to travel to the US and answer questions about his relationship with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

But the billboards avoid criticising the more popular royals like the reigning Queen, her grandson and second-in-line to the throne Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge — widely seen as the next long-serving king and queen.

Republic, originally founded in 1983, says it has over 80,000 supporters — and claims an estimated 10-12 million Britons support its aim of abolishing the monarchy. A recent documentary commissioned by the group makes the case against Charles’ succession to the throne, citing his record as a landlord on his huge Duchy of Cornwall estate and his frequent forays into politics.

However, the British state has at several points in history removed or sidelined problematic monarchs, whether through the imposition of a regency, Parliamentary acts of succession to appoint a new heir or even more extreme solutions like the 1649 execution of King Charles I by beheading for treason.

England, Scotland and Ireland were then briefly ruled as a republican commonwealth until 1660, with Oliver Cromwell reigning as Lord Protector in place of a king for five of those years. Charles I’s son James II was also deposed by Parliamentary forces led by his son-in-law Prince William of Orange in 1688.

In May Republic was forced to apologise after making accusations to the Charity Commission in June 2020 about a transfer of funds from the The Royal Foundation Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new MWX Foundation and the prince’s “sustainable tourism” initiative Travalyst.

“We falsely claimed that the transfer of funds from The Royal Foundation to Sussex Royal and to Travalyst was improper and likely to be unlawful,” the group said in a statement.

The queen also reigns as monarch of 15 former British colonies around the world, including Canada, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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Down’s Syndrome protester launch court fight over abortion law

Heidi Crowter, 26, is bringing legal action over a ruling that allows the abortion of babies with the condition up until birth. She is fighting the Department of Health and Social Care in the hope of removing a section of the Abortion Act she believes to be an “instance of inequality”. Ms Crowter, from Coventry, said: “I am someone who has Down’s syndrome and I find it extremely offensive that a law doesn’t respect my life, and I won’t stand for it. “I want to change the law and I want to challenge people’s perception of Down’s syndrome. I want them to look at me and say, ‘This is just a normal person.’

“That’s what this is about. It’s about telling people that we’re just humans with feelings.”

In England, Wales and Scotland there is a 24-week time limit on having an abortion.

But terminations can be allowed up until birth if there is “a substantial risk that if the child were born it would suffer from such physical or mental ­abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped”, which includes Down’s syndrome.

At a two-day High Court hearing that began yesterday, lawyers on behalf of Ms Crowter argued the law is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, and therefore unlawfully discriminatory.

A demonstration was held ­outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London ahead of the landmark case, during which ­dozens of people held banners, some of which read: “Love doesn’t count chromosomes.” 

Maire Lea-Wilson, 33, whose son Aidan has Down’s syndrome, is also bringing the case. She said: “I was 34 weeks pregnant when I discovered Aidan had Down’s syndrome, and I was asked if ­ I wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

“I want Aidan to grow up knowing he’s not someone people have to cope with. He’s not a burden to society, he is a wonderful human being in his own right.

“I want the law to change ­ so that the rules for a typical baby apply for those with Down’s syndrome.”

The Government said the case should be dismissed on the grounds there is no evidence of a connection between the law and discrimination against those with Down’s syndrome, and that it does not constitute “negative stereotyping”.

A spokesman said: “The Government is deeply committed to eliminating disability discrimination. There is a broad range of measures in domestic law which are aimed at disability discrimination and advancing equality of opportunity.”

It is expected the court will give its ruling at a later date.

Author: Hanna Geissler
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Fallout 76 update time: Steel Reign release date and patch notes before expansion launch

Bethesda has big plans for Fallout 76: Steel Reign, including the final chapter in the Brotherhood of Steel story.

From what has been shared so far, gamers can expect new quests and a new Legendary Crafting system, which will allow fans to turn normal weapons, Armor and Power Armor, into Legendary items.

A big part of this will be Legendary Cores, which you will use alongside Legendary Modules to make changes to your items.

Legendary Cores can be earned by completing Seasonal Events, Public Events, and Daily Ops.

Bethesda has also confirmed that Wasteland survivors will upgrade Power Armor pieces by visiting Power Armor Stations.

While Legendary Crafting is a big part of Steel Reign, there will be story aspects and quests to discover, with Bethesda telling fans:

“In Steel Dawn, we met the members of the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. Through our journey, we discovered that some members had disagreements with how the Appalachian chapter should be run.

“In a thrilling conclusion, all disagreements had to be set aside in order to team up against one common enemy.

“However, the issue of how to run the Appalachian chapter still remains and cannot be ignored. Your choices from Steel Dawn will impact this final chapter.

“In Steel Reign, you’ll explore new areas in locations such as the Uncanny Caverns, West Tek, AMS HQ and more. Earn new rewards such as the Face Breaker Power Fist, Mercenary Outfit, Brotherhood Civvies, Cryogenic Bed, and Hellcat Power Armor. You’ll also see some new and familiar faces during your journey.”

Here are some of the other details about what is coming during July in Fallout 76:

  • Legendary Cores- Craft all-new Legendary gear from Power Armor to Weapons using Legendary Cores
  • Power Armor Displays- Show off your favourite Power Armor skins to everyone that visits your C.A.M.P.
  • Power Armor Skins- Give into the MIND Collective and sport a unified look with new Power Armor Paints.
  • Weapons Skins- Melt your enemies with the Valorous Alistair Gatling Plasma skin or slice them down with Alistair’s Sword.
  • C.A.M.P. Objects- No more cleaning your clothes in the river, claim the Washer and Dryer set for your humble abode.
  • Red Rocket Collectron- Complete your garage with the Red Rocket Collectron, who will tirelessly search the Wasteland for auto parts.


According to developers Bethesda, the Fallout 76 Steel Reign update will be going live after maintenance which starts at 3pm BST.

For gamers in the United States, the same maintenance will begin at 10am EDT across PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

We don’t have an exact time for when Fallout 76 Steel Reign will be playable but we would expect servers to be back online by 7pm BST.

More news is expected to be shared by Bethesda during the Fallout 76 maintenance period, including how long the downtime will continue.

Here are a few changes that Bethesda has also confirmed for Fallout 76 this week:

Aristocrat’s (New): Damage increases as caps increase. Maximum +50% damage at 29,000 caps.

Assassin’s (Updated): Increased damage vs. Humans from +10% to +50%.

Enhanced VATS (Updated): Increased the VATS hit chance from +33% to +50%.

Gourmand’s (New): Damage increases as you fill your hunger and thirst meters. Maximum of +24% damage.

Juggernaut’s (New): Damage increases as Health increases. Maximum of +25% damage at 95% health or above.

Last Shot (New): The final round in a magazine has a 25% chance to deal twice as much damage.

Mutant’s (Updated): Damage now increases by +5% per Mutation that affects the character, up to a maximum of +25%.

Overeater’s (New): Increases Damage Reduction up to +6% as you fill your hunger and thirst meters.

Suppressor’s (Updated): Damage reduction applied to the target has been buffed from 20% for 3 seconds to 25% for 5 seconds.

Author: Gary Jones
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Xbox and Nike Launch Exclusive Space Jam: A New Legacy Bundle on Nike SNKRS App

After many months collaborating with Warner Bros. and Nike, Xbox is excited to officially unveil an exclusive “Space Jam: A New Legacy” feature film-inspired Xbox Wireless Controller and sneaker bundle. Launching in the Nike SNKRS app in North America on July 15, the bundle includes a Road Runner vs Wile E. Coyote Nike LeBron 18 Low and – for the first time ever on the Nike SNKRS app – an exclusive Road Runner vs Wile E. Coyote Xbox Wireless Controller. This special release duo features a design inspired by the classic and relentless Looney Tunes chase between the crafty Wile E. Coyote and the ever-elusive Road Runner.

Exclusive Space Jam: A New Legacy Bundle

Taking inspiration from Wile E, Road Runner and the LeBron 18 Lows, the Xbox design team set out to tell a deeper story and bring together the controller and sneakers in a scene representative of the classic Looney Tunes rivalry.

Nike Senior Designer of Footwear Jason Petrie brought to life each of the beloved Looney Tunes with the LeBron 18 Lows. The left shoe represents Wile E. in earth tones with a Nike logo that looks like an ACME contraption set to trap Road Runner, while the right shoe features Road Runner blue tones with a touch of yellow and a Nike logo enveloped in dust clouds.

Exclusive Space Jam: A New Legacy Bundle

The controller brings elements of each shoe together and is the aftermath of a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner encounter. For the lucky ones that get the product collection, they’ll be able to see up-close the chaotic scene with dust clouds of the Road Runner settling as he speeds across the controller and the many cobbled contraptions of Wile E Coyote’s foiled attempts. The controller seamlessly blends the relationship between the shoes and characters, completing the story while living up to the unique expression of the LeBron 18 Lows.

We also made sure all details on the controller hinted to details on the LeBron 18 Lows. The Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote Xbox Wireless Controller has a textured grip and a hybrid D-pad—which perfectly integrates the iconic ACME logo. On the sides of the controller, fans will notice the memorable phrases of “Yeeow!” and “Beep! Beep!” highlighting the physical humor of the Wile E. and Road Runner.

Exclusive Space Jam: A New Legacy Bundle

To get fully immersed in the world of Looney Tunes, test the new Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote controller on Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game, the official film-inspired arcade-style video game launching exclusively into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks today and available free-to-play for all fans through the Microsoft Store on July 15. Xbox also recently announced three controllers inspired by the Tune Squad, Good Squad, and the Warner Bros. Serververse from “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” available for retail purchase on July 8 in North America. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the SNKRS app and stay tuned for the official bundle drop on July 15.

About “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

Welcome to the Jam! “Space Jam: A New Legacy” stars LeBron James and is from director Malcolm D. Lee and the innovative filmmaking team that includes Ryan Coogler and Maverick Carter. This transformational journey is a manic mashup of two worlds that reveals just how far some parents will go to connect with their kids. When LeBron and his young son Dom are trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., LeBron must get them home safe by leading Bugs, Lola Bunny and the whole gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes to victory over the A.I.’s digitized champions on the court: a powered-up roster of professional basketball stars as you’ve never seen them before. It’s Tunes versus Goons in the highest-stakes challenge of his life, that will redefine LeBron’s bond with his son and shine a light on the power of being yourself. The ready-for-action Tunes destroy convention, supercharge their unique talents and surprise even “King” James by playing the game their own way.

James stars alongside Don Cheadle, Khris Davis, Sonequa Martin-Green, newcomer Cedric Joe, Jeff Bergman, Eric Bauza, and Zendaya. Lee directs from a screenplay by Juel Taylor & Tony Rettenmaier & Keenan Coogler & Terence Nance and Jesse Gordon and Celeste Ballard, story by Juel Taylor & Tony Rettenmaier & Keenan Coogler & Terence Nance and Terence Nance.  Based on Space Jam, written by Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick and Timothy Harris & Herschel Weingrod. The film’s producers are Ryan Coogler, LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Duncan Henderson, and the executive producers are Sev Ohanian, Zinzi Coogler, Allison Abbate, Jesse Ehrman, Jamal Henderson, Spencer Beighley, Justin Lin, Terence Nance and Ivan Reitman.

Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a Proximity/The SpringHill Company Production, a Malcolm D. Lee Film, “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It will be released in theaters nationwide on July 16, 2021 and will be available in the U.S. on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release.

For information on Space Jam: A New Legacy, visit https://www.spacejam.com/.

Author: Elliott Hsu, Xbox Principal Designer
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Escape from Tarkov Wipe: Update 12.11 launch time patch notes news

Escape from Tarkov Wipe
Escape from Tarkov wipe date revealed (Image: BATTLESTATE GAMES)


The Escape from Tarkov wipe has been completed and gamers are now waiting to read through the full EFT patch notes from Battlestate Games.

However, the development team has warned that the official changelog will be shared at a later time, with Battlestate hoping that gamers will go out and discover the biggest changes by themselves.




Developers Battlestate Games has confirmed that today’s Escape from Tarkov wipe will begin at around 8am BST with server downtime, which is scheduled to last four hours.

This means that Escape from Tarkov patch 12.11 will be available to download and play at around midday in the UK, and 4am PDT in the United States.

A message from Battlestate explains: “Tomorrow, June 30 at 10:00 MSK, we plan to start installing patch 0.12.11. The installation will take approximately 4 hours, but maybe extended if necessary.”


The long-awaited Escape from Tarkov wipe date has been confirmed for this week, and gamers only have a short countdown to follow until everything kicks off.

Having been months since the last one, fans are now preparing for the big server event, and while we know more about what is being planned, much remains unconfirmed at this point.

Battlestate Games has been sharing Tarkov news via a series of different messages that have been posted over the previous week as part of in-game bulletins and regional reports.

The only official news shared via the Battlestate Games Twitter page is that a new patch is being released, and this will be accompanied by a Tarkov wipe, with the dev team telling fans: “There will be a wipe with patch 0.12.11.”

One message shared via the Tarkov servers reads: “To the head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Norvinsk Region REPORT on the results of the operation in the subordinate zone During the second reconnaissance operation inside the perimeter, the task force discovered the remains of the first team that had stopped communicating the day before.

“Opened secure Gamma-class containers were found among the bodies. The investigation revealed that the group was ambushed by unknown assailants.

“The enemy used tools to open the personal secure containers of our fighters and gain access to the contents. It is necessary to carry out work on changing the callsigns of active units in the zone.

“I also recommend that you pay special attention to the available containers to ensure the safety of the information available to the operatives in the blocked territories on June 27).”

Escape from Tarkov: Gameplay trailer for ‘Battle in the Streets’


While we now know that an Escape From Tarkov wipe is being prepared for this week, there is still plenty of news to be shared.

We know that a new patch is being released which will be part of the wipe, but we don’t know exactly what it will contain.

Battlestate Games are expected to share a full list of changes on release day, or just after the next wipe has begun.

Meanwhile, the Escape from Tarkov wipe date has been set for Wednesday, June 30, 2021, on PC.

The Escape from Tarkov wipe time has not been shared on social media yet but is expected to happen in the morning, Moscow Time.


This is due to Battlestate Games being based in Russia. The Escape from Tarkov wipe time is expected to start at around 8am BST, or 10am MSK.

However, it should be noted that another teaser has suggested a much earlier time of 2am BST, so it will be worth checking out the latest news from Battlestate Games as we get closer to the Tarkov wipe.

Traditionally, Escape from Tarkov character wipe includes losing levels and trader rep, as well as stash progress.

And there is usually a new update or small patch released that includes some important changes to the game, including new content and weapon rebalancing.

So expect plenty more chatter from fans until we hear what is being planned for the next Escape from Tarkov wipe.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

WoW Shadowlands 9.1 release time and Chains of Domination launch date news

Blizzard has confirmed that the next big World of Warcraft event is hitting North American servers later today.

The release of WoW Shadowlands 9.1 heralds the launch of the expansion’s first major update, with fans eagerly pouring over the patch notes to find out what’s coming next.

The good news is that Blizzard has been preparing for such an event, and are promising to add a new Raid and mega dungeons as part of this week’s update.

Flying is also coming to most of the Shadowlands, which should make it that bit easier to explore all the new areas, like the City of Secrets.

“As part of his ongoing schemes, the Jailer has located a long-lost domain of the Shadowlands—Korthia, the City of Secrets—and dragged it from the hidden byways of the In-Between into the Maw,” a message from Blizzard reveals.

“In this new area, you’ll team up with the covenants under a unified banner to fight against the endless forces of the Jailer, and work to uncover what obscurities he seeks in this forgotten realm.”

This will mean completing quests offered by daily visitors from the covenants and earning reputation for the new Death’s Advance faction and reputation from visitor’s associated covenant.

More details regarding the new Sanctum of Domination raid and mega-dungeon at the bottom of this article.


Blizzard has confirmed that the WoW Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination release date has been set for June 29 in North America and June 30 in Europe.

And from what has been shared on the official Battle Net message boards, it appears that the WoW Shadowlands 9.1 release time has been set for after 3pm PDT on June 29, in North America.

For gamers in Europe, the same patch will be launched after 10am BST on June 30, according to the released schedule.

This is based on Blizzard server downtime, meaning that if maintenance is extended, the new patch will launch later in the day.

WoW Shadowlands servers are scheduled to be down for eight hours on June 29, starting at 7am PDT.

Any delays to this schedule will be shared via Blizzard social media platforms.

More news regarding this week’s WoW Shadowlands 9.1 release date can be found below:


Gather your party and discover exotic wares and strange creatures in the new eight-boss Mythic difficulty mega-dungeon: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. Set in a bazaar of the mysterious brokers, you’ll face off against dastardly assassins, four-armed broker guards, an infinite pirate dragon, and other enemies as you chase down a wayward broker before she can unleash the might of a stolen artifact to realize her own designs.

This Mythic-only instance can reward players with loot coveted by broker society—including a dazzling assortment of weaponry, otherworldly pets, and a mount.

To gain access to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market you’ll complete a short series of quests beginning with the Innkeeper, Host Ta’rela, in The Idyllia section of Oribos. In “The All’ey Cat of Oribos” you’ll be asked to meet up with a mysterious contact named Al’dalil who will introduce you to the world of the cartels, their complicated relationships, and their propensity for ingenious wordplay. He’ll act as your guide from time to time as you make your way through the dungeon.


For eons the Jailer was bound within The Maw. Now, his endless armies gather as he prepares to enact the final stage of his grand design. In the face of annihilation, Bolvar marshals his last remaining allies to charge into the heart of Torghast and confront the Jailer where he is most powerful.

Breach the Sanctum of Domination and slay the formidable servants of Sylvanas and the Banished One in the epic new raid opening with Season 2.

Empower your gear with Shards of Domination, a new type of powerful gem looted from the bosses lurking within Sanctum of Domination. These remnants of the Runecarver’s work have long augmented the Jailer’s armaments, but now you can seize them for yourself and turn the tables on the Banished One. Shards exude three different types of runic magic: Blood, Frost, and Unholy. These ghastly gems can be socketed into gear with Domination sockets, enhancing your characters’ damage, mitigation, or healing abilities.

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