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Zahawi issues warning on flu this winter ‘we’re launching mass vaccination programme’

According to the Vaccines Minister, the Government is “planning a large-scale flu vaccination programme” to counter the threat.

The problem is particularly acute this winter time “because there has not been much flu circulating in communities because of the lockdown”, warned Mr Zahawi.

We’re making big plans to boost the antibody and T-cell protection of the most vulnerable in September and protect them against flu.”

The multi-pronged approach is to tackle both coronavirus and flu head-on, explained Mr Zahawi.

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Square Enix Reveals New Bravely Default Game, But It’s Only Launching On Mobile

The good news? A brand new Bravely Default game has just been announced. The not so good news? It won’t be coming to Switch.

Square Enix has today unveiled Bravely Default Brilliant Lights, a new entry in the series currently in development for Android and iOS devices. A trailer has been released to give us our first tease of things to come – it’s in Japanese, but you can give it a watch up above.

According to Siliconera, Brilliant Lights will feature turn-based combat and a gacha system, the former of which is shown off throughout the trailer. Characters from past games in the series will make an appearance, and original Bravely Default writer Keiichi Ajiro has been confirmed to be involved with the project.

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights

Incidentally, accompanying Brilliant Lights’ reveal is the news that the Bravely series has now shipped more than three million units worldwide, factoring in both physical and digital sales.

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WhatsApp moves step closer to launching Snapchat-like view once messages

WhatsApp is once again taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s books. Last year the Facebook-owned chat app released its highly anticipated disappearing messages feature. Snapchat users have long enjoyed this type of ephemeral messages – but WhatsApp’s take on the feature had messages sticking around for longer.

Whereas most messages in Snapchat are viewed once and then disappear, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages stuck around for seven days – even after they had been viewed.

If you were sending something sensitive over WhatsApp, and want it automatically deleted ASAP, that’s probably longer than you’d like for the messages to stick around.

Thankfully though, WhatsApp looks to be addressing this issue.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has added a new feature called Expiring Media.

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This lets WhatsApp users send photos or videos that once viewed immediately disappear from the chat after you close it.

The feature is available to all Android beta testers right now, which means a release date for the general public could be round the corner.

The latest beta build for WhatsApp Android has also revealed a few other interesting details about the Expiring Media feature.

If you send someone a photo or video that is meant to be viewed once on WhatsApp, you’ll get a notification when they’ve opened it.

You will also be able to send view once messages to people that haven’t enabled the Expiring Media option, with the feature still working for them.

View once messages can also be sent to groups, and you’ll be able to see who has opened it in the Message info section.

However, be warned – if you have blocked contacts in a group that you send an Expiring Media message to they’ll still be able to view it.

And just because WhatsApp is introducing this feature, it doesn’t mean there’s no way users will be able to capture whatever is sent.

As WABetaInfo explained in a post online, WhatsApp users who are sent a view once message can still take screengrabs of a photo or video that is sent over.

They can even take video captures of an Expiring Media clip that is pinged across to them.

And if they do take a screenshot or capture video you’ll have no way of knowing as screenshot detection isn’t available in WhatsApp.

So you’ll still need to be careful when it comes to what photos or videos you send across, and who to – even when using the inbound Expiring Media functionality.

The view once messages are an extension of the disappearing messages suite of functionality WhatsApp introduced in 2020.

Author: Dion Dassanayake
This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech

Don't buy a new Android phone! Something even better is launching soon

“Snapdragon is synonymous with premium Android experiences. Our latest flagship Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G Mobile Platform will help deliver the premium entertainment, connectivity, and gaming experiences users deserve,” said Christopher Patrick, senior vice president and general manager, mobile handset business, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We’re excited to see OEMs launch with products based on our highest performing platform.”

Although this new chip has only just been revealed, a number of firms including Motorola, Xiaomi, ASUS and HONOR have already committed to using it.

“As part of our portfolio, the Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G Mobile Platform will support us on our mission to continue delivering smarter technology for all,” said Sergio Buniac, president, Motorola Mobility. “The Snapdragon 888 Plus will help us bring the most significant performance and 5G speeds to our consumers.”

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Prepare For Survival Platforming With Residual, Launching Later This Year

Games are often about one simple rule: Don’t Die. But none more so than survival games, which are more like: Don’t Die, But Also We Really Want You To Die. We’ve seen a fair few survival games in the last few years, many of which are bloody brilliant, and we’re now at that stage where we’re seeing survival-meets-other-genre games that mix things up a little.

With that in mind, Residual is a procedurally generated pixel art survival-platformer set in space. With the help of your handy-yet-annoying robot companion, you’ll be trying to stay alive in a hostile alien world as you try to find a way home. Spoilers: a lot of things want to kill you. It is a survival game, after all.

Residual will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Q3 2021, so some time towards the end of the summer.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

A new TV channel is launching in the UK this weekend

GB News is launching this weekend for the first time in two decades.

The new shoe, which airs on Sunday June 13 at 8pm, will be coming to freeview.

The chairman, former BBC presenter Andrew Neil, will launch the channel with a show called Welcome to GB News, Yorkshire Live reports.

Presenters who have been recruited are said to have “a bit of edge, a bit of attitude, personality” and said the channel will not be Britain’s version of Fox News.

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Director of news John McAndrew told Press Gazette: “My view of our channel, and certainly how it’s going to be, is that it will be a very warm, inclusive channel where disagreements will be had, tough subjects will absolutely be taken on, but they’ll be taken on in a classy and courteous fashion.

“What this won’t be is a hate-filled divisive shout-fest that some people seem to have characterised it as, which is 180 degrees away from where we want to be.”

Here is all you need to know about GB News.

What is GB News?

Former BBC presenter Andrew Neil will launch the show

GB News will be a freeview television news channel.

Unlike a traditional 24-hour news cycle programme, GB News will instead will be a mix of news, opinion, and debate – rather than what is known as rolling news.

The channel plans to air 6,500 hours a year of “original news, opinion and debate” and will be channel 515 on Sky, 626 on Virgin, 236 on YouView and 216 on Freesat.

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It will also launch a range of streaming, video on-demand and audio services that can be accessed online. It has also announced plans for a radio station.

Who are the presenters?

Michelle Dewberry is one of the faces of GB News, which launch on Sunday
Michelle Dewberry is one of the faces of GB News, which launch on Sunday

GB News has been gradually announcing its roster of presenters and journalists in recent weeks.

The venture is being spearheaded by Andrew Neil, whilst Simon McCoy, Colin Brazier, Dan Wootton, Kirsty Gallacher.

Other hires include Michelle Dewberry, Andrew Doyle, Inaya Folarin Iman, Liam Halligan, Tom Harwood, Rebecca Hutson, Darren McCaffrey and Alex Phillips.

Rumours continue to speculate around Piers Morgan potentially joining the GB News team after his controversial exit from Good Morning Britain.

However, nothing has been confirmed as GB News continue to announce their new appointments.

What shows will air?

On May 21, GB News announced the first of its programmes ahead of the launch.

Andrew Neil will lead the evening line-up with the prime time news and interview programme ‘Andrew Neil’, while Hull businesswoman and former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewsberry will hots ‘Dewbs & Co’ every weeknight.

Former Sun journalist Dan Wootton will host ‘Tonight Live with Dan Wootton’ five nights a week and broadcaster Nana Akua will have her own show too.

Neil Oliver will host ‘Neil Oliver Live’ and comedian Andrew Doyle will front ‘Free Speech Nation’, described as a ‘fearless filleting of the country’s thorniest debates with his wry take on current affairs.”.

Former ITV anchor Alistair Stewart will chair ‘Alistair Stewart & Friends’ with other shows set to be hosted by Colin Brazier and Merct Muroki as well as ex-Labour MP Gloria Del Piero and Liam Halligan.

The morning offering will the launch of ‘The Great British Breakfast’, which will be fronted by Nana Akua, Kirsty Gallacher, Rebecca Hutson, Inaya Folarin Iman, Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright.

Author: [email protected] (Charlie Wilson, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass to TVs and launching new streaming devices

June will see Xbox host a big E3 event, complete with new game news and announcements.

But before that gets underway, Microsoft has revealed that it has big plans for its popular subscription, the Xbox Game Pass.

Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, the XGP makes it possible to access a library of games at a fixed monthly price.

It removes the need to buy games, and makes it possible to play first-party Microsoft games at launch.

The new service has proven very popular with fans and that probably explains why the tech giant wants to bring it to more platforms.

As revealed today in a pre-E3 announcement, Microsoft is planning on launching Xbox Game Pass services onto TV and streaming devices.

It’s part of an aggressive expansion programme that will see the Xbox Game Pass launched on multiple platforms without the need for hardware.

Microsoft has solved this issue by making it possible to stream games using xCloud, something that is currently available on Android phones.

But by removing the need for hardware, the company hopes to expand into a much wider market.

It was revealed today that Xbox is working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into internet-connected televisions with no extra hardware required except a controller.

Those partners have not been revealed yet, and it’s hard to say at this point how much such a service would cost.

But that might fit in with another announcement made today by Microsoft; that Xbox is exploring new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass so more players around the world can use it.

It would make sense that Microsoft would provide a cheaper alternative for Xbox Game Pass which would appeal to the casual market.

And with the removal of hardware and easier access through TVs, Xbox Game Pass could become a useful tool.

While Xbox Game Pass is coming to TVs, Microsoft has also announced that they are preparing other projects for the market.

This includes Xbox building its own streaming devices for cloud gaming to reach gamers on any TV or monitor without the need for a console.

Stating its intent to shake things up, Microsoft revealed today: “We believe that games, that interactive entertainment, aren’t really about hardware and software.

“It’s not about pixels. It’s about people. Games bring people together,” said Spencer. “Games build bridges and forge bonds, generating mutual empathy among people all over the world. Joy and community – that’s why we’re here.”

“Gaming is fundamentally aligned with our mission as a company.

“When you talk about Xbox’s mission to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet, which I absolutely love, that is precisely aligned with Microsoft’s mission, which is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

It’s hard to say whether these new projects will prove to be successful for Microsoft as they look to adapt to a changing market.

It will be a challenge to overtake Sony’s PS5 in the hardware stakes, so conquering the casual market could prove incredibly profitable.

Microsoft is hoping that its Xbox App for TVs will help more people play games but it’s hard to say just how palpable it will be, as an Xbox controller will still be required.

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Colourful Action-Adventure Awaits In Trifox, Launching On Switch In 2022

Publisher Big Sugar and developer Glowfish Interactive have announced a brand new action-adventure game, Trifox, which will be launching on Switch and other platforms in 2022.

The game has players taking on the role of the titular Trifox, setting out on an adventure to track down mysterious looters who attacked his home and stole his TV remote. We’re guessing that TV remote’s pretty important to him, because we’d probably just give in, leave a disgruntled tweet and buy a new one. That wouldn’t make for an interesting game though, we suppose.

It’s been inspired by 3D platforming greats and makes use of “magic, might, and marvellous gadgets.” Here’s a feature list and some tasty screenshots:

– Three different classes: Wield a giant hammer as a Warrior! Master magic and mystery as a Mage! Use a backpack full of gadgets as an Engineer!
Mix-and-match styles: Customise your Trifox by combining different class-based abilities! Want to cast spells and fire a Gatling Gun? No problem!
30 abilities to unlock: Collect and spend coins to gain new skills, such as Spike Slam, Shield Bubble, Guided Missile, and many more!
Four worlds to beat: Fight hordes of enemies, traverse platforming pitfalls, overcome environmental puzzles, and battle big angry bosses!
A modern retro adventure: A new and fresh experience designed to evoke the spirit of classic 3D platformers!

Trifox is Glowfish Interactive’s debut title, but it’s already on the radar of gaming fans in the studio’s home country of Belgium, where it was nominated as ‘Most Anticipated Game’ at the Belgian Game Awards.

Is it on your radar too? Will you be keeping an eye out for more details on this one over the coming months? Tell us below.

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PayPal eyes launching cross-border payments wallet in China

Author RT
This post originally appeared on RT Business News

US fintech giant PayPal plans to set up a local wallet in China, focusing on cross-border payments instead of competing with dominant domestic players, said the firm’s China CEO Hannah Qiu.

Qiu told a panel session at the Boao Forum for Asia that PayPal’s overseas market has a large network with more than 20 million enterprises and over 377 million individual users.

She added that the company’s main business at the moment is to help small and medium-sized Chinese firms sell goods overseas more efficiently and conveniently, and then help those sellers get the money back.
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PayPal will not compete with Alipay and WeChat Pay (which account for a combined 94% of China’s domestic mobile payment market) but will cooperate with them instead, the CEO said, adding: “Our future business is mainly on cross-border transaction.”  

In January, PayPal finished its acquisition of China’s payment gateway GoPay with 100% ownership. It thus became the first foreign company licensed to provide online payment services in China.

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'It's time to raise the curtain' | NYC launching vaccination sites for Broadway workers

“It’s time to raise the curtain and bring Broadway back,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a virtual press conference Thursday.

NEW YORK — New York City is taking steps toward the reopening of the city’s theaters, creating vaccination and testing sites for stage workers in a bid to restore a key part of New York’s draw.

“It’s time to raise the curtain and bring Broadway back,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a virtual press conference Thursday. “The work we have to do now to get the theater community ready to make sure that this extraordinarily wonderful and important industry is good to go for the fall, we’ve got to do that now.”
The mayor said the city will set up dedicated vaccination sites specifically for the theater community and the theater industry. It’ll be staffed by workers from the theater industry. The city also plans for a mobile unit that will serve off-Broadway theaters and pop-up testing sites at or near theaters.
De Blasio said the city needs guidance from the state on issues like whether audiences need to bring proof of vaccination and whether masks be required.
Broadway producers and the union that represents stage actors and stage mangers both reacted positively to the news.
“Vaccination and testing sites for theatre workers are a great step towards recovery and bringing Broadway back,” said a statement from The Broadway League. “Our community has suffered catastrophic losses, and the sooner we can return to share our stories in a safe and secure way, the better our city will be.”
Mary McColl, executive director of Actors’ Equity Association, the national labor union representing more than 51,000 professional actors and stage managers, agreed.
“Today’s announcement is an important recognition from the City of New York that a strong theatre industry means a healthy, strong economy,” she said in a statement. “It is clear that we were heard and the city is pushing forward-looking policy changes that will serve the entire theatrical community. We are grateful for the leadership of Mayor de Blasio.”
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Tony Award-winner Actor André De Shields joined de Blasio at the briefing and said, “New York is on its way back, but it will not completely arrive until not only Broadway but all theater across this great city has returned.”
He added, “We’re ready. We’ve stayed in shape. Our voices are strong. All we need is a stage, and from what you’ve shared with us just now you’re going to take care of that.”
Associated Press writer Karen Matthews contributed to this report.