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Persona 25th Anniversary: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax getting remaster ‘in 2022’, says leaker

But above all, it’s a simply brilliant fighting game (which you’d expect from Arc System Works) which boasts gorgeous visuals and slick controls that makes it a tonne of fun to play.

Persona fans have long hoped that Persona 5 could be getting its own Arena game.

But if that ends up not being the case a remaster of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the next best thing.

Speaking about the potential P4 Arena Ultimax remaster, Zippo said: “With Atlus’ recent announcement that Persona is getting some soft of shendig for it’s 25th anniversary in September, people are obviously wondering what the announcements will actually be. I can tell you one, today.

“Arc System Works’ Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is getting a remaster, and is coming to modern platforms. I haven’t been told whether or not it will feature new content, but I would personally be very surprised if it doesn’t.”

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Pokemon Direct LEAK: Reliable leaker could have revealed two new Nintendo Switch games

Still here? Okay. So according to the PracticalBrush12 leak remakes of “Brilliant D and Shining P” are coming this year.

So those rumours of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes launching on the Nintendo Switch in 2021 look to be true.

However, in a turn up for the books the leaker claims the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes will have battles like Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It had been thought the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes would be more like the Let’s Go games than the more recent mainline entry in the Pokemon series.

Elsewhere, PraticalBrush12 said the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes will have “weird chibi 3D”.

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