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Leaving abusive relationships: the hidden burden of poverty – InSight+

Financial aid should be easier to access, should reflect current living costs and should consider the long term implications of a single parent raising children alone. We have been talking about recognising and ending violence against women for several years now, we need policies in place that do not penalise them financially for leaving THE […]


Tons of Grain Leaving Ukraine

Four grain ships are to sail from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports Sunday. The Joint Coordination Center, the body set up under the Black Sea Grain Initiative to monitor its implementation, has authorized the departures through the maritime humanitarian corridor. The ships moving out of Ukrainian ports are headed to China, Italy and two locations in […]


Concerned motorist slams people parking in front of her driveway leaving her ‘blocked in’

Writing on Mumsnet, the concerned driver questioned her options as her local council no longer paints white “access” lines along her dropped kerb. The driver said she has a “constant and ongoing problem” with cars parking across her driveway. This is despite having a “do not obstruct this drive” sign. She said a decade ago she […]


What’s leaving Netflix in August 2022: We pick out 3 pulse-racing dramas to watch before they go.

Although Netflix drops new shows, movies and documentaries at a formidable rate, its output of original content still can’t keep up with all the the content that’s leaving the platform.  When Netflix first pivoted from mailing out DVDs to a streaming service, almost all of its content belonged to other providers. Now, those providers want their stuff […]


Fans Assaulted George Harrison’s First Wife, Pattie Boyd, When She Tried Leaving a Beatles Concert Early

Fans assaulted George Harrison‘s wife, Pattie Boyd, when she came out of a Beatles concert early. Being a Beatle’s girlfriend and then wife was often a rough ride. Boyd and the other Beatles wives constantly battled hoards of screaming girls who wanted their husbands. George Harrison and his wife, Pattie Boyd | Keystone/Getty Images No […]


Quebec senator leaving Conservative caucus but says he will remain a member of party | CBC News

A Quebec senator is leaving the Conservative caucus to join the Canadian Senators Group (CSG), but will remain a member of the Conservative party. Sen. Larry Smith’s switch to the CSG was first announced via the group’s official Twitter account and later confirmed by Smith’s office on Thursday. Smith’s departure from the Conservative caucus comes […]


Bill Turnbull makes Classic FM return nine months after leaving show for ‘health reasons’

In 2019 he revealed that the cancer had spread to his bones, but that he still had a “fair-old time to live”. Since his diagnosis the journalist has undergone numerous rounds of chemotherapy and even had injections of radioactive substance Radium 223. Bill, who previously hosted BBC Breakfast, and Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid, […]


Spain forced to switch lights off leaving popular tourists spots in the dark

Spain has introduced some new measures to limit the use of energy across the country. This may impact British tourists to the country. In a bid to save energy, Spain is implementing a new policy regarding lights. Within the next seven days, shops, supermarkets and public buildings have been ordered to switch off their lights […]


Humongous Sinkhole Appears in Chile, Leaving a Deep Void in The Desert

Experts in Chile on Tuesday were investigating the appearance of an enormous sinkhole, bigger than a tennis court, that has appeared near a copper mine in the Atacama desert. Experts were dispatched to examine the hole, some 32 meters (104 feet) across and twice as deep, which appeared in an area about 800 kilometers (nearly […]

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Princess Charlotte & Louis are leaving important ‘legacy’ at public events – ‘delightful!’

Prince George, nine, appeared at the Euros Men’s Football final last year with his parents, Kate and William. He also appeared at the Wimbledon final earlier this year. On both occasions, he was wearing a shirt, tie and blazer. He also behaved impeccably, which is most likely because he has had royal etiquette training as […]