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Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan left fearing for her life after being followed

Charlotte Jordan, known for playing calculating Daisy Midgeley in Coronation Street, has said she “thought she was going to die” while out for a leisurely stroll with her dog, Olive. The actress was followed by a stranger, who later turned out to be a super-fan of Corrie.

However, the experience left Charlotte feeling very shaken up.

The soap star has now spoke about the moment she thought she was about to be attacked, before finding out the guy only wanted a snap with her.

“I did have an experience where I was walking the dog – I was just a bit confused because you know when you can tell someone’s following you?” she explained to The Sun’s TV mag.

“This grown man was following me and I picked up the pace and then he was walking faster and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is how I die’.

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But when a planned gig gets cancelled, Daisy ushers Ryan into the back room and plies him with cocktails and even when Alya calls in the Rovers looking for Ryan, Daisy keeps schtum about his whereabouts.

Placing her hand on Ryan’s leg, Daisy wonders which cocktail he’d prefer, the naggy girlfriend or the night of wild passion.

But it wasn’t Ryan’s thigh at all – or actor Ryan Prescott’s – as it was in fact a thigh double, her real-life boyfriend.

The soap star confessed: “They roped my boyfriend in because we’re shooting socially distanced, we can’t touch props, we can’t touch humans, we can’t touch anything.

“And so my boyfriend got the long-awaited call he was hoping for his entire life – Coronation Street wanted him to come to work as Ryan’s thigh double.

“He’s not an actor but he grew up watching Coronation Street, so it was really fun just to see his little face when he looked at all the sets and stuff,” she added.

The star confirmed back in March she would be sticking around on the cobbles after her contract with extended by ITV.

Charlotte explained to Digital Spy: “They picked up my second option, yes, so I’m definitely around until September hopefully and then who knows. I’ve moved up here to Manchester now, just in time for it to start kicking off for Daisy. It’s amazing.”

Author: Holly Fleet
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A Place in the Sun's Danni Menzies left mortified by awkward altercation caught on camera

A Place in the Sun‘s Danni Menzies was horrified when she was contacted by a Channel 4 viewer about a potential joke assault that was caught on camera. In the episode, the film crew were down in Menorca, Spain, with the hopes of finding couple Darrell and Jo their dream holiday home with a budget of £300,000.

The instalment was a rerun and one eagle-eyed fan spotted something quite unique going on.

Taking to Twitter, they reached out to the presenter to share their concerns after two people were caught off-guard.

“Pretty sure we just witnessed someone getting a right good kick up the bum here ⁦@aplaceinthesun⁩ ⁦@DanniMenzies,” the viewer penned.

Danni was mortified by what she witnessed, replying: “Oh my gaddddddd!!!


“Is that in today’s show?!!!!!!”

But others found the altercation hilarious, with one asking: “Are they the people that are meant to be buying,” alongside a stream of laughing faces.

“Looks that way,” a second giggled.

While a third joked: “Yes! Just after house number 4!!!”

Elsewhere in the episode, Danni was left stunned when she discovered how Darrell and Jo first met while delving into the backstory of the loved up couple’s relationship.

“We’ve been together eight years,” Jo answered, prompting the presenter to probe further: “Eight years, how did you meet?”

“Darrell was actually my boss,” Jo replied, prompting a stunned reaction from the Channel 4 host.

“Was he?!” an open-mouthed Danni asked before the pair delved deeper into the beginnings of their romance.

“Was it love at first sight?” she quizzed, to which Jo said: “I was actually quite scared of Darrell when I first met him.”

Again shocked at her retort, a gobsmacked Danni questioned: “How can you be scared of Darrell?!”

“He had this huge laugh and you could hear him as soon as he came into the building,” Jo laughed.

“On the ground floor (you could hear) this booming laugh and booming voice, and I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness!’

“But I soon got to know him and it was fine,” as Danni joked: “He’s not very scary now!”

In the end, Jo and Darrell secured the apartment shown at the beginning of the search for £20,000 under the asking price.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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Left 4 Dead Characters Join Zombie Army 4: Dead War in Free New Season Pass 3 Content Drop

We hope that you’re enjoying Zombie Army 4. We continue to work hard on Season 3, so while that is still fresh in our minds, it seemed like a good time to give you another “behind the scenes” look at the next round of DLC.

Each season features a mix of free and paid content. This time up, and free to everyone — whether you bought the game or are playing with Xbox Game Pass — the cast of Left 4 Dead return to the Zombie Army universe! In the original Zombie Army Trilogy, the “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” comic revealed that the cast of Left 4 Dead were thrust backward through time by an occult relic, to find themselves face to face with an army of Nazi dead. It has been over ten years since a Left 4 Dead game was released, so it took a little bit of polishing work to up-res them to match modern levels of detail and rendering techniques! Our goal was to make them look like you remember them looking in Left 4 Dead, so if we got it right, it will look like we didn’t do anything at all.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Left 4 Dead

Players that pick up the Season 3 Pass will also be able to continue the Return to Hell story campaign with a new mission, Abaddon Asylum. All missions this season experiment with different styles of sandbox play and exploration, to see what new gameplay flavors the Zombie Army formula will give up. This time we are giving players multiple parallel small objectives to complete in the open town of Abrunza, which encourage thorough exploration (and also reveals a few more Easter Eggs for fans of Sniper Elite 4). The mission ends with a much more extensive dungeon finale – a former monastery, which is now used as an asylum, where you will finally discover the mastermind behind the occult rituals.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Left 4 Dead

It has been great fun building an iconic spooky location, as well as finally giving a voice to a figure who has been lurking in the shadows throughout the DLC seasons, and who set the events of the main campaign in motion. It took a few iterations to get the rhythm just right, and to make sure that the mission will be a fun challenge on repeated playthroughs.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Left 4 Dead

The new content drop will also feature a range of cosmetic items – WW2 themed headgear, a WW1 themed costume for Josiah, and Zombie tank skins for weapons from the base game – and a new weapon, the MP.1940 SMG, with a solid rate of fire and low recoil, as well as a selection of occult Nazi cosmetics.

There is much more on the way for Season 3, including more unannounced freebies. We cannot wait to show you more and for you to play them!

Xbox Live

Zombie Army 4: Dead War


PC Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass
Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this spine-chilling shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4! Abominable occult enemies, epic weapons and a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players await in 1940s Europe, as you fight to save humankind from undead Armageddon! The resistance have defeated Zombie Hitler and cast him into Hell – but the dead rise once again with greater hunger than before! Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond! Experience genre-defining ballistics, build the slayer that suits you and harness the power of fire, lightning and divine essence as you upgrade your guns to fight back against the dead. When the horde surrounds you, tear them apart with enhanced melee combat and flesh-rending takedown moves!

Author: Ben Fisher, Studio Design Lead, Zombie Army 4: Dead War
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Betsy DeVos left Washington 5 months ago. Her legacy is alive and well.

The Education Department in June held a weeklong hearing to begin dismantling DeVos’ regulation on how schools must handle reports of sexual misconduct. It also made its mark on civics education by rejecting former President Donald Trump’s demands for promoting a rosier view of American history and “patriotic” education, by praising The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, which Trump has called “toxic propaganda.” Talk of school choice, a topic that DeVos championed throughout her tenure, has also been placed on the back burner.

“It’s not a surprise that the Biden Education Department is doing precisely what they promised in the campaign, which is trying to undo just about everything that their predecessor did,” said Jeanne Allen, founder of the Center for Education Reform, which advocates for school choice.

Paxton is defending DeVos’ Title IX rule from a barrage of lawsuits, while Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has signed a law creating the “1836 Project,” a reference to the year Texas declared independence from Mexico. Trump’s 1776 Commission, a panel he created after last summer’s civil unrest as a counterpoint to the 1619 Project’s emphasis on American slavery, is still meeting despite being disbanded by President Joe Biden in January. New parents groups are also pushing back on civics education that highlights systemic racism.

West Virginia became the latest state to expand its charter school system. And pandemic-spurred public school closures created the “clearest case I’ve seen for school choice in our lifetime,” Scott said in an address to rebut Biden’s first address to Congress.

“Those of us who’ve worked through all different administrations appreciate when the states step up and take their rightful position, making sure parents are put ahead of bureaucracies,” Allen said.

Here are three policy areas where DeVos’ supporters are hoisting the biggest defenses:

Civics — Larry Arnn and Parents Defending Education

The resurrected 1776 Commission, led by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, held its first post-election meeting last month with a focus on civic education curricula.

The group has commended conservative states that have turned their attention toward developing “a genuine civics education that will rebuild our common bonds, our mutual friendship and our civic devotion.” The commission is still drawing up a curriculum designed in the “true spirit of 1776.”

Arnn’s group is also urging parents who believe in their cause to run for school board and vote in those elections.

“There is no more powerful force than parents’ love for their children, and this restoration will depend on mothers and fathers demanding that their children are no longer taught false narratives or fed hateful lies about our country,” the commission said.

At least one group of parents has rallied to the 1776 cause: Parents Defending Education.

Led by Nicole Neily, who also serves as president of national campus free speech organization Speech First, Parents Defending Education has been filing complaints against public school systems with the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights. They have targeted school groups for minority students as promoting racial segregation and anti-racist actions taken by schools.

The group filed a complaint against Ohio’s Columbus City Schools in May, after it admitted in April 2021 that “Systemic racism … has existed for 175 years within the Columbus City Schools education system.” Parents Defending Education said in a statement that the admission of systemic racism “raises questions as to why Columbus City Schools continues to receive federal funds since discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin is a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The complaint is similar to an Education Department probe launched under DeVos into Princeton University last summer after the school’s president said students there face “systematic racism” and that racism is “embedded” in the structures of the university.

“Parents Defending Education’s work is nonpartisan,” the group said in a statement. “We oppose discrimination in America’s schools, period. If the Education Department adopts policies frustrating that ideal, we will continue to speak up, submit comments, and pursue the appropriate remedies to protect parents’ and students’ rights.”

Title IX and gender — Texas Republicans

Paxton, the Texas AG, has been trying to mount a legal defense of the Trump administration’s Title IX sexual misconduct rules, but last month a federal judge dismissed his request to intervene in a lawsuit. He argued in a brief that the Education Department’s latest Title IX review announced in April was a threat to the rule and that the Biden administration is “openly hostile to the Final Rule,” making the department unfit to defend the rule in court.

“The new administration has taken early steps towards the Final Rule’s repeal,” Paxton wrote. “In light of these actions, Texas cannot entrust the defense of its protectable interest to the Department.”

It’s unclear whether Texas will be able to intervene in the lawsuit.

Texas and other states are continuing DeVos’ efforts to bar transgender students from women’s sports teams and strip those students of discrimination protection under Title IX.

This year, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho and Florida have passed laws to bar transgender female students from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity.

In 2017, DeVos revoked Obama-era guidance that protected transgender students under Title IX. Her agency later backed a high-profile lawsuit that threatened Connecticut’s sports authority and school boards with legal action or a loss of funding because it determined the transgender athlete policy violated Title IX.

School choice — the Center for Education Reform

Scott, a staunch supporter of school choice, made a strong case for the DeVos-era policy agenda item in his rebuttal to Biden’s first address to Congress in April.

“I’m saddened that millions of kids have lost a year of learning when they could not afford to lose a single day,” he said. “Our public schools should have reopened months ago. Other countries’ did. Private and religious schools did.”

A survey released by the American Federation for Children, which DeVos led before joining the Trump administration, in January found that 72 percent of K-12 parents who work full-time support school choice, and 79 percent support Education Freedom Scholarship legislation.

The freedom scholarship measure, a favorite of DeVos, aimed to provide federal tax credits for donations to scholarship-granting organizations to pay for students to attend private schools or expand their public education options.

School choice has not been a hot debate topic in Congress like it was when DeVos was in office. But Allen said it is by no means an indication that support for charter schools and choice are dwindling — even with the Education Department’s “negativity.”

“The efforts that are ongoing at the department are attempts to not just reduce program funding, but to try to put what I’d call poison pills in regulatory language and guidance — push Departments of Education to be harder on who gets approved and doesn’t,” she said in an interview, adding that “states have been adopting and expanding their own programs.”

This year West Virginia and Iowa have moved to allow charter school expansion in their states. Other states like Tennessee are also looking to bolster their charter schools programs.

“Parents are more activated than ever before,” she said. “I like to say just like it shouldn’t have taken a hurricane to turn around New Orleans, it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to wake up families and the public, but that’s precisely what happened.”

Author: Bianca Quilantan
This post originally appeared on Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories

You've only got one day left to unlock FREE £10 to spend on Amazon

This weekend is your last chance to claim £10 to spend on anything on Amazon. The deal, which kickstarted on June 7, comes to an end before the annual Prime Day sales begin. For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime Day is a two-day sales event (yes, the name is confusing) that sees thousands of prices drop across almost every department.

To get your hands on a complimentary tenner from Amazon to spend on anything you want in the sales… you’ll need to make an eligible purchase before the stroke of midnight on June 20, 2021. Amazon will only hand over £10 credit if you buy something from a small business selling on its vast retail site. The scheme is designed to be a nice helping hand for small businesses that sell their products through Amazon.

Thankfully, there’s a really clear “small business” banner that will appear on listings that will unlock the £10 credit, so you won’t be in any doubt whether the item you’re looking at will net you the bonus.

If you don’t have any items in your basket right now, but fancy the discount, Amazon has handpicked some eligible items here. There are multiple lists for popular categories, including homeware, electronics, toys and games, books, handmade items, pet supplies, and more. Amazon also lets you drill-down by region, so you can find a local seller.

Once you’ve made a purchase, Amazon will email you with a link to claim the £10 credit. It will then be ready and waiting on your Amazon account to redeem between June 21 and 22 during the annual Prime Day sales.

For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime Day is like Black Friday… but for Prime members.

The sales event, which started as a single day (hence the name) but has now expanded to a 48-hour shop-a-thon, sees thousands of deals in every department on the online superstore. It’s always a good time to bag a discount on Amazon’s own hardware, including Fire TV, Amazon Echo smart speakers, and its latest tablets and kindles. However, millions of other brands also get in on the action – with price drops to furniture, gardening, clothes, new TVs, video games, and much, much more.

Don’t worry if you’re not yet a Prime member, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial that will cover you over the two-day sales, so you’ll be able to take advantage even if you’re not sure whether you want to sign-up to become a long-term member.

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Guy Verhofstadt left 'speechless' as VDL cowers in face of major EU challenge

This week, Hungary’s parliament passed legislation which aims to stop the sharing of content surrounding the LGBT community. Although the Commission is undertaking rule of law proceedings against Hungary, spokesman Christian Wigand refused to condemn the new legislation which sparked anger from Mr Verhofstadt. In a statement, Mr Wigand claimed the Commission was looking into the new legislation in Hungary.

In response, the europhile MEP claimed Ursula von der Leyen looked like a “humble servant” to member states rather than someone standing up for the EU’s rights and freedoms.

He said: “Speechless. Is the von der Leyen trying to prove it is merely the humble servant of governments, no matter what they do?

“It should be the proud guardian of the Treaties & boldly stand up for the rights & freedoms of Europeans!”

The new law in Hungary, introduced by the ruling Fidesz party, will ban the sharing of content which portrays homosexuality or sex reassignment for people under the age of 18.

It will specifically target education material at schools and programmes which target minors ahead of the 2022 election.

The Commission has battled with Hungary over apparent violations to the EU’s ethics and values.

Hungary has been accused of violating certain rules relating to the freedom of the press, crackdown on the LGBT community and role of the judiciary.

Under Article 7 of the treaty of Europe, the EU can suspend certain rights of a member state if it has violated the bloc’s ethics.

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“Instead of defending European values, the commission is watching, writing reports and sitting on its hands. The rule of law needs action now.

“Unfortunately, it’s clear from yesterday’s debate in parliament that the commission doesn’t seem to feel the same sense of urgency to act.”

Commenting on Hungary’s new law, Ms von der Leyen said: “Very concerned about the new law in Hungary.

“We are assessing if it breaches relevant EU legislation.

“I believe in a Europe which embraces diversity, not one which hides it from our children.

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‘Sad reality’ Lorraine Kelly left disappointed as she's unqualified for jobs away from ITV

“Steve will be filming for my show, and I’ll be writing about the journey. I will, of course, be visiting his grave, raising a glass and toasting ‘the boss’.”

Lorraine shared her icy swim with ITV viewers at the time, as she stripped down to her bikini and braved the cold waters.

She said on the programme: “This is a first for me, this is Antarctica… and I’m going in.”

Lorraine could then be seen removing her furry hat and warm coat to reveal a pretty bikini before taking the plunge.

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Elvis Presley's father detailed real reason the King left Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley first met Priscilla Presley (née Beaulieu) in Germany while he was stationed in the army. The star, who had found a great deal of success already in America, was drafted in 1958 during which he went to Friedberg, Germany. During this time he met the young Priscilla. After their relationship blossomed, he brought her back to live with him in Graceland in 1963. The couple were married in 1967 after being together for almost a decade. A year later, their daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born.

Unfortunately for the family, the couple split up in 1973 following an affair between Priscilla and a karate instructor, Mike Stone.

Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, tells a different story, however.

In 1978 the patriarch of the family wrote a lengthy piece in the magazine Good Housekeeping following Elvis’ death in 1977.

Speaking about his son’s relationships, Vernon wrote: “His mother [Gladys] and I didn’t try to influence Elvis’ choice of a wife any more than we’d tried to influence his choice of a career. We didn’t care whom he married just so long as she was the girl with whom he’d be happiest.”

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Vernon then detailed how Priscilla stayed with him in Memphis to finish high school in the early 1960s.

During this time, he said: “Being an Air Force officer’s daughter, Priscilla had been brought up to be disciplined and strong-minded, but she is also a tender and loving girl.”

He then revealed why he believed the couple’s relationship fell apart after just six years.

Vernon wrote: “I believe that Elvis’ marriage to her failed simply because he realised after the wedding that he didn’t really want to be married.”

Ginger was in Elvis’ home Graceland when he died on August 16, 1977. She was the final girlfriend of the star and had been given a diamond engagement ring just before his death.

Vernon wrote: “Finally, just a day or so before he died, I told him: ‘I keep hearing and reading that you’re going to announce your engagement.

“‘Is that right? When are you going to get married?’ [Elvis said:] ‘Only God knows.'”

Vernon added: “I got a feeling then that maybe he was changing his mind about marriage.”

Despite Elvis and Priscilla splitting up, they remained good friends after the divorce.

Priscilla received a staggering $ 725,000 settlement and the pair agreed to share custody of their daughter, Lisa-Marie.

On the day they left the courthouse, Elvis and Priscilla walked out of their divorce proceedings hand in hand.


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Papa John's delivery man left without car after his catalytic converter gets stolen

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A man whose car was his only source of income is desperate for help after someone stole his catalytic converter.

As a driver for Papa John’s Pizza, Isaac Sanchez’s livelihood depended on his vehicle.

“I was living in my car, yes,” he said.

He said one night, he was sitting in his car watching a movie when thieves tried to steal his catalytic converter. Sanchez was able to scare them away and they took off.

But one day, after making a delivery, something terrifying happened to Sanchez.

“I had people come up beside me on both sides and say, ‘Your car’s on fire,'” said Sanchez. “I guess it was shooting out from both sides.”

Sanchez was lucky enough to safely get out. A mechanic told him the fire started due to the catalytic converter.

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“I don’t know how I would have been if anything happened to Isaac,” said Sanchez’s co-worker, Jason Hernandez.

Sanchez said the timing of the theft is far from ideal. He said he broke his knee cap after February’s winter storm. He then got ill and his hospital bills began to pile up.

“It’s been going on for about three months and I’m wondering, ‘What did I do wrong?'” asked Sanchez. “Hopefully, I’ll believe in some type of faith. God, maybe, he will make it better.”

Meanwhile, Hernandez and several other co-workers are trying to do everything they can to help Sanchez during this difficult time.

They were able to book him a couple of days at a motel, provided him with clothes and food and even set up a GoFundMe in hopes of getting Houstonians to pitch in.

“Every time I go home, after work, I always think about Isaac,” said Hernandez. “He is such a nice person and he does not deserve this at all.”

Sanchez is still managing to deliver pizzas using a borrowed car.

Meanwhile, Papa John’s issued a statement saying they’re hoping to help as well.

“We have an employee who has been with the company for 15 years and he needs our help. This is what we do, we step up and help in the community in times of need and we take care of our Papa John’s Houston family,” said Keith Sullins, President of Papa John’s Houston. “I just found out about what this employee is going through. We need to get him back on the road. Our team is dedicated to supporting him. I personally am going to make sure he has a car to drive.”

To help Sanchez’s cause, visit his GoFundMe page.

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Author: Mayra Moreno

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Gyles Brandreth explains why ex Celebrity Gogglebox co-star Sheila Hancock left show

TV star Gyles Brandreth is currently starring in Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox alongside English actress Maureen Lipman. The 73-year-old author did appear in the first series of the programme with his pal Sheila Hancock, although the 88-year-old actress decided not to return for the next instalment.

And now, Gyles has opened up about her departure.

When asked if the award-winning star had “had enough” of the writer, Gyles admitted that it was quite likely.

“Well, they asked Sheila and me to go on the canals, because Timothy West and Prunella Scales decided to retire from touring on canals.

“So I think Sheila felt that one series with Gyles in a year is enough, thank you very much,” he told this week’s Radio Times.

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When not in a barge, the actor can be seen watching some television with Coronation Street star Maureen.

Gyles said they spend many hours at his home watching TV in order to film the show.

He told the publication that it was impossible to act his way through, as it takes a long time to record and they never know what they are going to see.

“You’ve just got to sit and endure. You do end up really being yourself,” he said.

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