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Angel Di Maria swiftly left PSG match with family involved in 'very violent' robbery

Di Maria was also a victim of robbery during his time as a Manchester United player back in February 2015.

An alarm was raised at the time before the offenders were able to get inside the house, which occured while Di Maria was playing for United in a 3-1 win over Leicester.

Sadly, it’s been a problem for several players at PSG over the past 18 months with Thiago Silva, Eric Maxim Choupo Moting and Sergio Rico all being victims to robberies.

Pochettino addressed Di Maria’s substitution after the game, admitting that it would have affected the players.

New PS5 UK restock at GAME as shoppers left waiting for next PlayStation 5 stock update

Game was the latest UK retailer to offer PlayStation 5 stock this week, although many customers reported technical issues.

According to those who queued up online, the Game UK site crashed after reaching the checkout, leaving many unable to complete their purchase.

The good news is that this bug was fixed, and some customers did manage to secure PS5 stock today following hours of waiting.

One user reported on Twitter: “I literally waited in the queue since 9.45am, opened multiple new queues due to your tweets but kept my original one, anyhow after many hours of patience I finally got through around 14.30, and yeah I managed to buy a ps5 with two games.

Another less successful customer revealed: “I have been waiting since 9:15 this morning in the queue, I got to 30 minutes away from the front and it said out of stock this is absolutely ridiculous and should only let the number of people in the queue that they have stock for.”

“This was the third attempt at Game, Argos and Very. Not going to play PS5 “whackamole” any more. So I will just wait until things open up again in shops. Waste of my time and energy. At least I had no stress this time as I knew what would happen.”

As mentioned above, there are many PS5 shoppers who have been hunting stock since the start of 2021 and are still without success.

And more stock updates are reportedly coming to the UK in March, which could offer more chances.

Stock tracker account PS5 Instant shared the latest news during the Game drop, telling shoppers that more could be coming this week.

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Recent rumours suggest that Smyths could drop PlayStation 5 stock before the end of the week, with Currys also looking hopeful.

Meanwhile, John Lewis could be another UK retailer to restock the PS5 between March 8 and March 12.

A message from PS5 Instant explains: “Currys was just updating their PS5 page so it looks promising. AO, ShopTo and John Lewis should drop next week. Smyths rumoured towards the end of week but not confirmed.”

While stock tracker accounts are a good way of staying up to date with the latest news, there are usually a few surprise drops too.

It would be hard to know the exact for every new next-gen console drop, meaning there could be more opportunities later this week.

And while PS5 stock drops are currently dominating gaming news in the UK, Sony has been busy on other projects.

A total of six new PlayStation VR projects were announced today, following news that a new virtual reality headset is being worked on for the PlayStation 5.

According to Sony, “Players will feel an even greater sense of presence and become even more immersed in their game worlds once they put on the new headset.”

The PlayStation VR 2 will bring greater immersion as well as improved connection options, as it will use a single cord to help simplify setup and improve ease-of-use.

The only downside is that Sony has confirmed that the new PSVR headset will not be hitting shelves during 2021.

Lady Gaga left 'emotional and grateful' after dog walker's terrifying dog-napping ordeal

They fled the scene northbound on Sierra Bonita Avenue in a white BMW, the cops said.

Gaga branded Fischer a “hero” in a moving post following the return of her dogs last Friday, writing on Instagram: “I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.”

French bulldogs typically sell for $ 1,500-$ 3,000, and those with pedigree lineage fetching as much as $ 10,000.

Express.co.uk has contacted Lady Gaga’s representatives for comment.

Elvis has left the building: Meaning and origin of the most famous Elvis Presley quote

Elvis Presley: Priscilla and Lisa Marie discuss singer in 2012

These days, the phrase “Elvis has left the building” has become utterly ubiquitous. It can mean anything from signifying (often ironically or sarcastically) that someone has, indeed, left a room or building to meaning the end of a moment, relationship or even life. It’s no surprise it is associate with the final tragic days of The King’s own life, but it is actually from the very beginning of his career on the Louisiana Hayride, from the moment when he was poised to become one of the biggest stars the world has ever seen.

On this day, March 3, in 1955, Elvis made his local TV debut, broadcast on KWKH-TV from the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana.

It was part of the Louisiana Hayride, a country music show which operated live shows which had been broadcast on local radio since 1948.

Elvis had made his first-ever radio broadcast for them on October 16, 1954. He was still only 19 at the time, so his parents Vernon and Gladys had to co-sign his contract. He was paid $ 18 for his weekly appearances.

When his contract was renegotiated in October 1955, his rate had soared to $ 200, an enormous amount at the time but reflecting his fast-rising fame.

Elvis has left the building meaning

Elvis has left the building meaning (Image: GETTY)

Elvis performs at the Louisiana Hayride in 1954

Elvis performs at the Louisiana Hayride in 1954 (Image: GETTY)

Elvis performs at the Louisiana Hayride in 1954

Elvis performs at the Louisiana Hayride in 1954 (Image: GETTY)

By now, Colonel Parker had started to shape Elvis career, starting a bidding war with record labels.

His national debut single Heartbreak Hotel was released in January 1956 and topped the charts, followed by his self-titled album in March. It held the Number 1 spot for ten weeks.

Parker needed Elvis free for TV appearances and national touring and bought him out of his Louisiana Hayride contact for $ 10,000.

The one proviso was that Elvis still had to play one charity concert for them in December 1956.

That year, on top of his final eight appearances on the Hayride, Elvis also performed 143 concerts in 79 cities, as well as 11 appearances on national network television.


By the end of 1956, Elvis had also filmed his first movie, Love Me tender and released a second chart-topping album, simply called Elvis.

He was fast becoming one of the biggest stars in the country. Furthermore, the hysteria he generated at every appearance was unprecedented at that time.

All of this was building towards the very simple and very necessary reason why the most famous quote of his career was coined that December.

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Elvis, now well-known by his nickname ‘Elvis the Pelvis’, had to honour his commitment to the Louisiana Hayride Christmas fundraiser for the local YMCA.

His sudden fame meant the event was moved from Municipal Auditorium to the Youth Center at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds. When he had started out, tickets to the entire show had cost 60 cents, now they were $ 2.

The local press reported how Elvis-mania had gripped the town: “It was a big night for the Shreveport police force, too… With teen-agers giving every indication of tearing the Pelvis limb from limb out of sheer admiration and animal spirits, the police threw up more or less effective barricades throughout the building. They were effective enough to keep Presley from being mobbed, but just barely.

“It required considerable agility to keep up with him as he fled from one room to another—always a step or two ahead of his admirers.”

Elvis' parents Vernon and Gladys had to co-sign his early contracts

Elvis’ parents Vernon and Gladys had to co-sign his early contracts (Image: GETTY)

When he finally made it on stage to deafening screams, The King (already a budding style icon) rocked white shoes with blue soles, a green coat, blue pants, and white shirt, a tie and silk scarf.

The King performed Heartbreak Hotel, Long Tall Sally, I Was The One, Love Me Tender, Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me, I Got A Woman, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Paralyzed and Hound Dog.

Elvis played his set mid-way through the night and the host Horace Logan found it impossible to quiet and calm the crowd after he came off stage so the next acts could perform.


In desperation, Logan told the crowd: “All right, all right, Elvis has left the building.

“I’ve told you absolutely straight up to this point. You know that. He has left the building. He left the stage and went out the back with the policemen and he is now gone from the building.”

It was a phrase frequently broadcast at the end of Elvis shows for the rest of his career to persuade crowds screaming for encores to leave the building themselves. Like his music, the phrase has lived on, testimony to his extraordinary legacy.

Prince Philip left 'claustrophobic' on royal train despite luxury amenities

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have spent their entire reign travelling the world representing the UK on royal duty, as well as enjoying leisure pursuits. Though the duo are used to the finest forms of transportation, it seems even the high of luxury isn’t enough to change the Duke of Edinburgh’s opinions on one form of transport.
According to author Robert Hardman, it seems Prince Philip is not so keen on the royal train.

The realisation came after the Duke had spent a rather long journey on a train in 1952.

Prior to the Queen’s ascension to the throne, the then-princess and Philip jetted off to Canada on a royal tour.

The problem for the Duke was the fact most of the travelling across the vast nation was down by train.

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While he may have felt in good spirits when stepping onboard, it seems his opinion on rail travel would soon change when he departed.

“If it was snug and well insulated against the increasingly bracing weather, the Duke found it faintly claustrophobic,” continued Hardman.

“‘I feel like a poached egg. I just can’t breathe on trains,’ he announced as he disembarked in Vancouver.”

Despite his aversion to trains, however, the prince has still taken part in a number of journeys.

In fact, each year he and the Queen travel up to their beloved Sandringham each year by train.

Unsurprisingly, the royal train is also kitted out to meet specific requirements in order to make the Prince feel as comfortable as possible.

This opulence even extends to the Duke’s specially designed bathroom.

In order to enjoy some of his home comforts, the Prince requested some special “design details” to be put in place within his bathroom.

This includes a specially placed mirror, for a rather unique multi-tasking experience.

“His royal highness Prince Philip has a shaving mirror mounting next to his toilet,” explained Chris Hillyard, a former royal train foreman.

“So you can sit on the toilet and look in the mirror and shave.

“That was one of the little design details that weren’t incorporated in the original built.”