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Guide: Where To Pre-Order LEGO Luigi – LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi Starter Course

Update 9th Aug, 2021: Pre-orders for the LEGO Luigi Starter Course and LEGO Bowser’s Airship are live on My Nintendo Store UK.

Where To Pre-Order LEGO Luigi

It might have taken a while (a year to the day, in fact) for Luigi to catch up with his brother, but come August 1 you’ll be able to have a proper fraternal reunion in bricky blocky form. Yes, LEGO Luigi is on the way as part of the new LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course set scheduled for release at the start of August.

LEGO Luigi is interactive in much the same way as his brother, with a tiny LCD screens powered by two AAA batteries that react to movement, colour and certain special bricks. His eyes, mouth and belly react to these inputs and a tiny speaker in the figure adds trademark sounds and musical phrases from the series.

Luigi’s phrases are unique to him, of course, and his Starter Set comes with new characters, including a Pink Yoshi and a showdown with Boom Boom. Luigi can also interact with all the other available LEGO Super Mario sets, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility (you can find out more about how they came to be in our interview with the project’s lead designer).

“It’s LEGO Luigi Time! Introducing #LEGOSuperMario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course! Meet up with Pink Yoshi and go face-to-face with Boom Boom.

“Pre-order today! https://t.co/jKB5vhq7ye pic.twitter.com/itcKhyWdRJ

“— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) April 20, 2021

We’ve scoured the web and tracked down the best options for the LEGO Luigi Starter Set in the UK and US. We’ll update this article with more options and bundles as we find them, so be sure to check back.

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Pre-order LEGO Luigi in the UK:

In the UK (and Europe, too), pre-orders for the new Luigi and Bowser sets are now live. Get in! Or, as Luigi would say, er… “Get-a in!”.

Pre-order LEGO Luigi in North America:

Right now we can only find LEGO Luigi up for pre-order from The LEGO Group itself, but we’ll add more retailers if any decent deals present themselves. Bowser’s Airship is up for pre-order at Zavvi.

Can you resist putting down a pre-order on Luigi? Let us know below and don’t forget to check back as we add the best offers when they pop up.

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Review: LEGO Builder's Journey – A Chill, Beautiful Building Experience

As an adult, LEGO usually means a busy Sunday afternoon spent with a chunky manual, tons of tiny plastic bags, and liberal use of the brick separator tool, because you accidentally skipped ten steps and now the thing is stuck to the other thing and you tried to pry it off but your nails are too short and maybe you need to take a break to look at something that isn’t minuscule plastic for a bit.

As a child, though, LEGO is more like “I have a large tub of bits and I’m going to put them together to make a SPACESHIP ROBOT PRINCESS with a JETPACK”. Many of LEGO’s games lately have been about the former — master builders, official sets recreated in on-screen polygons, rapidly re-building something to make something else — but LEGO Builder’s Journey is very much about the latter.

At its core, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a puzzle game, told through simple vignettes with a single goal, which is usually “get to the other side”. Various obstacles — rivers, broken bridges, chasms and so on — will need to be overcome in order to journey onwards, and later on, these obstacles turn a little more abstract as you try to appease computers and work with a strange but lovable dog/mailbox hybrid.

You play the game as a kid, but not a minifig; you’re just a bunch of bricks stacked together to make a kid-like shape. You go on adventures with your parent, who is also a stack of bricks, and you build… mostly utter nonsense. This isn’t about precision, and it’s not about following instructions; it’s about imagination. You can turn a pile of shapes into a bridge or a sandcastle, and you can make a rickety walkway that winds its way over a swamp. LEGO is a means to an end, and that end is having fun.

LEGO Builder’s Journey was originally an Apple Arcade game, and like many other Apple Arcade games — including its clear inspiration, Monument Valley — it is loaded with story, despite its deceptively simple presentation. On Switch, it’s been almost doubled in length, with extra levels on top of what the original release had that expand the story a little further. You see, kids can have fun with LEGO all they like, but parents have to work to pay for that LEGO, and your parent is whisked away mid-build to do some extremely tedious factory work (which is also LEGO).

This tedium is there to make a point about creative freedom and childlike wonder versus the monotony of adulthood and the loss of imagination and fun, which it does pretty expertly without a single line of dialogue. The sound design and the animation come together to create convincing little dioramas of repetitive and dull work for the parent, and magic and wonder for the kid. But the problem is that the repetitive and dull stuff is… well… repetitive and dull. Because of the lack of dialogue, too, it’s pretty hard in the later levels to figure out what on earth you’re supposed to be doing.

Early puzzle levels are remarkably simple to figure out, as they usually entail your character needing to move forwards one step at a time, but later puzzles are pretty obtuse, especially in the new levels. It can even feel a little like padding at times, as the two characters keep juuuust missing each other, having to do a few more puzzles in order to meet up again.

What’s more, it’s sometimes a bit fiddly to put down bricks because of the game’s own limitations. Simplicity is key in these little vignettes, but simplicity can sometimes obscure things a little too much, especially if you’re using controllers. The touchscreen controls are much more accessible, but we found that we didn’t really… want to play the game on the touchscreen, you know? That’s not really how this reviewer tends to interact with the Switch. Your mileage may vary on that one, of course.

We never got stuck for too long, though, and the new levels certainly have interesting game design which elevates the puzzles beyond just “get to the other side”, but it occasionally feels like the game is overstaying its welcome. Extra content is a great thing, but the game has a very natural ending — its original ending — that is neatly stepped over so that the extra levels can follow on.

Still, the game is quite beautiful (although noticeably less pretty than the RTX PC version, which has lovely dynamic lighting and raytracing), and its new and interesting take on what it means to play (with LEGO, of course) is something we’d love to see more of, alongside its franchise-heavy adventure games. We can imagine it being a fantastic experience to play with a kid who’s beginning to learn how to experiment, because Builder’s Journey is all about rewarding trial and error.

The game will take you an evening or two to play through all the way to the (second) ending, making it a bitesize game that’s an experiment, a proof-of-concept, a first tentative step in a direction that’s new and exciting for LEGO games. It makes a couple of missteps in prioritising its aesthetic over its accessibility as a puzzle game, sure — but the fact remains that this is something we’d love to see more of.


Throughout LEGO Builder’s Journey, we found that the aim of the game was to make you feel like a kid — whether or not you are one. Getting back in touch with the pre-manual-following version of yourself is a delight, and having the story be about a parent and a child connecting through child’s play is as touching as it is smart. Despite occasional misfires and what can feel like padding, this is a LEGO game which plays with the fundamental philosophy of creativity far more than the average LEGO-branded title, and we hope this is an indication of new games to come.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

LEGO prices are cheaper than ever as Amazon launches Prime Day bonanza

Amazon has now officially launched its Prime Day sale with prices slashed across a huge range of products including money off the iPhone 12, Samsung smart TVs and Android phones. However, it’s not just gadgets and gizmos that have received some hefty discounts with Amazon also cutting the cost of toys including LEGO. There’s plenty of brick-based sets available as part of Prime Day with some reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Prime Day: Best iPhone 12 offers
Prime Day: Best Android phone offers
Prime Day: Best Amazon Echo offers
Prime Day: Best Samsung TV offers

Of course, to get these deals you’ll need to be a Prime member but Express.co.uk has an easy way of getting the discounts without paying Amazon for the subscription service. Find out more details here.

Prime Day runs until 23.59pm on 22nd June, with Amazon promising a whopping 2 million deals will be available globally.

The online retailer is also boasting that Prime Day 2021 will feature the largest number of deals in the shopping event’s 7-year history including featured lightning deals running from 08.00am on 21st June, which offer price cuts on top-tier brands, categories, and products.

“This Prime Day, we’re offering Prime members millions of deals from great brands which we know our customers love. We’re also continuing our support for the small businesses selling on Amazon by running our ‘spend £10 get £10 offer’, which will help thousands of smaller companies in the run up to Prime Day,” said John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager.

“As a Prime Day first, we’re also delighted to be increasing our donations to charity when customers shop through AmazonSmile, so there is plenty for everyone this year.”

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Is the Rainbow LGBTQ+ Lego Set Real?

On May 19, 2021, toy maker Lego announced it’s producing a rainbow-colored set in the style of the Pride flag called “Everyone is Awesome.”

According to Lego the set goes on sale June 1, 2021, at the beginning of Pride Month. It’s shaped like a wave and has figurines that attach to every color on the flag.

Set designer Matthew Ashton, vice president of design for the Danish toy company, stated in a video posted by Lego that the figurines were not given genders on purpose, although he told The Guardian that the purple character with a beehive hairdo was a nod to “all the fabulous drag queens out there.”

Ashton said that before the brand decided to manufacture the Pride set for mass consumption, he built the set for his own desk at work.

Ashton spoke about his struggle growing up as an LGBTQ+ child and stated, “Just looking back on my own childhood or my own period of coming out, if I’d had somebody alongside me that was like, gave me something like this, like, ‘This is a token of how much you mean to me, I’m there for you, and I’m here to support you,’ something like that would have meant so much to me.”

Author: Bethania Palma
This post originally appeared on Snopes.com

A Record 57 LEGO Ideas Sets Are Being Reviewed, And Yes, That Includes Zelda LEGO

If you’re a LEGO fan and a Nintendo fan, you probably have LEGO Ideas on your radar. It’s an official project, run by LEGO themselves, which lets fans submit their ideas for new LEGO kits. If you get above a certain number of votes, then your build will go through to a review round, where a bunch of people at the company will seriously consider the marketability of your idea, and if they think it could work, it’ll become reality, and you’ll get a (very small) cut of the profits.

Past successes have included a pirate ship, a treehouse, Sesame Street and Friends sets, and the latest one is a Winnie the Pooh set — which means that it’s not unlikely that more sets could include collaborations with other companies and media properties.

This year, a record 57 sets have passed the required 10,000 supporter milestone, and quite a few of them are much-requested Nintendo sets. Given that we’ve already got Super Mario (and Luigi!) LEGO sets, could we be seeing another Nintendo X LEGO collab?

Four of the 57 sets are video game sets, and three of them are Nintendo games, which feels like a nice win for ol’ Ninty. Take a look, and see if any tickle your fancy:

Presumably a portion of the profits on this Animal Crossing: New Horizons house set will go to Tom Nook
Presumably a portion of the profits on this Animal Crossing: New Horizons house set will go to Tom Nook (Image: TiagoCatarino)
Zelda sets have historically been successful with fans, but not been approved by LEGO
Zelda sets have historically been successful with fans, but not been approved by LEGO (Image: Artem Biziaev)
Among Us LEGO could be an easy win for the Danish company
Among Us LEGO could be an easy win for the Danish company (Image: VaderFan2187)
Samus Aran deserves a LEGO set after all she's been through
Samus Aran deserves a LEGO set after all she’s been through (Image: L-DI-EGO)

Which of the four sets would you most like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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Games with Gold April 2021: Life is Strange and Lego Movie Videogame for Xbox?

Games with Gold April 2021 line-up looks set to be revealed soon, with Xbox fans just days away from seeing the next selection of free games launching. There are just a few days left to download some of the free titles included with the Games with Gold March 2021 line-up. After March 31 both Warface: Breakout and Port Royale 3 will be departing Games with Gold.
Metal Slug 3 – which also was part of the March 2021 Games with Gold line-up – exited the free games selection earlier this month.

While Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse – which also is part of the current Games with Gold line-up – will stick around for a bit longer, leaving the service after April 15.

With just a few days left in the month attention is shifting towards which games could be included in the April 2021 Games with Gold line-up.

In a post online Twinfinite has given their picks for the next collection of free Xbox games.

And they’ve predicted that Life is Strange could be the big headline for the Games with Gold April 2021 line-up.

Twinfinite pointed towards how episodic games – such as Telltale hits like The Walking Dead and Batman – have previously appeared in Games with Gold line-ups.

And doubling down on this prediction, the site also said Square Enix games are common on Games with Gold too – with Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dogs previously being listed as free Xbox games.

Given a brand new Life is Strange game is launching later this year – Life is Strange True Colors – adding the original LiS game which started it all off to Games with Gold could help create new fans.

Which would only help drive interest in the third mainline game in the series which is out in September.

The other game that is predicted to feature in the April 2021 Games with Gold line-up is The Lego Movie Videogame. Plenty of Lego games have arrived on Games with Gold in the past such as Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – to name but a few.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see another Lego game added to the GwG line-up in the not so distant future.

Microsoft often shake-up when they announce their next Games with Gold line-up, not sticking to the same point of the month that Sony do to announce their next PS Plus line-up.

The March 2021 Games with Gold line-up was announced on February 23 while the February 2021 line-up was revealed on January 22.

We’ve already passed the 22nd and 23rd of this month and there hasn’t been a peep from Microsoft about the next Games with Gold line-up.

So it remains to be seen whether we could still get an announcement this week, or if Microsoft might leave it close to the line and announce the next selection of free Xbox games next week.

Either way, it looks like April 1 will be a big day in the Xbox calendar.

Besides the April 2021 Games with Gold line-up launching the start of next month will also see Outriders launch on Xbox Game Pass.

This is a huge deal – AAA titles from third-party devs don’t tend to launch on XGP on day one, usually arriving further down the line.

So the fact Outriders will be available on Game Pass on its release day is big news, and hopefully is a sign that other major third-party games could follow its lead in the future.