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Mysterious bottle of liquid found between the legs of buried skeleton

The distinctive blue-coloured glass bottle marked “Hull Infirmary” appears to have been deliberately placed within a grave in Hull. The fully intact sealed bottle also contained a brown liquid which hasn’t yet been definitively identified.

Hull Live reports the bottle was discovered earlier this year as part of the major excavation at the site where burials took place between 1783 and 1861.

A 70-strong team of specialist archaeologists have been working there since last year and are examining around 1,500 exhumed skeletons.

The site is one of the largest post-medieval cemeteries to have ever been excavated in the north of England.

Katie Dalmon, osteology supervisor, said: “It’s quite normal to find artefacts such as rings, coins, items of clothing and even tableware such as plates in a burial plot but this bottle was quite unusual.

“Not only was it apparently specifically placed between the person’s legs but it was also sealed and was nearly full of liquid.”

The inscription on the side of the bottle is a clue that has been used to uncover at least some of the grave’s secrets.

Hull Infirmary was first established in temporary premises in 1782 – a year before the burial ground opened – and then moved to a purpose-built home nearby in 1784.

Katie added: “We now know a little bit more about the identity of the body – it’s a woman who was in her 60s at the time of death. We also know she was suffering from residual ricketts and osteoporosis.

“She was also buried in the middle of a burial stack with the bottle. It was deliberately placed with the individual and was not part of any backfill.”

Tests have also been carried on the mysterious liquid in an effort to establish what it actually is with samples being sent to experts from Nottingham Trent University.

“The tests have confirmed the presence of sodium, potassium and phosphorus and have also discounted any pharmaceutical materials being present,” Katie added.

“The results leave us with the likelihood that the liquid is probably urine but they also raise a whole series of other questions.

“What could this mean? Why was it placed there and, if it’s not urine, what could it be?”

The expert said another theory being examined was that the liquid might have been a type of phosphate-based tonic drink.

She said: “These were popular in the 19th century when they were advertised as a cure for various medical ailments, including tuberculosis.

“We can’t be exactly sure at the moment so we are carrying out more tests to try to get an definitive answer.”

The team from Oxford Archaeology working at the burial ground is expected to spend several years studying all the findings from the site.

Work on the actual site is due to end next month when the remaining giant tents coverng the excavation area will be removed.

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Vitamin B12 deficiency: Two warning signs on your legs to watch out for

Pernicious anaemia can occur due to a weakened stomach lining (atrophic gastritis) or an acquired autoimmune condition. Who is at most risk? People of Scandinavian or Northern European descent are more likely to develop pernicious anaemia, said Medline Plus. Certain health condition can also raise a person’s risk, such as an underactive thyroid, type 1 diabetes, or celiac disease.

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When pernicious anaemia is acquired by an autoimmune condition, the immune system attacks healthy stomach cells.

The stomach cells are responsible for creating a protein called intrinsic factor.

This protein binds with vitamin B12 – found in eggs, beef, and yoghurt – in the gut.

When intrinsic factor binds to vitamin B12, the nutrient is able to be reabsorbed into the body while digestion takes place.

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After a while, the body starts to show signs of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

For instance, Harvard Medical School pointed out that a lack of vitamin B12 can lead to numbness or tingling in the legs.

Another warning sign is when a person begins to experience walking difficulties, such as staggering or struggling to balance.

Other signs of pernicious anaemia might include fatigue, weakness, cognitive difficulties, memory loss, and/or an inflamed tongue.

If you’re concerned that you might have the condition, you can request a blood test from your doctor.

Make sure to communicate that you want your vitamin B12 levels measured.

Should the results come back that you are indeed lacking vitamin B12, your doctor will discuss your treatment options with you.

Be mindful that the condition might need treatment for the rest of your life.

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Amanda Holden: I Can See Your Voice star, 50, puts legs centre-stage in skintight dress

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

A second commented: “This dress is incredible. You look [hot] where is it from? I need it!!!!”

A third added: “I think she might be the prettiest person I’ve seen tbh.”

Show host Paddy McGuinness penned: “Purdy in pink.”

The presenter completed her outfit with silver earrings and matching heels. 

Adding to her glamorous look, she wore carefully contoured make-up and styled her hair in loose curls. 

Statin-induced muscle pain may increase these three side effects in your feet and legs

“Muscle aches are common, but often are just due to factors other than statins,” says Dr Christopher Cannon, a cardiologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

He continued: “Severe muscle damage is rare, occurring in about one in 10,000 people.

“Statin users report sore or aching muscles in the legs, trunk, or arms, or muscle weakness, burning, tenderness, stiffness, or cramping.”

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Rihanna Shows Off Her Toned Legs In Green Mini Dress During Late Night Dinner Date — Pics

Rihanna looked stunning when she showed up to The Nice Guy restaurant in a dazzling outfit that included a brown jacket over a floral patterned green dress that accentuated her figure.

Rihanna[1], 33, was looking incredible during her latest outing! The singer enjoyed dinner at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood, CA  on Apr. 10 while wearing a green mini dress that had a floral pattern on it underneath a brown shearling coat. She also wore matching green heels and a matching stylish head scarf.

Rihanna walking outside The Nice Guy. (MEGA)

The beauty accessorized her look with diamond anklets around her ankles and stud earrings in her ears. She also carried a designer purse and brought out her features with makeup that included bright red lipstick. She was all smiles while walking by photographers and appeared relaxed for the evening as she stayed safe in a white face mask.

Rihanna showing off her green dress. (MEGA)

Before her latest outing, Rihanna made headlines for crashing a fan’s birthday party[2] in the sweetest way. A video from the bash went viral and showed RiRi dancing by a table while holding up a phone and wearing a red blazer and jeans. She was smiling and talking to the fan, who was sitting at a table in what looked like a restaurant while looking absolutely in awe of her presence.

Details about the event were revealed when the birthday girl’s best friend, Nini, explained what happened in a TikTok video. “So we’re at dinner, right? And we see her, she’s sitting across from us,” she explained in the video before saying she “walked up to her table” and asked the “Stay” crooner if she could take a pic or say hello to her BFF. “She was like, ‘Go back to the table and say I said ‘no.’ But when the cakes comes out, I’m going to walk up to the table and surprise her.”

“So thats literally exactly what she did,” Nini continued, who also gushed that Rihanna was so “nice” about everything. “As soon as the cake was coming to the table, she followed our waitress,” she said.

When Rihanna’s not wowing people with her outfits or surprising fans, she’s keeping fans on their toes about new music[3]. She recently revealed she might release a new song[4] soon in an answer to a fan on Instagram. “I think I should. just 1 tho lol,” she wrote when the fan suggested she should.


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