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NHS set to be given green light to use revolutionary Covid drug taken by Donald Trump

The new therapy consists of antibody cocktails that could reduce severe illness in coronavirus patients, if administered within three days of contracting the deadly virus. The experimental treatment was developed by US company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and was used to “cure” Donald Trump after he became infected with Covid last year. The company was granted an emergency licence for its drugs in the US, following the former US President’s rapid recovery.

Regeneron claims that its cocktail of antibodies reduces symptomatic infections among those sharing a household with someone ill with Covid by 100 percent.

The drugs are undergoing trials carried out by Oxford University and are expected to be approved for use later in the summer.

Sir Simon Stevens, head of the NHS, asked health services to get ready to administer the antibody cocktails.

He told the NHS Confederation virtual conference on Tuesday: “We expect that we will begin to see further therapies that will actually treat coronavirus and prevent severe illness and death.

“Today I’m asking the health service to gear up for what are likely to be a new category of such treatments – so-called neutralising monoclonal antibodies – which are potentially going to become available to us within the next several months.”

The treatment is administered through infusions and Sir Simon wants community services to explore ways of giving them to patients either at their homes or in clinics close by.

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During an interview with Fox News after being discharged from hospital, the former President described his symptoms.

He told Doctor Marc Siegel: “I didn’t have a problem with breathing, which a lot of people seem to have.

“I had none of that, but I didn’t feel very strong. I didn’t feel very vital.”

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Brian May gives update on re-mastered Back to the Light solo album – ‘Powerful feelings!’

Earlier this year, Queen guitarist Brian May revealed he was re-mastering his debut solo album Back to the Light for re-release. The 73-year-old’s solo work has been pretty hard to find these days, but now he’s finally gearing up for fans to hear an updated version of his 1992 record. In fact, the rock legend has recently shared his progress on the project, while posting the opening to his second solo album Another World, which came out in 1998.

Brian May wrote on his Instagram: “This is the opening of the Another World album – my second solo record – thanks @maryf.3d for reminding me (with this lovely visualisation) that 1st of June is the anniversary of its release.

“I suppose I didn’t post about the anniversary because I am now so wrapped up in preparing the new release of my FIRST solo album – BACK TO THE LIGHT !

“I was filming a new EPK for it today in the exact spot I filmed the first EPK 39 years ago. Powerful feelings !!”

The Queen guitarist then signed off with a commitment to re-master and re-release his Another World album in the future too.

Brian added: “Thanks for flagging this, guys. Makes me proud !

“And this too will soon be polished and unleashed on the world again soon. All in good time ! Cheers ! Bri.”

The 73-year-old told Express.co.uk earlier this year that he hopes to re-release Back to the Light this summer.

He said: “I’m very excited, I’ve been putting a lot of work in and polishing that up, finding some tracks that weren’t on the original; a nice new package.”

Brian shared: “For me, it’s been a nice thing to explore. Again, probably if Covid hadn’t have happened I wouldn’t have had the time.

“But we’ve been able to go back into the archives and find all the original masters; re-polish them if you like.

“And for me, it’s been a discovery of where my brain was at the time. [It’s been] fascinating for me.”

The 73-year-old added that while working on Back to the Light once again he found that there are “some things inside me that are eternal.”

Brian said: “I still feel I want to stand by this album as a statement from me.

“There are some hits on it too, so it’s something I’m quite proud to bring out and dust off and bring to a new generation. I’m well excited I must say!”

At the time, the Queen legend teased that he’d been working on a new video for the re-release, for which he’s had “some great ideas”.

He added: “Again, [producer] Simon Lupton’s working with me, bless him; patiently listening to all my crazy demands.”

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Holiday traffic light system 'under question' by travel expert – says NOT to cancel trips

Big changes were made to the travel traffic light system yesterday after a government meeting with health and travel advice officials. Most notably, Portugal was removed from the green list and added to the amber list. Some travel experts have criticised the Government on this move.

Paul Charles is one such travel expert who is not impressed with the Government’s travel traffic light system, calling it “incoherent” and “inconsistent”.

Mr Charles appeared on ITV via video call from Malta this morning. He said: “I’m sad to say there seems to be an incoherent policy from government, and certainly one that’s inconsistent.

“Just three weeks ago they were saying to people book your holiday to Portugal and elsewhere – if it’s on the green list, go for it.

“And now they’re turning round and saying well we’ve spotted a few infections, possible variants in Portugal, now we’ve got to reign back.

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Although Portugal will be added to the amber list on Tuesday, June 8, Mr Charles reminded viewers “it’s not illegal to travel to Portugal”.

“You can visit family for example – you can go for weddings or funerals,” the travel consultant said.

“If you’ve already booked you could still do that trip.

“It all depends whether you’re prepared to self-isolate when you come back and indeed pay for the costs of testing, which are pretty expensive as we know.”

Britons wanting to travel to a country on the amber list must quarantine for 10 days on return to the UK, as well as pay £60 or more for a coronavirus test.

However, if you have already booked a holiday to Portugal, Mr Charles recommended not cancelling your booking just yet.

He said: “But do not cancel your trip – wait for your airline, or tour operator, or travel agent to contact you so that you know what’s going to be happening.

“Because if you cancel it, you’re changing the contract and you’re changing the terms.

“So wait for you to be contacted by your agent operator or airline.”

Mr Charles claimed the lack of movement by Britons this summer will seriously affect the travel industry, saying: “Of course, the industry needs bookings to be coming in for the summer.

“We need ministers to be really clear now on what’s going to happen in July and August. Are they going to allow people to go away? Are they going to expand the green list?”

The travel consultant went on to say that he believed Portugal should have been moved “from green to the green watch list” instead of the amber list to “give people more time to work out their plans”.

“It flies in the face of all the advice they were giving and the reason why they set up the travel traffic light system in the first place and I think that system is now seriously under question,” Mr Charles said.

He added: “The travel sector has been pulled from pillar to post for at least 12 months now and dogged by inconsistencies of government policy.

“The sector needs a good summer this summer.

“If it doesn’t get it and the summer is squeezed, then we’re talking tens of thousands of job losses again across the sector.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Kate Middleton makes rare appearance in light blue jeans as she wears casual look for jab

Kate Middleton is rarely seen in jeans, let alone a pale blue coloured pair. An image of the Duchess receiving the coronavirus jab was posted on the Cambridges’ Twitter account today.
Kate Middleton has made headlines this week as she wore beautiful dresses and smart blazers during her tour of Scotland with Prince William.

But today, royal fans were treated to an image of the Duchess wearing a rare outfit: jeans and a casual top.

The jeans were a light blue colour and seemed to be in the popular “mom” style, while her top was white and ribbed with a round neckline.

Kate wore the laidback outfit to receive the first does of the coronavirus vaccine at London’s Science Museum yesterday.

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Her creamy white topped was tight and tucked into her jeans.

It featured short sleeves to make it easier for the member of NHS staff to give the Duchess the vaccine on her left arm.

As for jewellery, Kate kept things simple, opting only for slim gold hoops and her sapphire engagement ring.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair was styled in natural waves and her make-up was her usual look of thin black eyeliner, plenty of mascara, and strong coloured-in brows.

One person tweeted: “Absolutely stunning!! She looks fab, healthy and hope you feel well after the jab!”

Another person wrote: “Always glam and fabulous even with jeans, t-shirt and a mask! Damn Kate, how could you be so amazing?!”

Kate’s outfit is a big change from the looks she has been serving royal fans this week while visiting various locations in Scotland with Prince Willian.

The tour saw the Duchess wear an array of elegant outfits, from a beige Massimo Dutti coat paired with a tartan scarf to a baby blue Emilia Wickstead coat dress with matching heels.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Pre-Orders Available Now

The night is coming, survivors! Starting today, you can reserve your copy of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and get your hands on some sweet extras while you’re at it. Every player who pre-orders the game will get a unique outfit, a weapon skin and a paraglider skin — way to make an entrance into The City!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will take you over twenty years after humanity lost its fight to the virus in Harran, which is now but a memorial of sacrifice and defeat. Now, mankind has found refuge in The City — one of the last few human settlements on Earth. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages, and everything you took for granted is no more. But in the remnants of the past, a new order emerges and an extremely fragile balance of power is in your hands.

Dying Light 2

Now that you get the gist of it, let’s get to what exactly we think it is that you’ll love about Dying Light 2 Stay Human — beginning with our favourite two words: vertical freedom. We wanted to make your parkour experience feel intuitive, natural and, above all, fun. Since The City is all about its multiple levels and both their unique challenges and assets that you can turn to your advantage, we’ve made sure you’d be able to move through it smoothly. You get numerous parkour skills to explore, combine and choose from along an improved grappling hook and a paraglider — all you need to make the vast open world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human your oyster.

Pretty cool, right? But roaming through the map is not the only way to use parkour abilities. They also play a major role in combat, allowing you to surprise your enemies with your insane agility. Fights might turn brutal and tough, so you need to be smart, creative and unpredictable. You can think of the world as a playground, where you experiment with various tactics, weapons, approaches and elements of the environment. We ensured there’s always more than one way to get an edge over your opponent.

Dying Light 2

All right, we know what you’re thinking now, “What’s going on with The City? Doesn’t it have a name?” And in fact, it did have one: Villedor. It used to be a cradle of culture, humming with life, full of travellers from all over the world. But the virus and consequent fall of civilisation brought all of that to a standstill. Over time, people started to believe Villedor to be the last haven of civilization, renaming it The City; and although some new settlements were established since then, it remains the icon of hope and survival.

But history lessons aside, let’s focus on the present. Dying Light 2 takes place in a new era, called Modern Dark Ages, which is basically the Dark Ages, only if it happened today. People reject science, medieval structures rise next to ruined shopping malls and desolate office buildings. Lettuce grows on the roofs. No, we’re not kidding. It really does, hear us out. As the infection has become more sensitive to UV rays, society ekes out an existence in the safety of sunlight, while the Infected lurk in the shadows. The streets have become too dangerous to roam, so in a desperate attempt to survive, people fled to the rooftops, building makeshift houses and farms there. They may go down to the ground level by day, as sunlight herds the Infected into the buildings, but nightfall shifts the balance completely. Beasts leave their liars and the hunted become hunters. Most folk cower in hubs, hoping their UV lamps will keep them safe, but for you, this is a chance to explore places no one else dares enter and take the spoils.

Dying Light 2

Plenty of people from various cultures and places closed in a city that’s in a state of permanent siege — you couldn’t possibly think there’d be no conflicts. Law and order versus power of friendship, none of them perfect, none flawless. Both trying to make through. Depending on which faction you help, The City will react with changes in its appearance, threats and atmosphere. You steer its future, so steer wisely, as consequences will follow.

Whether it’s the choices concerning your playstyle or ones that’ll decide the future of The City, we wanted you to feel that they really matter. The former will determine your weaknesses and strengths in combat, your preferred approach and tactics. The latter — your relationships, interactions and surroundings. By choosing sides, making moral decisions, and testing different options and paths, you can explore multiple scenarios and unravel various outcomes. And if you’re curious and can’t wait to see how other choices might play out, remember Dying Light 2 Stay Human has a co-op mode, where you can join your friends in their games and see for yourself. Or they can join you and marvel at the grandeur of your achievements.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Dying Light 2 Stay Human and remember — no one’s ever regretted getting free skins.

Xbox Live

Dying Light 2


Upgrade your experience with Smart Delivery. Buy the game once to both play it on Xbox One and get its optimized version for Xbox Series X | S Pre-order the Standard Edition now to get the exclusive items: – “Reload” outfit – “Reload” weapon skin – “Reload” paraglider skin Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope. You are a wanderer with the power to change the fate of The City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories you cannot decipher, you set out to learn the truth… and find yourself in a combat zone. Hone your skills, as to defeat your enemies and make allies, you’ll need both fists and wits. Unravel the dark secrets behind the wielders of power, choose sides and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there’s one thing you can never forget—stay human. VAST OPEN WORLD Participate in the life of a city engulfed in a new dark era. Discover different paths and hidden passages, as you explore its multiple levels and locations. CREATIVE & BRUTAL COMBAT Take advantage of your parkour skills to tip the scales of even the most brutal encounter. Clever thinking, traps and creative weapons will be your best friends. DAY AND NIGHT CYCLE Wait for night to venture into dark hideouts of the Infected. Sunlight keeps them at bay, but once it’s gone, monsters begin the hunt, leaving their lairs free to explore. CHOICES & CONSEQUENCES Shape the future of The City with your actions and watch how it changes. Determine the balance of power by making choices in a growing conflict and forge your own experience. 2-4 PLAYER CO-OP GAMEPLAY Play in up to four-player co-op. Host your own games or join others and see how their choices have played out differently than yours.

Author: Marta Szczechowska, Writer, Techland
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Irish regulator gets green light for probe that could halt Facebook data

Irish regulator gets green light for probe that could halt Facebook data© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A 3D-printed Facebook logo is seen placed on a keyboard in this illustration taken March 25, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

By Conor Humphries

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ireland’s data regulator can proceed with an inquiry that could lead to a ban on Facebook (NASDAQ:)’s data transfers from the European Union to the United States, the country’s High Court ruled on Friday.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) launched an inquiry in August and issued a provisional order that the mechanism Facebook uses to transfer EU user data to the United States “cannot in practice be used”.

Facebook had challenged both the inquiry and the Preliminary Draft Decision (PDD), saying they threatened “devastating” and “irreversible” consequences for its business, which relies on processing user data to serve targeted online ads.

The High Court on Friday rejected the challenge.

“I refuse all of the reliefs sought by FBI (Facebook Ireland) and dismiss the claims made by it in the proceedings,” the court said in a judgment.

“FBI has not established any basis for impugning the DPC decision or the PDD or the procedures for the inquiry adopted by the DPC,” the judgment said.

Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, who was instrumental in forcing the data regulator to initiate the inquiry, said he believed the decision made it inevitable that Facebook’s data flows would be halted.

“After eight years, the DPC is now required to stop Facebook’s EU-U.S. data transfers, likely before summer,” Schrems said in a statement.

Facebook and the DPC said they would comment on the judgment shortly.

X: Therefore doesn`t .

Author: Reuters
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Creating the Atmospheric In Rays of the Light

In Rays of the Light is a remake and reimagining of the original 2012 indie game The Light. The initial project was a “test of the pen,” which marked the beginning of my journey in the world of game development. The game contained a general moral concept associated with the danger and harmful consequences of human activity: with endless wars and political struggle, the desire for enrichment, with technical progress, which has a strong effect on our lives, both in a positive and in a negative way. The final message of the story was that Mother Nature will breathe a sigh of relief when humanity as a species disappears from the face of the Earth.

In Rays of the Light

The original game was a small sketch with 15-20 minutes of gameplay. The reference for the location was the real-life territory of the Moscow Humanitarian University, in particular, one of its educational buildings. During my student years, I spent a lot of time in this building, which has always impressed me with its seemingly simple but strict monumental design. It was the majestic image of this building that originally inspired the creation of the project.

In Rays of the Light

In 2019, it was decided to re-release the project with a complete revision of the visual and gameplay parts. The game was practically recreated from scratch. A lot of interactive objects, kerosene lamps, a game machine, a puzzle with an electrical panel, plot text notes were added. Some variability was also introduced – now, depending on the style of passage, you can get one of two different endings. In this case, the very concept of “light” has a great sacred meaning.

In Rays of the Light

The main film shown to the player in the lecture hall has been completely redesigned. For the video, many fragments from military chronicles, filming of disasters and emergencies were used. We also used our own materials filmed in abandoned territories, as well as images of fairly well-known objects in Russia. For example, in one of the scenes there are shots of the ancient Dormition Church in the city of Kondopoga, Republic of Karelia. Unfortunately, in 2018 the church was set on fire and completely burned down.

In Rays of the Light

The remake of the game also got a more formalized storyline, which, with the help of notes and details of the environment, tells us about the latest events that took place in this God-forsaken place. Unlike the original version of The Light, the player becomes more clear about what happened many years ago and who the main character is.

In Rays of the Light

This project has become for me something more than just a game. This is a statement that once again calls for thinking about what is important and what should not be forgotten.

Xbox Live

In rays of the Light

Sometimes You

New game from the developer of “7th Sector” Sergey Noskov. There is only you, the abandoned remains of a former life and the flourishing nature that feels great in the absence of man. This world is both gloomy and empty, but so incredibly beautiful. “In rays of the Light” is an atmospheric author’s parable about our place in this world, life and death. Explore a mysterious territory filled with a variety of details that reveal the story. Solve logic puzzles and study text messages along the way. Features: – First-person meditative quest – A metaphorical philosophical story revealed in the study of details and surroundings – Beautiful visuals and melodic soundtrack (composed by Dmitry Nikolaev) – Two endings – Remake of “The Light” (2012) game

Author: Sergey Noskov, Developer, In Rays of the Light
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Holidays blow as UK likely to give green light travel to fewer than 10 European countries

“It will be a cautious approach, but then things could start to change quickly,” a source told the Guardian.

However, the list will be reviewed every three weeks, so the status of countries could change quickly.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw some doubt on plans to open up when he said yesterday: “We do want to do some opening up on 17 May but I don’t think that the people of this country want to see an influx of disease from anywhere else.

“I certainly don’t and we have got to be very, very tough, and we have got to be as cautious as we can, whilst we continue to open up.”

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Hugging set to get green light from ministers in just two weeks’ time

Author: Natasha Clark
This post originally appeared on Health News – The Sun

MINISTERS are set to green light hugs with family in just two weeks’ time, The Sun can reveal.

Boris Johnson kept touching rules in limbo in his lockdown lifting roadmap – keeping advice on social distancing and close contact between people who know each other subject to review.

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It's expected that people will be told they can finally hug their close friends and family again


It’s expected that people will be told they can finally hug their close friends and family againCredit: Alamy

But with our zooming vaccine rollout and dropping case numbers, Whitehall sources say that milestone will likely be hit on 17 May – bringing joy to millions of Brits.

Ahead of step three of the lockdown roadmap, ministers will meet next week to sign off relaxing the rules around social distancing.

It’s expected that people will be told they can finally hug their close friends and family again – but social distancing rules will be expected to stay for others.

Brits will be told they can decide on their own levels of risk “for their own circumstances” and take decisions into their own hands after months of advice from ministers about what to do.

One Whitehall source told The Sun: “The modelling is on track for step three as planned.”

May 17 will see the rule of six relaxed outdoors and people in England finally able to see friends and family indoors again, but in small numbers.

Ministers will take a decision on whether to relax all social distancing rules ahead of step 4 of the roadmap, which will come in June.

But there are fears they could stay for months to come to keep infection rates at bay.

Several pilots are currently underway across the UK, some of which have trialled scrapping social distancing and other rules to monitor how to open events safely.

The results of those trials will land on ministers’ desks in the next week. The smashing news comes as the UK approaches nearly 50million doses of vaccines dished out to Brits across the country.

And nearly 15million second doses have been achieved – meaning the most vulnerable people in the country will shortly all have had their first jab.

Priti Patel announces fines of £800 for people attending house parties during lockdown that could go up to £6k

Texas gives green light to continue rollout of Johnson & Johnson vaccine after 11-day pause

Author: Harley Tamplin
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Vaccine providers in Texas are now able to continue administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

The state’s Department of State Health Services lifted its pause on the vaccine on Saturday morning after determining that its benefits outweigh the risks.

It had been paused since April 13, when the vaccine safety system identified six cases of blood clots in connection with the vaccine.

The CDC estimates that the vaccine will prevent more than 2,200 intensive care admissions and 1,400 deaths in the U.S. over the next six months.

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an important tool in our fight against COVID-19, and the scientific review over the last 11 days has affirmed its safety and effectiveness,” said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS commissioner.

“We know some Texans prefer the simplicity of a single-dose vaccine, and the ease of storing and handling this vaccine gives providers more flexibility. Resuming the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will prevent hospitalizations and save lives in Texas.”

With the vaccine rollout resuming, DSHS is asking people to closely monitor their health for three weeks after receiving the vaccine.

People should seek medical attention if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Leg swelling
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision
  • Easy bruising or tiny blood spots under the skin beyond the site of injection.