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Lilibet is a ‘real joy!’ Brits get ultra rare update on Harry and Meghan’s second child

Lilibet is a 'real joy!' Brits get ultra rare update on Harry and Meghan's second child

Meghan and Prince Harry’s daughter Lili is now six months old – and has reportedly already become a “joy to be around”. Providing a rare update on the tot, a source claimed: “She’s such a sweet-natured baby and a real joy to be around.”

The child has already reached a few milestones of which, the source also said, her proud parents are keeping track.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the source added: “They’re keeping a note of all her new exciting milestones.

“It’s amazing how quickly she’s growing.”

Lili was born on June 4 at a Santa Barbara hospital.

Meghan and Harry announced her birth through their organisation Archewell a couple of days later.

A brief message from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex read: “On June 4th, we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Lili.

“She is more than we could have ever imagined, and we remain grateful for the love and prayers we’ve felt from across the globe.

“Thank you for your continued kindness and support during this very special time for our family.”

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Mindful of their daughter’s privacy, Meghan and Harry have yet to share a picture of the tot with the public.

And they have only provided a few updates on the newborn.

In September, during the Sussexes’ first-ever public trip together to New York, a reporter asked the Duchess how her daughter was doing.

While visiting the One World Trade Center, Meghan simply said: “She’s beautiful.”


During a more recent public appearance, the Duchess opened up further on her younger child, and said Lili is teething.

In November, Meghan said during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show: “She is a good sleeper, but the teeth are coming in, so any mom will understand where you go they may be the best in the world, but the moment that is happening you have so much sympathy, so yes, I am up most of the night.”

During this interview, Meghan also spoke about her elder child, two-year-old Archie Harrison.

The Duchess revealed she and Harry decided to dress up their children for Halloween – but the babies did not appear to be on board with the idea.

She said: “We wanted to do something fun for the kids and then the kids were not into it at all.

“Archie was a dinosaur for maybe five minutes.

“Still not even five minutes, Harry talked him into putting the head on.

“But Lilibet was a skunk and it was so cute. She was the flower from Bambi.”

Asked by Ellen if her son is a good big brother, Meghan replied: “He loves being a big brother!”

While the public has yet to see Lili, the Sussexes have shared a few snaps of their son, who was formally introduced to the world two days after his birth in May 2019 with a photocall held at Windsor Castle.

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George, Charlotte, Louis to celebrate THREE Christmases but unlikely to meet Lilibet

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe said Prince William and Kate’s children will have “three Christmases rolled into one”. Mr Larcombe explained George, eight, Charlotte, six, and three-year-old Louis will have Christmas with just their parents before celebrating with the Royal Family at Sandringham – and then with the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton.

But Mr Larcombe insisted the three royal youngsters will not be “spoiled” with lavish presents.

The royal biographer told OK! magazine: “I think we’re looking at three Christmases rolled into one for William and Kate and their children.

“There will be Christmas on their own with their kids, the more formal celebrations at Sandringham with William’s family and then time with Kate’s family, the Middletons.

“But something we know for sure about William and Kate is that they want their children to feel normal and so they certainly won’t be lavishing them with expensive gifts, that’s for certain.

“They won’t let them be spoiled.”

Mr Larcombe said the Cambridges will enjoy a “little family Christmas” at their Norfolk home Anmer Hall.

He added that Kate’s parents, who run their Party Pieces family business, will “go to town” this Christmas after Covid restrictions last year.

Mr Larcombe said: “But I think William and Kate will be making their own traditions by having a little family Christmas and presents under the Christmas tree at Anmer.

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However George, Charlotte and Louis are unlikely to see their cousin Lilibet.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter, a little sister for their son Archie, was born in California in June.

Speculation has been high over whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who quit royal duties last year – will return to Britain for Christmas.

But earlier this month Page Six reported that the pair have no plans to travel to the UK for the festive period.

A source told the US media outlet: “There’s a lot that goes into the logistics and the planning of the family Christmas, so of course, staff know that Harry and Meghan are not coming.

“If they were, they would have communicated it to their family by now.

“But this is Her Majesty’s first Christmas without her husband, so one would have hoped they would want to be with her.”

The Queen traditionally spends Christmas at her Sandringham estate where she is joined by other members of the Royal Family.

This year is her first Christmas without her beloved husband Prince Philip, who died earlier this year.

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Queen’s christening attendance ‘extremely good news’ but still no update over Lilibet

On Sunday afternoon, Queen Elizabeth II, 95, was among guests attending Zara Tindall and Princess Eugenie’s joint christening for their royal babies. Close friends and immediate family members gathered for the ceremony held at All Saints Chapel in Great Windsor Park.

Images from the event show Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank beaming as they arrived at the ceremony for the baptism of their first child August who was born in February.

Zara and Mike Tindall arrived in separate cars for the occasion, during which their third child Lucas Philip Tindall, born in March, was christened alongside his second cousin.

Her Majesty’s attendance comes after a series of cancelled engagements from the monarch following her overnight stay in hospital last month.

Last weekend, Her Majesty was forced to pull out of attending the Remembrance Sunday service in London after spraining her back.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Express.co.uk that it was “extremely good news” to see the Queen back in action after her period of rest.

He added that the ceremony would have likely seen some traditions being observed, such as the wearing of the replica of the Honiton Gown, a royal christening gown.

He said: “It is extremely good news that the Queen attended the joint christening today and it is to be hoped this will be the first of many engagements she will be able to attend in the coming months.

“It will have brought her much personal pleasure to attend this important event in the lives of two of her great-grandchildren.

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Notably, Mr Fitzwilliams pointed out that there had yet to be any information about the baptism of the youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He said: “Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall brought back some bottles of holy water from the River Jordan, which is used in royal baptisms, on their recent trip.

“There has been no information as to when or where Lilibet, the Sussexes second child, is to be baptised.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who stepped away from royal duties in 2020, welcomed their daughter Lilibet Diana in June.

The couple christened their first child Archie, now two, in a private ceremony two months after he was born.

Archie was baptised in the private chapel at Windsor Castle.

The couple released photos, taken by photographer Chris Allerton, just a few hours after the ceremony took place.

Meghan and Harry have not released any information as to whether they plan to christen their daughter or as to whether a ceremony has already taken place.

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‘First ever American princess’ Meghan and Harry’s daughter Lilibet will change the game

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are living in California after quitting royal duties, welcomed their second child in June. Royal biographer Andrew Morton, who has penned an updated version of his book on Meghan, said people in the US will see Lili as an “American princess”.

Mr Morton told Salon: “I think what people haven’t really taken on board is that Lilibet is going to be the first ever American princess.

“Archie was born in the UK.

“There’s some debate about whether she’s going to be christened in the US or the UK.

“If she’s christened in the US, then I think America will embrace her as an American princess.”

Speculation has been high over Lili’s christening and if it will take place in the UK or the US.

Sussex fans are also still waiting to see a picture of Meghan and Harry’s daughter.

The Sussexes named her after the Royal Family’s nickname for the Queen.

However the monarch has not yet met her great-granddaughter in person.

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However the couple sparked a row after refusing to reveal the names of Archie’s godparents in a break from royal tradition.

The pair also excluded the press and public from the day.

A number of official photographs from the christening were released after it had taken place.

Harry and Meghan went on to announce their Megxit decision in January 2020.

The Sussexes carried out their last royal engagements in March 2020.

They are now living in Montecito with Archie and Lili as they pursue new lives of personal and financial freedom across the pond.

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Lilibet and Archie could be eligible for prestigious honour if they REJECT royal titles

Changes were implemented in the 1970s which allow children born abroad to be American citizens if either parent was a US citizen at birth.

And Lilibet was born in California, where her family now resides full-time, so Lilibet is also eligible to put herself forward for the top job one day.

John R Vile, professor of political science at Middle Tennessee State University, explained to USA TODAY: “Children born of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in the United States would be citizens and would be eligible to run for president when they are old enough, but they would have to win this in an election rather than inherit the office.”

If either Archie or Lilibet has political ambitions in the future, they may have to renounce their claims to the British throne to be US president or receive special permission from Congress.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis do not have the option of American citizenship, so they are not eligible to run for president like their cousins.

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Lilibet and Archie reunited with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after NY trip

The VIP tour of NYC lasted three days during which the couple met with global leaders and took part in an event to plug global covid vaccine equity. The Sussexes concluded their three-day trip by appearing on stage at Central Park’s Global Citizens Festival. Harry and Meghan appeared on stage to huge cheers from Central Park’s Global Citizens Festival crowd.

Prince Harry addressed those present by saying: “are you ready to do what’s necessary to end this pandemic?”

He then handed the microphone to his wife who said: “Hi everybody.

“It is so good to be back here with all of you.

“We know that it feels like this pandemic has been going on forever.

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“We get it.

“It’s been a lot, and some people are just over it.”

“But if everyone is over it, it’s never going to be over with.

“There’s so much we can do today that can get us closer to ending this pandemic, and that’s why we’re all here.”


The Duchess of Sussex went on to praise “the most brilliant scientists, researchers, frontline workers and selfless public health leaders” for their work throughout the pandemic.

The couple are now back at their Santa Barbara home in California and have reunited with their children Archie and Lilibet.

Meghan was spotted in casual clothing as she and Harry arrived back in California.

When Prince Harry exited the plane he wore navy jeans, a light casual sweater and buff suede boots.

The Duke of Sussex was loading bags into a waiting Jeep, he then hugged his assistants at Santa Barbara’s private airport.

The trip was the first time the couple had made a public appearance since the birth of their daughter Lilibet in June.

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Lilibet Diana christening: Prince William put foot down and rejected UK ceremony demand

Lilibet Diana, the youngest child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has yet to make her debut on UK soil after her birth in Santa Barbara, California, in June. With no picture of the child available publicly, speculation about what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning for her christening has been rife. NBC royal correspondent Neil Sean claimed it is unlikely Lilibet Diana will have her day at St George’s Chapel in Windsor because of the alleged intervention of a senior Royal Family member.

Mr Sean claimed: “One of the bigger problems that Meghan really encountered of later is that she wanted her daughter, Lilibet Diana, to be christened in the place she was married alongside her husband Prince Harry. And then the christening of her firstborn, Archie.

“But that came to a grinding halt. Both Harry and Meghan were very keen to make that return and make sure that christening happened, particularly in front of Her Majesty The Queen.

“Some people may say they’re just capitalising on their royal connection and why not? It’s how they make money now.

“But moving forward there was one person who basically decided there wasn’t an appetite for this and the person that seemingly is, so far, not willing to kiss and make up with his younger brother.”

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He further claimed: “According to a very good source, Prince William was the one who basically said ‘no, we don’t think this is going to work,’ it wasn’t a particularly good idea.”

Kensington Palace has declined to comment.

Prince William’s relationship with his younger brother Prince Harry has been fraught in recent years, and the brothers have not spent much time together since the Duke of Sussex stepped down from his working royal role in March 2020.

The pair were briefly reunited twice this year, first at Prince Philip’s funeral in April, where they were seen exchanging a few words thanks to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s intervention, and then again in July at the unveiling of a statue commemorating their late mother, Princess Diana.

Over the summer, a friend of the Princess of Wales claimed the brothers had been slowly restarted communications over Zoom.

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“What they do is just simply offer as much peace and tranquillity and calm as possible.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to take a step back from active royal work in March 2020 and confirmed the decision to step down indefinitely after a one-year trial.

The couple shortly set up home in Canada following a six-week break from royal duty in the autumn of 2019, which they said they would use to spend time with their then six-month-old son Archie Harrison.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex later relocated to California before international travel was shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Neither Meghan Markle nor her son have returned to the UK since, and Lilibet Diana has yet to be introduced to members of the Royal Family in person.

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Diana called Queen Elizabeth II ‘Aunt Lilibet’ before marriage to her son Prince Charles

Princess Diana was born into an aristocratic family that had been closely allied with the British royal family for several generations, so she was no stranger to her future family members. In fact, she used to refer to her future mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Aunt Lilibet’ prior to her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

Lilibet is the Queen’s nickname that she coined for herself as she had difficulty pronouncing Elizabeth in childhood. However, the name stuck with her, as her younger sister Princess Margaret also started calling her Lilibet and other family members followed the suit. It is said that the monarch’s recently deceased husband Prince Philip was the last person who used to call her by the moniker.

The unique name was recently transferred to the younger generation, after her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle chose it as the first name for their second child, a daughter, who also has her grandmother’s name Diana as her middle name.

Diana’s Decades,” a new ITV documentary that premiered on Thursday night, shared an interesting anecdote that even Diana used to call the Queen by the name. An off-camera narrator said while discussing her childhood, “Lady Diana was born into a world of large country houses, set in rural estates. She grew up in Park House, practically next door to the Queen, who she called Aunt Lilibet.”

Park House was rented by the Spencer family from the Queen herself. It is located on the royal family’s infamous Christmas holiday venue Sandringham Estate, just to the west of the monarch’s main residence Sandringham House. Diana, as well as her mother Frances, were born at the historical building.

The Spencer family retained the lease of Park House until 1975, when Diana’s father became Earl Spencer, after which they moved to their family home Althorp, a Grade I listed stately home and estate in West Northamptonshire. Its grounds are now home to the final resting-place of the late Princess of Wales.

After her untimely death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, Diana was interred on a small island in the middle of the ornamental Round Oval lake at the estate. A Doric-style temple with her name inscribed on top has been built across from the lake, and is a tourist attraction during July and August when the house and estate are open to the public.

Members of the British Royal Family sit for an official portrait in the white drawing room at Windsor Castle after Prince William’s confirmation at St Georges Chapel March 9. Pictured are, (Left to Right Front Row) Prince Harry, Diana Princess of Wales, Prince William, the Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth, (back row Left to Right) King Constatine of Greece, Lady Susan Hussey, Princess Alexandra, the Duchess of Westminster, and Lord Romsey. BRITAIN

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Diana called the Queen ‘Aunt Lilibet’ years before marrying Prince Charles

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the joyous news that they had welcomed a baby girl into the world back on 4 June 2021, the regal couple’s choice of name for their newborn sparked a discussion about an interesting royal tidbit that had previously rarely been spoken about.

Naming their second child Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed the touching meaning behind their first daughter’s name.

“Lili is named after her great-grandmother, Her Majesty the Queen, whose family nickname is Lilibet,” a statement said. “Her middle name, Diana, was chosen to honour her beloved late grandmother, the Princess of Wales.”

Diana was used to a world of wealth and privilege even before joining the Royal Family

While Diana may sadly no longer be with us, it seems the late mother-of-two has another connection to her granddaughter’s title, in addition to her middle name paying tribute to her.

In a new documentary, aired on ITV on Thursday night, it has been claimed that Diana would refer to her future mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II by her intimate nickname – years before she married into the royal family.

“Lady Diana was born into a world of large country houses, set in rural estates,” viewers heard an off-camera narrator say, as they discussed the ex-wife of Prince Charles and her upbringing.

The Queen was dubbed ‘Lilibet’ as a young girl

“She grew up in Park House, practically next door to the Queen, who she called Aunt Lilibet,” they went on to reveal.

The monarch’s sentimental nickname goes back to when the Queen was too young to be able to pronounce her own name, calling herself “Lilibet” instead.

Catching on, her family soon adopted her chosen moniker too, with her father, George VI, once quoted as saying: “Lilibet is my pride. Margaret is my joy.”

Elsewhere in the new Diana documentary, family friends and former neighbours of the People’s Princess opened up about her early years – with one claiming she had her heart set on a big wedding from a young age.

In the first episode of the series, an electrician who was at the wedding of one of Diana’s elder sisters revealed an interesting conversation he had with the then-teenager.

It may not have been at Westminster Abbey, but Diana enjoyed a fairytale wedding in 1981
(Image: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Recalling the moment Diana attended her sibling’s special day, he said the late Princess said to him: “Nothing like this for me, Ray. It’s Westminster Abbey or nothing.”

While her teenage dream didn’t true exactly, Diana did go on to marry the future King of England, Prince Charles in a fairytale wedding on Wednesday 29 July 1981.

The couple’s bid day shunned the usual royal tradition of tying the knot at Westminster Abbey, instead becoming husband and wife St Paul’s Cathedral due to the venue offering more seating for their many guests.

The world were gripped by the romance of the heir to throne and his 20-year-old bride, with events held around the Commonwealth the mark the “wedding of the century.”

It was estimated that over 750 million people tuned in to watch Diana walk down the aisle in her iconic dress and marry the eldest son of the reigning Queen.

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