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Mario Party Superstars Will Be The First Nintendo Game To Receive Brazilian Portuguese Localisation

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars is set to receive Brazilian Portuguese localisation from launch when it releases this October, becoming the first of Nintendo’s first-party titles to do so.

Over the past few months, Nintendo has been increasingly improving its product availability and services across Brazil, with the Switch officially launching in the country last September. Fans were forced to import Nintendo games and consoles from elsewhere up until that point, but now have access to legitimate local purchase options and a fully functioning Nintendo eShop.

With Mario Party Superstars, Nintendo is taking another positive step forward by fully localising the game in Brazilian Portuguese, a language spoken by the vast majority of people living in the country.

Now, Brazilian fans have started a hashtag campaign to show their thanks and to ask Nintendo for further support in future titles. The image below can be found spreading around social media; alongside the #NintendoBrasil hashtag, the campaign reads, “We love being part of the party! Can we count on more?”


Positive vibes all around here, which is great to see. Here’s hoping Nintendo plans to continue this support for Brazilian fans more often going forward.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Video: EarthBound's “Lost Secrets” Have Been Revealed Thanks To The Recovery Of Localisation Source Files

New secrets about the SNES game EarthBound have been uncovered thanks to efforts of the Video Game History Foundation.

In 2018, former Nintendo of America employee Marcus Lindblom (and the guy responsible for the English-language script in EarthBound) discovered an old floppy disk which were used during EarthBound’s localisation process. Unfortunately, he had deleted the EarthBound files long ago, so he passed the disk onto the Video Game History Foundation.

Since then, Rich Whitehouse has been able to forensically recover all of the missing data – which includes the entirety of EarthBound’s scripting files.

“In the case of Lindblom’s disk, the only new file he had written after deleting the EarthBound files was a tiny text document, barely a paragraph long. Miraculously, since that new data was so miniscule, we were able to forensically recover all of the deleted EarthBound data, with high confidence that none of the data had been compromised! It appears to be the entirety of EarthBound’s scripting files, in the original scripting language that was likely used by the game’s development team, Ape, in Japan.”

So what exactly has been revealed? In short, these never-before-seen files provide glimpses of unused scenes and text, early gameplay ideas that were scrapped, game details that haven’t been revealed in the past and even comments from the team members that worked on the game – ranging from writers, developers to translators.

What has been rounded up so far “covers maybe 15%” of the total findings, and reveals some fascinating new details about this cult hit release. You can learn more about all the new discoveries over on the Video Game History Foundation Website or get the rundown in the video above.

Tell us in the comments what you think of these long-lost EarthBound secrets.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Rumour: Sonic Colors Remaster Listed In Localisation Company's Credits

Sonic Colors

German production company IKSample has a long a storied history providing localisation services across the mediums of film, television and video games (as you can see for yourself by perusing the credits on the company’s website). However, one or two very interesting video game projects appear on its projects page, and an eagle-eyed individual has spotted a remaster of none other than Sonic Colors just sitting there on the internet.

As highlighted by @OnTheDownLoTho in the tweet below, there it is listed in the company’s 2020 credits section, just there for all to see:

Looking around the rest of the website, you’ll also spot some rather confusingly-named games — potentially just project code names if the ‘U-King – Zelda‘ from 2017 is anything to go by (which was supposedly Breath of the Wild’s development name). Alan Wake, rumoured to be returning in Remedy’s next game, gets a mention along with Final Fantasy IV.

Further investigation might cause you to run for the salt and grab yourself a pinch — you’ll find the game mentioned again on the company’s About page, although it has key art from Sonic Boom rather than Colors. At this point it’s impossible to tell if this is simply a random mistake or if someone’s let something slip. Still, of all the 3D Sonics from the past twenty years, Sonic Colors (or Colours, if you prefer) is up there with the best of them.

Would you be interested in seeing a Sonic Colors Remaster? Let us know your thoughts on this rumour below.