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‘Told me not to come back’ Lorraine Kelly thankful she was axed after getting pregnant

“When you think ‘oh no, things can’t get any worse than this’, sometimes you have to trawl a wee bit through some dark, but sometimes it does work in the end.”

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for ITV for comment.

Lorraine has been married to husband Steve since 1992.

The couple share daughter, Rosie, who previously lived and worked in Singapore.

When Lorraine’s TV career took off, the pair relocated from Scotland to be nearer to her work in London.

Additional reporting by Ross Kaniuk.

Author: Kathryn Ingate
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‘Sad reality’ Lorraine Kelly left disappointed as she's unqualified for jobs away from ITV

“Steve will be filming for my show, and I’ll be writing about the journey. I will, of course, be visiting his grave, raising a glass and toasting ‘the boss’.”

Lorraine shared her icy swim with ITV viewers at the time, as she stripped down to her bikini and braved the cold waters.

She said on the programme: “This is a first for me, this is Antarctica… and I’m going in.”

Lorraine could then be seen removing her furry hat and warm coat to reveal a pretty bikini before taking the plunge.

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Lorraine Kelly: ITV host breaks silence on 'horrible, draining' court case over £1.2m bill

ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly, 61, has broken her silence on a “horrible, draining” court case against HMRC, after receiving a £1.2 million tax bill. For the first time, the media personality has addressed the impact that the court case had on her and her family’s lives, after deciding to take them to court.

Speaking to The Times alongside her daughter Rosie Smith, 27, the ITV host discussed the court case that happened four years ago.

Lorraine said: “When we took the decision to take HMRC to court, it was a horrible, draining experience.”

The star received a tax bill for £1.2 million which branded her an “ITV employee”.

However, the Scottish native disputed this and claimed that she was a freelancer.

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Four years later, Lorraine received a bill of nearly £900,000 in income tax and over £300,000 in nature insurance contributions.

After the ITV presenter appealed and the case was heard by the first-tier tax tribunal.

Addressing the relationship that the star had with ITV, the judge said that the host could be classified as a “theatrical artist”.

She said: “We did not accept that Ms Kelly simply appeared as herself – we were satisfied that Ms Kelly presents a persona of herself, she presents herself as a brand and that is the brand ITV sought when engaging her.

“All parts of the show are a performance, the act being to perform the role of a friendly, chatty and fun personality,” added the judge.

She continued: “We should make clear we do not doubt that Ms Kelly is an entertaining lady but the point is that for the time Ms Kelly is contracted to perform live on air she is public ‘Lorraine Kelly’.

Following the ruling, HMRC said that they were “disappointed” with the result.

“We will carefully consider the outcome of the tribunal before deciding whether to appeal,” a spokesman said at the time.

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Lorraine Kelly speaks out after she's replaced by Cat Deeley on her ITV show

Lorraine Kelly, 61, has praised Cat Deeley after it was confirmed the host will be taking over presenting duties on her ITV show. She shared the news with her 643,000 followers on Twitter as she made the announcement.
Cat will be stepping into Lorraine’s shoes over the next week as she takes a break.

Lorriane replied to a tweet about the news as she shared her feelings.

The official show had posted: “She’s back and we can’t wait!

“Join @catdeeley every weekday next week from 9am!”

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Speaking about his new documentary series The Me You Can’t See, she said he was “doing a good thing”.

She was commenting on Prince Harry speaking to Zak Williams, the son of late comedian Robin Williams, about grief.

The Duke of Sussex said: “When you see so many people grieving around the world grieving for someone they feel that they knew better than you did in a weird way because you are unable to grieve yourself.

“It’s like ‘how are you grieving more for someone who was my parent and I am unable to grieve myself?’.”

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Lorraine called ‘two-faced’ for gushing over Eurovision’s James Newman after slamming him

James Newman, 35, received zero points at the Eurovision Song Contest after singing his song Embers. The singer spoke for the first time about his experience on Lorraine Kelly’s show today. The presenter told him he “sang his heart out and gave it his all” and slammed “rotters” for not voting for him.
After the interview ended, she said he was “lovely” to speak to.

Earlier this week, Lorraine said the song was “rubbish” and branded the public “too stupid” to pick a talented singer to represent the UK.

She said: “Poor old James got zero, zilch, nada, nothing in Rotterdam this weekend.

“We all used to vote for who we liked, and then they took it away from the public because obviously we’re too stupid and ever since then we’ve been rubbish. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

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He wrote: “I want to focus on the positives of this amazing experience.

“I stood on a stage and sang to hundreds of millions of people with a song that I wrote and love.

The thing about writing songs is that there is no guarantee that a song you think will connect with people, will connect with an audience.

“Thank you to all the amazing dedicated fans who have supported me through the whole thing made it all worth it. Because at the end of the day they are the people who you do this all for.

“I just want to say a huge massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has been on this journey with me, supported me, listened to my music, and filled my life with positivity and love.”

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Lorraine viewers slam Paul Burrell's take on Diana Panorama saga

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, has enfuriated Lorraine fans after appearing on Lorraine on Friday morning.

During the interview with the Scottish host, Burrell revealed Diana only had “one regret” after her explosive 1995 BBC Panorama interview.

He opened up about intimate details Diana shared with him, including her worry about the interview’s effect on Harry and William’s feelings.

This comes as a new inquiry into the BBC found the broadcaster covered up “deceitful information” to bag an interview with Diana.

And both Prince Harry and William have launched scathing attacks in response to the Martin Bashir interview, claiming he exploited their mother.

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Princess Diana
Princess Diana

But, viewers were not happy about the show allowing the butler to speak out.

Fans took to social media with fury.

One viewer said: “I’m so confused why they still keep asking the ex butler what he thinks #Lorraine.”

Whilst another added: “Of course they wheel out the butler. Paul Burrell, didn’t you have a run in with the film and Diana’s family? #lorraine.”

A third said: “This ex butler needs to self reflect.”

Princess Diana’s butler says she ‘had one regret’ after ‘deceitful’ Bashir interview

Paul Burrell told Lorraine: “The letter was very interesting wasn’t it? The letter the princess wrote.

“The first time I’d seen that letter it was written by the princess, it’s her hand, and she did write it, but it was an odd letter, saying that she hadn’t seen any documents and that she had no regrets…”

Then the former butler revealed to Lorraine: “That’s not true because she said to me I did have one regret from the interview – I did regret speaking about James Hewitt because I wondered how that would affect William and Harry”.

Video Loading

Diana previously had an affair with Major James Hewitt, the Royal Family’s former riding instructor, which led many to believe that Hewitt, not Charles, was Harry’s dad due to the physical similarities people saw between him and Hewitt.

Diana confirmed the affair herself in her 1995 Panorama interview with Bashir – which was watched by nearly 23 million viewers in the UK at the time.

Paul Burrell then talked about why Diana decided to the interview, citing Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles as a key reason.

The butler said: “Because the Prince of Wales did that [revealed Camilla relationship] and fired an exocet missile into the middle of the princess’s camp, she had to retaliate”.

Diana told Bashir that she felt that her behaviour had led friends of Charles to suggest that I was again unstable and sick and should be put in a home of some sort…I was almost an embarrassment.”

Her former butler continues to speak out about the events he saw whilst serving in the palace, alongside the Princess of Wales.

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Lorraine Kelly speaks out after her family dog’s appearance on ITV show sparks concern

However, following the puppy’s debut, some viewers expressed their concern that Ruby could have overheated under the studio lights in her jumper.

One Twitter user told Lorraine: “@reallorraine coat to hot for dog in studio.”

Fortunately, Lorraine was quick to reassure the viewer, as she insisted the ITV studios are always kept “very, very cool”.

She wrote back in view of her 644,000 followers this afternoon: “We always keep the studio very very cool and Ruby was fine but thanks so much for your concern xxx.”

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Lorraine Kelly horrified after receiving 'Royal Mail' scam message 'It’s been hideous'

As the text message in question was broadcast to the nation, Lorraine exclaimed: “That’s the one!” Before quoting the message saying: “Your package has,”

She went on to say: “It was exactly that one – it was under £3 and this is happening and of course, people are falling for it.

“Of course they are,” she added.

Following Lorraine’s revelation, Martin, 46, added: “Well those post delivery scam texts that people get are very dangerous because we get so many deliveries during the pandemic.

“Lots of people are falling for that.”


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Gemma Oaten on Lorraine to talk about how she almost died four times

Gemma Oaten has opened on ITV Lorraine about the reality of coping with an eating disorder.

The former Emmerdale actress, from Hull, shared her story during Mental Health Awareness Week to prevent other suffering.

She spoke to ex-Love Island contestant Doctor Alex George, an advocate for mental health after losing his brother to suicide, about how her anorexia battle took over her life for 13 years.

The 37-year-old soap star revealed that her tragic battle caused her to “die almost four times”.

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Gemma was just ten years old when her struggles began: “A lot of my friends didn’t understand, a lot of the teachers didn’t understand. Back then it wasn’t spoken about so it’s very difficult.”

The pair went to visit Gemma’s old high school, Malet Lambert, to speak to children about eating disorders and provide them with the tools to recognise when early intervention is needed.

Dr Alex asked: “Eating disorders themselves are a mental health illness aren’t they. Were you aware of that at the time and what did you find people’s thoughts were around it?”

Gemma continued: “I lost 13 years of my life and almost died four times. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. To understand what an eating disorder is, it’s not about food, food is the symptom it’s not the cause.”

Gemma Oaten as a teenager, at the height of her struggle with anorexia
Gemma Oaten as a teenager, at the height of her struggle with anorexia

Alex agreed: “It’s pretty clear talking about eating disorders in school is vital.”

Gemma added: “Early intervention is so key when it comes to the recovery rate of eating disorders.

“One of the biggest misconceptions and worries from teachers and parents when we talk about it initially, is that by talking about eating disorders is going to trigger it, and that’s not true because an eating disorder is going to present itself no matter what.

“But what we can do is give them the education and tools that they need to recognise it and say, okay, something doesn’t feel right and I need support for this.”

She shared on her Instagram that she hopes the segment reaches far and wide.

The former Emmerdale star, who describes herself as “well and recovered” from her struggles that began as a youngster, now spends much of her time helping to raise awareness about the reality of eating disorders.

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Lorraine hit with Ofcom complaints over 'misleading' pictures

Author: [email protected] (Sam Elliott, Lucy Marshall)
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Lorraine Kelly’s TV show Lorraine has received 53 Ofcom complaints after viewers spotted a major flaw in a photograph used during a segment about the Himalayas.

During the programme, the television presenter showed photographs of climate change, discussing the issue about Himalayan pollution levels.

On April 22, the host spoke to Mike Gunton, the producer of the documentary The Year Earth Changed, the Daily Star reports.

Narrated by David Attenborough and filmed entirely during lockdown, Lorraine praised Mike and the show, but viewers were not as impressed.

They quickly took to social media to call the show out for using what they claim looks like photoshopped images.

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Lorraine viewers took to social media to try and debunk the photo

Following this apparent transformation of scenery from murky to clear, a few people took to social media to try and debunk the photo – saying there was something amiss with the image.

It has been confirmed that 53 complaints have been registered to the regulator.

A spokesperson for ITV‘s Lorraine said: “The images that were used are taken directly from the David Attenborough documentary ‘The Year the Earth Changed’.

“The before and after was screen grabbed to show the difference, as it is shown via animation in the documentary.”

Video Loading

Last week, the star told the producer: “One of the most remarkable sequences was seeing the Himalayas before and after. Before people in Pakistan couldn’t see them – you can see the split-screen there.

“Before it was like smog and then look at that – crystal clear views, remarkable isn’t it.”

But the viewers took issue with an apparent transformation of scenery.

One tweet read: “How the earth changed in lockdown #lorraine this photo has the same exact washing on the line a year apart? Photoshopped I think?”

Another hit out, saying: “This is quite a extraordinary. Lorraine Kelly caught peddling certified climate lies. Hard to believe what I’m seeing here.”

Another added: “I think we are owed an explanation by @reallorraine and her employers at ITV as to why they think it’s acceptable to lie to the general public.”

Videos of the clip hit social media – and many were so unhappy that the filed complaints to Ofcom over the ‘misleading’ global warming shots.

One twitter user said: “So they have returned to the Himalayas wearing the same clothes?

“They think we are stupid, these people!”