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Waspi woman lost £43,000 in State Pension age hike. ‘Living off savings for three years’

Waspi woman lost £43,000 in State Pension age hike. ‘Living off savings for three years’

WASPI WOMAN Elizabeth Latham has been scraping by on her meagre savings for three years due to the State Pension age increase for women. She cannot work due to serious health problems but doesn’t get a penny in sickness benefits. “I’ve been in awful pain and life is a struggle,” she said.Waspi woman lost £43,000 in State Pension age hike. ‘Living off savings for three years’

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1.5 million widows have lost out on pension income after the death of their partner

1.5 million widows have lost out on pension income after the death of their partner

1.5 MILLION widows have lost out on pension income after the death of their partner, according to new research. Over half of widows said that they had lost out on retirement income in later life following their partner’s death, an occurrence which was far more common among women than men. The survey also found that women have a worrying lack of pension wealth.1.5 million widows have lost out on pension income after the death of their partner

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Corey Feldman’s The Lost Boys character took inspiration from Sylvester Stallone

Corey Feldman's The Lost Boys character took inspiration from Sylvester Stallone

The Lost Boys is one of the most iconic cult vampire movies of all time. The Joel Schumacher-directed picture was named after the group of boys seen in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan stories while focussing on a handful of young boys to kill the vampires in Santa Carla. One of these actors was Corey Feldman, who turns 50-years-old tomorrow​, Friday July 16, 2021​. His character, Edgar Frog, was one of the standout ​parts of the movie.

Edgar’s low, gravelly voice carried viewers through the film like a macabre narrator, while wielding an assortment of weapons against the living dead.

The comic-book loving character was essentially a walking-talking version of Google when it came to killing creatures of the night.

Some of the character’s iconic features had their origins in some action movies of the same decade.

This was made obvious in the young character’s headband and bandolier that he sported throughout the movie.

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Feldman was told by Schumacher to find some inspiration for his half of the Frog brothers.

In particular, the director told him to look into movies featuring the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris.

Stallone’s 1982 film Rambo (First Blood) featured the titular character wearing a headband through the toughest moments.

He also sported bandoliers of ammo and weapons – both of which Edgar adopted for the film.

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Whedon said years later: “The idea of them [vampires] looking like monsters and then looking like people, that was in [The] Lost Boys.

“​That was very useful for us. You can have somebody fool you.”

The Lost Boys was a monumental time for Feldman’s career​ as it was the first time he worked alongside Corey Haim.

The two Coreys – as they were known – went on to star in a number of films together.

On top of appearing in a number of films together, they also starred in a TV series titled The Two Coreys.

The reality show lasted for two seasons and showed off the pair’s lives on network A&E.


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Alan Sugar has ‘lost count’ of Apprentice star Claude Littner’s operations after accident

Alan Sugar has 'lost count' of Apprentice star Claude Littner's operations after accident

When asked by host Lorraine Kelly how Claude was doing, Alan shared his update.

“He’s doing very, very well,” he said.

“He’s gone through a terrible experience and I’ve lost count of the operations that he’s had.

“The irony of it is, that he was simply going out for a ride on his bike, not racing or going fast or anything like that, just doing eight, nine miles an hour, came off. Horrific accident,” Alan added.

The former President used his speech to focus on a single subject: The 2020 election he lost eight months ago. He won’t stop lying that he won.

The former President used his speech to focus on a single subject: The 2020 election he lost eight months ago. He won't stop lying that he won.
But former President Donald Trump’s current dishonesty is overwhelmingly focused on a single subject: the 2020 election he lost eight months ago but won’t stop lying that he won.
In a rambling Sunday address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Trump returned again and again to election-related lies — some of them detailed and wrong, most of them vague and wrong.
What can you even say about claims so disconnected from reality? Here’s a brief fact check of eight of them.
Trump: “And we were doing so well until the rigged election happened to come along. We were doing really well.”
The election was not rigged. Trump lost fair and square.
Trump: “Unfortunately, this was an election where the person that counts the votes was far more important than the candidate, no matter how many votes that candidate got — and we got record numbers of votes.”
Joe Biden was the candidate who earned a record number of votes: more than 81 million. Trump earned more than 74 million votes — a record for a sitting president, but that’s not what Trump said here.
Trump: “You know, the New York Times asked me a question: ‘What happened in 2020 — that was different from 2016.’ I said, ‘Well I’ll tell you: we did much better in 2020 and we got 12 million more votes. We won by a much bigger margin.”
Trump lost. Biden beat him by 74 votes in the Electoral College, 306 to 232, and by more than 7 million votes in the national popular vote.
Trump did receive about 11.2 million more votes than he did in 2016 — side note: that doesn’t round to “12 million” — but Biden received about 15.4 million more votes than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got in 2016.
Trump: “Every time the media references the election hoax. they say the fraud is: ‘Unproven! And while there is no evidence…’ No evidence? No evidence? There’s so much evidence.”
There was no election hoax. And while there were some scattered cases of fraud, including some by Trump supporters, there is indeed no evidence of widespread fraud or outcome-altering fraud — as Republican elections officials in various states, Trump-appointed former Attorney General William Barr, and numerous others have pointed out.
Trump: “…the Justice Department, they failed to call out a late-night ballot stuffing that took place in Georgia, remember that? Where they made up a story of a water main break in order to get people and security to leave the premises. And then they went into a rampage of stuffing, essentially, the ballots.”
There was no ballot “stuffing” at an elections facility in Georgia. While initial reports of a burst pipe or broken water main at State Farm Arena did turn out to be inaccurate — the reality was that a urinal had overflowed — Trump’s claim that local elections workers proceeded to stuff the ballot box has been debunked by the office of Georgia’s Republican elections chief, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.
Trump: “They deleted, Georgia, over 100,000 votes.”
Didn’t happen. Rather, Raffensperger announced in June that more than 100,000 names would be deleted from Georgia’s voter registration rolls to keep the state’s voter files “up to date,” saying “there is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls.” That is not even close to the same thing as deleting actual votes.
Trump: “The drop boxes were off very late. ‘Where are they? Where are they? What happened?’ They’re supposed to be — they’re not. I could tell you what happened. Sometimes late by days in showing up to the vote-counting areas.”
There is no evidence that ballot drop boxes were delivered improperly late. There is no evidence for Trump’s suggestion that something nefarious happened with ballot drop boxes.
Trump: “Detroit was so corrupt.”
There is no evidence that Detroit was “corrupt” in the 2020 election. In fact, a Republican-led investigation debunked some of Trump allies’ false claims about what happened in Detroit, such as their inaccurate assertion that large numbers of ballots were cast in the names of deceased Detroit residents.