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Star Wars: Harrison Ford was turned down for Han Solo by George Lucas

Today, July 13 2021, marks Harrison Ford‘s 79th birthday. Back in the 1970s Ford was an unknown actor and was working on becoming a star. The young heartthrob had claimed a few small parts in some films but had not really gathered enough renown to become a huge hit just yet. In the meantime, Ford was also working as a carpenter to pay the bills and put food on the table for his family. During one of his smaller jobs, he was cast in a George Lucas movie titled American Graffiti.

American Graffiti was one of Lucas’ first feature-length films.

The movie was released in 1973 and starred a familiar cast, including Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Terry McGovern and Ford.

Ford’s part in the film was small but notable enough that Lucas would remember him in the months to come.

A year later, when Lucas was working on casting actors for his next feature, Star Wars, he refused to cast Ford again.

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Years later, Ford recalled: “I had already done American Graffiti with George Lucas.

“George Lucas made it known that he was not interested in working with anybody that he’d worked with in American Graffiti, that he was looking for new faces.”

Because of this, he was out of the running for Han Solo.

But that was not the last Lucas saw of Ford.

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Ford added: “Somehow that rang a bell with George, and I became, eventually, Han Solo.”

Despite the star becoming one of Lucas’ leading men, the pair didn’t always get on while shooting Star Wars.

The American actor spoke about the “beef” between himself and the director in 2017.

And he blamed Lucas’ cheesy writing for Star Wars.

Ford said: “He sold the company for, you know, $ 4 billion. He doesn’t give a s**t what I think.

“George usually sits near a monitor, far removed, so I had to convey my impression… or my feelings… about the dialogue across a great space.

“So I did shout it: ‘George! You can type this s**t, but you sure can’t say it! Move your mouth when you’re typing!'”

He added: “But it was a joke, at the time. A stress-relieving joke.”

The Star Wars saga is available on Disney Plus now.


Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible drastically changed by Star Wars creator George Lucas

Before Tom Cruise starred in Mission: Impossible he was known for appearing in a number of dramas and romantic comedies. When he took on the role of Ethan Hunt in 1996 – 25 years ago – his career changed completely. He was then looked at as the action hero movie star, going on to appear in seven M:I films as well as some other thrilling hits including Jack Reacher, Minority Report and Edge of Tomorrow. The beginning to Mission: Impossible was drastically different, however, before George Lucas got involved.

Director of the 1996 spy movie, Brian De Palma, recently spoke out about the opening scene of the film.

During the scene, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) collected his agents together and discussed the mission at hand in Prague.

This was not in the original script, he revealed.

He said: “When George saw Mission: Impossible he said: ‘There’s no setup to this thing. You’ve gotta set this thing up!'”

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Brian continued: “[Lucas said:] ‘You’ve gotta have that scene where they’re all sitting around the table and everybody gets their instructions about what’s gonna happen.'” (Via Light The Fuse Podcast)

The creation of this scene has become a staple in the M:I franchise and its foundation is still used in its films to this day.

Lucas’ advice, De Palma revealed, prompted him to reshoot the opening scene entirely.

He continued: “In the beginning, we had this very strange scene – it’s hard for me to remember now – with Voight and somehow the jealous thing with the wife and Tom, and then we got into the first mission.”

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De Palma had his reservations about the space epic, but in particular, wanted Lucas to fix the opening crawl.

At first, the opening crawl of text was over six paragraphs long, something De Palma couldn’t stomach.

So he stepped in and helped Lucas cut the crawl to three paragraphs.

Lucas’ new scene in Mission: Impossible wasn’t the only alteration to the script.

During filming, Cruise struggled to pull off the infamous heist scene which involved him dangling from the ceiling by a rope.

To combat the momentum that kept throwing his head into the floor, he stuffed his shoes with coins to counteract his balance distribution.

After filling his trainers with countless one pound coins, he managed the final take that is seen in the film.

The Mission Impossible series is available to watch on NOW.


Author: Callum Crumlish
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Star Wars: Line of Duty actor was axed by George Lucas from prequel movies


Dunbar told The Irish Times: “Well, I did Star Wars, but I wasn’t actually in the film because George Lucas called me up and said that for plot reasons he couldn’t include my character – which I found a bit strange.

“I only had five or six lines and the only reason I was to do this one was because Lucas wanted to include me in the next two. And then he said he couldn’t.”

He added: “It’s all a bit… I don’t know. It’s all up in the air. You go in and you stand in front of a big, blue screen and there’s three guys with pig’s heads behind you talking in some weird language and it’s just mad. Mad.”

The 62-year-old actor also revealed he was picked on by Neeson for his accent during the shoot.

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Indiana Jones George Lucas: Temple of Doom’s ‘Sankara Stones were a bit of a reach’

The first film in the series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, followed the search for the legendary Ark of the Covenant, an object from history with real ties in legend.

The second film, The Temple of Doom, focussed on Indy (Ford) searching for the lost Sankara Stones – mythical objects which would glow brightly when brought together.

Lucas commented on these stones, saying: “We try to keep it within the realm of reality, but stretch it just a bit to make it more interesting and have more fun with it. And also, it’s based on some kind of real mythology that exists that people actually believe in.

“Sankara Stones was a bit of a reach, [laughs] but in Asia it’s not. As many people believe in the Sankara Stones as believe in the Holy Grail. That’s just Western, Eastern audience.”

Tottenham star Lucas Moura demands Jose Mourinho attacks to beat Chelsea to top four

Lucas Moura wants Jose Mourinho to persist with the “front foot football” that has got them to 100 goals this season.
For the second home game in a row, Tottenham scored four on Sunday night to become only the second team from Europe’s top five leagues to reach three figures behind Bayern Munich.

Admittedly, almost half of those have come from the club’s free-scoring Europa League and FA Cup campaigns.

But with Heung-min Son and Harry Kane establishing themselves as the most successful partnership in Premier League history and Gareth Bale finally flying, Moura hopes that a very different Spurs can finish the season than the one which simply used to park the bus and rely on counter-attacks.

“For me, we have unbelievable players, we have creative players and we need to keep the ball to dictate games,” Moura said.

“It’s a big, big pleasure for me to play with these players and also because they are very good guys.

“I’m so happy, I’m so proud to be part of this team and I feel very comfortable playing with them.

“The most important thing is we make use of these players in every game. We have so much quality and if we keep the ball and attack, we lessen the risk of teams coming at us and they can win the game for us.

“But I think the main thing was the mentality.

“We just needed to have the belief in ourselves. We needed to know how good we are because we have terrific players, a very good squad and the quality in the Premier League to win games.

“When we realise that and we have confidence we are able to dominate games. We just need to keep going in this way.”

If they do – at a time when many of their rivals are stuttering – a late grab for a top four place is very much up for grabs.

“It’s not easy when there are a few teams in front of us but we need to trust ourselves,” Moura said.

“We can achieve this objective. But we need to think step by step, game by game.

“But if we play like we did against Palace, of course we can finish in the top four. And that’s the objective.”