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Green list update: 11 countries that could be made green

The green list was revealed on May 17 when international travel was allowed to resume, but much to the dismay of aspiring travellers, only 12 destinations were added. Green countries are those deemed safe for recreational travel and don’t require passengers to quarantine upon their return to the UK. Travel to amber and red countries is still allowed but discouraged, and depending on which destination you venture to, you’ll have to quarantine either in an approved hotel or your own home on your way back into the country. Those hoping to holiday safely are undoubtedly anxiously awaiting the next travel update to see where they can go.
This week Mr Shapps urged eager holidaymakers hoping to travel within the European Union to exercise patience.Mr Shapps said: “I don’t think people have a very long time to wait before other countries are able to join the green list.:”

The Transport Secretary added France’s vaccination rate is lagging six to eight weeks behind the UK, meaning it could be deemed safe for travel soon.

He urged travellers in the UK to be “a little patient” and wait for countries to be added before venturing out of the country for leisure purposes.

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The expected update comes as British travellers may face tougher restrictions while travelling to France following numerous reported cases of the India variant circulating in the UK.According to French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, the UK won’t be dubbed a red list country but could face “slightly tougher sanitary measures”, possibly having a category of its own according to Schengen Visa Info.

Mr Le Drian said: “The arrival of the Indian variant is a problem, and we remain on high alert regarding that matter in cooperation with the British authorities.

Currently, Brits travelling to France have to provide a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before they arrive, fill in a health declaration form forcing them to self isolate for seven days and then take another PCR test.

The EU Parliament is expected to enable European citizens to travel around the 27-nation-bloc using Covid certificates from June 16, but since the UK left in December 2020, it cannot take advantage of the arrangement.

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2nd arrest made in NJ mass shooting, woman injured in gunfire declared clinically dead

FAIRFIELD TWP., New Jersey — New Jersey State Police announced on Tuesday that a woman who was being hospitalized for injuries sustained in a mass shooting over the weekend has been declared clinically dead.Braylin Holmes, 19, of Millville, was one of the 14 people shot on Sunday at a house party on Commerce Street in Fairfield Township Sunday night.

Holmes had just returned home for the summer from college in Virginia. She was studying to be a social worker.

Authorities say Holmes was declared clinically deceased on Monday night, but she’s being kept on life support for organ donation purposes. Holmes is the third victim to die in the shooting.

Also on Tuesday, state police announced a second arrest in this case. Darrell Dawkins, 30, of Bridgeton was charged with numerous weapons offenses. Police say it does not appear he was the gunman.

On Monday, Kevin Dawkins, 36, was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose in connection with the shooting.

Investigators have also not revealed whether the men were related.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Bridgeton police officers found Dawkins armed with a handgun near the Maplewood Garden Apartments on Sunday morning. Dawkins was allegedly found lying down beside a tree with the handgun clutched in his right hand. He was arrested without incident.

Authorities say Dawkins was in possession of the same handgun while at the party, and that witnesses identified him as holding and discharging the weapon at the property, the document says.

However, it’s unclear if bullets from Dawkin’s weapon struck anyone at the party.

The two other victims killed in the shooting have been identified as Kevin Elliott, 30, and Asia Hester, 25.

Investigators say someone emerged from the woods and started firing. Neighbors said they heard popping noises that sounded like fireworks.

“We started seeing cops flying down the road, state troopers coming down this way, helicopters in the air and I’m like, ‘This is nuts, man,'” recalled Joeron Pierce, who lives nearby.

Chopper video showed the aftermath on Sunday morning. A tent that appeared to have been knocked over was on the ground. Debris was scattered around the yard.On Monday, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal called the shooting a targeted attack. The motive for the shooting is still being investigated.
Multiple firearms and shell casings were recovered from the scene, Grewal said. He added that the state will be working with federal partners to determine where the guns originated from and whether they can be linked to other recent acts of violence in the area.

“This was a birthday party. A birthday party is supposed to be a joyous event, not a target for those hellbent on inflicting harm on a community,” said Gov. Phil Murphy.

Tiffany Kowalchick worked with Hester at the Jefferson Health in Washington Township.

“She would selflessly travel all the way from Bridgeton to Washington Township to work with the sick and elderly… She would clean and bath them as if they were her own family. Asia truly had a heart of gold,” said Kowalchick in a statement to Action News.

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said it is estimated that several hundred people were at the party.

Webb-McRae said the wounded victims ranged in age from 19 to 35, included both men and women, and all were Cumberland County residents.

John Fuqua, of the Life Worth Living organization, said his nephew’s friend was among those who were shot.

“He was running for his life. He got on the ground, he had to crawl,” Fuqua said. “It wasn’t a shooting gallery, it wasn’t a hunting expedition, it was a party and a few bad apples chose to turn it into something else.”

Rev. Michael Keene of the Trinity AME Church heard the gunfire. The church that sits right across the street from the shooting scene.
“I just started hearing at first what I thought was fireworks, it was really gunshots, and I heard nine in rapid succession,” said Rev. Keene.Community leaders said the gathering was a 90s-themed birthday party and was attended mostly by young people.

“We have a lot of challenges in this community and we’ve had a lot of tragedies,” said Melissa Helmbrecht of the HopeLoft Community Center.

Helmbrecht said the partygoers were excited about the warm weather and opportunity to get together.

“I’m just worried for our friends, our family, our employees. Over the coming days we’re going to have a lot of pieces to put back together,” she said.

“If you’re going to a party, why do you need to take a gun?” asked Keene. “If you’re there to have a good time, why do you need a gun with you? That means you’re expecting trouble to me.”

Fuqua said it will take the efforts of the entire community to help.

“This ain’t a sit back on the sideline and watch activity, this is about boots on the ground. You’ve got to get on the floor, you’ve got to get your knees a little bit dirty if we want to clean up our community,” Fuqua said.

Any attendees with information are asked to contact New Jersey State Police at 856-451-0101 or submit a tip to the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Ofice at njccpo.org/tips

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Man Utd ready to double Harry Kane's wages as £18m transfer promise made to Tottenham star

Manchester United are ready to double Harry Kane‘s wages to £400,000 a week and have promised to pay the Tottenham striker all the money he will miss out on if he is forced to submit a transfer request, it has been claimed.
Kane wants to quit Spurs at the end of the season with United, Manchester City and Chelsea the main clubs competing for his signature.

It’s thought the England captain wants to stay in the Premier League in an attempt to overtake Alan Shearer as the league’s all-time top goalscorer.

The 27-year-old is likely to cost in excess of £150million if he departs the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and already around £200,000 a week in the capital.

But per Ian McGarry of Reach PLC’s Transfer Window Podcast, United are willing to double the striker’s pay to as much as £400,000 a week.

If the two-time Premier League Golden Boot winner, who is bidding to win a third this season when he faces Leicester on Sunday (4pm), is required to force an exit, he will give up on £18m.

That is because the England international is under contract with the north London outfit until 2024, and submitting an official transfer request will remove his right to the final three seasons of his salary at Spurs.

“He has not yet requested a transfer in a formal sense,” McGarry said of Kane, who has supplied 22 goals and 13 assists in 34 Premier League appearances this season.

“It is our information that Manchester United have made it clear to Harry Kane that should he need to push the transfer, i.e. ask for a transfer in an official sense, which would disbar his entitlement to a pay-off on his current contract, which is around £6m net per year until 2024 meaning he would lose out on £18m of salary if he asked for a transfer.

“United are prepared to compensate him for that loss of earnings in a signing-on fee which could be paid over the length of his contract and obviously he would expect and will be offered around twice his current deal at Tottenham.

“Not only would he be earning more but he would get some compensation fee for the wages he gives up should he need to force his way out of Tottenham.

“That could be a very powerful way of doing things for Kane because he’s risked a lot making it public, with regards to his desire to leave Spurs.”

Kane, in conversation with United legend Gary Neville, has hinted however that he might prefer to join rivals City having lauded their creator-in-chief, Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne.

Neville asked Kane: “Who’s the player in the Premier League that you look at and think I’d score a bag full more goals if he was in my team?”

To which the Spurs No 10 replied: “Oh De Bruyne for sure,. When I watch De Bruyne play he’s a special, special player and some of the balls I see him put in for City are just a striker’s dream if I’m honest but yeah he’s an outstanding.

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“You’ve seen him, he’s an outstanding player with the ball, off the ball, pressing, but his delivery is as good as I’ve ever seen to be honest.”

And Kane added: “Of course there’s always the option of maybe moving abroad one day but I don’t think that really interests me in the near future.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t [want the Premier League record], I think if I get to the end and I haven’t broke that record and, and the Wayne Rooney England record then I’d probably be a little disappointed in myself to be honest.

“I mean Shearer’s record is incredible when you think about it, 260 goals. I guess it’s just that little bit of motivation there just to push me and hopefully go beyond that.”

Kane also admitted that he needs to sit down with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, saying: “There’s definitely a conversation to be had with the club.

“It’s a moment in my career where I have to kind of reflect and see where I’m at and have a good, honest conversation with the chairman.

“As players you don’t know what the chairman is thinking. He might want to sell me. He might be thinking, ‘If I could get £100m then why not?’ I’m not going to be worth that for the next two or three years.

“I’m sure that [Levy] will want to set out the plan of where he sees it but ultimately it’s going to be down to me and how I feel and what’s going to be the best for me and my career at this moment in time.”

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Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield: How Developer Neil Jones Made His Way Into the Games Industry

Some time ago, after years of searching for a job in games and never finding a real opportunity in the industry, I felt like I wasn’t good enough or there was something wrong with me, I wanted to give up. Before I did, I decided to give it one more shot, on my own and put everything I had into one last project. With the idea that if people liked it, I would keep going. If not, then I would move on.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

I set some guidelines for myself like, making sure the game would be something “younger me” would love, making the game feel cool, no filler, keeping it the length of an action movie so people could complete it in an afternoon. Making it as fun to watch as it is to play. Lastly, I would only give myself 15 months. With the rules now set, I just had to figure out what I was actually going to make.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

I wanted to pick a mechanic that would be familiar to people while also picking something that hasn’t been done in a while. Giving me room to experiment and tweak the gameplay to really make it my own. I landed on this “Narrative Runner” concept that I’d had always wanted to do that incorporated a full story, cutscenes, being more dynamic and welcoming to players that might not have been able to grow with the past games in the genre. After the first few months, I had a really rough working prototype. It wasn’t much but it gave me a good idea of what worked and what didn’t, from that first pass.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

Over the next year, I had completed almost half of the game. About 6 levels while constantly having friends playtest the game giving me feedback and suggestions. This was very important as every level was handcrafted with every obstacle being hand placed rather than using procedurally generated content. At that point, I went to my friend Dan who had done all of the music for my projects to the score for the game. I knew I wanted to mix two different genres of music, but the first few attempts didn’t feel right. After a few months of back and forth, we came up with a chill but exciting mix of hip-hop and classic jazz. We came up with a really interesting workflow where I would do some art and give him plot details about the level and he would use that as a guild of how the songs should feel.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

At this point, the title of the game went through a few iterations before I landed on “Never Yield” I felt it was the perfect description for both the characters’ trials as well as my own. I then added my Tag “Aerial_Knight” to the title. The name I’ve gone by online since I was a kid. I wanted to let people know that there wasn’t a large studio or big team that put this game together but just a guy who couldn’t find an opportunity in the games industry and tried to make his own.   

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

Shortly after the game was featured in a few showcases which gained the attention of the Germany-based publisher Headup who offered a lot of the opportunities I have available now. This game would not be what is now without the help I received from them as well as the support gained from people all over the world who have been supporting the growth of my game. Thank you all so much!

Xbox Live

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield


$ 11.99 $ 10.79
Xbox One X Enhanced
STORY Take the role of Wally. A mysterious character that has recovered what was taken from him. Hopefully, you’re fast enough to outrun your enemies. Expose the truth and try to uncover the mystery of what happened to them. With an average runtime of an action movie (about an hour and a half on Normal), a first run of this action-packed adventure can be enjoyed in an afternoon. Afterwards you can improve your score. GAMEPLAY Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a 3D side-scroller that plays much like a classic endless runner. The game has an interesting story that keeps players always in motion. Run, Jump, Slide or “Dash” for acrobatic variants leading to dope combinations and avoid the challenges that await. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is being built for players who love to speedrun games while being an experience that casual players will enjoy as well. SOUNDTRACK This Soundtrack for Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is being done by “Danime-Sama” A Detroit artist with vocals from artists from all over the world. NOTE FROM THE DEV This project began as just a passion project I started on my own to create something familiar but new for this generation of gamers while highlighting aspects of a culture that is often overlooked. I really hope you enjoy the game once its released and follow my journey to create new and interesting games – Aerial_Knight

Author: Neil “Aerial_Knight” Jones, Developer, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield
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Inheritance tax: Will disputes rising – how can Wills be challenged and be made invalid?

IHT and estate planning in general can be managed through the use of Wills and for many families, financial planners highlight it as the first port of call.

Despite the importance of Wills, recent analysis from Kingsley Napley showed many are being challenged in court, potentially throwing thousands of financial plans up in the air. Katherine Pyrmont, a Senior Associate at Kingsley Napley, explained the importance of this.

She said: “Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice evidence that disputes in the High Court over wills continue to increase year on year. Modern family dynamics (primarily) arising from second marriages and step children and/or half brothers and sisters as well as increased house prices are likely the most obvious reasons for the upward curve.

“Estates are worth more and consequently considered worth fighting over, particularly when there is no love lost between the parties.

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Donald Trump made a better president than Joe Biden and Barack Obama – ‘Gets no credit’

Donald Trump says he is ‘looking at’ a 2024 presidential run

In his latest book, ‘Trump: The Hidden Halo’, Simon Dolan, has separated the man from his actions and has outlined Mr Trump’s surprising list of accomplishments. Writing the book, Mr Dolan set out to examine why the New York tycoon turned president appealed to millions of American voters.
He suggested: “On a lot of metrics he did do a better job than for example Obama, who was obviously a career politician and certainly is doing a better job than Biden or Kamala Harris or whoever is running the country.

“For example, the peace deals in the Middle East – that gets barely a mention and yet this is something fundamental to western politics for the last 70 years – and yet he has managed to broker those peace deals.

“He has no credit for it whatsoever.”

In January 2020, Mr Trump launched the “Peace to Prosperity” plan, set to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict which has been raging on various levels for over 100 years.

Mr Dolan added that the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement was one of Mr Trump’s biggest achievements as it had the ability to save lives.

Donald Trump better than Joe Biden and Barack Obama

Donald Trump made a better president than most politicians, Mr Dolan said (Image: Getty Images)

Donald Trump did better on a a lot of metrics

Donald Trump did better on a lot of metrics than Obama says Mr Dolan (Image: Getty Images)

Speaking further on Mr Trump’s achievements, the British businessman indicated that another of the former president’s accomplishments was that “he didn’t start any new wars”.

According to Mr Dolan, Mr Trump successfully withdrew troops from Syria, pacified North Korea, negotiated peace deals across the Middle East and was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize on four separate occasions.

It is true that Donald Trump did not start any new wars in foreign countries, although conflicts did continue under his administration in Yemen, Somalia and Niger.

In addition, Mr Trump received severe backlash after the killing of Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani.

Donald Trump further made history as the first sitting president to step foot in North Korea, which has been particularly hostile towards the US since the Korean war ended in 1953.

Mr Dolan also spoke on why he was so popular with American voters.

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Donald Trump thumbs up pose

Donald Trump didn’t start any new wars (Image: Getty Images)

Joe Biden's cabinet

Joe Biden’s cabinet (Image: Express)

He said: “I think what he managed to do was to engage with a section of the population that possibly had not voted before and possibly had not voted Republican before.

“And the way he managed to do it was that he spoke in their language.

“His policies were basically common sense, for example building the border wall – you’ve got a wall around your house – if you don’t have borders you no longer have a country.

“Same with the economy. We just want to create jobs and get rid of regulations.

“It’s a simple thing he came up with – if you want to introduce a new regulation you’ve got to get rid of two old ones.

“These are really simple things that people understood and they said ‘yeah I can vote for that’, as opposed to the politics of old.”

The divisive 45th President of the United States who, according to his own website, launched “the most extraordinary political movement in history”, left office in January after an unsuccessful campaign against Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump rally

Donald Trump amassed thousands of voters (Image: Getty Images)

Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump was the first sitting president to enter North Korea (Image: Getty images)

Mr Trump’s administration exited on a particularly sour note after Capitol riots saw a mob of the Republican supporters attempt to overturn the 2020 US election defeat.

Discussing his legacy, Mr Dolan suggested that, in the short term, Mr Trump will be remembered unfavourably.

He opined: “I think his legacy in my mind was that he is actually a very successful president.

“What he’ll probably end up being remembered for is the president who was impeached twice and led an insurrection, which is not true.

“If that was an insurrection, that was the lamest insurrection you’ve ever seen in your life.

“Then when you look at Biden who was inaugurated behind closed doors with 50,000 troops in front of him and never made a state of the Union address until just recently – one looks like an insurrection and the other one was called an instruction.”

Mr Dolan added that if we could fast forward 30 years then the public might see a different side of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump political rally

Donald Trump political rally draws thousands of voters (Image: Getty Images)

He said: “He did things differently and he’ll always be remembered as eccentric and all the other things but when a period of time has gone that you’ve forgotten the personality or become numb to the personality, then I think his achievements will be remembered in a respectful way.”

Last week, Mr Trump announced that he was “beyond seriously” considering another run for the presidency in 2024 which he insisted would make his supporters “very happy”.

In an excerpt from an interview with Candace Owens at The Hill, Mr Trump said: “I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time.”

He added: “As you know, it’s very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement.”

Recent reports suggest that Florida governor Ron DeSantis is being considered as a running mate for Mr Trump.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Donald Trump made a better president than Joe Biden says Simon Dolan (Image: Getty Images)

Speaking just before Mr Trump’s remarks were announced, Mr Dolan thought that another run would be unlikely.

He said: “I think at that stage [2024] he’ll be 78 and I don’t think he could stand losing either, I really don’t.

“I think that would kill him, possibly literally.

“I think he’s probably going to have more fun being kingmaker and I think he’ll probably put his weight behind DeSantis.”

He added: “I predict that the Republicans will take back the house and the Senate and then DeSantis will run in 24 and win.

“If he’s running against Kamala Harris then he’s certainly going to win.

“It’s difficult to see who else would run on the Democrat side assuming Biden is not still president by then but I don’t think anyone still seriously believes that.

“He’s [Biden’s] obviously on the decline, he’s obviously got something wrong with him.”

Simon Dolan is worth more than £200m according to the Sunday Times Rich list and has a vast business empire spanning areas such as accountancy, aviation and motorsport.

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London stabbing: Teenager found with injuries in Havering dies – arrests made

Officers were to Church Road in Havering at 6.41pm where they found one of the victims, believed to be in his mid-teens, had been wounded. They provided first aid with a member of the public and an air ambulance attended, but he was pronounced dead at 7.07pm.
The Met Police are in the process of tracing next of kin and formal identification has not yet taken place. A post-mortem examination will be held in due course.

They were also called at 6.51pm to reports of a male stabbed on Retford Road, one mile away.

They found a second boy, also aged in his mid-teens, suffering from a stab wound.

He was taken to an east London hospital. There are no updates on his condition as yet.

Homicide detectives from the Specialist Crime Command have been informed.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the investigation and a number of crime scenes remain in place, the force said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 quoting reference Cad 6572/07May. Alternatively, to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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UT Austin community remembers Longhorns linebacker Jake Ehlinger

UT Austin community remembers Longhorns

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The cause of University of Texas football player Jake Ehlinger’s death is still a mystery. The 20 year old was found dead in the West Campus area of Austin around noon Thursday.

Jake was the younger brother of Sam Ehlinger, the former Longhorns quarterback who was drafted last week by NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

El Arroyo honors Jake Ehlinger by displaying his jersey numbers on its famous marquee (KXAN Photo/Todd Bynum)
El Arroyo honors Jake Ehlinger by displaying his jersey numbers on its famous marquee (KXAN Photo/Todd Bynum)

There’s still no new information surrounding Jake’s death as of Friday, but Austin Police does believe the circumstances of the death were not suspicious. UT Athletics also said Friday it is unable to release any additional information at this time.

With the news still fresh on the minds of many UT supporters, condolences have poured out from all over the community.

El Arroyo, a staple restaurant in Austin, changed its famous marquee sign to display Jake’s jersey numbers (48) on Friday.

DeMarvion Overshown, a fellow UT linebacker, wrote Twitter that Jake came in knowing that being the star quarterback’s little brother would be a title he could never get rid of.

Overshown went on to say Jake still made a name for himself as soon as he stepped foot on UT’s campus, with a smile held high and jokes that could make everyone laugh.

Jake and Sam Ehlinger both played football at Westlake High School before going to UT. KXAN spoke with Westlake Coach Todd Dodge, who has been keeping close contact with the Ehlinger family. Dodge said he talked with Sam 15 minutes after he heard the news of his brother’s passing.

“Jake was the linebacker version of Sam in our program. He was tough, physical, but oh so playful,” said Dodge. “We don’t know why. I guess we don’t have to know why, but we believe we know where Jake is now.”

  • Jake Ehlinger, left, with his brother Sam Ehlinger, right (Courtesy Texas Athletics)

Dodge said Jake got into the McCombs School of Business as a freshman. The interim dean of the school tweeted Thursday evening they are “heartbroken learning the news,” and this is a “terrible loss in our community.”

Author: Kaitlyn Karmout
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Eden Hazard made to regret Real Madrid prediction as Chelsea reach Champions League final

Chelsea booked their place in the final of the Champions League thanks to goals from Timo Werner and Mason Mount in a 3-1 win on aggregate. Eden Hazard had been hoping to turn to the tide for Real Madrid, but it was a night to forget for Los Blancos.
Eden Hazard was made to regret his comments about Real Madrid’s credentials after they were beaten by Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals.

The Blues will face Premier League rivals Manchester City in this month’s Istanbul final after a pretty tame fight from Real on Wednesday night was powerless to stop goals from Timo Werner and Mason Mount proved to be the difference.

The tie hung in the balance going into the second leg at Stamford Bridge, with Real’s talented wide men Hazard and Vinicius Junior always capable of creating something out of nothing.

But as the game wore on, it became more and more clear that it would not be a happy return to west London for Hazard.

The Belgian winger left Chelsea for Real just shy of two years ago in a £100m+ switch.

Shortly after he became another Galactico, he explained that his dream had always been to play in the famous white of Real Madrid.

“My dream was always to play for Real Madrid, the greatest team in the world, and so far I’m happy,” he explained after two months in the Spanish capital.

However, on undoubtedly the biggest night of his Real career, he was powerless to stop Chelsea moving one step closer to becoming champions of Europe.

Of course, Hazard has struggled greatly with injuries during his Real career, having barely missed more than a few games for Chelsea.

But he has been a mere shadow of the player that was comfortably the best in the Premier League on his day during his time with the Blues.

There is still time for Hazard to turn things around with Los Blancos, and he could certainly start by firing them to La Liga glory to make up for their European heartbreak.

Hazard also explained in that interview in 2019 that talks with Thibaut Courtois and Luka Modric persuaded him to chase his dream of joining Real.

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Solskjaer’s defiant Pogba transfer stance made clear in four words

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made his stance clear on a possible Paul Pogba transfer this summer by declaring “I enjoy managing him”.

Manchester United could have a decision to make if they are unable to persuade Pogba to sign a contract extension in the coming months, with his current deal due to enter its final year.

Failure to do so would likely force the club’s hand into selling the Frenchman, but Solskjaer has remained confident United can tie Pogba down for the long-term.

It was only back in December that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, claimed his client’s time in Manchester was over and he needed a “change of air”.

But since then Pogba’s form has vastly improved and he seems a lot happier at Old Trafford, where Solskjaer appears to have little intentions of letting him go.

“No, of course not,” said Solskjaer when asked if he would cash-in on Pogba in the summer., as reports AS. “I have always said with Paul that I enjoy managing him, I enjoy coaching him, I enjoy talking to him and I also enjoy challenging him because he is a winner.

“He wants to be better and that’s why he listens. You can see he’s enjoying himself here as well. He has a smile on his face.”

Real Madrid and Juventus continue to be linked with Pogba’s signature but neither club appears to be in any position financially to launch a bid.

Moreover, Pogba himself has stressed in recent months he is committed to United’s cause, and with the team performing well again, may now be more inclined to stay put.

Mirror Sport joins social media blackout

Mirror Sport is proud to stand in solidarity with everyone who faces hate and discrimination online.

Our sports social media accounts will be silent from 3pm on Friday 30 April to midnight on Monday 3 May.

We stand with football against hate.

He is thought to be settled in the area with his family, and certainly seems to have a great relationship with his manager, as Solskjaer was keen to point out further.

“It’s important we treat each other with respect and I try to treat everyone with the same amount of respect,” the United boss added.

“But there are some players you have known since they were young lads and that’s the case with Paul: the longer you have known them the easier it is to have a bond with them.”

United can go some way to satisfying Pogba’s ambition on Thursday by reaching the Europa League final. They have a 6-2 lead over Roma heading into the second leg at the Stadio Olimpico.

The club will now have to reschedule their Premier League fixture with Liverpool however, which was due to be played on Sunday, until mass fan protests outside Old Trafford forced officials into postponing the game.

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