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Zahawi issues warning on flu this winter ‘we’re launching mass vaccination programme’

Zahawi issues warning on flu this winter 'we're launching mass vaccination programme'

According to the Vaccines Minister, the Government is “planning a large-scale flu vaccination programme” to counter the threat.

The problem is particularly acute this winter time “because there has not been much flu circulating in communities because of the lockdown”, warned Mr Zahawi.

We’re making big plans to boost the antibody and T-cell protection of the most vulnerable in September and protect them against flu.”

The multi-pronged approach is to tackle both coronavirus and flu head-on, explained Mr Zahawi.

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Balearic warning: Islands could move to amber soon after mass COVID-19 outbreak

Balearic warning: Islands could move to amber soon after mass COVID-19 outbreak

A spike in cases in the Balearic Islands could threaten its place on the green list. The islands, which are part of the “green watchlist” could become amber soon as a mass COVID-19 outbreak has been detected due to due hundreds of school trips in the past days.

The Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, were added to the UK’s green list last week during the last traffic light system review.

Although it was considered a “safe area” for its low rate of COVID-19 cases, a spike has now been reported.

The islands have seen their average case rate double in 10 days to 300 per 100,000.

The small island of Formentera has the highest at 109 – the UK average case rate is 184.

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This means the Spanish islands could move to the amber list soon, as the Balearics were added to the UK’s green “watchlist”.

Countries on the green “watchlist” can become amber without notice if there is a spike in cases in the region.

At the moment, British holidaymakers can enjoy quarantine-free travel to the islands with no need to quarantine on their return.

However, according to the traffic light system, they are “most at risk” of being downgraded to “amber” at short notice.

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The islands have begun vaccinating the 16-29 age group this week, which is believed to be driving the increase in infections.

The main cause, however, is believed to be thousands of students who have visited the islands on school trips this week, with over 20,000 returning home infected.

Dr Javier Arranz, a spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee for Infectious Diseases, said: “Young people who are not vaccinated are the ones who are becoming infected.

“We have to see how these numbers behave in the coming days as we take control of these outbreaks.”

The regional tourism chief for the Balearic Islands, Iago Negueruela, said that “this type of practices must not be tolerated.”

Although the islands have been on the green list for just a few days, the Government could move them to amber anytime.

Portugal, which was added to the green list in May, saw thousands of tourists rushing to get home after it was moved to the amber list with very short notice.

This comes after thousands of Britons arrived on the islands yesterday, on the official day the holiday spot was added to the UK’s “safe list”.

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London tornado ravages buildings in Barking sparking mass panic – fire brigade on scene

Barking: Windy conditions seen as ‘tornado’ strikes

Barking residents have shared worrying footage of the extreme weather event on social media on Friday evening. Police officers and the fire brigade have been called on sight by panicked Londoners as properties suffered structural damage.

Howling winds has caused brick walls to crumble, trees to collapse and sent wheelie bins flying in all angles.

Barking and Dagenham Police has confirmed it was called shortly after 7pm to reports of damage caused to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles in Hulse Avenue and surrounding areas.

The force added the destruction was caused by adverse weather conditions, including lightning.


A tornado has caused damaged in east London (Image: FACEBOOK•MOBAROCK ALI)


Storms descended across east London (Image: Mobarock Ali)

In one terrifying video posted on Twitter, swirling winds can be seen rampaging through a back garden with debris flying over high fences.

Menacing dark clouds could be seen closing in as an apocalyptic scene descended over the capital.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “Tornado in Barking, East London. WOW.”

In another clip, a number of collapsed trees are seen being dragged in the middle of a residential street by the strong gusts.


A fence shakes in the swirling winds (Image: Mobarock Ali)

Wheelie bins are also decimated along with the pavements with rubbish being propelled against properties and parked cars.

A resident also captures the shocking moment the powerful winds trigger the front wall of a property to collapse, with broken bricks spread across the footpath.

He can be heard shouting: “The wall broke… the whole wall broke. Oh my god!”.

Sky News’ Kiran Bhangal tweeted: “Just experienced a tornado in Barking east London. Dozens of cars and homes damaged.

“Police and fire crews on the scene. Very scary indeed.”


The storms saw Kent and Essex cricketers at Chelmsford run for cover (Image: KENT CRICKET CLUB)


Menacing clouds gathered over Barking (Image: Mobarock Ali)

One local resident told Express.co.uk the storm had travelled three miles across the capital and heavy rains triggered localised flooding.

They said: “The storm has just got here and it’s coming down. A mate three miles away who got it before us said there was a river running down his road.

“The rain is really hammering down on our roof, it’s almost as loud as our voices.”

Barking and Dagenham Police said in a statement: “Police were called at around 1920hrs to reports of damage caused to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles in Hulse Avenue and some surrounding roads in the Barking area.

“This is a weather related incident, during which there was a lightning strike…”


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Barking: The tornado hit at around 7pm today

Barking: The tornado hit at around 7pm today (Image: TWITTER•LUCASLEVI)

Essex Weather Centre reported no injuries from the tornado.

The group wrote on Twitter: “Reports from the scene in Barking confirm three streets badly affected by the storm.

“Widespread structural damage to roofs, garden walls and cars. Fire service and police remain on the scene, with no reports of injuries.”

Shocked residents were later seen outside the front of their properties, with many holding brooms and helping with the clean-up operation.

The UK storm comes just a day after a tornado struck near the Czech Republic’s border with Austria causing widespread damage and a trail of devastation.

Footage from the Breclav region shortly after the twister struck shows roofs torn off buildings and cars wrecked by the violent torrent.

Austrian Red Cross sent ambulances to help survivors amid reports of five fatalities and 150 people left injured.

Red Cross spokesman Andreas Zenker said: “We have sent twelve ambulances and an emergency doctor vehicle to the area.

“Other units from the Weinviertel have already been alerted.”

The Czech Army was also deployed to the region.

The UK gets an average of 30 to 50 tornados a year according to scientists at the University of Manchester,

The most extreme can last around 10 minutes with wind speeds of around 145mph.

Berkshire is said to be Britain’s tornado hotspot, facing one of the weather phenomenons every 17 years on average.

The biggest most recent tornado in the UK hit Birmingham in 2005 and saw 1,000 trees uprooted and injured 19 people.

The tornado left damage costing around £40million.

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Austin mass shooting: Newly-named murder suspect arrested in Killeen, police believe he was the sole shooter

Austin mass shooting: Newly-named murder suspect arrested in Killeen, police believe he was the sole shooter

KILLEEN, Texas (KXAN) — The Killeen Police Department announced officers arrested Sixth Street mass shooting suspect De’Ondre White on Thursday.

White, 19, is being held in Killeen City Jail, according to police, after being arrested without incident. Bond has been set at $ 1 million.

Officers said on Thursday at about 2:23 p.m., members of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, with help from the Killeen PD SWAT team, found White in the 1300 block of Anna Lee Drive in Killeen. That’s west of South Fort Hood Street.

He was arrested on a warrant for murder in connection with the June 12 mass shooting that took place in downtown Austin, police said. White is awaiting arraignment.

De'Ondre White (Austin Police Department)
De’Ondre White (Austin Police Department)

“We are glad to work with dedicated professionals that are committed to keeping our communities safe regardless of boundaries. This case covered multiple jurisdictions, and together we were able to locate and take into custody a violent fugitive,” said Killeen PD Chief Charles Kimble in a press release.

White’s arrest comes just two days after the Travis County District Attorney’s Office dropped charges against the two previous teenaged suspects in the case, ages 15 and 17. White was named the new, sole suspect by the Austin Police Department on Tuesday.

APD claimed on Tuesday White was responsible for the death of 25-year-old Douglas Kantor in the mass shooting, which also injured 14 others. Interim Chief Joseph Chacon said new witness statements, ballistic evidence and surveillance camera footage led investigators to believe White was the one who fired the shots.

APD said White was interviewed after the shooting but was released back to Killeen. Officers said he changed his hair and appearance before hiding from law enforcement.

APD believes White fired the sole gun in shooting

According to an arrest affidavit for White, a disagreement between two rival groups of teens/young adults from Killeen led to the shooting.

When interviewed by police, two people within White’s group named White as the shooter, the affidavit said. One said a person with other group showed a gun, and that’s when White fired multiple rounds from near the curb line into the street at the other group.

“This information matches evidence on scene, specifically the location of the cartridge cases on the sidewalk and in the street near the curb, as well as the victim locations in the street, away from the sidewalk area,” the affidavit reads.

Witnesses said White admitted he shot in self defense during a discussion among the group once they returned to Killeen, according to the affidavit.

A third person in White’s group also said White was the shooter and described to investigators where White was standing as he allegedly fired shots into the street, which lined up with other witness accounts.

Crime scene investigators found eight cartridges at the scene in front of a pub on the sidewalk near the north curb line in the 400 block of East Sixth Street. A preliminary examination determined the eight cartridge cases were most likely fired from the same gun, according to the affidavit.

In White’s June 20 interview with investigators before he was released back to Killeen, he said his group was standing on the sidewalk facing the street, while the other group was in the street facing the buildings.

The affidavit said White “claimed to have turned away and then heard gunfire coming from [the other group].” But officers in the affidavit said this would not have lined up with where the cartridges and victims were found.

“No victims were located on the sidewalk and no projectile defects were located in the building behind [White’s group],” the affidavit said.

DA wants to add aggravated assault charges

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office released a statement Thursday evening, saying it will be presenting the case to a grand jury and asking that White be charged with murder and multiple counts of aggravated assault.

The office also plans to ask that White be held in custody while awaiting trail.

“We’re grateful to the Lone Star Task Force and APD for bringing Mr. White into custody,” said Travis County District Attorney José Garza in a press release. “We know this has been a scary and stressful time, and appreciate our community’s patience throughout the investigation. Based on both forensic and eyewitness testimony, we have full confidence that the person responsible for the shooting has been arrested and is no longer a danger to our community. At this time, we believe that Mr. White was the only shooter.” 

Author: Jaclyn Ramkissoon
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Family of slain Austin mass shooting victim has ‘no faith’ in investigation

Family of slain Austin mass shooting victim

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The news that the Travis County District Attorney will drop all charges against the two teenagers previously in custody for the mass shooting in downtown Austin is not sitting well with the family of the man killed in the crossfire.

Nick Kantor, whose brother Douglas Kantor died after the June 12 incident on Sixth Street, said he has little faith in DA José Garza — and believes the investigation is heading in the wrong direction.

Douglas Kantor
Doug Kantor graduation photo from the University of Michigan. Kantor died several days after the mass shooting in downtown Austin. Photo provided by Kantor family

“Basically, what I took away from the press conference was that they are not prosecuting violent criminals anymore,” Kantor said. “Nothing we can do now is going to bring my brother back. And that’s something we have to accept and grieve in our own way. But moving forward, we don’t want to see more people going through what we are going through.”

The Austin Police Department has spent the last week and a half interviewing new witnesses and combing through video and ballistic evidence. It’s what led them to their sole suspect, 19-year-old De’ondre Jermirris White, of Killeen, a man they say is a fugitive and who is likely still armed.

Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said evidence shows the two previous teenage suspects also pulled out guns that night. However, not enough evidence exists to prove they actually fired the weapons.

Douglas Kantor died from his injuries just after 12 p.m. on Sunday June 13 at the age of 25. In addition to Kantor, 14 other people were injured in the incident.

Douglas Kantor’s uncle, Larry Lightner, expressed his disappointment about the teens’ release.

“If I go to Texas, I can now expect to be shot? Is that the idea? By a 15-year-old and he can leave and go do his homework?” Lightner told KXAN’s Alex Caprariello in a Tuesday interview. “… I’m not having it that these other two kids were sitting around eating ice cream…”

Garza said he plans to charge White, who investigators believe fired most of the shots, with murder. The district attorney said a special team of investigators, dedicated to murder and other major crimes, will be working with APD during the investigation.

“What we are focused on, what our responsibility is, is to hold the person who committed murder, and who injured 13 people on our streets a couple of weeks ago, accountable,” Garza said. “That is our focus. And what we are doing right now is ensuring that we have the best case possible in order to do that.”

Chacon said that during an investigation of this magnitude, new information comes in daily, which often conflicts and supersedes previous reports.

“The information starts coming in and that information always seems to change. And sometimes we will get information that proves to be incorrect,” Chacon said. “As the case progresses, we actually kind of zeroed in on the right person, the person who actually pulled the trigger and is responsible for the multiple shootings.”

The chief said through examining ballistic evidence, there is proof White’s gun was linked to Kantor’s murder. It’s also been linked to other violent crimes, which he says will also be investigated. Chacon said all resources in this investigation will now be poured into tracking White down.

Even still, Kantor believes this won’t bring his family justice. He wishes the other teenagers would also receive a punishment for their crimes, where evidence exists to prove their involvement.

“This was a planned hit. This was the making of an assassination. And my brother was caught in the crossfire. And these assassins were free to go,” Kantor said. “I have no faith in what is going on down there.”

Reach KXAN’s Alex Caprariello by email at [email protected] or by phone at 512-703-5365, or find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Author: Alex Caprariello
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LIVE: 3rd teenage suspect identified in connection with 6th Street mass shooting in Austin

LIVE: 3rd teenage suspect identified in connection with 6th Street mass shooting in Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A third suspect has been has identified in connection with the June 12 mass shooting on Sixth Street in Austin that killed one man and injured 14 others.

Austin Police Department reports 19-year-old De’Ondre Jermirris White has been charged with murder — his bond has been set at $ 1 million. Police say White is responsible for the murder of the victim: 25-year-old Douglas Kantor, who was visiting Austin.

Travis County District Attorney’s Office will hold a news briefing at 11 a.m., where several officials are will speak, including Travis County DA Jose Garza and Austin Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon.

The DA’s office says the updates are regarding “the investigation and prosecution” in the case.

Jeremiah Tabb, 17, was arrested at a high school in Killeen on June 14 and was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. An argument between two groups of teens escalated into gunfire, and police say Tabb was the one of people who fired shots. A 15-year-old was also in custody in connection with the shooting.

Police say Tabb was part of one of the groups and the 15-year-old was part of the other. On Tuesday, however, police say they’re dropping charges against both.

Meanwhile, police say White is still at large and should be considered armed and dangerous.

One other victim remains in critical condition as of last update.

Author: Billy Gates
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Firms who stop advertising on GB News face mass boycott – ‘Stay away from woke agenda!’

Firms who stop advertising on GB News face mass boycott - ‘Stay away from woke agenda!’

Ikea, Kopparberg and Octopus Energy are among companies who have withdrawn advertising from veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil’s channel. Swedish furniture giant Ikea said it had “not knowingly” advertised on GB News.

It added: “We are in the process of investigating how this may have occurred to ensure it won’t happen again in future, and have suspended paid display advertising in the meantime.”

Now an Express.co.uk poll – which ran from 10.30am to 10pm on – asked: “Will you boycott companies who stop advertising on GB News?”

Out of 18,696 votes, an overwhelming 93 percent (17,466) of people vowed to boycott the companies who pulled the advertising.

Just seven percent (1,064) said they would not while 159 people said they don’t know.

“So far I have nothing to do with the companies on the woke list anyway.”

Someone else said the companies should stick to doing “business” and stay away from political ideology and the “woke agenda”.

They said: “They should all stick to business and stay well away from political ideology and the woke agenda.

“We never elected them so who do they think they are pushing their woke political views on the British public?

“We should certainly boycott them but we should also set up a parallel market that caters for the anti-woke decent British public with companies that only sell their own products instead of meddling in ideology and politics.”

In its statement, cider firm Kopparberg also said it was unaware its adverts were running on the network and added that they had been suspended “pending further review of its content”.

Octopus Energy said it would only advertise with GB News if it proved to be “genuinely balanced”.

The Open University also paused its advertising.

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