Russian commanders abandon troops and ‘flee en masse’ as army morale collapses in Ukraine

The Ukrainian army has grown increasingly more confident in recent weeks, since the delivery of US HIMARS. The precision artillery weapon has allowed Ukrainian commanders to target Russian supply lines, ammunition dumps and command posts far behind enemy front lines. The HIMARS along with other Western-supplied heavy artillery weapons have allowed Kyiv to regain the […]


Animal rescues overwhelmed as families return their pandemic pups en masse

PHILADELPHIA — The frustration jumped off the Instagram page: “I have never ever seen this many people trying to dump their dogs,” posted Jessica Mellen-Graaf of the Philly Bully Team dog rescue. Already swamped, her rescue team had received 20 requests in 48 hours from owners who wanted to give up their dogs. “We knew […]


Bitcoin price tipped to hit '$220K' as China shutdown sees miners 'airlift' en masse to US

Yesterday, China shut down most of its bitcoin mining operations creating panic in cryptocurrency markets as the hash rate dropped and operators sold assets to finance their move to the US. Many are relocating to Texas, with state governor Greg Abbott tweeting his support to facilitate mining operations there. Mr Abbott tweeted: “Blockchain is a […]